Below explains the powers of the Tomorrow People. Being born a Synergist has made her one of the most powerful of her kind,  Homo  Superiors. Her powers grew and were changed upon becoming a vampire Enhanced Tomorrow Person.  She already had the  power of the 3 Ts and gained the fourth T power, Temporal Manipulation, after becoming a vampire.

Synergist is a paranormal whose parents are both Tomorrow People, making them more powerful than the average Tomorrow Person.

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with her mind. Her telekinetic abilities are extremely focused as shown when she wrote "Hi dad" in the cement block with very little effort.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself. Cassandra is capable of seeing through Stephen's eyes the same way he can do to her, but this is most likely due to the fact they are both synergists.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location. Her teleportation ability is extremely powerful. She is capable of teleporting object without physical contact, with a wave of her hand she teleported the police cars away. She did the same thing when she teleported the bullets out of the police officer's guns.

Tomorrow People or Homo Superior are the next evolutionary step in humankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities. The Tomorrow People are being hunted down by the paramilitary organization of scientists known as Ultra, led by Hugh Bathory.

Tomorrow People have Powers and Abilities also known as The 3T's. Stephen Jameson and his father Roger Price, have powers and abilities beyond the normal 3T's.


The Tomorrow People can teleport to wherever they want by thinking of the place they wish to go to. It was said that if more Tomorrow People teleported at once, they can reach greater distances. This requires a great amount of practice. Otherwise, teleportation is uncontrollable. 

Teleportation is the ability to transport from one place to another in a matter of seconds. According to John, there is a certain range. So technically you cannot teleport from the New York to Korea in one jump.

There are beings powerful enough such as Cassandra Smythe that can remotely teleport things as big as cars to teleporting bullets out of multiple guns.  Stephen Jameson also demonstrated this ability inSon of Man when he teleported Hugh Bathory to his hand before throwing him in a space-time vortex. Another ability displayed was when John was able to teleport at such speeds he ended up in five places at once. This seems to be the extreme of the ability due to the fact he was extremely fatigued and disoriented. 


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Cara Coburn use Telekinesis. 

The Tomorrow People can use the ability of Telekinesis to move things with their minds. They have also displayed telekinetic wave emission (pushing targets away). This ability appears to be relatively instinctive, like when Stephen dropped his toothbrush.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with one's mind. This ability appears to be relatively instinctive, like when Stephen dropped his toothbrush. In the Tomorrow People telekinesis is based off a form of energy.

Telekinesis is an extremely versatile ability and can range from person to person as really weak to extremely powerful. The weakest being moving simple objects with your mind and the use of hand gestures, on the other hand as shown with the founder where he developed some sort of telekinetic shield without the use of any hand gestures and a split second to react. This prevented John from punching him and he tossed John around the room with ease. 

Telekinesis can be used in ways such as levitating objects, or throwing people across a room, and finally stopping bullets fired from multiple machine guns. It can also used as a precision instrument, the way when Cassandra Smythe blasted a cement block to spell out "Hi Dad".

It has been shown that this type of telekinetic ability may be able to manipulate fire.


The Tomorrow People can communicate with each other by using their thoughts. They will hear each other's voices in their minds. Telepathy also involves controling the mind: hypnosis, mind reading, etc. This is a power seen frequently for the Tomorrow People have multiple abilities spinning off of Telepathy.

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with the mind. Telepathy users can send thoughts to non-supers and be able to read their mind. Tomorrow People can also experience peoples memories through telepathy. Also others can communicate with one another without being aware of others listening.

Telepaths with superior skill can push others out of their minds, causing the victim to suffer greatly. Errol has demonstrated this ability.

Telepaths with superior skill can block others from reading their minds, causing the victim to suffer greatly.

Telepathy can advance to the point where it acts as a sensing medium. Some tomorrow people can sense the residual energy from a teleport. Some can sense danger and sense specific people. Telepath with enough skill can sometimes access the person their reading emotions. They can also use telepathy to track down the location of people. 

The founder displayed the ability to sense someone after they had left the area.

Charlotte Taylor displayed the ability sending out a psychic scream that dropped everyone in the room and prevented them from accessing their powers for a short period of time. How she does this is yet to be explained.


This is a power that allows powerful Tomorrow People to manipulate time. This ability is unique to Stephen, for he is a Synergist (a homo superior with both parents that are homo superiors, making him/her a homo superior). This ability was inherited from his father who is considered to be the most powerful homo superior. This ability allows him to reverse, stop, or fast forward time. He first demonstrated this ability when John  was shot at byJedikiah. He stops time to stop Jedikiah from making the shot. For some reason, when the ability is used, other Tomorrow People seem to know that the ability was used.

Chronokinesis is the ability to manipulate time. So far Stephen Jameson and his father have been the only ones to display this ability. Stephen Jameson use this ability to freeze time in Pilot and inGirl, Interrupted. While using the Machine inside Ultra in Modus Vivendi, he temporarily stops time in order to save his father. In A Sort of HomecomingJedikiah Price hacked into the Ultra database to view the video recording of Stephen's first test run of the Machine. The video revealed that in a connected room, time was stopped for all humans during the brief moment the machine was on and a paranormal would be able to kill a human while time has stopped. Since humans who have been stopped by chronokinesis are technically no longer alive, a Tomorrow Person would be able to bypass the prime barrier and be able to kill a human. In Son of man, after seeing Cara die, Stephen was able to reverse time and prevent her death.

Power Negation Immunity

Stephen is shown to be immune or at least resistant to Ultra's technology: used to negate the powers of homo superiors (likely inherited from his father).

Power Negation Immunity is the ability to resist Ultra's technology. So far only Stephen JamesonRoger Price and Hugh Bathory have been shown to have this ability. They've shown their ability of this in;

  • Stephen Jameson: He used this ability in Limbo against the Rapist whilst he had a power negation bracelet.
  • Hugh Bathory: He used this ability in Endgame when he was held at gunpoint by John.
  • Roger Price: Roger used this ability in Kill Switch when he was attacked by the other Tomorrow People and had a power negation bracelet attached to his wrist.

Time Travel

Though it seems impossible, Thanatos reveals that it order to attempt this, one has to stop time while teleporting. Stephen thinks he did it once, but he doesn't know how he did it. So he continues to investigate.

Time Travel is a theoretical ability to travel through time that may be possessed by members of the Tomorrow People. So far no member of the Tomorrow People has ever shown this ability, except Stephen, although he claims that he may have performed it once.


John: You think it's an imperfection, but I think there's a reason we were born unable to kill. It destroys something. A part of your soul you don't get back.


Ultra developed a serum that renders any member of the Tomorrow People completely powerless. The process of stripping them of their powers is excruciatingly painful.

​The Tomorrow People are unable to kill. This is said to be controlled by Prime Barrier of the brain. Ultra considers this to be their only flaw, and also fears that they are only a mutation away from gaining this ability. If a member of the Tomorrow People tries to kill, a loud, high pitched ringing sound resounds in their head, causing them to become disoriented or fall unconscious. The Anax Project which was started by Ultra focused on frying the part of the brain that prevented Tomorrow People from killing so that they could have the ultimate weapon.

There are only three known Tomorrow People that have the ability to kill:

Killian McCraneJohn Young, and The Founder are the only known Tomorrow People capable of killing.

Running water can block telepathy. Stephen Jameson has been shown an immunity to this weakness.

Ultra has developed technology capable of blocking the Tomorrow's People powers temporarily. They have deployed them throughout certain portions of their headquarters and in the cells of the Citadel. They also use them in specially made handcuffs and bracelet. Stephen Jameson has shown to be able to overcome this technology to a limited degree.

Vampire powers she has gained from Carmilla

Power listing:: Vampire powers- Many of which are enhanced due to her homo superior Synergist nature.

  • Diabolical powers of inhuman strength and speed 
  • Claws and Fangs 
  • Rapid regenerative healing and recovery 
  • Enhanced, animalistic senses and the ability to perceive through the senses of nocturnal animals. 
  • Ability to transform into a swarm of bats 
  • Dominion over bats and the weather 
  • Mesmerism and other powers


  • Immortality - Because death has already claimed them, vampires do not possess a lifespan, nor do they age or decay. If vampires are damaged at all, whatever damage they experience will instantaneously be gone as though there was no damage the moment after. Vampires have no need for sleeping, eating nor drinking nor are they affected by not doing these things at all. Once turned the immortality or healing granted cure any sickness they originally had and restore, to extent, their youth. 
  • Accelerated Healing - Vampires' undead, immortal flesh heals in seconds from any wound without causing them any seeming discomfort. They can return from the dead by sunlight with some blood, with their bodies fully restored, though this has only been demonstrated by full vampires. Vampires while in the three day transition phase can heal from sunlight once the sunlight is not in contact with the vampires'skin (as shown with Vlad III Tepes). 
  • Superhuman Strength - Upon being made into vampires, their strength and overall bodily force increases dramatically to the point where they can overpower men with ease and crush stone with their bare hands, even accidentally. The Master Vampire describes a vampire's strength as that of a hundred men. A would-be vampire still within the three day transition period can ram into a charging army of over a thousand men and trample them, sending them flying through the air with the force of a stampeding animal. Eventually, slaughtered them all, proving themselves as a literal one man army. Full vampires experience a further increase in strength once they consume human blood for the first time. 
  • Superhuman Speed - Vampires are described as possessing "the speed of a falling star". They are unnaturally fast and can outmaneuver and effortlessly dodge their attacks, no matter what effort their human adversaries put into their attacks. Full vampires move so fast that they seem to appear and disappear instantaneously. They can sneak up on their prey from behind by appearing seemingly out of nowhere. 
  • Metamorphoses - Vampires hold dominion over the night and all its creatures. They can call upon bats to do their will and can transform into a swarm of bats at will. Their clothing and anything they hold, like swords etc. also de-materializes into bats with them. Vampires are also able to see, hear, and roar while they are a swarm of bats. Vampires can also change parts of their bodies into bats to grab people, become intangible to attacks, among other things. They also have the ability to change their appearance by transforming their face to have grey and decayed looking skin, a dislocated, larger and more animalistic mouth and teeth, pointed and sharp finger tips and hands, and bright red glowing pupils, as well as their eyes becoming distorted in color or completely black with also block veins near their eyes, and the vague image of their skull beneath their face when they show their true form. 
  • Superhuman Senses - Vampires possess enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing reminiscent of that of a bat or a wolf. Their sense of hearing is so fine that they can hear a spider spinning its web from several feet away, or hear the heartbeat of a human across hundreds of meters. They possess bat-like sonar which allows them to see in complete darkness and also to perceive their prey through the beating of their hearts or the flow of the blood in their veins. Their eyesight is refined beyond the ordinary 20/20 spectrum, allowing them to clearly see the stars even on a cloudy night and to perceive their prey across many kilometers.  
  • Vampirism - Vampires possess the ability to turn others into vampires by allowing them to ingest there blood, which will seemingly poison and rapidly kill them and cause them to have monstrous dreams with images of the people they love the most being in danger or dying (possibly a vision of what would happen if the vampire gave into their thirst), predatory like animals with vampiric red eyes and some glimpses of a vampire's clawed hands and teeth. Upon awakening, sometimes a vampire will find themselves in another location from where they were turned (though this was only seen with Vlad) and will adjust to their new traits and senses. If they do not drink blood for the span of three days, they will become human again by the morning of the last day. If they do drink blood, their condition will be irreversible and all consuming as they will have the ability to influence the weather, far less humanity and moral capability, and an intense fear for Christian ornaments, such as a crucifix, which they persevere as glowing red and having an intense light. 
  • Superhuman Endurance and Stamina - Vampires are able to take large amounts of injury from their enemies and can stay physically active longer than any human. 
  • Conventional Harm Immunity - Vampires are for all intents and purposes immune to conventional means of harm. 
  • Unique powers - It is a theory that vampires can get special powers unique to their vampiric self as listed. They only get these powers when they become full vampires. Some vampires like Dracula have their Unique powers such as when Vlad mesmerized Ishmael while in the three day transition phase. 
    • ​Mesmerism - Vampires can possesses the ability mentally dominate, coerce, and order humans to obey their desires upon eye-to-eye contact with an individual. 
    • Weather Control - Only Full Vampires can control the weather, creating lightning storms and covering the sun and sky with thick, stormy clouds and just as easily remove them. 
    • Levitation - Only Full Vampires are capable of levitating such as when Vlad Dracula levitated to clear the sky and kill the vampires with sunlight.


Abilities vary between vampires, but these abilities are enhanced and perfected.

Beside her additional shapeshifting abilities, her weather powers are greatly enhanced. (To where she can do the same stuff as the X men mutant Storm and the Weather Wizard from the Flash tv show)

Additional powers that are greatly enhanced due to her hybrid status ::

  • Since vampires have dominion over the night and all its creatures, they could possibly possess the following: 
    • Night Manipulation: Vampires could possibly possess these abilities which come from the night itself. 
      • Bat generation: Vampires can possibly generate a swarm of bats from their hands from within their bodies. 
      • Darkness Manipulation: Since darkness is part of the night, vampires could be able to generate, absorb and/or manipulate the element of darkness in all its forms. 
      • Shadow Teleportation: Vampires can use the darkness to disappear and reappear at any place they choose. 
      • Nocturnal Creature Manipulation: Vampires could possibly manipulate any creature of the night rather than just bats (wolves, rats, fleas, and all other nocturnal creatures). 
      • Vampires could possibly turn day into night at anytime they choose. 
  • Vampires have the speed of a falling star, so if they can move that fast, they would be able to move at a speed of 45 miles a second, which is more than 160,000 miles an hour.  
  • Vampires possibly could be able to possess an infinite amount of bats when they shift into a swarm of bats. 
  • Vampires could possibly have all of their powers amplified the more they feed on blood also known as Blood Empowerment.  
  • Vampires could have the power of emotion detection since the Master Vampire sensed Vlad's hope. 
  • The transformation into a vampire can possibly heal all mental and physical imperfections. 
    • If someone who had vision problems as a human were to become a vampire, their vision is healed and perfected beyond the 20/20 spectrum. 

Vampiric abilities:

Standard enhanced preternatural strength, speed, agility, dexterity, healing, regeneration, mind control,

shapeshifting skills that a number of vampires possesses. As with all vampires, she grows more powerful with age and drinking of blood from vampires older and stronger then her. She also has excellent wall crawling skills as she can cling and adhere to any surface. Able to climb in the same matter as a spider or other wall crawling species. Even though she can fly. She prefers using this method for stealth and to catch her prey unaware.

Shapeshifting skills in the form of rat & bat- both in normal form and a swarm of bats/rats. Human size were form of a bat aka She-Bat. Mist form both poisonous and non toxic. Wolf form both normal and werewolf. Also has a spectral wolf form.  Can also turn into a swarm of bees and a panther form- both normal and were panther. Black Panther is one of her favorite primary go to forms. 

Born with the powers of Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Temporal Manipulation. She gained Dracula’s shapeshifting abilities through his wife, Carmilla,  when she was sired by her. Her born abilities were all greatly enhanced to untold levels. Her telekinesis  for example. Became so refined that she could use it to simulate flight and allow her to fly as easily as if she was born with wings.

Appearance Forms: large black wolf form, werewolf form, mist(poison) form, bat, large she-bat form ( looks like a harpy like from hellsing),Panther form, swarm of bats, rat/swarm of black rats, red black smoke / mist form.

Preferred Killing weapons: Aside from her fangs and claws, her favorite weapon is a specialized blood whip.

Blood whip- primary attack weapon. Hardening her blood into a deadly razor whip able to slice through solid stone, iron, and even titanium steel.

Who she is : Cassandra Bathory. An heir to the Blood Countess Carmilla's Legacy. Space Pirate, Vampiric Enhanced Synergist. She is the Many Great Grand Daughter of Elizabeth Bathory and heir to his legacy. Captain of the NightStalker Pirates.

Species: Synergist - Vampire enhanced

Occupation: Bank Robber. Space Pirate. Romulan Spy. Monarch employee


Height: 173 cm | 5 feet, 8Inches
Weight: 61 kg | 134 lbs
Bra/Bust Size: 12C | 34C
Waist Size: 64 cm | 25 in
Hip Size: 89 cm | 35 in

Poem ::

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

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