The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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Jacob William was an ordinary ten year old child. His parents, his teachers, and his friends from baseball practice would say that Jacob William was almost perfect. Pop-the-p-when-you-say-it, perfect. He got gold stars and home runs, he got girls pinching him, he had his mom and he had his dad. Of course, this was before the William parents found his drawings. A black and red monster sprawled across the back of his crinkled old math home work (which also had a gold star on it). When they questioned him about it, he said he got it from a youtube video, and his parents just chuckled.

But the drawings kept popping up. In the back of his sock drawers, and on top of his desk, behind his bed. They were incredibly easy to find, because his room was freakishly neat. When they questioned him again, he snarled in anger at them. He stomped his feet. He threw a tantrum, like he was seven years younger then he was. His parents got more and more concerned. Home wasn't the only place that his violence stretched out to though.

After school, during practice, he had missed a swing. The poor pitcher felt the cold metal of Jacob's bat in a matter of seconds. Before that, his gold stars dropped to frowny stickers and fat, red Fs and the girls on the playground stopped their teasing pinching, too scared to get close to Jacob the Terrible. His parents took him out of school after that, enrolled him in therapy, and stuck to homeschooling. The question bugged everyone who cared for Jacob- what turned this kid into a monster? 

The answer walked by his window every full moon, her fur bristling. She wasn't black, but rather a silvery reddish color, with a large twisted maw.

The first night he saw it, he shivered and shook, while fear made him want to stay in bed, curiosity drove him to follow the humanoid beast. It's growling large form bulged with anger, dark cracking claws swiping at near bye trees, engraving it's mark in the dark bark.Jacob let goosebumps run wild on his skin, watching it go into the treeline of the forest that he walked by every day after practice. Curiosity and a sinking, twisting feeling grew in his stomach, but like his army father, he would march right on!

Fog rolled in, making it hard to keep track of the beast, save for it's large, ever there growl. Jacob was extra careful to not step on any branches or dry leaves while he followed it. It wasn't until a raven's caw that Jacob stumbled back. Then, the monster turned it's head. Jacob's tiny heart pounded in his chest like a dying jack rabbit escaping the grasp of a predator. "M-M-MOMMY!" The she werewolf let out a roar, getting right up in his face, before slowly closing her jaws and staring at him with haunting red eyes.

He had peed himself.

She held her large head steady, one of her front clawed hands hanging onto a bending oak tree, her hot breath breathing right into his face. After shaking for a moment, Jacob ran. He ran home, not screaming, thinking that the monster he had just seen was in his head. Yeah. In his head. He climbed in through his window, shaking out of his pajama pants and underwear, before switching into clean clothes. His head was swarmed with thoughts going a hundred miles per hours. His thoughts remained on that one monster he had seen. Grabbing his crayons, he drew out what he remembered. The black of the night, the red of her eyes, and her ugly frame. This set the stage for at least once a month every year. There were twelve drawings in total. At the end of the year, he told his therapist what he saw every full moon. She thought it was just his over active imagination. 

"You know what?"


"I'll go into the woods with you..."

Some how that suggestion had worked. After a short argument, it was decided the therapist would take him into the woods, be with him, and show him he was safe. There was no monster, it was just nightmares. He wasn't crazy. He was fine. It was just an overactive imagination, and that was that. Jacob William was just an ordinary ten year old child.

He was also the only witness to see a child's therapist murdered. 

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