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These are my definitions and what I know so. Not perfect, but decent. To start off we will just cover this: roleplaying means to play out a role. Role players here do that with writing. All the terms covered are used often in the roleplaying community. One's with ** will have their own blog.



These are all the people that make up a community.

The first four are titles given to those who run the site.


An aesthetic is something that is beautiful. Most people have an aesthetic theme, which, for example, means they might only have pictures and text in a certain font and color, because it looks nice.


Two terms that means a roleplayer is not available at that moment.


Often a written article telling a story or something else that the writer wants to share.


An official part to a character or story.

Canon Characters**-

Characters taken from a show, book or ect. But not created by yourself.


The coding behind the customization of someone's profile.


Always OOC, often a place to discuss about plots or roleplaying.

Dungeon Master (DM)-

Someone who runs an event.


Often an open group roleplay that was plotted out before OR something that is taking place on the site, such as a contest.


A person that you use as a reference to how your character looks.


A story written about a show, book, actor, etc. but was not canon and created by a fan.


A community of fans.


By definition, a place where ideas can be exchanged.

God Modding**-

When a roleplayer their character do something to another role player's with out giving them a chance to prevent it.


When a writer takes a break from writing.In Character (IC)**-Serious roleplaying, often canon.Lemons-Fanfic with sexual scenes.


-How well someone writes.


Someone's inspiration.

Original Characters (OC)**-

A character you made.

Out of Character(OOC)-

Not canonly roleplaying, or roleplaying at all.

Over Powered (OP)**-

Very self explanatory


The storyline set out for a roleplayPrivate Messages (PMs)-Again. Self explanatory


Often found at your page, a place to introduce your character.


Writing about sex.


The first post of a roleplay.


A roleplay.


Have any thoughts/concerns or what ever, comment them! I'll update this if there is anything I need to add or fix.

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