She hails from the arid lands of Australia, an island continent surrounded by vast unpredictable oceans and inhabited by everything that could possibly kill you. Including the Drop Bears.

Nαmє: Abigail Philippa-Laurel Windsor 

Nícknαmє/s: Abs, Abbey, Abby,  She Wolf. 

Agє: Twenty-eight {28}

Bírthdαч: August 10th, 1960

Spєcíєs: Hybrid

Plαcє σf Bírth: Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia

Currєnt Rєsídєncє:  N/A - she's traveling around America!

"Don't kiss me if you're afraid of thunder. My life is a storm."

She was the first. A hybrid brought to the arid lands of Australia in the womb of her mother, a convict from Great Britain convicted of theft and prostitution. Due to the overstocking of prisoners in the jails, many were sent packing, bound for Australia’s penal colonies and Botany Bay. Abigail’s birth came with complications. Her mother would survive the ordeal. But barely. For months after she would be kept under the watchful eyes of officers and a nurse, a gentle, able-bodied older woman with kind features and a heart-warming tone that settled even the most uneasy of nerves. Abigail was kept in a small carrier alongside her mother during her stay in the medical station of the camp. Conditions weren’t great and disease wiped out of a lot of the earlier convicts. A reasonably sized tent with a raised bed was given to Abigail’s mother along with a carrier. This made the other convicts green-eyed with jealousy. By the time Abigail was a year old, she was walking and starting to talk. Her red hair had thickened, the color a bright and unnatural shade and her green eyes were wide as she explored the world around her. By the time she was three, Abigail had developed much faster than the other children.


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

From Botany Bay to Fraser Island on Australia's eastern coastline, Abigail's small feet carried her through dense bushland, red dirt and across warm sandy beaches. When she arrived, her little white dress was in tatters, her feet were bleeding, her skin was riddled with mosquito and insect bites, and she was starving. But she was alive. Alive and breathing and surrounded. Over the next four years, Fraser Island became home for the youngster. In that time she would come to know the inhabitants of the island like the back of her hand, especially the Dingoes. One in particular, a pup she would choose to name Riley, after the teddy bear she’d long left abandoned back at the settlement. Riley was a playful creature with thick amber fur and bright curious eyes. They became instant friends. Abbey didn’t understand why she was so drawn to the pup, but in time she would, and it wouldn’t be pleasant. After two years on the Island, Riley’s pack would enter the picture. They’d spent enough time watching from the dunes to understand that the child that had wandered into their territory was of no threat. Riley’s pack accepted Abbey as one of their own, even going so far as to encourage her to sleep and eat with them in the thick brush, away from potential dangers. It was nice to feel like she belonged. At least for a time. Then one evening after the storms of yesterday had passed and the ground was waterlogged, Riley and the pack were nowhere to be found but Abbey was covered in blood. A lot of blood. 

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack!"


Currently being re-written! }

Owner of a Lonely Heart... 

Less than a handful of lovers have crossed paths with the shifter. Her sexual encounters with others began in the months following her mother’s death. An average standing convict with little muscle definition to his arms and legs, hands calloused and face unshaven had approached her while she was playing in the mud, alone. He would lure her back to his tent with the promise of sweets and toys, but instead he would beat and rape her repeatedly. Unlike the other children, Abbey’s differences allowed her to withstand the abuse, though her poor body was ruined until dawn when the man would throw her back into the mud, bleeding and without clothes. She would endure through the countless acts of violence and sexual abuse until her little body could take no more and the officers were called. Years would pass before she would introduce herself to the company of others once more. Only this time things were different. She was different. Inside and out. She’d grown, changed, her voluminous red hair and smoldering emerald green eyes lured men from their bar stools and into the back alleyways behind businesses. But not once would she allow the men to touch her. The first being a gentleman; sculpted like a God and handsome too. He was kind and gentle and teased her in ways she could not understand at first.

But it wasn't all bedding and romance. The fights that followed were horrendous, and by the time Abbey had found herself with child, it was too late. The stress of everything had left poor Abbey childless. Such a man she thought cared only proved once more than she was of little worth, and upon the expulsion of the dead fetus from her womb, would find herself once again alone in the world. Loneliness grew like an entanglement of thorns around her heart, closing her off from the world until Abbey found herself in the presence of one, Camden Zagurian. He was only a few years younger than her and a doctor who traveled back and forth across the country for work. For the first time, Abbey would feel something one might consider as being “love”. Camden took care of her and showed her that she could be loved, and within a few months, she would find herself pregnant with her second child. But like the others, he never stuck around. Something came up and without a single word of warning, Camden had packed all his belongings and abandoned their home by the lake. Distressed and pregnant, Abbey did the unthinkable. She threw herself down the stairs of their home in order to abort the child. Upon the fifth attempt she would be successful. Was the world to deal her such a cruel fate time and time again? She persevered and would focus on traveling and staying as far from civilization as possible. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and Abbey would, in her stubbornness, refuse to look after herself. She had become a shell of her former self. Borderline emaciated and ready to give up, a friend from once upon a time would find her and nurse her in her sickness back to health. Baby steps were taken and three years later Abbey, though far from her usual self, would be well enough to flee from the watchful eye of her carer and once again disappear. 

You are the vision I'm looking for. Make me remember all I forgot.

Watch me become just an animal. Naked to nothing more than who we are.

~ Feral Hearts ~

Fun Facts:

  • Never had candy until Lo introduced her to pop rocks. 
  • She hates the color maroon.
  • She wanted to be an astronomer or an astronaut.
  • Mangoes are her favorite fruit.
  • Dragonfruit are her second favorite fruit.
  • She once tried befriending a kangaroo and ended up eating it instead.
  • Swears she's cursed in relationships (or so she believes). 
  • Not once has she celebrated a holiday, not even her birthday. 
  • She is Dyslexic!
  • There is a small, crescent moon-shaped birthmark on the inside of her right groin area
  • Moonflowers {Ipomoea alba} are her favorite flower. Alongside sunflowers, Jasmine and succulents.
  • She has a thorough dislike for felines. >.>

Author's Notes (we all have them!):


  • Please do not alter or make any life changing decisions that may drastically affect my character/s without consulting me first.

  • If you rape, assault or force my character/s into a position without speaking to me about it first, I will have to report you. I am nervous enough as it is being back on the roleplaying scene that I don’t need the  unnecessary stresses of writers who don’t respect boundaries.

  • God-Modding is a major no-no.

  • If you have questions, concerns, issues with threads, characters or myself, the writer, please contact me and we can discuss the issue privately.

  • I’ve worked hard on my character/s. All are OC’s that I’ve spent almost a decade creating and perfecting. Of course there are no perfect characters and I am still learning about them as I go, so please don’t steal any of my hard work.

But aside all of the above, please have fun and make beautiful words!!


Forget about Prince Charming.

Go for the wolf.

He can hear you better.

He can see you better.

And he can eat you better.


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  • They tumble together, fur collecting leaves no doubt as they went. he made a sound like a chuff that must have been laughter at her surprise to his attack. When he was younger, the youth of the pack having grown up together, once becoming wolves, would often play fight as a way of only strengthening their  bond as pack mates. It also helped each young wolf to determine strength in one another and learn each other's rank and status as well. So, that he was playing with her as he was, was showing trust, bonding and a wolf slowly beginning to accept her as something like a pack mate.

    ...And maybe just a reason to dominate her.

    He's tame as far until she nips one of his ears, then he's nipping back, pinching the thick skin and tugging playfully, never too hard of course. Although it is when she moves to stand over him that he snarls. not necessarily in a aggressive manner, but a protesting as he pushed at her legs with his own in hopes to trip her up and give him that small opening to lunge and maneuver into pinning her down.  It was in play, but a part of it was in dominance too. He felt the need to assert himself as he comes to accept her.

  • Hide and seek, or hide and seek tag because after she'd let out a howl, he gave no response to it, instead creeping along the undergrowth, stalking her like a predator. He's expertly silent and remaining downwind to further trick her. The moment he has his chance, he's going to pounce. The inner wolf has come to accept her just as he has in his human frame of mind. A lone wolf, but pack mentality is still embedded and therefore he's coming to think her an ally if not a pack mate in the full. Then his chance comes and he's lunging out from the shadows at her and if he's able to knock her down, they'd both be rendered a tumble of limbs and bodies, teeth only clipping at her fur, sometimes biting the air with an audible click of teeth. It's been entirely too long since this wolf has been able to play like this. Playing with your food was one thing, but having another of your kind to mess around with was completely different.

  • Both eyebrows raised at the point with an expression that questioned if that was a threat, amused clearly by it.  Getting up he follows after her, seemingly trying to race her for the treeline while losing pieces of clothing on the way, although trying to pull his pants off slows him some.  Eventually he takes off in another direction and while he seems to be more comfortable in exposing himself around her, he's not ever comfortable changing around anyone as vulnerable of a state that always left him in. His change wasn't like hers, wasn't as seemingly quick and instead was more of a gruesome sight.

    When that deep embedded burn fades to a dull ache, he stepped forth to shake out his fur and adjust his limbs. He comes through some foliage to now be within sight of her, looking her way before breaking into a run in the other direction, not waiting to see if she'd follow, his dark fur disappearing into the darkness of the forest, but his scent would be an easy one to follow for her. 

  • Much did she have that same affect on him, the excitement perhaps contagious.  It could have a lot to do with how it's been so long since he's experienced these feelings, the adrenaline still running off that kiss, but what would come when that adrenaline soon faded and his sense has returned? Either way, she's gotten in deep and he thinks the battle between mind and heart will be quite the fight. He can't even begin to include what the inner wolf was feeling as well, something like lust, instinct and companionship almost like that of a packmate. 

    " I have seen people have them as pets. They can get pretty big. Like pythons too, although I would not want one as a pet in that case. Not very trustworthy creatures that is for sure. " There isn't a reptile that could freak him out it seems.

    As she moved up on her knees, he looked over at her, listening curiously. At the last part mentioned of hunters, his eyebrow raised almost skeptically but it's playful in nature because he's smiling and nodding a few times.  " Why not? " Sound as good as any idea. Another good run to rid that energy, a healthy balance too. 

  • replies owing: Ghosty. <3

  • The rain seem to have been pouring down now at this point but this still didn't make her want to take shelter from the rain or anything; her ears twitched a bit as she looked up towards the sky for a moment, she narrowed her eyes a bit before something out the blue happened to her. Out of nowhere or without warning, a bolt of lightening strike the ground right in front of her which left a scar across her face which she grunted a bit, blood seeping from her gaping wound that was present on her face now but it soon quickly healed afterwards. Looks like the big guy upstairs wasn't too pleased with her being in the area right now, she growled softly as she snorted and continued on her way, she didn't seem bothered by it or anything really but still....could have given her a heads up or something at least.

    It was kinda hard for her to keep up with all the different scents that she was getting but as the rain kept coming down, it was washing away any scents that she once had picked up when she first came here, any other scent that may have been around was now being washed away by the rain. But she was now smelling herself and she smelled like wet awful scent really and she hated that scent more then again. She groaned softly, shaking the excessive water droplets off her body as the rain kept pounding down on her; though it was then she was starting to pick up a new scent that seem to be coming in her direction. She paused in her steps and stared forward for a moment, ears twitched as she could hear the sound of paw steps running towards her....could it be...another wolf?

    'Another of all places?' 

    Not that Kanesha was thrilled to run into another wolf or anything, she was one of those type of wolves that didn't even communicate with her own kin, sad but true and she usually keep herself hidden whenever there are others around in the same area as her. Though she figured that there was no point in trying to hide now if the other got wind of her scent, if only she had got rid of her scent the moment she got here, though it wouldn't have done any good since it was raining so it would have been a failed cause even if she decided to get rid of her scent to keep others from tracking her down. The other wolf was now getting closer and closer with each passing second, she waited in her spot for the other to show themselves to her, taking a small step back and lowering her head to the ground a bit, she got into a fighting stance as if she was preparing for an ambush or some sort to happen, wouldn't have been the first time that she was ambushed like this...

  • His eyes only sharpen as they stay on her once more and did she really think he would just turn his back now?  Maybe a time long before he would have but now? No and he still had other reasons not to leave her out here that justified or not, still stood for reasoning all the same. He does not seem the sort to tolerate her stubbornness either. as a father, he's dealt with that enough to stand his ground. 

    As she stood to her own power, he watched her warily so as though to see if she could certainly handle herself. It was but a bit of a trek back to the estate and they would get their quicker and easier if she could admit to needing assistance.  He of course also did not even react to her exposed flesh. He was a wolf and those of his nature often walk about exposed with little to know embarrassment. She must live among humans often enough to have such embarrassment over that he mused. He has seen his fair share of naked women and while she a had a tempting form, there was no concern over such things going to his head.

    With a nod, he began to turn in order to lead her along back to the path that would take them back to the manor. 

    " I am typically referred as Spine, but you.. you may call me Lurid." 

    He was offering his real name to her? It's not often anymore he hears that name in reference to himself anymore but it seems he was able to sense her hesitation to give her own name and so to begin to create some trust, he gave her his own. 

    "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Abigail. Now please, come along."  

  • " Hm.." 

    A noise that clearly says he agrees with her assumption of failing to injure him. At the pitiful sight of her here before him, no there was not much she could do to him as perfect health he was in not to mention of his more superior strength. He was not just a mere werewolf after all. Oh no, a whole different hybrid entirely and one to make a challenging enemy.  He was better being your ally, that was for sure. 

    Those eyes raked over her, not in a lustful way of course, but one as though to again take in her condition while considering his next course of action in what to do with her.  She may not cause trouble, but trouble could follow her out this way. Perimeter checks will have to sort that out and free roaming will have to be more thought out than careless for now.  While in thought, his eyes had lifted from her to spare but a glance around the area and in that time his mind seems made up.

    "You will fair better back at my home. There you will be safer. "

    It seems he isn't about to take no for an answer either. for in his good nature he would not leave a injured woman behind, much less anyone in her condition. The other part left unsaid being that out here, the hunters may come along and if they had any reason to believe she was here then that'd only be more trouble to his pack if they had any reason to linger. Although, Spine hardly even seemed concerned about all of this with the way he hid emotions. 

    " Are you able to navigate on your own?" 

    He did not know how seriously damaged she was and couldn't go off her appearance alone. It was a shame the pack doctor, one of his sons, has since disappeared but he will make do with what knowledge he had learned off the doctor. 

  • As the alpha came upon her, he feared not of her words for he could tell there was no real threat behind them. She was weak, and feeling cornered more or less so of course she would throw threats about and therefore he took of no offense to them. 

    "It would not do you well to injure the only person who can help you." 

    There was an Irish lilt to his tone and as he stepped from the shadows and into the moonlight some feet from her, he wasn't at all as  imposing as he once appeared back in his prime. Tall and wiry, lean in muscle and those stormy mix of blue and green were soft and no longer steeled in the glare he had used to match the scowl that was now but a calm expression. This was a man been mellowed out in the years, the fierce man before replaced but not entirely gone. 

    He does not appear to be a hunter at all.  No, he had to gear, no weapon, standing as he was with his hands in his jean pockets, barefoot feet keeping him now motionless where he has given her enough space between them. Dressed basic in just those jeans and shirt, he did not look like no hunter and let's not forget that scent.  Earthy, a strong touch of the sea and the tinge of a male wolf.

    "Trouble? No, I don't want trouble either, but in your condition, passing through won;t be as easily achieved. I cannot promise you won't find trouble beyond the borderlands. " he glances at the rock in her hand and his expression never changes, no fear of her, although skeptical yes, but she was vulnerable this he knew. 

    "You will not make it far." 

  • He didn't dare look her way after that comment, afraid perhaps of the reaction it might give him only because he's still unsure about this whole flirting thing which still made no sense to him, but maybe it was this way because what she thought mattered to him more than he wanted to let on. Therefore, he missed this look from her but he hears the noise she makes and as she spoke which does get him to look at her again and smile. Although at the mention of the window, all he sees is her hitting her head into it again and has to bite his lip to try and not laugh at the mental image. Niiice. Change it up, uh, kisses, yes that will do. That's a better mental image for sure although it stirs something within again, so maybe not entirely much better. And that flirtatious batting of the eyelashes. Dammit. 

    " I do not think I would ever go near those things. " They seemed more mean and wild than some wolves and he's gone up again a pack of them. He brightens at the topic of reptiles. " Iguanas are interesting. Snakes don't bother me either unless they are poisonous of course. I actually don't mine most reptiles but yes, spiders I can do without." He makes a face of vague disgust. 

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