Taylor Connor | sɯɐp∀ ɹǝɥdoʇsᴉɹɥƆ

Bullets bruised the mold of my mind, eradicating an era of myself.

And like a phoenix, from the ashes I rose once more.


Name: Taylor Connor | sɯɐp∀ ɹǝɥdoʇsᴉɹɥƆ

Age: Immortal | ǝǝɹɥʇ-ʎʇuǝʍ┴

D.O.B: 13th of October | ʇsnƃn∀ ɟo ɥʇ8

Medical Conditions: Retrograde amnesia | ǝuoN

Height: 6''0

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Significant Markings: Scar on right temple, hidden by hairline | ǝuoN

Species: ½ human ½ vampire | uɐɯnH

Sire: Valentine Grimm

Adoptive Sire: Carmilla Karenstein

Unusually passive for a man of his species, Taylor doesn't fit status quo. His readiness to step around conflict when deemed unnecessary often disarms fresh faces. Unlike most vampires who have a taste for clenched fists and biting without giving notice, Taylor is more tentative, or perhaps even timid, in his approach to people. While he lacks a thirst for aggressive relationships, he has a sharp tongue, making him liable for getting involved in witty back-and-forth banter. 

Around new people he is more thoughtful of his words, preferring silence. He is very mindful of those he doesn't know, sometimes even suspicious. Classic reactions to meeting new people are nervousness, awkward speech patterns and fidgeting. In reality, he tries his hardest to be friendly with everyone he comes across, yet he struggles to open up quickly. Once he feels comfortable, however, he can be rather cheeky.

Taylor is fiercely protective of those he cares for, and in some cases, even selfishly obsessive. It rarely comes to surface how deeply he cares for others because he can become fearful that his desire to protect will push others away. Ironically, Taylor more often than not ends up being the one protected as his unwillingness to participate in mindless violence is often mistaken for an inability to stick up for himself. 

On the contrary, he is merciless when the time calls for it. Only hurting others when it is truly deserved translates into an obscene amount of excessive violence used against others. Taylor will prolong the pain of his enemy as opposed to ending it quickly, making him a sadist at heart.

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  • ( awesome. I don't really remember where we were last time, so time skip?)

    It's okay * shrugs and Pat's him on the shoulder*

  • He has never questioned how is it that Taylor always seems to know who he is no matter whose flesh he happens to be using at the time. He prefers it that way rather than having to explain himself.

    ''I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been in my life.'' He unwraps a brownie for himself and bites off a big chunk of it. Poor Santa just lost his head. ''You disappeared from the face of the earth, Little Tomato. I was starting to wonder where you had ran off to.'' Despite his bluntness he's actually glad to see the vampire.

  • Jack does not appear so convinced about Taylor's little show. Once Taylor moves the arm he had a brief hold of, Jackson let go easily and watched Taylor continue walking along. Concerned, but not pushing the subject, Jack follows his friend through the mall, his gaze settles on the different shops but always lands on Taylor's back as worry starts to take over the longer he wonders and frets what may be wrong. Later. I'll ask later. He though, then continued on with an attempt to not be so concerned over it.

    That was hard.

    Oh, the look on Jack's face at the fancy clothing shop that he is lead into. He remembers specifically saying that he did not wanted none of that fancy stuff. It would be rude of him to speak up, considering Taylor is the one that is treating him to this. He stands there as though he were shopping with a woman, things being thrown at him and eventually piling up on his shoulders and arms, he tries keeping them neat and orderly but it is difficult, even for a vampire.

    Jackson smiled sheepishly once he was told to try them on, then proceeded to walk to the change room. If it wasn't one of those ones you had to ask a key for, he stepped in and closed the door. He takes a little bit to peel out of his clothes and then replace them with the potential new clothing. He decided to go with formal first, getting that out of the way before moving onto something more casual.

    Stepping out, he is wearing the fancier pair of pants, shirt, and a coat over it. He is also busy picking at the little kinks to smooth out the coat a bit, as well as making sure the shirt is at least unwrinkled. He looks a little unsure, there is no posing to be done, but he is open for opinions. Clearly, Taylor knows best in this area.

  • It was a free meal, nothing more. Perhaps Shamus only offered it because of this human trait in Taylor; he wasn't being as benevolent as it might seem. The low grade food for a low grade vampire. That was his view of it. He is watching Taylor closely, studying the male and trying to figure out what the game is here. Safe to say that Shamus does not feel at all in the mood to be charitable tonight. Not towards Taylor, especially. Shamus crossed his arms and gave a light scuff of that shoe, the one with the brain with caught between the tracks.

    "Yeah, not happening babe." He said, "S'not about pride. I just don't want to share."

    His eyes lowered to Taylor's hand reaching out to him. as per Shamus' clothing tastes he simply wore a pair of jeans with a belt snug about his waist. The hand inches closer and he sneered, Shamus moved fast to grasp Taylor's wrist and pulled him forward, with his other hand he is swinging in a fist towards Taylor's face to punch him square in the nose.

  • Wowzers. Shamus does not appear to be all that bothered by what was said. He does end up cackling and ending that with a little sniffle as well as a fake swipe at a non existant tear in his eye. Basically, that was about as threatening as a Chihuahua yapping its head off in Shamus' point of view. Quite entertaining to him. His posture never changes, and had Taylor continued to ignore him there were a couple fingers ready to move in and prod at Taylor. Alas, it appears he would have to scrap that idea.

    Now, the request got a sufferent look. Part consideration, the other part dismissal. He scoffed, " Not happenin', Princess. Go hunt some poor sod down. Last thing you need is a boost from my blood ." He said, shrugging his shoulders. "Homeless shelter tends to have some good eating."
  • Jackson often gives a side glance towards Taylor as the vehicle rolls along the road. He does not know what to say, so silence it is on their little trip into the city. The travel is pleasant enough and Jack looks rather alert than he was the day before. He watched the world rush by the window and before he really made sense of the change into the city, they were there. The vampire appeared a little troubled at first and then he exited the vehicle and stayed with his friend.

    He keeps himself at a steady stride, matching Taylor's beat to remain side by side. Jackson looked at what the mall had to offer and did his best to ignore the tempting heartbeats flooding his ears. He pushed the thought of blood from his mind for the time being and slowed to a stop as Taylor did. "Oh, I uh... " He frowned somewhat at the change of course and changed his pace to hurry and Catch up to Taylor. "You can eat... I don't mind." He said, reaching out to touch Taylor's arm.
  • Shamus walked with a confident stride, his arm raised as he slides his tongue along his fingers, palm, knuckles and the back of his hand. Kind of like a grooming cat, but more out of finishing off what blood is on him than for the good of hygiene. When one hand is done, he moves onto the next and lightly runs his fingernails under his teeth to get the clotted crud out; blood is so messy.

    That is when he hears it, his nose is so clogged with the metallic scent of blood he did not even think of a familiar smell in the area. The gurgling of a pleading stomach, assumed to belong to a homeless person hiding out for the night. Boy, is Shamus surprised when he sees who it is.

    He is almost knocked off his feet, figuratively, to see a certain face once again. "Well, look who it fuckin' is." He chirped, the usual malicious fanged grin he has is quick to settle on his face. Still the same ol', crazy asshole.

    "What's with all the noise? Ate something ya shouldn't have?" He moves on, being nosy as ever as he hums and investigates. His hands slide into the pockets of his jeans, his shoulders shrug up and down.

    "The fuck are you doing out here? Figured the Cripple would keep you close by." He said, turning his head to look this way and that for dramatic effect, but looking for other persons that might be around Taylor.  

  • Jackson is watching Taylor from close by, his eyes do roam away from the male and explore the kitchen some before they return back to Taylor once the fridge had been closed. "Sounds good to me." He said softly, following after Taylor without a need to ask. Jack didn't really have a reason to stay behind in the first place. Once at the main entrance he does wait a moment for Taylor to give some clue as to his readiness. Jackson kept an eye on things, especially things that might possibly have dust collecting on the surface; oh dear, he feels his itch to clean starting to come back to him.

    At the wave he follows, and once inside the passenger seat he needs to take a moment and remember how this works. With a soft yank of the seat belt he pulls it over him and hesitated a moment, causing it to back some and then lock as he tries to pull once more. After a few tries he does get the belt to clip into place and he sits there looking and probably feeling awkward. 

  • "Ssss Oof. That must'a hurt, pal." His voice is terrifying to the kneeling man before him. The quivering and moaning mess of a man is your average gangster with a simple order; kill anyone who comes upon their turf. It was complete bad luck that the intruder was none other than Shamus, and this vampire was having fun with that fact. Earlier some bullets did fly and effortlessly the small group of men were wiped out save for one. This unlucky guy is now a plaything- an arm is thrown off somewhere and a few fingers have been broken. The tendons of the ankles had been cut slowly leaving the poor sap unable to run off.

    Shamus simply strolls over to the severed arm, he bends over with one leg in the air a moment and swipes it up. The foot touches down and he spins on his heel to head back to the ailing fella'. "Y'know. This is probably the most fun I've had in a while. Chin up, bud. Oi, raise it- " He leans down and gives a tight grip of the man's jaw and forces it up. "Stay right there." He ordered, shifting the severed arm in his hands he is eying the guy lazily. Then he takes the arm at the shift and stands as if he were golfing, shuffling his feet together and gripping that arm tightly without causing any breaks in the arm.

    The mangled flesh of the arm lightly slaps the cheek of the man and to Shamus' dismay the man fainted as he was readying himself for a putt of sorts. "Oh fuck me." He said, dropping his shoulders and rolling his head back as he groaned. "Not cool!" He said, a childish scuff of his shoe is made before he places his other foot on the back of the makes head. Splat, a bit of pressure caves the head in and leaves Shamus looking disgusted at his boot. "Oh god damn. I forgot about--" So messy, he hops on one foot and wipes the bits of brain matter and bone on the asphalt with the other.

    Shamus has walked a couple blocks now with a severed arm tucked under his own. He pauses a moment to swing the arm forward and up so the severed end was at his face. He opened his mouth and waited for a bit of flow to… it would appear there is not much to this arm. Some taps to the forearm causes a couple of drops to fall into his mouth. "Lame… " He said, tossing the arm into a garbage can just sitting beside an alleyway.

  • ''Oh? That's perfectly fine by me. You don't have to get me anything.''

    A shrug.

This reply was deleted.

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