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I just migrated from Rolepages and came here hoping for a better QoL and a few threads.

My main character on here will be the one you are looking at, Hᴇɪɴʀɪᴄʜ W. Sᴄʜᴜʟᴛᴢ.

I have a lot of other characters that may suit your interests, if you so desire it.


1. Heinrich W. Schultz is a WWII Nazi Veteran if we go toe-to-toe with his REAL timeline, as well as a vigilante of sorts. If we don't, he's an Iraq Veteran serving under the Bundeswehr German Branch and is a modern-day vigilante. A few fantasy segments of his that I consider to be non-canon are his abilities as a vampire or supernatural creature hunter.

2. Matthews Foreman Wright is also a WWII Veteran, but he served in the Pacific War Theatre as a fighter pilot for USA. He's a homicide detective.

3. Augustus Donovan Fitzsimmons is a man who was born blind. He is an Art and History professor. He's the most normal character in my bunch.

4. Forthwind Beaumarchais of Ballas is a Knight from Medieval Times. He fell in love with the King's daughter, had intercourse with her and got exiled. He's now a mercenary still holding the honor of a knight highly.

5. Poemius Joseph Soulius is a mercenary as well, but a bit more of a bad guy. He has trafficked humans, drugs, illegal merchandise and has killed people as well as a bounty hunter. His setting is way up in the future. He's a space freighter pilot. He's also fockin' Irish, m8. 


1. Annie M.W. Washington was a human and worked as a Computer, Robotics and Bioinformatics Engineer for Intellectum Inc. After she was offered a great opportunity that encompassed the development of the first, operational Biological, Artificial Intelligence Unit, ... she was fooled, drugged, rape and murdered. Then, her mind was used as the vessel that aided the project, which resulted in the creation of Anneliesse Rosette Burgosse, or ART, a B.A.I. Unit. Annie was no longer human, but a robot pretending to be one ...

2. Cirelondiel Fareryniel Eruaphael is an elf. She's specifically a Denatura Elf, a species (of mine) that can wonderfully and excellently manipulate the elements offensively. She's a trained huntress and really looks after herself. She's my fantasy character, apart from Forthwind and Poemius.

3. Setsuko-Kyouko Takashima is a Onna-bugeisha, a female Samurai trained by a very distinct sensei that granted her the powers of The White Dragon of the North throughout the ink of her tattoos.

4. Eleonora Clementine Hutchinson Beckham is the Empress of London. She's a bitchy character, widowed because she murdered her own husband for money and power. She's the bad version of Poemius, multiplied by 1000. 

5. Kewanee Kainamona Soolewa is my Native American character. She's a huntress that was exiled from the Tribe of Sapphire Bones due to involving herself with powers she did not understand that brought great dishonor and bad fortune for her tribe. She's daughter of the Shaman of the tribe.

6. Déjà Vu & Jamais Vu - A These two are twin sisters. They can control time. One can repeat time and the other can 'erase' time in a fashionable way. In short, they manipulate time and reality.

 If you're interested, feel free to add me or message me. 


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