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I am Not an Angel

I am Not a Fallen Angel

I am,

 N o t h i n g 


But i Exist




I use to be known as Nikki .....

.....But i gained a new vessel

The name now is...






Devoted and married to a Fallen Angel;


-Bonded and married since 2011-


Gave birth to twin Nephilim ;

~Andrew X Ophelia~



Genderless; Physically Male

Ageless; Human body is 40 years old






|| Dress like the sheep.. ||


This entity selected and took over vessels and could rid the original host completely

His last vessel died and he'd had to escape it and find a new one.

....The original Dominik Ford is no more....



Well over 6 ft, this body was more muscular and younger than the last

His eyes no longer green, but a dark brown, sometimes almost seemingly black. His hair just as dark and usually brushed back and kept short.

He still took to the biker appeal, leather like his second skin. Other times he can dress down, or pull off some smart clothes. Like many birds, he has a like for shiny things, and often will wear bracelets or rings, more pronounced- the ring on his ring finger that may or may not be a wedding ring. After sticking it on this vessels finger, he finds it's stuck now. Oh well.

He can certainly blend in.

You may never suspect a thing unless you knew what to look for.



..He does have wings..

Inky black things, shimmering when the light caught them just so

They were much bigger than his body

Out from his back, they spread at a wingspan of  50 ft or so and he is very agile with them



Image result for crow gif

He can flit from his human form into a crow. A "bit" of an overly sized crow.

And very rarely does he take a form somewhere between the two. 

A monstrous sight it makes.





|| Act like the Wolf.. ||

Related image


A true bastard in the flesh. With no real emotions to show, other than what was fake or simply malicious in nature, his loyalty was questionable. He has very few "friends", only roughly three at this point to be exact, because of his demeanor. He's easily hated and quickly deemed a selfish and cruel animal. When he IS nice, it's only a fraction that hardly lasts and only happens due to the emotions that came with the body he stole.

It's questionable if he even truly loves his family..

The man is made a genius for his vast knowledge and high IQ, but that could just be from the experience and the standards differed from humans.

Words that explained it all went as;  Sadistic, cruel, grumpy, mean, sly, cunning, arrogant, playful and charming, and rarely ever kind or protective

Some days he's catatonic..other days he's completely bipolar




|| Watch what i can do.. ||


He's mimicker. Every feather can aid him in magic and ripping those wings off were a hard task but in the end only made him a fraction weaker. He'll steal every last bit of you and turn it around and aim it directly back at you.

So watch yourself....




|| The past is a long road to endure ||


This is ultimately something only for him to remember.






W e' l l  C r e a t e  a  B l o o d  P a c k


HE owns my heart


 J E S H U A

'His little damaged angel'

 Nikki was about to have his very essence taken and twisted into a weapon until this little fallen angel came in doing what he had been born to do and should have been destined to do until Lucifer had taken it away from him. He saved Nikki from the chains and though the two were so far from each other in personality and looks, instead of clashing, they ended up completing each other and having what the other would basically need. With that known, they bonded and created children.











He's very much like a playmate to this entity

They've caused quite some trouble together












Another playmate to this entity

It's lucky this cat can tolerate this bird


















'Quoth the Crow; "Fuck off"




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  • The Club was Jumping Tonight, as the Booze Flowed, and the Exotic Dancers were putting on a Wonderful Show... Kougar  pulled her faithful partner aside Neo, into her office to ask the situation on which liquors needed to be ordered for next week. But then one of her comm links came to life in Kougar and Neo's ear. One of the Bouncers spoke saying there was drunk idiot in section 2 of the Club taking swings, and yelling. But they already grabbed the creep, and was forcefully be escorted out to the back door.. As Kougar then replied back.

    "Good, be sure you get a facial picture of him, before dumping his ass to the curb.. And if he gives ya any problem, just rough him up a little. One warning should straighten him out. If not let me know.. Oh, and tell Misty Nyght, she can switch with Tabitha for tomorrow. You got that?" 

    Bouncer: "Yes Boss.."

    Kougar: "Good.. K. Out! Okay where was I Neo? Oh yes, after you get the order refilled, be sure to go over any camera footage, for anyone of interest.. And report back to me afterwards, Got it? 

    Neo: "As you wish Milady.. "


  • { If you werent such a sexy crow, id turn in you a Blackbird Pie for Thanksgiving!! ;-P Love ya Grouchy Twisted Grump!!}

  • {Nikki Sixx I Am Going To Kick Your Ass!! GGGRRRRRRR!!! You Deleted All My Posts of the Rp from Rolepages except my Pics.. I was going to Save the Rp Sessions! }

  • John never should have accepted that handshake.

    It started clean enough, with a simple agreement shared between two men. John, growing confident and even cocky in his newfound position of untold power and the ability to back up his statements with more than magic and charisma, decided he could afford to take a gamble. He'd been doing so well avoiding mistakes like that for several years now, as he floated from place to place as an outsider, never settling down roots or making his presence known even to those he's been close to at one point or another in his life.

    Universe and reality hopping left him with a taste for more of the same, and so the years tumbled past, with him exploring every possibility his heart desired. Of course, he couldn't create them for himself. He's not crazy enough to try and play god. But if one caught his eye, he'd dive in like a man dying of thirst close to a clear stream, unaware and uncaring of the rotting deer carcass about a mile upstream from his current location.

    Even decay can bring sweetness to a life that far down the hole, and so he made the best of what he chose for himself, all the while convincing himself that there was no reason he'd ever have to go back to where he came from.

    Until the day came that he did.

    Kate Holliday died alone in her apartment in London, overdosing on tainted morphine. A one-time love interest and several-time accomplice in seedy deals and magic, Kate had always been desperate for John to let her in deeper than he had, to become a real, full-time partner in crime. John, of course, was not about to let that happen. And somehow, somewhere along the line, things got messy enough that he left her alone and never looked back in that patented way only he seems to be able to do.

    For all of that, though, he did care about her.

    And now she's dead.

    It was enough to drag him to London. It was enough to make him be social at her funeral. It was enough to make him shake hands with a demon and end up in this mess to begin with.

    And now, one cool evening on the edge of summer and the beginning of autumn's arrival, he's running through the night like a champion sprinter, his muscles screaming their pain to him with every step as he tries to avoid the inevitable chasing him. The shadows seem to have a life of their own tonight.

    What, exactly, could be going on?

  • (Alright, let's throw him in a mess! I'll write you a starter today!)

  • (My apologies for not replying back yet. I'm in the middle of some projects. And I need to figure out an opening scene for us. There is just so much untapped discoveries, i don't know where to begin. As soon as I can I will reply!!)

  • (Let's fuck shit up. OKAY so, I thought of a few things. What I have at the moment:

    -Freshly back from an uncomfortably dangerous trip to hell, John just wants to relax. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen, as wherever he was staying goes sky-high in an explosion that decimates 5-6 blocks. Pissed, as his favorite boots were in there, god damn it, John rolls up his sleeves to figure out what the fuck is going on.

    -John gets tangled up in a mess because of still not quite being used to the whole....y'know, half incubus thing. Maybe he swings out of his league and ends up in major trouble.)

  • { Lol.. :) I'll try to shoot you out an rp sometime next week!! God I Miss You!!! }

  • XD { Sexy Sexy Nicky }

  • (Caw caw)

This reply was deleted.

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Dominik Ford got home late that night. Covered in grime from another hard day at work, he stepped out of his truck and grabbed his things from the passenger side before sifting through his keys for the one to the house. There then came another sound…
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