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    I messaged your other account with a continuation. :P
    Hope you're doin' well. Talk soon!

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  •  “Well don’t you smell sickly sweet.” The woman commented in a silky dulcet tone, revealing no anxiety at having been discovered. Usually the feline had back-up to shut down security but the girl was getting increasingly confident in hard earned skills and confidence. A petite nose crinkled easily picking up the scent the male had bathed in, an inquisitive icy azure gaze grazed his bare form, chasing the hard ridges of define muscles, a stare quickly backtracking up to his own where she inspected his odd eye with morbid curiosity.

    “I don’t like goodbyes... They seem so final.” The heavy backpack became pulled tighter upon a back, knuckles whitening under a firm grip, mentally flicking through scenarios and escape possibilities. The man was huge, towering over a slight 5’4 lithe frame. In reality a man that big who clearly worked out could take on a woman such as her, however humans stood no chance against her superior, unnatural strength. Another inhale was drawn deep, analyzing the different scents that wafted off of him. Rosemarie couldn’t detect any abnormal aromas, incorrectly assuming him of pure humanity.

    A keen
    gawk dropped to the weapon clasped in his grasp, tilting a healthy mane of crimson curls to the side. “Do you really need that to apprehend little ole’ me?” An enquiring tone escaped parted plump lips, taking a daring step towards him, ebony pits drilled the deepest dark recesses of a ticking mind narrowed into thin slits, resting within the cerulean pits of optics. “It hardly seems fair, does it? Brawny, tall and a gun against a small woman?” A pause before continuing with a hint of amusement. “Then again, you are a drug dealer, people who delve into illegal activities never play fair.” Which pretty much included herself.

    “So, if I give you your money back, you’ll let me go right? Please don’t tell me your involved with human trafficking too. I doubt I’d do too well being someones whore.” The stuffed bag was dangled enticingly before him, chattering in such a calm, leisurely voice despite the situation she’d got caught up in. Rose was anything but resourceful, a back up plan a decent skillset always led to the door of success, no matter where she ended up or who with. An inquisitive brow rose, followed by a taunting smirk bringing out the small smattering of freckles trailing across soft cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

    “Wanna make a deal?”

  • Serenity had heard Arch's voice which caused that adorable dimpled smile to grace her lips once more. She had gone through her treasures that she had found here and there having not really found anything useful but an old fashion magazine. Flipping through the pages looking at the outfits the models where wearing she bit at her lip nervously haven’t used the orbs to this extent before but gave it a go. “Almost just one second.” She called out to him. Taking the imange she had seen closing her eyes fingertips pushed the gown off her shoulders letting it wash over her curves till it spilled to the grown at her ankles stepping out of it. She used her orbs one last time watching the different colors spin around her creating the outfit she had seen to appear upon her. A pair of stylish black shorts hugged her tiny waist. While a fashionable black top covered her breast that draped over her shoulders. Sliver sandals adorned her feet, the curls in her hair seemed to of become straight with two colorful braids in the silken tresses that flowed down to the curve of her waist.

    Trailing her fingertips along her torso she found herself blushing a moment wondering if she looked human enough hoping Arch would like it. The outfit was simple not something extravagant though you could actually see her shape in this more than the gown that she had worn that hid everything from site. She felt a bit nervous stepping out from behind the tree looking over towards Arch her heart racing taking a silent breath giving a bashful smile, “Do I look human enough now?” though she may not know of everything about the land he comes from she was a quick learner. She had an ability to take a book and absorb its knowledge. So it would be quick for her to learn from him. Serenity was so excited and nervous at the same time feeling her tummy turn in knots. This was a major step for her, but there was just something about him that draw her to him not wanting to be away from him for too long. Maybe she was starting to fall for him or she had already fallen for him. It wasn’t a feeling she had ever felt before it was new to her, but she never wanted it to stop.

    She found herself starring at him again she really had to force herself to look away but he was soooo dreamy. Why was she feeling like this? She couldn’t explain it to herself much less anyone else. Not that it was a bad feeling it was a good feeling. Just one she had never felt for someone else. Finding herself already tugging the bottom of the shorts down a bit as they were showing just a tiny bit of her curvaceous little butt. Maybe she picked out the wrong outfit maybe this one had been too revealing? She didn’t know she had only been trying to impress him. Though she wouldn’t use her orbs anymore she lifted a old looking sack that was full of golden coins that unknown to her were made of pure gold which would be very valuable upon his homeland which would help in a big way with everything she might need or so she hoped. “So if this outfit is okay then I am ready if we need a boat or something I can fetch us one or whatever way you wish to travel.” Holding her head down becoming sort of shy for a moment what would his reaction be? Would he still want to take her?
  • Opening her eyes gazing over towards him with sleepy eyes she nodded her head agreeing they should get some sleep. Patting the blanket next to her if he wanted to lay there he was welcomed too. She thought of what he said she couldn’t use her orbs and it would be no more fins for a long time if forever. What would she wear would she have to wear those things they called shoes! Oh my it was so much going on in her mind a lot she would have to learn. About that time Chip chirped sitting up in one fluid motion she reached into her hair next to her shoulder. Craddling him in her palms her little baby sea turtle smiling down at him she leaned in kissing his little snout with watery eyes. She knew the place Arch spoke of was no place for her little sea turtle. About that time she heard Midnight and Winter, it felt like her heart just sunk she reached at her chest grasping it in short breathes. What was this pain she was feeling? Was her heart breaking? Turning to Arch the pain etched over her features leaning on She pressed a kiss against his forehead with a whisper. “I have to go take care of a few things before I leave, please don’t leave without me. I promise I will be right back. My twin annoying step brothers may be brats but I know they will look after chip for me.” Brushing her fingertips through his hair she gave a hopeful smile before racing off towards the shore.

    Water splashing as Serenity ran into it meeting her dolphin friends she had raised. Feeling them tug at her dress pulling at her heart strings. Giving her head a shake no kneeling into the water she embraced each of them one by one giving them the biggest nuzzle kissing their heads with tears streaming down her cheeks. Speaking to them she knew they understood her, “Look you two are old enough now that you will need to go out find your life mates have children make your mark on the world. I have to do the same thing. I will miss you all like crazy, but I must do the same as you. Make my mark on the world and I have a friend that’s willing to teach me everything I need to know. So go out there and make your mark on the world. I promise I will come to visit.” Watching them swim off they were free now, just like she was to make her mark upon the world.

    Looking down at Chip having called out to the twins she watched the water ripple the two were annoying as hell, though their heart was just as big as her own. She knew they would care for Chip and, look out for Midnight and Winter. They were beautiful easy on the eyes but all she could see were two big brats. Handing Chip over they vowed to protect him watching them disappear beneath the water she seemed to just sit there for a long moment deep in thought tracing her fingers through the soft ripple of waves. Yes she would miss her home, but she was so excited to experience the world. Lifting her small frame up droplets spilling over her curves turning back towards Arch taking a deep breath walking towards her future. What was it about him that she just so freely gave up everything she ever knew just to be at his side.
  • What a weirdo. Kaine stood there, folding his arms and huffing somewhat as the man appeared to collect himself at least somewhat from his earlier fit. Kaine gives a little 'tsk' before approaching the poor, abused camp fire and sorting through with the stick he had used to poke it before. He was balanced on the balls of his feet as he did so, one elbow on his thigh while the other wields the stick.

    "You were screaming. And I lit the camp fire because I figured it would help the mood. And then your ass came tearing through here." He said, looking over to the side at Cassius. "The hell is your deal, anyway?"

  • He stared at the vase that he had purchase from a local pottery store, it looked beautiful so he figured that he would put it up somewhere in his little loft apartment, find a perfect spot for it and probably put some flowers in it or something like that; thinking about it now, he kinda wonder what in his right mind made him buy the thing in the first place? It wasn't like he did these kind of things for a reason but he wasn't sure why he bought it, maybe because it looked nice and wanted something to put in his home? He shrugged his shoulder as he carried the thing under his arm, making his way to his apartment; it had been several weeks since he's been home, Taz his cat was probably bored out of his mind and may have tore of the place while he was away for so long but then again, Taz had always been a well behaved cat whenever Kujo wasn't at home or anything. He thought he would go home and grab a bite to eat and a quick shower before he headed out later on tonight to make his daily rounds around town to sell some drugs and make money at least.

    When he got to his apartment, he shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out his house key and unlocked the door as he pushed the door opened and walked inside, closing the door behind him and locking it. The air inside the apartment was stall and had this funny odor to it, Kujo walked over to his window and opened the window to let the stall air out the place and to welcome in some fresh air for a change. She sat the vase on a nearby stand beside the couch, now all it needed was some flowers to be placed inside the thing and it would be set and up for display for when he does have company to come over to his apartment which will probably be never in his case since he wasn't the one to make friends really. Little did he know that there was something about the vase that he didn't know about, but he would soon learn about it today since he bought it. He pulled off his shoes and walked into the kitchen, opening the freezer as he pulled out some deer meat that he had chopped up a while back, he sniffed it a bit to see if it was still any good, though it had frost bite on the thing, it was clear that it was no longer good at this point.

    'Damn it..' 

    He tossed the deer meat in the trash can beside the fridge as he begin to look around to find something that he could cook to eat on for now; after a while he managed to cook him up some chicken alfredo to eat on for now. While that was cooking, he grabbed Taz's water and food bowl as he placed them in the sink and ran the water, pouring some dish washing liquid in the water as it begin to get soapy in the sink. He turned off the water and begin to wash out the bowls and the few dishes that was in the sink, rinse the soap off and dried the dishes up as he put them up but he put Taz's water and food bowl back on the floor again where he always had them. Opening the cabinets, he grabbed a canned of wet cat food and opened it as he poured it into the cat's food bowl and went to the fridge to grab some milk, taking the top off and pouring some milk in the water bowl and placing the gallon of milk back in the fridge. He then went back to checking on the food which was done at this point, turning off the stove, he grabbed himself a plate and made up his dinner for the night and poured him some tea as he went into the living room and sat down on the couch, grabbing the remote off the coffee table and turning on the tv as he begin to eat his meal.

  • Serenity watched Arch the sadness in his eyes as he spoke of his twin Moth caused her to drown a bit. She didn’t know what it was like to have a sibling though to lose someone you love has to be tragic. She really didn’t know what to say, but managed to whisper, “I’m sorry you lost your brother, I can’t imange what it must feel like. I have never had any siblings other than two annoying spoiled twin step brothers.” Though a smile graced her lips once again watching him enjoy the crab she had brought him. Looking down at her hand she never paid attention to the water that ripples over her flesh to protect her soft ebony skin from the flames. She gave a bit of a shrug to the thought not knowing her real birth parents she knew not what sort of powers she possessed.

    Running her fingers through the wet curls that seemed to dangle into her face fingers sweeping them behind her ears only for them to rain down into her face again. Lifting those mystical jewels up towards him with a nod of her head agreeing it was a beautiful island yet a very lonely place. Though when he offered her to come with him Serenity chewed at her lip. She wondered what the land was like, but would she fit in with everyone? Questions rumbled through out her mind the possibilities of being where the people are.

    Her voice soft as a whisper glancing up into his eyes, “You would take me with you? It does get very lonely here. You’re the first guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. Would I fit in your world? I Would like to see your world I’ve always dreamed of it, but never thought it would ever come true.” Her entire face seemed to flow with curiosity and happiness nodding her head after having gone silent for a moment she had made her mind up. If he was willing to take her away from here she would go. It would be an adventure of a lifetime. She would be ever grateful to Arch.

    Seeing he was nearly done with the crab she smiled, “Do you want more? It won’t take but a moment to fetch a couple more. I mean if your still hungry.” She was blushing again she could feel the warmth in her cheeks clapping her hand over her mouth peering up once again, “Am I rambling? I tend to become very talkative when I am excited or nervous.” She just wanted to make Arch happy and comfortable so she decided to be quiet for a bit though she had thousands of questions she wouldn’t bore him with them. Laying on her back she closed her eyes humming a song she has known since she was a child the melody soft like a baby's lullaby. Often when she sung to herself it calmed her down helped her relax, she had just met him and didn’t want to run him off.
  • \\Of course, I'll have your starter sent to you tonight when I get off work :)
  • \\Hmm, honestly, I don't think we got to that point yet but if you want I can start us off to set up the setting for our characters
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