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If you are up for finding quaint jazz clubs, Voodoo shops, the French Quarter, or a chance to feel a bit of spooky delight, come visit New Orleans and stop by Miss Lillian Grace's Shop of Spiritual Essentials!

Or if you get caught in the law's hands, that could be another way for you to meet Lillian Grace as well. From the smooth noir jazz to the exciting Mardi Gras festivities, stop on by and grab some gumbo to dine on.

Mystery always fills the air here and allows for a good break from busy places like New York or L.A. So stop on by and have a good time here in New Orleans where the music is just right and the people are too! I am certain a certain witch is always up for making new friends. 

(Hello folks! My name is Story and I am a 21-year-old college student who works a lot and tries to draw too. I have been roleplaying for almost 10 years now and would love to make friends here. I used to be on Rolepages as many different characters ranging from Assassin's Creed OC's to other OCs of mine too. If you think we may have known each other, please do not be afraid to ask as I can suggest accounts of mine that we may have met on. I had been on Rolepages since about 2012 when it first started up and switched around from there. I tried roleplaying on Tumblr but that was a tad complicated and I usually use my phone to do roleplays over e-mail, kik, and my actual phone number as well. If any of those options are good for you, I am willing to use those ways of communication as well. I cannot stand what Rolepages has turned into, so this I believe will be a nicer place for me to be. I hope you stop by and say hello! I am always up for plotting and roleplaying with anyone that is up for it and does not mind my standards. Thank you so much. :) )

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