Taking place after the Outworld queen has taken over Outworld. Mixing in elements of Mortal Kombat vs DC and Superman Vs Aliens.

After the events of DC vs Mortal Kombat, Superman vs aliens, and Mortal Kombat X.

The sovereign ruler of the Xenomorph empire came to learn of the events on Outworld. Of one reality where they met superheroes and villains of earth. Another where xenomorph now ruled Outworld and she learn of Superman and Batman coming across her species. Even with Superman being impregnated with an alien embryo. Were it not for him being close to the sun by the time the alien was to be born, the chestburster would've ripped through Superman's chest and killed him. Possibly
Becoming the most dangerous xenomorph in existence with Kryptonian abilities. This made the Empress of the Xenomorph race, want to create an Apex Xenomorph and she would augment herself as well.
She took DNA from the preserved frozen body of Frost, DNA from a shokan, tarkatan, and Reptile. Injecting into her own body and use genetic manipulation, the gene splicing gave her the abilities from each of those species.

She would lure the very same Superman who survived the first alien impregnation, to a world where she could ambush him. Attacking a colony on a random planet she had picked. Superman was lured there where she converted the planet's atmosphere with Kryptonite dust to weaken Superman and also using artificial red sunlight to drain his power. She personally impregnated Superman using a special black queen facehugger that gave birth to three aliens, one drone, one warrior, and one queen. She would consume the drone in order to obtain the Kryptonian DNA and abilities. The Kryptonian Xenomorph would act as the bodyguard to the Kryptonian Xenomorph queen.
The new queen would have the sole purpose of creating new aliens with Kryptonian DNA already a part of their genetic makeup. She herself would feed on Superman' body and turned off the red sunlight generators and turn on the artificial solar radiation machines. Thanks to Kryptonite already being in Superman's system. Both herself and her children were able to adapt to it and overcome the weakness to it. The yellow sunlight would empower them both and just like she had hope. Her two new children and herself, now had Kryptonian abilities.


The empress didn't stop there though. Between herself and her two special new children, she sought out the one other alien species that would help in her war with the machines and to help evolve her species to the pinacle of evolution.
Her gaze was now on the Martian Manhunter. Thanks to the Martians weakness to fire. Creating a trap for the green Martian was not nearly as hard as it was for Superman.

Using superior numbers, new Kryptonian powers, Outworld sorcery and science. Lucretia Talbot captured John Jones and let another special queen facehugger attach itself to him. Like with Superman, the Martian Manhunter gave birth to triplets. Just like before, the Empress cannibalized the drone but let the warrior and queen live. She now has gain access to Martian DNA and their powers. She had a new queen who could produce even deadlier alien breeds thanks to shapeshifting ability of the Martians.

 Her two special queens would play a pivotal role in galactic survival and her ascension to supreme ruler of her species. All that was left was to create one very special child to serve as her elite warrior, her Apex Predator. Capturing a white Martian next, she personally impregnated the Martian directly herself. Combining the DNA from a shokan, Tarkatan, Cryomancer, and Zatarren; with Kryptonian & Martian DNA,, she was able to create her ultimate offspring.
The Apex Xenomorph XXX 121,with abilities from several races from Outworld, and two of the most powerful humanoid alien species ever known, Kryptonian and Martian.


Her new child would become the most dangerous Xenomorph, the universe has ever known, beside herself of course.

Native form

Human male form

Human female form

Character Name

Xenomorph XX121 . Male form -Carter Horton, Female form- Chloe Marks. takes the Alias of Jeri in his xeno form as a way to mock or remember the first and last(least made by humans that is) synthetic Xenomorph Android, ever created.

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender

Male, Female, Other, None

Character Relationship Status

"What is a relationship?"

Character Appearance

Mixture of Shokan, Tarkatan, Zatarren, and Cryomancer. (One version)

Uses a male and female form. Used Martian DNA to alters its apperance.

Character Personality

Cold, ruthless, no clouded by pity, remorse, mercy. Has no fear, loyal to his Queen and Empress. Savage and basically everything his species is known to be. Pretending to be human. He can be sweet, charming, playful, cruel, secretive, manipulative. The female side is a bit flirty, hymorous, highly playful, sadistic, violent, and loving.

Character Likes

Pizza and cats.

Character Dislikes

Everything else. It's aggressive hostility towards all forms of life, is infamous.

Character History/Story

It was called an alien and an organism. It has also been referred to as a creature, a serpent, a beast, a dragon, a monster, a nasty, or simply, a thing.The term xenomorph (lit. "alien form"—from Greek xeno-, which translates as either "other" or "strange", and -morph, which denotes shape) The species' binomial names are given in Latin as either Internecivus raptus (meant as "murderous thief") or Lingua foeda acheronsis (meant as "foul tongue from Acheron") In The Weyland-Yutani Report, the Alien was specifically referred to as "Xenomorph XX121". Alpha Xenomorph XX121-Apex Alien

Character Inventory

Tarkatan Blades Innerjaw Spike-tipped tail Acidic blood Four arms from shokans Invisibility, wall crawling(human form also), acid spit, invisibility from Reptile's people. Ice powers from the Cryomancers. Kryptonian abilities taken from Superman and Martian abilities taken from Martian Manhunter. Xenomorph forms:: Raptor, T. rex, shark, dragon, dragon snake hybrid, Arachnid (starship troopers) , Gorilla, Crocodile alien, Xeno bat. Tarkatan & Shokan (though it just combines both into one). Dog runner and Predalien.

Character Abilites

Normal ones for it's species. Special ability from Zatarrens and Cryomancers. Kryptonian & Martian abilities. Both the regular ones and due to genetic nature of the xenomorph taking DNA attributes from its host species. It also has the inverse of kryptonians abilities like Bizarros do, due to genetic variances. Thanks to the perfect blending of science and sorcery, the creature has been given the ability to transform into other xenomorph forms base on whatever DNA it consumes or eating xenomorphs that have come from certain host whose form it wishes to have.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

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  • "What I get out of it you ask, well it is simple, the souls of who you and your brethren will kill. Souls is the only concern when it comes to Hell,  it would make me and my Lord very happy to have this deal with your queen. Perhaps in the side lines we could get to know eachother better." The Demon would walk over to the Alien extending his hand out to touch the chin of the Xenomorph.

  • Thanks for adding me, I hope to plot sometime

  • "As a man who was once one, I can attest to this pride and stupidity. I cannot fault you for seeking to revenge such actions. In fact, I applaud it. May those who cause real harm get what they deserve, for better or worse."

  • **Eagerly and randomly pets the alien like letting a dog** My favourite sci-fi film ^.^
  • "Well I am here because I want to help you and your hive grow and expand. I am sure that with my resources you and your hive will have an entire galaxy to have in the palm of your hands. And you all can live like gods among the stars." The Demon spoke while moving close to the Xenomorph while licking his lips for a second. "I prefer to have unfriendly creatures to work with rather than those who can be too touchy when it comes to what is necessary."

  • The energy bubble Maleficent had created was capable of expanding to a certain degree. It provided enough room for the cocoon to grow and when it finally broke, several of the hardened pieces fell below the creature and landed on the edge of the sphere. The villainess had left her new pet in the company of several goblins and her raven as she tended to other matters. It was not until the cocoon started to crack that she was summoned. The sorceress appeared in her signature green flames a few feet away from the bubble of energy she had previously created.

    "It has grown larger than I anticipated."

    She looked at her guards then at the xenomorph. "I know you can understand me. I am going to put you down but I suggest you remain perfectly still. I have no intention of harming you at the moment." Maleficent could communicate with any creature including an extraterrestrial species like this. It was one of the perks of being a fairy.

  • OOC: My pleasure. Amazing to have one Xenomorph character here. I love the Alien movies. Let’s start a storyline together.

  • "I write. I read. I stroll through the park, and I tend to my garden. My life is a quiet one. I enjoy it that way. After so much activity for so very long, I am taking several centuries to myself. Of course, the nineties ended up spiraling out of control. Perhaps I am still recovering from that."

  • The demon would grin darkly while humming for a moment. He would then tilt his head for a second while grinning darkly. “I am merely here to meet someone as beautiful as you, one who has the abilities of Outworld. Not only that but two super beings, what can I say, I am smitten.” Mephistopheles spoke without hesitation and moved close toward the being.
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