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There are things in the universe that are simply and purely evil. A warrior does not seek to understand them, or to compromise with them. He seeks only to obliterate them.

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Mitth'raw'nuruodo was born in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. His younger days are shrouded in mystery, but he was part of the Aristocra - the ruling families of the Chiss Ascendancy. Later, Thrawn would grow to become the Commander of the Chiss Defence Fleet, also known as the Chiss Expansionary Defence Force, as the House Nuruodo was the ruling house of the Chiss Defence Fleet within the Chiss Ascendancy, as well as foreign policy and military affairs in general.

The homeworld

The Chiss were a secretive species, and what business the Chiss Ascendancy had in the galaxy, they kept to themselves. And on the rare occations they would interact with members of the Known Regions, they spoke in the Sy Bisti trade language. The Chiss Ascendancy had it's center region on  Csilla - the Chiss homeworld. The native language here was Cheunh, which was spoken by all members of the Chiss. "It's a beautiful language to listen to. I only regret that I'll never speak it as well as a Chiss."―Jorj Car'das. Cheunh is a relatively complex, and dense, language that used comparatively few core words and an involved syntax to express ideas. In written form, Cheunh was represented ideographically, and the agglutinative features of the spoken language were reflected in the written form, which combined simpler ideograms to present more complex ideas. The Chiss found the complex nature of their tongue to be a source of pride. Humans did not share the same vocal abilities as the Chiss, which made it difficult for humans, and most other species in the galaxy,  to pronounce the language correctly, even after intensive studying.  However, it did follow a logical pattern. And if studied, could be understood well enough. The Chiss also used longer names than most, where the family name became part of the spoken name. For example, in Mitth'raw'nuruodo's case, his family name is Nuruodo. Most chiss, like Thrawn, however, used so called 'core names' - a shortened version of their given name. Mitth'raw'nuruodo's core name was 'Thrawn'. 

"Perhaps my core name would be easier for the average fleet officer. Call me Thrawn." - 




Csilla was the capital planet of the Chiss species, and the center of power in the Chiss Descendancy. It is a cold planet, covered in ice and glaciers. Remarkably unhospitable, and yet - the Chiss thrive here. Csilla was the second planet from the star of the same name. The planet was 11, 080 kilometers in diameter, had a canstant fridgid climate, and was orbited by three moons. It hosted a standard gravitational pull, only slightly weaker than optimal for human beings. The surface was covered in snowy plains, caves, and glaciers; and due to the minerals in the hydrosphere, the glaciers boasted a stunning blue color. One year equalled 462 25-hour days. The capital city was Csaplar, which was connected to all other cities on the planet via underground tube. The cities were kept warm by heat from the planet's core. Csaplar was the center of power, and here the Parliament, Expeditionary library, the House Palace, and the Chiss Defence Fleet's headquarters, as well as the four ruling families could be found. The four ruling families consisted out of  House CsaplaHouse NuruodoHouse Inrokini, and House Sabosen

The Chiss species was probably evolved from humans that arrive at Csilla in Sleeper Ships around 27 300 before the battle of Yavin (BBY). At this point in history, Csilla was not yet covered in ice. When the humans were re-awakened, they quickly began to colonize their new home. However, with the planet's limited rescourses, the Chiss space program. In 5 000 BBY, Csilla entered an ice age. Glaciers covered the previously warm equator, and the poles turned to solid ice. To survive, the Chiss had to build energy-efficient warrens beneath the ice, as close to the warmth of the inner planet as possible, with underground carriage travel routes to connect the various underground sections of Csilla. The iceways were bored through the bedrock of the planet, so that they were unaffected by the shifting ice found on the planet's surface.

To be continued.

Days in the academy: coming soon.

Rising within the ranks: coming soon.

A fierce leader: coming soon.

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  • [Wow thank you for accepting, I hope we might be able to plot or write.]

  • “Well, you seem to be one that has quite the interesting toys.” A voice came from the shadows as a man wearing imperial outfit with a cane in his right hand. “Hope you don’t mind me stopping by on short notice. My name is Mephistopheles. It is a pleasure to meet you on short notice.”
  • When Rennek comes to visit;

  • ( I am presently attempting to find the good starting point. I simply love interacting with how someone might play a god. You certainly seem to have taken the time to learn and think about this instead of some of the more lesser players that go - I'll be Ares. War. Grr. )

  • That all sounds very interesting and great. By liquid I meant I’ve seen they can break down the flower substance and put it into a liquid, so whomever they are wanting to give it to could drink it if needed. Also, the funeral idea would be interesting! Just throwing another idea out there but we could have Ember and your character have possibly known one another from the past, possibly they hadn’t seen each other in many many years. That would be an intesting plot? Not sure how we could add in How they know one another! Just thought that could be interesting.

    Also another idea I had! Ember is a Sire to many, back when she was out of control she’d turned many. I got this idea from the Originals, The vampires that were in niklaus mikaelson sire line we’re trying to break the line so that they could be free of him! If there Sire dies then obviously they die. So I was thinking about incorporating that story in a sense, there are many vampires after Ember! I could have her be captured by a couple of vampires from her Sire line as they keep her in captivity until they find out a way to break that Sire line. As she’s in captivity they use her blood sense Hybrid blood is a main cure to many things! So when your character finds her she completely has no strength what so ever.

    Let me know what you think?
  • With introductions set aside, for Hades has none. Word had gotten to the Underworld where the God resided. He would not join the Olympians in their war, nor their negotiations. It is when he was told that he would meet with Egypt's Deities. He agreed to this meeting, but when none showed at the appointed day. Hades was not impressed. A god who was someone of his word to be crossed, was never a good form to start off on. And it would seem that Anubis was rolling around the ground with Olympian blood. To each their own. Hades stood before the pool of the dead, hands clasped behind his back. A small unnamed creature hurries in and grunts a few things to him. The god hardly looked over his shoulder, gaze barely straying from the pool before him.

    With mere gestures from his fingers. The creature is gone, having delivered its message as intended. After what seemed like eternity. Hades leaves the pool edge and walks out of the large chamber. Door open with his passing the threshold, then shut behind him once he is out. He walks further through the so call Necropolis of his own design. Pondering on a few things along his way. From one of the many halls, something emerges and joins him in his trek towards what some would regard as a grand foyer. Cerberus, pounding with its mass weighing every steps, manages to keep its noise to a minimum. It's three heads turning about then looking forward. As they both reach the grand foyer. Hades' steps slow as he takes in Anubis and his two children as well as a pet they brought along.

    Hades however, had not brought anyone. Just himself along with his pet of course. His children had been present on the appointed day, but the Deity that stood before him, had not. There would be no discrimination here. Because Zeus did not rule this place, nor was his criticism here. He might have cast out Lycaon, turning him into whatever it was. It had nothing to do with Hades. Not much there had anything to do with the god. Hades presents himself as he is. As he always appeared to any that cast their gaze upon him. Slight pale complexion, stark hair with a stubble to his face. Strong features with a molten glow to his eyes. Black flames seemed to lick at his person. Turning upward and out, away from his body. And it appeared to be the very thing that clothed Hades.

    It drapes from the shoulders and down around his feet. Leaving a deep v-neck down his chest. "So good of you to finally arrive. I am sure it wasn't a difficult trip. It is not a place anyone could miss, after all." It was one thing to pull Hades from his duties in the Underworld on short notice about meeting another god of death, but not to arrive was an insult. However, it was rearing its ugly head in small doses. His molten gaze turns to the children. Cerberus as massive as he was, remains where Hades leaves him. Hades closes the generous gap between them and himself. With every step, plumes of smoldering smoke lift from around him. Hades places a hand flat to his chest. No bow, no nod. Just this and a name. "Hades." He regards himself as he keeps his gaze at level with Anubis.

    Hades stops at a respectable distance. His invasion of personal space would be absent today, even though he believed he had his rights, considering what has happened thus far. Nothing is pointed out, nor discussed. Best left for Anubis to possibly apologize and remain in good terms. No doubt would things be the same had Hades done this himself, as he would be on his way to Egypt. He drops his arms back to his side, then scoops both behind his back once more. Clasping a wrist into his other hand. His back is straight and chin kept at level. His lips were  unrest as much as his thoughts are at the moment. Though it might seem his gaze was set forward. When really, he was looking from all manner of directions. Observing with detail, if you will.

  • (I'm confident we could make either work. If you'd like to go with Dussolier, that sounds perfect to me! I'm happy to start, if you think we are ready. And it's no problem at all- please, never feel rushed with me. Sometimes I'm forced to take a week or two off and I understand a wait.)

  • I owe replies to Scout/Mouse and Mephisto. Will get to you in time! Sorry for the wait!

  • {o.o I am so sorry my reply is short.}

This reply was deleted.


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