My Past - Not Easily Forgotten!!!!

It all started 10 years ago, when Superman was killed by Doomsday.   When he died, 4 beings came forward to take his place, Steel, Superboy, Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator.  Cyborg Superman and a being called Mongul, came to Coast City and destroyed it, killed everyone and everything.   I was too late to stop them, but I killed them both with my bare hands, and then went to the Guardians, the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps to ask for their help to restore Coast City to its former glory.  They refused, and in my rage , I killed them all, except one, Ganthet who escaped.  I then flew into the Central Battery and consumed not only the power of the Battery on Oa, but also an entity called Parallax, this entity consumed me and I became the Super- villain called Parrallax and then I killed the entire Green Lantern Corps.*S1YGPNlp9jK0doGmcepCd26Sa6QqT6Lhkrz1wGc*agftG*v-Nyi6HkpbOVtztTL*FBoqTTpm2C7L0Kx4S5dA__/Parallax.jpg

  With my newly found power, I rebuilt Coast City, and was feared by every being in the universe.  I then attempted to rewrite history in order to stop the destruction of Coast City.

                The Earth’s Sun was dying, when I received a call from the Justice League, stating they needed my help.  I came back to Earth, and listened to what they had to say, and just blew them off.  Batman tried to reason with me, but I refused.  As I flew off away from Earth, something Batman said must have triggered something in my memories, as I stopped and looked at the earth and then at the Sun.  Without thinking, I flew directly into the Sun, sacrificing myself in order to save the Earth, and the people I cared about.  Ganthet, having been tracking me all of these years witnessed what I had done, and immediately pulled my body away from the sun, after Parallax was driven out of me, and took my body back to Oa, and resurrected me by putting my soul back with my body

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