Reality or Just a Bad Dream!!!!!

It was on the news. That was the one thing everyone remembered; it was on the news.

It began as a normal fight between myself and Sinestro. Yet somewhere along the line, Sinestro gained the upper hand. Maybe it was when he threw something at the crowded apartment building that I was busy saving. Maybe it was when Sinestro had used his yellow constructs to destroy a large portion of the city, and I was devastated by all the corpses.

No matter when, all that mattered was that Sinestro, in front of news cameras, had me ensnared in thorny, yellow construct of vines, slowly choking me as they dug into my skin and made me bleed from multiple spots.

Carol distinctly remembered yelling, “No!” as everyone heard my neck crack over their TVs, phones, and computers.

The sad thing was that no other hero could have reached me in time to help me once they saw the news.

That day was noted as Guy Gardner and Star Sapphire beat the ever loving crap out of Sinestro, and Star Sapphire cried over my body. It was said, that even Guy Gardner shed some tears.

Nobody noticed the green ring fly off. It was only when Kyle Raynor was poked by a green ring while working on his latest picture, having missed the news, that anyone noticed it.

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