The Day of the Wolf and it's Deeds

When i had arrived, it'd been too late..



The trees were cleared where wolf came towards wolf..

                     Silver hues met stormy blues..

The current alpha moved aside, ever careful in his steps to present before the previous alpha; before his father, the body of his elder brother...Johnny's broken body lay among bloody leaves and dirt, in his human form, naked as the day he were born....

               Those stormy hues stared upon the corpse of his first born,

                                                                                       a long withering gaze before those eyes met those silver hues...

Something shifted in the wind..

The alpha bowed it's head and lowered it's tail..

                                                                                                              Lurid snarled..

Farimon could not be submitting! He could not back down as the alpha!...

The wolf with Silver hues met it's father's gaze and it seemed like centuries before it tore it's gaze away and turned, calmly walking away to disappear within the forest..

 Lurid was left to watch...

                                                                               ...His gaze turned back to his dead first born..

Romlephen Waterfront was no more..


The father cradled his first son that night..

A howl pierced the night air some far distance away

Farimon had done what he had to..

He was protecting his family..

What Lurid should have been the one to do, but had failed..

He lifted his boy into his arms and walked home..


Farimon disappeared..

                                                                                    ..never to be seen again


Many others fell out of reach.

Some stayed,

hanging on to each other desperately,

trying to salvage the pack..


Lurid left the city one night..

And returned to reclaim his throne among the water wolves..

With one call, they will return........

The Waterfronts will rise up again..

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