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Hello Wrealms! Story here again with an older character of mine who has rather dear to me. I hope someone will look at her history and take an interest because I gaurantee a good story will come from it. I have been roleplaying for about 9 years now and am quite flexbile. This character is good with most time periods and am willing to plot out stuff too! So feel free to adventure with me throughout the eras. 

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  • (In one storyline I have going. My character took over the body of a recently deceased warlock. I thought about continuing with that version of my story and since your character seems to be, based in part around magic. Figured perhaps we could write and our stories could intermingle. I would love to explore my demon during her time riding shotgun in the body of a warlock that she has claimed for herself. )

  • @The Winter Apocalypse: Someone is excited XD

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