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  • || I'm interrupting your daily doldrums for you peeps
    to go onto Google,and in the search bar.
    Type in:

    Do a Barrel Roll.

    Why? Because it's fun.

  • Hello everyone, we'd like to set up rules for Global: 

    Global is the head of the site. Future members who have not joined as well as new members who are seeking help will come here for guidance. That being said there will now be changes for Global Comments. 

    As fun as it is to post gifs and messages out, it has come to my attention that it is being used far too often for such things. Examples: Goodbyes, moods, personal conversation, banter, gifs, pictures, ect. 

    Where we do encourage all to speak with each other, Global is not the respective place to do so. Global is reserved for announcements by owners/admins, important discussions about the site, seeking of help, glitches with the site itself, and all-around toll if anyone has questions. When there is so much going on in the fun of posting by others it's easy to lose track or not see messages requesting for help. 

    We at Wrealms implore that Global be cleaner in that sense. If it can be posted to your own page then please do so. We still do encourage that you all stay fun with each other to do so, but be considerate on if it should be in Global. 

    We hope you have a great rest of your day! 

    -Wrealms Team 

  • Ugh. Codes still not working. Frustrated af. Going to bed. 

  • Anyone else out there having issues with the codes not working like they used to?

    • The ones i gave not working?

      • I haven't tried those yet. I just tried enlarging the header (same code I've used in the past with no problems) and it's not accepting it.

        • If you aren't aware of this, try any of these Link

          Ning 3.0 CSS Codes : More bang for your buck--Part 2
          I never mind sharing. I hope these help some of you who are struggling. Remove the sections in red. Best Wishes, Edmun. The Value after the # sign i…
          • Thanks, I saw that last night. I've been working with the "Part I" section, but maybe 2 will work.

            Ning 3.0 CSS Codes : More bang for your buck--Part 2
            I never mind sharing. I hope these help some of you who are struggling. Remove the sections in red. Best Wishes, Edmun. The Value after the # sign i…
  • This is a long shot, but I'll give it a go. Anyone willing to play James bond? Need more spy or hitman friends/enemies and I've always loved James Bonds character and would like to have him and John interact. 

This reply was deleted.

Admins and Their Roles

After being asked a few times, who the Admins are and what they do. This section has been built in order to answer all those questions!


Marly(Owner) - Owns the site. Does the site maintenance (I know I'm slacking.) And answers any questions/tickets. 

Lynn - Co-owner. Does pretty much everything including our lovely seasonal moon logo.

Kei - Admin, and Secretary in charge of documenting the site events and other happenings. Amazing support for anyone that has any questions.

Apollonius Grimm - Admin, more commonly known as Mister Swan. Writer of The Swan Network. Feel free to join and stay tuned to The Swan Network for sneak peaks new site features and upcoming events!

Raiya - Our newest Admin, a veteran member, site advertiser, and a friendly face moderating for chat and comments. 

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