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Hi friends! So this post is going to be about Story's homeworld aka Annarose. This is a world I had made back in 3rd Grade and kept developing (and still develop) as time goes on. I am trying to work out all of the stuff with the countries and politics but the important people I do have mostly done along with major cities and kingdoms. So I wanted to share it with you all! I will make another post maybe about the types of people and deities Annarose has too. I am sure I will end up adding more somewhere in this. I added the deities since they are quite important to Annarose. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading this post! 





  • The world Story lives in is named Annarose. Annarose was a world named after the first ruler's daughter who was born on Earth originally and moved with her family to this new world to start anew. Annarose's parents are named Allerius and Bellatrice Cronford. 


  • There are a total of eight deities in Annarose but one is not mentioned and is rather a taboo to worship.


  • Aislynn is the head Goddess of Annarose who is in charge of light, creation and motherly things. She was the original and only goddess until she had brought the others (except for Zachrius) to this new world and shared her power with them to help govern this new world. She is the most adored and respected goddess as she is also a representative in the idea and symbolism of second chances to worthy souls.  (Goddess of: Light, Creation, Unions, Rebirth, Second Chances.)


  • Zachrius is the older brother of Aislynn and the God of destruction and darkness. Though he is not entirely evil, he is important to the world just as much as Aislynn. However, people do tend to fear him and consider worshiping taboo. He is known as the "Dark God" and is rather solemn. He does, however, have a soft spot for his younger sister and has been known to be able to grant final wishes.  (God of: Destruction, Death, Underworldly things, Final Wishes, End of Cycles.) 


  • Nereida is the Goddess of healers and water. She was once an elven healer who had been sired by Aislynn to help govern Annarose. She is revered by artists, holy folk, and healers. She has played a muse for artists and is rumored to be the lover of the fiery god Aylek yet no one can confirm this. She is the kindest and most compassionate goddess. (Goddess of: Water, Healing, Ancient Arts, Mercy, and Compassion.) 


  • Aylek is the passionate God of fire and emotions who was once a soldier for a king. He is in charge of pure emotions and strong heroes. He is usually seen smiling all of the time and seems to be the youngest of all the deities. He is one who is reminiscent of old storybook heroes and could give any information on a hero from Earth or Annarose. He is also rumored to be the lover of Goddess Nereida, but no proof has been found. (God of: Fire, Emotions, Passions, Lost Souls.) 


  • Cato is the God of magic, wisdom, and history. He is one who keeps track of information as it is sacred to him. He was a sorcerer sired by Aislynn to become a deity and has not left since. He is one who is reserved, quiet, and judgemental even though others encourage him not to be. He will, however, judge someone based on their actions instead of their appearance. He is known as the hermit of the deities of Annarose and has been rumored to be one who enjoys the ideas of enlightenment. (God of: Magic, Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment, History, Truth, Judgement.) 


  • Flyta is the Goddess of winds, speed, and proficiency. She has been unrivaled so far with her speeding and works with marksmen/women of any kind, animal caretakers, beast folk, and those trying to advance their skills. She only slows down for one person and that is Cato who is rumored to be her crush. She does connect well with animals and those with animal-like souls. (Goddess of: Winds, Speed, Proficiency, Animals, Marksman, Advancement.) 


  • Liniana is the Goddess of spirits, decision making, guidance, and mythical creatures and folk. She is always seen to be serene and calm and would remind Aislynn of her mother who seemed similar to her. She usually is the quietest of deities but does like to help in tough decisions for people. Many seek her aid for any type of guidance if possible and seems the most balanced. (Goddess of: Spirits, Mythical beings, Guidance, Decision making, Balance, Wisdom, Spiritual power.) 


  • Balakar is the God of Balance, Inner Strength, and Earth. He is also one known to be a gentle giant. He is a tall and strong dragon who normally will keep a human form to not frighten anyone by his size despite Annarose's respect for dragons. He is the rock of the other deities (like the dad friend) and does not let himself or others get pushed around. His type of balance consists of mental and physical in combat or difficult times while Liniana's is for the heart, mind, and soul. Balakar resembles warriors of old myths and surely could tell some stories. However, he is there to teach others how to balance themselves and their lives through actions. He is usually not one to talk as much as the others. (God of: Strength, Inner Strength, Balance, Earth, Stability.) 


  • Annarose is the world that accepts those considered to be the "rejects" and misunderstood of other worlds. From beast folk to elves, to vampires and more. Many people walk throughout the world and the seven continents. 


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