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  • "Huh…depends on what you use fire for." He said, poking at it gently. "Contained it is pretty harmless. I don't plan on letting it flare up out of control. It is more just to enjoy under the stars." He said, looking over at Cassius with a small raise of his dark brow. "It doesn't help to scream at it like a maniac." He really doesn't mind taking a jab at Cassius for that. The quiet evening had been ruined.

    "So who are you? Whatever you were chasing went that way." He pointed with his thumb, "I can imagine that thing looks at you like you do the fire." Terrified. Running for its life. Typical prey stuff.

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    I messaged your other account with a continuation. :P
    Hope you're doin' well. Talk soon!

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  •  “Well don’t you smell sickly sweet.” The woman commented in a silky dulcet tone, revealing no anxiety at having been discovered. Usually the feline had back-up to shut down security but the girl was getting increasingly confident in hard earned skills and confidence. A petite nose crinkled easily picking up the scent the male had bathed in, an inquisitive icy azure gaze grazed his bare form, chasing the hard ridges of define muscles, a stare quickly backtracking up to his own where she inspected his odd eye with morbid curiosity.

    “I don’t like goodbyes... They seem so final.” The heavy backpack became pulled tighter upon a back, knuckles whitening under a firm grip, mentally flicking through scenarios and escape possibilities. The man was huge, towering over a slight 5’4 lithe frame. In reality a man that big who clearly worked out could take on a woman such as her, however humans stood no chance against her superior, unnatural strength. Another inhale was drawn deep, analyzing the different scents that wafted off of him. Rosemarie couldn’t detect any abnormal aromas, incorrectly assuming him of pure humanity.

    A keen
    gawk dropped to the weapon clasped in his grasp, tilting a healthy mane of crimson curls to the side. “Do you really need that to apprehend little ole’ me?” An enquiring tone escaped parted plump lips, taking a daring step towards him, ebony pits drilled the deepest dark recesses of a ticking mind narrowed into thin slits, resting within the cerulean pits of optics. “It hardly seems fair, does it? Brawny, tall and a gun against a small woman?” A pause before continuing with a hint of amusement. “Then again, you are a drug dealer, people who delve into illegal activities never play fair.” Which pretty much included herself.

    “So, if I give you your money back, you’ll let me go right? Please don’t tell me your involved with human trafficking too. I doubt I’d do too well being someones whore.” The stuffed bag was dangled enticingly before him, chattering in such a calm, leisurely voice despite the situation she’d got caught up in. Rose was anything but resourceful, a back up plan a decent skillset always led to the door of success, no matter where she ended up or who with. An inquisitive brow rose, followed by a taunting smirk bringing out the small smattering of freckles trailing across soft cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

    “Wanna make a deal?”

  • What a weirdo. Kaine stood there, folding his arms and huffing somewhat as the man appeared to collect himself at least somewhat from his earlier fit. Kaine gives a little 'tsk' before approaching the poor, abused camp fire and sorting through with the stick he had used to poke it before. He was balanced on the balls of his feet as he did so, one elbow on his thigh while the other wields the stick.

    "You were screaming. And I lit the camp fire because I figured it would help the mood. And then your ass came tearing through here." He said, looking over to the side at Cassius. "The hell is your deal, anyway?"

  • He stared at the vase that he had purchase from a local pottery store, it looked beautiful so he figured that he would put it up somewhere in his little loft apartment, find a perfect spot for it and probably put some flowers in it or something like that; thinking about it now, he kinda wonder what in his right mind made him buy the thing in the first place? It wasn't like he did these kind of things for a reason but he wasn't sure why he bought it, maybe because it looked nice and wanted something to put in his home? He shrugged his shoulder as he carried the thing under his arm, making his way to his apartment; it had been several weeks since he's been home, Taz his cat was probably bored out of his mind and may have tore of the place while he was away for so long but then again, Taz had always been a well behaved cat whenever Kujo wasn't at home or anything. He thought he would go home and grab a bite to eat and a quick shower before he headed out later on tonight to make his daily rounds around town to sell some drugs and make money at least.

    When he got to his apartment, he shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out his house key and unlocked the door as he pushed the door opened and walked inside, closing the door behind him and locking it. The air inside the apartment was stall and had this funny odor to it, Kujo walked over to his window and opened the window to let the stall air out the place and to welcome in some fresh air for a change. She sat the vase on a nearby stand beside the couch, now all it needed was some flowers to be placed inside the thing and it would be set and up for display for when he does have company to come over to his apartment which will probably be never in his case since he wasn't the one to make friends really. Little did he know that there was something about the vase that he didn't know about, but he would soon learn about it today since he bought it. He pulled off his shoes and walked into the kitchen, opening the freezer as he pulled out some deer meat that he had chopped up a while back, he sniffed it a bit to see if it was still any good, though it had frost bite on the thing, it was clear that it was no longer good at this point.

    'Damn it..' 

    He tossed the deer meat in the trash can beside the fridge as he begin to look around to find something that he could cook to eat on for now; after a while he managed to cook him up some chicken alfredo to eat on for now. While that was cooking, he grabbed Taz's water and food bowl as he placed them in the sink and ran the water, pouring some dish washing liquid in the water as it begin to get soapy in the sink. He turned off the water and begin to wash out the bowls and the few dishes that was in the sink, rinse the soap off and dried the dishes up as he put them up but he put Taz's water and food bowl back on the floor again where he always had them. Opening the cabinets, he grabbed a canned of wet cat food and opened it as he poured it into the cat's food bowl and went to the fridge to grab some milk, taking the top off and pouring some milk in the water bowl and placing the gallon of milk back in the fridge. He then went back to checking on the food which was done at this point, turning off the stove, he grabbed himself a plate and made up his dinner for the night and poured him some tea as he went into the living room and sat down on the couch, grabbing the remote off the coffee table and turning on the tv as he begin to eat his meal.

  • \\Of course, I'll have your starter sent to you tonight when I get off work :)
  • \\Hmm, honestly, I don't think we got to that point yet but if you want I can start us off to set up the setting for our characters
  • "Just because they're 'trible ways' doesn't mean they're good." Malory snapped at Silas, apparently in the mood to fight, before Arch came over to her. She looked up at Arch, frowning at him. "But...he shouldn't have done /that./ I can't just..." Just what? Get Silas to see how he was wrong? Get him to feel bad about someone who was indeed a traitor? Malory sighed, looking down to the ground. It wasn't right what Silas had done, there were other ways to deal with those who broke the law--and maybe Malory had naively thought that she could have helped Asa if given the chance--but Malory /didn't/ know the ways of the tribe, and she was two tired to probably actually do anything but embarrass herself in a fight against Silas.

    Finally, Malory looked back to Kyra, looking just as terrible as she felt. "Fine. Let's just go..." Malory said with a sigh, giving in. Though she didn't know what else they needed to do that night, she wasn't going to bed without a bath and some new clothes. She was still covered in the now-dried blood of the people she had...She couldn't go to sleep in her current state.
  • He could hear something; the fast paced gait of something drawing closer and closer. The scuttle of a rabbit, no doubt, and luckily for it he had no intention of eating a wee bun tonight. The pitter patter of the fleeing rodent is not what interested him, though, it is the heavier thudding of something else, something that had a strange scent that Kaine could not place a finger on. What strange creature is--

    That is when the beast comes barreling out of the bush like a bat outta hell. The cat clearly was something different, and Kaine stood ready to tear the creature a new one.

    "What the fuck--" Was there a more appropriate set of words than this? The screams are startling, to say the least, so he grimaces and approaches the man before giving him a swift cuff to the back of Cassius' head. "Hey! Knock it off!" He said, a snarl in his tone to bring more weight to his demand.

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