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Writing this character has gone so well off-site that I might as well reach out here and see if anyone would be up for a suitable thread! I'm a multi-para and novella RPer by trade, but I'm fine with banter and paragraph RP as well so long as the story keeps moving and my attention is held, so my requirements aren't too strict.

Hayden is natively set on Mars, and has travelled to hell on several occasions, the very reason he designed hsi body to be as big as it is. I can easily write him in an earth setting, or anything off planet in space. Given his functional immortality, no time period is impossible.

I'd like to request some threads with the following general themes:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Space travel, exploration, or general setting
  • Dystopic- this is vague, yes, but I love world building and this is a great chance for it.
  • Futuristic- earthbound or otherwise

While I CAN write him back when he was still in his human body before or during the cancer, this is not really what I'd like to focus on, as that lore has largely been set off-site in private RP.

Leave a message or add me if you are interested!

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