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I'm finishing up the replies I still owe, and I am now open for new threads, as I'm sure some of mine have fallen by the wayside since I took my break.

I am incredibly flexible, welcome canon and OC characters alike, and am open to discussing AUs, both modern, historical, and futuristic. I prefer multi-paragraph style RP or longer on this character. My replies are often slow- I may be able to get on once or twice a week maximum quite often.

Please be aware this character is not a Nazi, and he hates them as much as I do. I do not tolerate IC or OOC jokes regarding such matters and they are grounds for me ending a thread. Steinholtz kills them. He doesn't support them. It's really that simple. He is also a doctor, specializing in the obscure and arcane.

Send me an invite or a comment if you're interested!

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