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Hello friends! I wanted to make a little fun page of headcanons for Coninia! I wanted to use this to give useful little things about Coninia that may help you understand her better or visualize her better. So here we go! This page may have more added on to it, later on, so do feel free to occasionally stop by. 

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  • Coninia's FC (Face Claim) is actress/ model Victoria Emslie. She is super cute and elegant and I am sad she is not in a lot of films and shows. She is mostly seen on Downton Abbey but I found her from an Etsy shop selling wedding veils (How funny!)


  • Coninia's official canon voice is singer Dodie. Dodie's voice is so light, soft, and soothing like Coninia's would be. However, Coninia is a lot more melancholy than Dodie of course. Victoria and Dodie do look similar though.


  • I am sure Coninia's vampirism is confusing and her origin is confusing, so I wish to express that Coninia will be from the Arthurian period where King Arthur ruled Camelot. She did not learn any magic, but her family would become travelers and see the world. 


  • I wanted her vampirism to be inspired by the Vampire: The Masquerade games and lore. Making her a rather ancient vampire stumbling around. 


  • The purpose of Coninia's strife is to try and show the darker sides of mental health. It's a topic people do not like to touch and I want to go there. That's why she does not fight, and she rarely will be in a violent situation.


  • Coninia in her time was a Doctor during WWII, working at Auschwitz trying to find a cure for vampirism, her superiors had thought differently and used her work in the process of trying to make a "master race" of superhumans. If Coninia had known sooner, she would have stopped her experiments. However, she does have actual medical knowledge and updates what she knows. She still updates her licenses and is a professional doctor, but hates being addressed as a doctor.


  • Back in the 1900s, she would have people sign contracts showing they were consenting to her experiments she would perform. Coninia would be the one to break all of them after her subject would suffer mentally and physically by euthanizing them. 


  • Coninia was named after an old OC of mine that was a summoner who communicated with deities. Coninia has kept some of that lore with her own.
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