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  • This article in particular I got excited about reading. As I went through even a minute of this approx. 4 minute read, I was pulling my characters into my head and saying "How would you answer some 0f those things? Have I thought of some of these things when I designed you?"

    So please, please give this one a chance, and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.


    [ How to Write Better Characters ]

    How to Write Better Characters – Dani Jorgensen – Medium
    Get to Know Your Characters:
    • Thank you for sharing.

      How to Write Better Characters – Dani Jorgensen – Medium
      Get to Know Your Characters:
  • Here to spam you all with another article. *Jazz hands*

    If you're like me, it's frustrating to get stuck in an endless loop of using the same words over and over in writing.

    [5 Words To Whack From Your Writing]


    • I needed this. I'm guilty. 

    • ((Not only does this help with writing for fun, it also can help with writing essays and such :) Thank you for sharing!

    • ||Oh goody I needed this, thank you~




    Bodyguard for hire. Inquire within. 

    (Seeking a few threads to dust off the wings of an old character. )

  • HOW YE DOIN'!?

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  • I thought I'd go ahead and share an article I came across. A quick, 2 minute read, food for thought:

    Dare To Be Specific


    "Be someone and somewhere again. Breathe into your place in the world. It’s okay."

    Dare to be specific – Higher Thoughts – Medium
    Isn’t it great when good writing advice overlaps with good overall advice to life?
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