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"I'm the moonlight wolf, I have no pack, no turning back from my actions of becoming a  lone Thief The only thing I have is the moonlight against my back, and my pride of a wolf still lingers through my veins!" 

Human Form

Name>>> Aokrus

Other Names>> Moonlight Thief, Wolf demon, Blue Eye Wolf.

Age>> 22 to 23 in human years

Eye Color>> One Hazel and glowing sky blue, mixed with dark. He wears a hazel contact lens to keep his other eye hidden.

Hair Color>> Brown

Personality>> he has a kind heart and will help whomever comes to ask him for help. He often uses tricks and traps to gain what he wants. Having a very dark past, Aokrus isn't one to mess around with. He can be very calm and laid back person, but really doesn't like people all that much once meeting them. Having a strong sense of bravery and a knack of loyalty. Aokrus is very much a dark and mysterious type of person.

Weapons >> brass knuckle lightining knives, a silver gun, teeth and claws.

powers & Ability's>> Able to sense energy flow and cause mental pain with his blue eye . Excellent tracker and hunter (both wolf/human) adapted agility, strength, smell and endurable, with superb hearing. Illusion to become human, night vision, parkour, knows how to hack into security codes. Good in hand to hand combat even armed, can use some martial arts, escapist, wallcrawler, and able to use lightning manipulation.

Relationships>> None Single

Interests>> Duh... Females 

Background Story

Born into the Silver Edge pack Aokrus was trained how to hunt and defend himself from danger even to get into thieving. Him and other wolves had the ability to change into humans. Once they all had to overcome this, they all travel to city and towns. Trying their best into stealing merchant supply's and going deep into the money with stealing inside museums.  Once everything was stolen and given to their leader Alpha Choas. Things didn't go well as planed when they were found out by a powerful military. Into seeing their wolf selves casting out their human forms, the military started to form an attack upon them. Having killed off all the wolves except for Aokrus, who held something unique inside himself. With his left blue eye he could cause mentally cause the person pain. As well as having the ability to use lightening manipulation. Which makes him part elemental wolf bloodline. The military called Skyscape wanted nothing more to have Aokrus's power for their own reasons. So they had issued on attacking him, as Aokrus's elemental ability's started to emerge. Having created a pulse radiation blast, electrocuting his enemy's and getting the chance to escape. When he had escaped Aokrus started to live a low life in becoming a college student, including the high life of going into thievery. For two years, Aokrus was able to learn of an achiant gem. That has the ability to resurrect  its host into becoming alive again. Only certain way to find out about this happening. Is that they need the blood of a wolf, during a high full blood moon. The problem is that human's had thought of wolves to be extinct for 1000 years. Not until Skyscape and a wealthy gang lord had found out the wolves existence among human. Now Aokrus had the processed in a city with caution, feeling like this long life mission in finding the gem will take years or even decades to find!

Wolf Self

Speices>> Arctic Wolf

Eye Color>> One green eye and one blue eye/

Fur Color>> Pure White

Weapons>> Teeth and claws

Ability's>> Can leap over tall fences in both human and wolf form. heightened sense smell, hearing, sight, agility  but in full moonlight it becomes stronger.


Skyscape- A powerful military organization, who seeks out the paranormal. Even try's in capturing elemental wolves.

Police & highly professional agents

Gang lord's & their thugs

Hunters- They are more likely to sought out the human cloak illusions making the wolf from within. It is highly unknown how they gotten this ability, 


Likes & Dislikes >>

Likes>> hunting, going for a night run in the woods, moonlight, life as a thief, fast sports cars, tricking his enemy's, creepy dark places, animals, sleeping.


Assholes, people who hurt woman and children/others, the police formally, hospitals, being around other people who are obnoxious. Loud sounds such as screeching noises and other high pitch noises, mainly city's but stay's in small towns. 

Weaknesses & Limitations>>

Silver>> Will cause the host unable to use it's human illusion to hide it's wolf self.

Reflection>>  In human form the wolf will always show in the reflection by mirrors, water, and windows. Even it's shadow as well making it harder to be unnoticed at times.

The lose of blood or becoming heavily injured

Animal's eyes>> More then likely all animal's notice the wolf's from wandering around. Then seeing their human illusion. Causing the random animal to shake in fear or start to get vicious.

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  • [Hello! Yes I would love  rp, do you have any ideas?)

  • Lily had been in the area for a good couple of days watching the ins and outs of the hunters. She knew they had found someone but was just glad it wasn’t her. She sighed sitting in the inn nursing a drink. She had been staying here since she arrived. Tonight was a miserable night. The rain poured down heavier than normal and thunder was so god dam loud. She looked up from her drink hearing the door open she stayed quiet watch the man walk inside soaking wet. She picked up his scent as soon as the door closed he was a wolf. Sighing she knew right then and there he was watch the hunters were after. She finished off her drink before heading off to her room.

    She closed and locked her room door before opening the large window. She stood there looking out into the night. She took note that a Jeep pulled up outside the building next to the inn. Three men climbed out and walked inside. She got the smell of blood and gunpowder. They were the hunters. She sighed closing the window and curtains before stripping off and climbing into bed. She would now need to be very careful thanks to the new wolf in town. She curled up and went to sleep.

    When morning broke lily woke up stretching out. She climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She turned the shower on to cold and climbed in. She stood there for a few minutes letting the cold water wake her up properly. After about 15 minuets she got out dryed and dressed before heading down to the dining room for coffee. She smiled being friendly of course as she made her coffee and took it to the table at the far back of room. She sat there watching everyone go about there business.
  • //Of course.  Thank you for starting us off. :)

                Alerts, or several alerts would reach the 125th precinct, the phone ringing off the hook.  For the most part, it would all be the same thing; A disturbance. The closest, and a local museum to where they were now, and those who called it in, gave their side of the story, their details to the best of their ability.  Crazy sounding, or not, it seemed some did not hold back, but that wasn't what was important now. What was important? Well, to be on duty, to leave the precinct, so she along with her fellow officers, could investigate into this disturbance.  Checking herself over quickly, she eyed her shield, holster with its concealed weapon attached to her, then nodded, she telling herself in silence she was good to go.  Her jacket scooped up, she then slipping it on ever so swiftly, before scooping her phone and keys, then without a second more to waste, she was out of there so fast, and soon enough in the outdoors, making her way to the waiting vehicle of hers.

                Unlocking it, then opening the door of it, she climbs on in, shutting the door behind her.  Swiftly tugging on the seat belt, pulling it towards her, and the buckle, she then clips it in place.  The keys then were placed into the ignition, she turning them to hear the car slowly, yet surely come to life.  Checking the safety of pedestrians, and the surroundings all around her more than once, the detective then pulled out of the lot, and merged in with other road-users safely, now driving towards the destination.  Throughout the drive, she was monitored of course, they keeping her in the loop, sending a few alerts here and there, if something changed, but with hearing not much at all, hopefully it meant she, and the other officers behind here, well they were all making good time.

                Within the fifteen minute mark, or even less, their sirens would be heard looming closer and closer.  By that stage also, their lights were seen, illuminating on and off, making its way throughout the building the offenders occupied as they were close to their destination, or perhaps they'd even arrived.  If they had made it in time, however? That seemed to be one thought that lingered about in the mind of the officers.

     ┈      ┈      ┈      ┈

                Within moments, two or three officers were prepared, backing each other up, while beginning to head on in.  Swiftly moving with their steps, weapons prepared in hand, yet held to their sides in that moment, just as they scanned the outside first, to ensure it was clear there.  Once seeing it was, they continued on in, and each of them split apart a little to take one side of the room, well if anyone at all was found left behind at this scene - What would happen in the next few moments however, time would tell.

  • Wolves must stick together!

  • //I'd love to RP.  Oh, I see - I look forward to seeing more of the story.  We can discuss a plot, if you wish, or diving right in works too, whatever is easier for you?  Should Catherine meet his human form, or wolf form first however? Maybe knowing that, it could help in terms of starting our story, and its direction? 

  • I normally wing it to. So do you want to start??
  • Sure. Do you like to plot things or wing it?
  • (Thank you for the invite)

  • //Thank you for the invite. :)

  • Thanks for the add.
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