Quotes: "I am different. I am a vampire. We're a predatory species. We enjoy the hunt, the feed, and the kill. When the guilt gets too bad, we switch off our humanity and we revel in it." 

"Is because it's not true. There is no Allure to Darkness." 
"Really? So you never felt the attraction that comes when someone who's capable of doing terrible things, for some reason, cares only about you?" 

" I don’t mind being the bad guy. Because somebody needs to fill that role and get things done. You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick.” If you’re gonna be bad, be bad with purpose. Otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving.”

Name: Blake Cross

Species : Enhanced Original Hybrid  (Vampire / Werewolf) formerly
Now Vampire/ Werewolf/ Witch.  Siphoner witch from the ancestral Gemini coven.
He is the Enhanced Original Tri-Breed

Apparent Age : Late teens early twenties

Appearance: Handsome young American male with a muscular tone physique.

Height : 5 ' 10 1/2''

Nationality: American
Accents: British, American. Known to use Russian and English as well.

Occupation: Hunter, Tracker, Courier, Thief, Information Gatherer, Bartender, Club worker & Body Guard /Protector

Personality: Loyal, Protective, supportive. Cunning, resourceful. Very tactical in his battles. Ruthless and cold to his enemies. Cares about his fellow werewolves and the hybrids he sires, and sometimes even the rare occurence of him siring a vampire and looking after them as well. He also is known to keep his promises and his word is his bond. He has his own code of honor and always keeps his agreements. He can be a close, trustworthy, loyal friend to those who earn it and earn his respect.
He is very unforgiving to those who betray him since he values loyalty above all else. Those who betray him and stab him in the back, betray his trust, god have mercy on their soul.
He is quite the skilled painter and pianist. An avid lover of fine paintings and photographs as well as classical music and tactics, both battle and non.
Music tastes: Being as old as he is or was when the first spell was cast on him to preserve his body and youth. He grew up liking classical musical and became very fond of anything with violin or flute, he also enjoys piano and the chello.
As he moved into modern times and kept up with it. During his jobs as bartender and club worker. He grew to enjoy dance music a lot and since he spent a large amount of time in Europe. He worked and visited many rave clubs and came to love them. It is one of the few times he drops his prim and proper cool exterior and acts like a teenager slash young adult. Able to relax and let loose and generaly becomes a lot more fun to be around.
They say music soothes the savage beast and this is very true in Blake's Case. Being that werewolves are naturally very aggressive, prone to violence and anger. Becoming a vampire made it worse as become a vampire heightens all your emotions and amplify your base personality.
Blake can be calm, cool, collect, or angry, violent, and hostile. Thought it typically takes a lot to make him very angry as he has practiced keeping himself calm and rational.
He becomes a totally different person when his favorite music is playing and is one of the few times his mood is rather pleasant and even fun to be around.

The Story

Power, that is what it always came down to, power. Vampires have been at war with witches for centuries as well as with werewolves. There was one particular witch that coveted power and had finally obtain the power of Expression. She knew she needed an ally, someone strong and powerful on her side. As she did some digging in the witches archives and rumors from the witch community. She managed to learn of the spell that created the Original Vampire Family. As well as the modified version the Original Witch later used on a human hunter to create an Enhanced Original Vampire, a vampire hunter to end all vampires.

She knew the stories about the terrible Original Hybrid who terrorized many and enjoyed having people quake with fear at the mention of his name. When she discovered the truth about his origins. She came up with the idea of making her own powerful hybrid. That could fight him on equal footing if not be superior to the Original Hybrid in every way. She scoured the country side and found a young werewolf named Blake Cross, who's curse was not yet activated. A werewolf who had his entire family massacred by vampires and reduce his pack to a shadow of it's former self. She told him that she was like him. Her entire coven was decimated by vampires and she wanted revenge against them. She also wanted payback against a rival coven as well but didn't feel the need to tell him I that just yet.

After she convinced him to be her weapon and bodyguard, she used Doppelganger blood she acquired and the power of the full moon which luck would have it. She planned the spell to coincide with a pass comet on the same night to help amply her magic and bind it. The White Oak tree had already been burnt down and destroyed but she discovered another tree. One that was as dark as the magic she was using. The Ancient Black Acacia Tree that existed during the time of the genesis of The Ancients and was long forgotten about. She bound his immortality to the tree the same as the original witch did to her family to the white oak tree. So now only a stake made from the Ancient Black Acacia tree can permanently kill him. 

The spell was a success and she turned him into an Enhanced Original Vampire. Once the moment came when he took his first life, the first kill every vampire in history has always done, the werewolf curse was activated. This allowed him to become the Enhanced Original Hybrid, her ultimate weapon and protector. Blake set off to avenge his wolf pack and slaughter the vampires that stole his family and life from him, as well as the ones who killed the coven of the witch who made him. Later he was used to kill the rival coven of witches she had to contend with and anyone else who got in her way.

Since she feed him her blood to help with the transition, she was able to exert a limited amount of control over him. She eventually told him of his ability to make hybrids just like the original hybrid could but without needing the blood of the Petrova Doppelganger to make them survive the change. She knew he would later discover this on his own but wanted to make sure that her loyal subject would make a hybrid army for her to use. Eventually the power of Expression proved to be too much for her to handle and led to her undoing. Once she was killed by her own magic, Blake was left to his own device, fully free to do whatever he pleased.

Without the witch giving him orders, he was unsure what to do with his new found freedom. He had some freedom before but she still held power over him, now with her gone, no one was pulling his strings. He continued hunting and killing vampires, feeding on their blood as he condition himself to in order to avoid feeding on human blood. After a while, he began to feel alone, being the only one of his kind save for the original hybrid that was mostly like him. So he decided to change that and create his own family.

He began to scour the earth for the remnants of his pack to turn into his first hybrids and allow them some payback against's the vampires that shattered their once glorious pack. Once he managed to successfully sire his first breed of vampires, he began to seek out other werewolves who wanted revenge against the vampire menace and to be free of the pain and burden of transforming during the full moon. Slowly he was building his "family" to end the vampire plague once and for all, as it was partially condition by the witch who made him. 

It is unsure if he still plans to carry out this task or not. What is known is that he continues to seek out new werewolves to sire and is hunting for something or someone. He has yet to be known for feeding and killing humans and has never killed a werewolf. Seeking to protect his werewolf kind from extinction at the hand of vampires. He has little to no love for witches and mostly tends to feel ambivalent towards them at times. Typically he stays out of their way if they stay out of his. 

He has been a useful ally to several vampire hunters in his time both the human ones and the supernatural vampire Hunters. Aside from his plans involving vampires and siring new hybrids, no one really knows what his end game is or his final goals. A love interest has also never been reported and one rumor spread that he was seeking a mate to share the keys to his kingdom with or so rumors say. So continues the tale of the enigmatic Enhanced Original Hybrid.



During a time of demonic possession. Blake was able to recall his suppressed past memories. The death of his family did not happen in the present like he thought, but in the past over a thousand years ago. The witch Ayana kept him from death at the hands of Mikael Mikaelson and had him put to sleep in a state of suspended animation to preserve his body until the time was right to awaken him. She knew the trauma he witness from seeing his family and entire pack decimated would have been to much for Blake to handle so she block the memories from him. He was lucky to have been playing with her daughter at the time of his family's massacre. The plan was to revive him years later when it was the perfect time to help him get revenge but something went wrong and he was awaken at a later date then he was expected to. That was when the witch who turned Blake into her own personal weapon, found him. For so long his true origins remained a mystery until now. He was the only surviving family member of his pack. The only child of the wolf chief to survive the massacre by Mikael Mikaelson and the only sibling Niklaus has from his biological werewolf father. Blake is the Half Brother of Niklaus Mikaelson, sharing the same wolf father and the same burning hatred for the vampire who hunts vampires, the Destroyer, Mikael Mikaelson. Klaus hates him for all the years of torment and abuse. Blake loathes him for the brutal slaying of his entire family and pack. In this hatred of Mikael, Blake and Klaus have something in common beside having the same biological father.

Blake now seeks to meet his long lost brother and see what type of brotherly bond or family he can salvage from all this. It is unknown what his feelings are or will be regarding the rest of the Mikaelson family but it can be said that he has no love for Esther, whom he blames for his father's death as equally as he blames Mikael.


During his travels he was reunited with his mother who had finally tracked him down after taking possession of a new body much in the same way Klaus's mother and Celeste were able to do. She unlock the spell she put on her child as he was now ready to fulfill his true purpose. It was revealed to him that his mother and her clan were a distant offshoot of the Gemini coven and as such, their blood had the potential to create a Siphoner, just like the Gemini coven have. As it turned out, Blake was also born as a Siphoner but never knew about it due to his mother locking his witch side for fear of the Gemini coven discovering what he was and what side affect a werewolf witch hybrid may bring. With the death of the Gemini coven and its leader but now the re emergence of the vampire witch hybrids, the Heretics as they are called. Blake's mother decided it was time to unlock her son full potential so he could combat anyone who may dare challenge him or his family.


Powers and Abilities
Witch side abilities;

Siphoning: Siphoners have the rare ability to absorb magic, in all forms, from another source.
Spell Casting: Siphoners, after having absorbed magic, have the ability to cast spells like any witch


Blake's powers and abilities grow stronger with age, blood, during the full moon, or by transforming into his werewolf form;

Common Abilities to Originals &  unique hybrid ones

Abilitied are Enhanced to a much greater degree then the  Enhanced Original Vampire, Original Hybrid and Originals

Super Strength - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake is much stronger than immortals, original vampires, original hybrids, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. He is able to decapitate other species with a single chop of his bare hands and shatter windows and doors with small objects,  and tear out the hearts of younger vampires and other creatures. Normal vampires and even werewolves in wolf form are usually no match to Originals, except with the element of surprise. This ability has been used to break necks and spines, and break and move heavy objects. Their impact can send people flying. Because of his vampire and werewolf heritage, like original and non-original vampires, he grows stronger with time and age, his muscular physique is much more defined and his muscle mass is enhanced.

Super Speed - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake's intensified quickness, agility, reflexes, and endurance makes him much faster than immortals, original vampires,original hybrids, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. He is able to stop other supernatural species in their tracks and run miles in mere minutes, and can easily catch up to any species of creature, supernatural or not.. Like his strength, his speed also grows faster with time.

Heightened Senses - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake has a far more enhanced sense of hearing, sight and smell that far exceeds those of any original vampire, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. His senses improve over time.

Super Agility - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake possesses much more superhuman stamina, flexibility, reflexes, agility and dexterity than any original vampires, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans. He can move, jump, climb and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. These abilities improve over time.

Enhanced Healing Factor - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can recover/heal/regenerate from any injury much quicker and more effectively than any original vampires, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans  in a manner of seconds. He also seems to heal much more quickly when exposed to vervain or wood.

Super Durability - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can take far more trauma than any original vampires, non-original vampires, werewolves, non-original hybrids and humans, without much discomfort or injury. Vervain, Wolfsbane, wood and white oak ash daggers do not weaken him, making him virtually indestructible. He is  immune to vervain, wolfsbane, sunlight, fire, wood, werewolf bite, decapitation, extraction of heart, white oak stake and white oak ash dagger.

Mind Compulsion - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can compel the minds of most sentient creatures: humans, non-original vampires and non-original hybrids. He cannot compel supernatural hunters due to them being immune to mental manipulation. It is unknown if he can or cannot compel witches or werewolves. The supernatural ability to control and manipulate the body, mind, and soul of an animal or person.

Immortality - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake does not physically age. He is immune to all forms of illnesses, toxins or poisons. He does not need to eat, drink or breathe. He has eternal youthful beauty with perfect features and flawless smooth skin. He also possesses an almost eidetic memory and cunninng intelligence.

Dream Manipulation - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can control dreams and subconscious. He can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming. Other effects of this ability is the distortion of reality and being able to trap someone in their dreams.

Emotional Control - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake has a limited degree of control over his own emotions, allowing him to switch off his humanity, making killing easier. 

Sire Bond - Although rare among them, Sire Bonds can be formed when a human is turned with the blood of the vampire whom they had strong human feelings for.

Daytime Walking - Due to his werewolf heritage, Blake is able to move around during the day without the use of a day walking ring.

Hybrid Sire Bond - Non-original Hybrids are all turned by Blake from werewolves. In doing this, he has taken their pain of turning into a werewolf away. They, thus, feel obligated to serve Blake because his blood created them and have limited free will, along with lack of control. They listen to Blake as if they're his slaves.

Werewolf Bite Cure/Healing Blood - Only Blake's blood and that of the Original Hybrid, is the only cure for a werewolf/hybrid bite and is capable of healing a vampire from the bites of a hybrid or werewolf. It heals an infected vampire with a similar effect to vampire blood on a human. This ability is unique to Blake & the original hybrid as no other non-original hybrid has been seen or mentioned using it.

Transformation Control - Blake has complete control of his transformation. A hybrid can transform partially, displaying their wolf eyes and teeth. It can be assumed that unlike non-original hybrids, Blake has complete control and awareness of his actions, even in his werewolf form.

Werewolf Bite - Werewolf bites contain a poison which is fatal to vampires. As the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake's bites take effect quicker than a normal werewolf bite and a non-original hybrid bite. Werewolf venom is always at a hybrid's disposal unlike werewolves themselves which produce them during full moons.

Lie Detection - Due to his werewolf heritage, Blake can sense if someone is lying to him or not.

Lycanthrope Enhancement - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can use his werewolf traits to further enhance his own abilities.

Claws - Hybrids can grow claws from their nails, even when they are still in their human forms. It is unknown how sharp a hybrid's claws are, it was shown that a hybrid's claws is sharp enough to penetrate a hybrid's very durable skin and is able to rip another hybrid's heart out.

Procreation - Due to his werewolf heritage, Blake has the ability to procreate. Though only known to be able to do so with a female werewolf.  It is unknown if he can produce any offspring with non-werewolf humans, or witches.

Immunity to Silver - While Blake can be hurt by silver physically, he appears to immediately heal from the wounds caused by it. Magic bonded to silver cannot affect Blake due to his werewolf heritage.

Shapeshifting - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake can turn into a werewolf at will.

Eidetic Memory - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake possesses perfect recall and is unable to forget. His mind is often called a "vault" in which he store all his information permanently.

Fangs and Werewolf Eyes - Being the Enhanced Original Hybrid, Blake has two sets of fangs and his eyes are yellow.

Master Swordsman & Archer - Even before Blake became the Enhanced Original Hybrid, he was a Master Swordsman & Archer, even though he rarely uses a sword or a bow, do to his supernatural powers and abilities, Blake's swordsman and archery skills have not decreased.

Full Moon - Due to his werewolf heritage, Blake's powers and abilities are at their peak during the full moon.

Blood Lust Control - Unlike most vampires, Blake has complete control of his blood lust, which he perfected over the years of being a vampire to the point that his vampire veins have not been shown often to those he encounters when there is a large amount of blood around or having been spilt, even when he requested to speak to the powerful witch that kept him imprison, despite being neutralized for three months and having his skin color become very darkened from lack of blood as a result, he was able to talk to her without craving her blood.

Tactile Telepathy - Blake is able to display his memories in other beings through touch.

Enhanced Dream Manipulation - Blake can communicate with others through eye contact, even while recovering from his desiccated state.

Telepathy - An advanced form of mind control that allows vampires to mentally communicate over a vast distance. Damon and Elijah have been shown to mentally communicate with others from a distance.

Illusions - As seen with Lexi, vampires have the power to trick the minds of others into seeing/feeling things.


Black Acacia Stake - The only weapon on the planet that can permanently kill Blake, It comes from an Ancient Black Acacia Tree during the time of the genesis of The Ancients. It is the only black acacia stake in existence.

Expression - A witch using powerful expression magic could neutralize Blake.

Invitation - In order to enter any house owned by humans, they have to be invited in by a person that officially lives there or the person of entitlement. Once invited, the vampire cannot be uninvited. If a vampire lives in a house, other vampires can enter freely and if a vampire is in the house without being invited in, it will become disoriented and will begin to suffocate.

Magic -It is said that a witch with enough power can kill/dangerously affect a being as powerful as an Original or create an object capable of harming an Original. As a supernatural entity, Blake can be harmed or killed by a witch/warlock that can channel enough power. Considering his level of power however this would likely be very difficult to achieve. The witch responsible for the vampire immortality spell, her knowledge of the spell that created vampires and thus, ability to reverse it, could be the deciding factor in this. Minor spells have little effect. His resilience to magic was shown when a powerful witch tried to hurt him and he was barely hurt by her power.

Desiccation - Like any Original and non-original vampire, being completely drained of blood or the heart stopping will cause Blake to desiccate, losing most of his strength and any ability to move. He will appear as a corpse and can only start functioning again once he feeds on blood. This process can be replicated artifically by a witch casting a desiccation spell. It's unknown if Blake would desiccate if his heart was torn out. However, it seems that any Original's body is indestructible, therefore it is possible his heart cannot be extracted. It is possible that their heart will completely reform in their chest if extracted.

The Cure - The Cure will strip an Original of their immortality, causing them to become humans/witches or in Blake's case, a werewolf. The witch that created the vampire immortality spell, had a spell which would have cured them of their immortality.

Hunter's Curse - If an Original kills a member of The Brotherhood of the Five, they will be tormented until they kill themselves or the hunter is replaced.

Broken Neck - Breaking an Original's neck will not kill them, but it will render them unconscious for several hours.

Vervain - Vervain prevents Originals from compelling anyone on it and burns them on touch. Originals will heal very quickly from vervain wounds however. (Blake is immune to vervian but can not compel any human, vampire, or non -original hybrid that is wearing vervian or has consumed it.)

Special Powers that he is rumored to have

(from the book series)

Most of these have never been seen in use except for one occasion of telepathy, animal control, and one time creating a fog in a cemetery.

Weather Control / Atmokinesis - The supernatural ability allows influence meteorological energy patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.

Elemental Manipulation - The supernatural ability to control and manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire, water, lightning, etc.

Animal Control - The supernatural ability can handle all kinds of wild animals or domestic. Normally you can only control a species at a time.

Illusion Casting - It is capable of disrupting the reality of one or more things at once. The Illusion is limited, since it uses a short time but because the neutralization of the enemy and does not usually give orders to the victims.

Telepathy - The supernatural ability can communicate mentally with other vampires without physical contact and long distances. It also allows one to probe the minds of others.

Shapeshifting: The supernatural ability to alter and change the physical form of ones self.  
In addition to being able to change into a "real wolf" form at will. He was also able to take on a more half human half man wolf type form. The witch who help make him into a hybrid, was able to further bestow the abilities to that the Old Ones /Ancients vampires were known to possess.
Aside from a wolf form, he also managed to learn how to turn into a bat and a bat like human hybrid form from that as well. More of the idea he liked of the Infamous Dracula being able to do so and certain movies he had come to enjoy pertaining to werewolves and vampires. 
He also gained a new form, a snow white leopard form. He can use both a normal version of a snow leopard plus a were version.









Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox 

Character Name

Blake Cross - Mikaelson, formerly the Original Hybrid, now the Original Tribreed

Character Age

Appears a teenager or young adult male

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single, searching for mrs right but is fine with Mrs Right now

Character Personality

Wolves mate for life.

Character Abilites

Vampire, Werewolf, and Siphoner Abilites. Witch powers.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • (If you are still interest in RPing with Percy we can do it over messages. ^^)

  • (Honestly she is capable of being placed in any situation lol. Is there anything you're looking for or hoping for?)

  • Oh? You think so doll face? The Gods huh? Funny that you say that considering my father is a God. *winks*

  • Well aren't you just the smooth talker. So cute but I can't tell you all my secrets. Though being  naked in front of others isn't something that bothers me at all.

  • (I am sure someone would not mind RPing with Blake or Travis or both. I feel like he may get along with Persephone if you wanna read about her more. ^^ Travis honestly sounds like he would get along swimmingly with Percy and how she acts. Her younger self loved bad boys like him. Street racing is a thing Percy loves too. I agree though. I was just mad that haf the people who added me don't rp with me. I'm not another number.)

  • (Sure, If you want to! We could always put them wherever, It doesn't matter. Whichever you'd want to use! Any ideas of a setting?)

  • (Thanks for adding me here too! I am sorry I am not on my Lillian account but I literally have NO inspiration for her and people only add me because she is some sexy redhead. It's so annoying.)

  • Vampires…werewolves…witches…all of this is the stuff of fairy tales to Geist, even though he knows very well such men and women exist. Vampires…yes, vampires are more concrete. A lifelong friend has helped him to come to terms with this, though it could be said his cursory understanding is so limited he might as well still be in the dark. When it comes to the forces that power him, he is far more confident. He’s a product of his own research, after all, mangled not by his process but instead the hands of a jealous rival. More than that, the hands of his mentor. When student surpasses master, things can and often do get messy. More so, of course, in a decade like the 1940s. Even more so if one was German at the time.

    Now…of Rippers, he knows nothing. Of witches, he’d say the same. The type of situation he deals with usually revolves around a very human kind of monster- interestingly enough, a very human kind of monster responsible for far more deaths than any other force in this world, or even the next. The question is…where is he? And how does he start?

    To most, he looks like a confused stranger on the street, an old man unsure where he should turn next. Those with a more acute eye, however, or perhaps senses that would pick up on such things, he’s bristling with psionic energy of some kind…and more than that, he’s hovering a neat inch above the ground. Given that he’s such a short man, this displacement easily goes unnoticed by the people around him. His worn tendons don’t have to scream in agony with every step if he travels this way, and nobody notices. When no real weight is on his feet, he does not get tired nearly as quickly. He can even feign walking.

    A violent sneeze shakes him from his calm. He readjusts his goggles, considers his situation, and nods to not a soul but himself.

    Okay. Time to explore. He’s here.

    But where…is here?

  • (Will pm you for the plotting. However for Travis...

    "Aww cute bet you say that to all the girls.")

  •  What ever works I am pretty simple, you said underground fights? Maybe we could have Ember attend one and something happens, like a huge brawl. We could have them meet in that type of way, or we could have them meet in a more calm way? Like In the forest or something, whatever works! Let me know.

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