Who is Project Bloodshot?

"The man you call "Bloodshot" is just as much a slave as I am. Only he's lost his mind and forgotten his mission."

"You've got a lot of faith in a guy who's basically a brain-damaged killing machine."

"Does Chainsaw take them now, or wait for your broken science experiment to show up?"

"I suggest that you remember it's just a machine, gentlemen. Machines are supposed to do what you tell them to do."

"You don't get it, do you, meatbag? You're Project Rising Spirit's puppet. They pull the strings...you bend over backwards."

"I should've known that I couldn't talk to a mindless machine."

"That abomination made us all obsolete."

"I don't care how expensive the thing is. What good is a piece of equipment if it can't be used for its intended purpose?"

"Until I know you're housebroken, you're to keep off the carpet."

"I've failed at pretty much everything I've tried to do since I took control of my life. Except kill. So. New plan. Go with what works."

Name: Raymond "Ray" Garrison- Bloodshot
Nicknames: (Ray of) Sunshine, BS
Otherwise Known As: The Psiot Killer, The Harbinger Hunter, Angelo Mortalli, The Analog Man, Everyman

DOB/Age: Unknown
Nationality: American (not a registered citizen)
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 300 lbs

Relationship Status: Confused.
View relationships here.
Sexuality: Even More Confused.

Affiliation: Lone Wolf, Fugitive.
Occupation: Dog of War. Supersoldier. Cybernetic Wonder.
Serving: Nobody.

Direct enemies: PRS, Project Omen, HARD Corps
Direct allies: Unity, GATE, The Future Force

Appearance: Ashen-white skin, blood-red eyes from sclera to pupil, distinctive scars from repeated brain surgery in his hairline, shredder fangs on his lower jaw, red circle in the center of his chest.
The red blotch on his chest, something everyone imbued with the nanites he has bears, cracks open and bleeds. It is exposed muscle. It never fully heals, even if the rest of him is fine. Nothing can be done about this.


Complete Healing and Regeneration- Bloodshot can recover from ANY wound, be it a bullet to the head, a severed limb, being disemboweled, or worse. He can regenerate tissue, from brain to organ to muscle to bone to skin. Every single wound can and will be patched up because of the multitude of nanites in his system. The process is not instant but it is quick. This is his greatest asset. The more he heals back to back, the slower the process gets. He needs to eat to ramp it back up.

Enhanced Speed, Strength, and Flexibility- Superhuman levels make his already impressive combat prowess even more fearsome. He has become nothing short of a supersoldier.

Sonic Screech- The noise is loud enough to burst eardrums, cause earpieces to ring, induce disorientation and vertigo, and stun an enemy.

Psionic Blast- A powerful shockwave that can cause brain damage, and even kill a human target. Ray only uses this in extreme emergencies while surrounded, as it kills indiscriminately, and he does not want to hurt his allies, friends, or innocent civilians. Ray is exhausted after using this, and will need to recover for ten minutes or so before he can put up a real fight again, or sometimes even move, since this is normally used when he's down hopelessly.

Technomancy- Bloodshot can disrupt electronics and hack into them remotely because of the nanites.
The writer will roll a 6-sided die. 1-2: he fails at what he is doing and ends up with sensory overload and brain damage he has to heal from which takes energy and time. 3-4: he fails with no other consequences. 5-6: he achieves his goal with no problems.

Survivability- Bloodshot can survive smoke inhalation, suffocation, and sub-zero temperatures.

Camouflage- Bloodshot can change his skin and eye pigmentation to appear like a normal human or to become virtually invisible to the human eye.

Increased Awareness- The nanites talk to Bloodshot in the form of the fake people he was implanted with as memories. They alert him to oncoming enemies, atmospheric changes, and threats that they can detect, giving him precious extra seconds to react. This also makes him an expert tracker.

Communication- Ray can communicate with canines, and he can use his nanites to speak to someone via a phone or another type of communication device without needing one himself.

Mental Protection- Bloodshot is impervious to mind-control or scanning until he is completely under the control of the individual trying to do so to him.

Shooting Bloodshot through the side of the head clean out the other side will render him unconscious if done properly, giving ample time to restrain and capture him.
The writer will roll a 6-sided die. 1-3: Ray is rendered unconscious. 4-6: Ray is still awake.

Although incredibly unlikely, hostile forces that have their own nanotechnology could potentially hack in and reprogram his own, bringing him to his knees.

A very high-level EMP can momentarily shut down his nanites and render him vulnerable.

Bloodshot exhibits signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia and speaks to people nobody but he can see. Specifically, he sees a tormenting version of Kay McHenry, and a cartoon version of himself known as Bloodsquirt. Cartoon versions of other allies, such as Ninsquirt, X-O Manosquirt, and Squirtwire have appeared. Whatever break in his psyche had to happen to cause that is anyone's guess.

He suffers from PTSD, which makes him irritable, tired, and angry, as well as subjecting him to nightmares and flashbacks, especially late in the night. For this reason, when he was without nanites for several months and trying to cope, he fell into a cycle of drinking, using oxy and coke, and self-harming to focus himself. As he has become Bloodshot again and regained all of his nanites, these habits have mercifully stopped. Now, once more, he can't even get drunk or high to begin with.


If a PRS protocol is initiated via facial recognition or otherwise wired-in instructions, Bloodshot will be forced to complete the task. If he resists, he faces increasing doses of corrective pain until he breaks and does as desired of him. His reward is a flood of endogenous opioid peptides. This pleasure makes him giddy and pliable, as well as easily suggestible. He is hit with this pleasure whether the pain was used or not, meaning he cannot escape the treatment. This has driven him to the brink of insanity, and far beyond it.

Bloodshot was not initially programmed with a surrender mode, but after the Harbinger wars, one was installed. If activated, he will drop to his knees and lace his fingers behind his head, giving up the fight entirely with no struggle.

Bloodshot's stubborn defiance has led to many memory wipes, brain surgery that has left him with the distinctive scars he has in his hairline. These never heal properly, even with the Nanites.

Bloodshot is pushed to do the bidding of PRS or anyone else with control over the Nanites through the same pain/pleasure system he faces when PRS protocols are initiated automatically. It is impossible to fight these biological urges, and tapping into this holds him captive and cooperative easily. Specific PRS protocols can be stated by anyone who knows them to command and order him into action. He is unable to fight them, making him a perfect soldier, weapon, bodyguard, or whatever else is desired of him.

PRS operatives who have worked in direct contact with Bloodshot have what is best described as a 'safeword' they can speak when he is in a suggestive state thanks to peptides that will allow them to program a mission into him, or force him to halt behavior. This has been used to abuse him  in various ways many times. In addition to this, specific PRS operatives programmed their own protocols into his head he can be forced to follow.

See the established protocols here.

"I may not know my real name, or how I got into this mess...but my head is full of all these fractured memories of being a father. Even if I can't remember their names or see their faces clearly...I can feel them. Their absence hurts. Like there's a gaping, raw hole where my heart should be. Sometimes I think that's the only human thing left inside me."


"Wʜᴀᴛ I ᴛʜɪɴᴋ ɪs ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ʙᴏᴛʜ ᴀ ʙɪᴛ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴏᴜᴛʜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ʙʀᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴛᴏ ʜᴇᴇʟ."

Ray is, first and foremost, a soldier. Whether he was before he was turned into Bloodshot is up for debate, but his actions reflect those of a man who knows how to maintain strategy and act rationally every step of the way. He rarely loses his cool, and his uncanny ability to fight his way out of desperate situations has left him infamous for his brutality and tactics.

Ray is easily curbed to anyone who is able to display their ability to control him. He does not have a dominant personality. In fact, he's rather passive. If he once was different, it has been suppressed. He is most comfortable when given orders and instructions, not when left to his own devices. Ray's mannerisms are somewhat dog-like, and this becomes more apparent in specific situations. "Good boy" is not an insult to him. In fact, from the right person and at the right time, it's welcome.

Ray knows only violence. It courses in his veins, it is encouraged by the whispers in his mind, and it is the only thing that really makes him feel alive...and somewhat human. He will always resort to it over anything else. Peace is an illusion to him, nothing more.

Ray has gone years without anyone to talk to about mundane things, so if he finds a willing conversation partner, he'll happily chatter for quite some time until eventually realizing he should quiet himself. It is endearing, so long as his appearance does not scare someone away. Ray hates driving stick and prefers automatic. He has been heavily abused in the past- mentally, physically, emotionally, and even sexually. He mercifully remembers little of it, but he does tend to shy away from touches of any sort unless he sees them coming and he is relaxed at the time.

Ray's truck.

"Human" Form:

When the time comes for Ray to hide in plain sight, he is able to shift to a very human-looking figure and blend into crowds. When severely injured, he cannot hold this appearance. When he sleeps or is exhausted, the appearance may also begin to slip away. It takes a special companion for him to even consider holding it for any length of time for cosmetic purposes. He'd rather everyone be uncomfortable around him, honestly. It's way more fun that way.


Click Here.

Team Bloodshot:

Ray Garrison (Everyman)
De facto leader, reluctant hero, and tired soul.
Winston Grover (Tankman)
The WW2 Bloodshot, the second in command. Known for his humor.
The Vietnam War Bloodshot, the tank of the crew. Boisterous and loud.
The Russian, a Soviet-era Bloodshot. Skeptical but loyal.
The Desert Storm era Bloodshot. Reserved.
Also known as Dogshot. A little white dog with a lot of bite.

Contacts & Friends:

The Doctor is In

When a meeting starts with mention of his eyes, Ray knows he's found someone worth talking to. Most would avert their gaze or state something in fear. Instead, here comes THIS asshole, making his curious revulsion clear. A quiet and subdued plea for assistance, however, changed Ray's life for good.

Freed from his PRS captivity by very illegal actions from McCoy, the two fled as fugitives, making their way off-planet together. Ray is thankful, and he repays his debts. He's made it clear he will take any hit to keep McCoy alive, and that promise does not end after finally gaining freedom. He'll go to bat for the man he sees as his savior any day. As he once put it, McCoy is his doctor, and he takes care of his own. The romantic feelings that are evolving for the doctor are a bit more than just a byproduct.

On that note, he's fallen hard, and one of these days, he's going to say it. But right now, the two men are tangled up and in PRS captivity. Only time will tell if they can break free completely whole, or at all.

Yin and Yang

Necessity has brought two opposites together, and it has done so with style. Colin is smooth where Ray is rough. Where Ray punches through with bullets, Colin finds a way with persuasion or a blade. Whatever grudging disdain Ray shows when forced to work with Colin, it is playful and simply because he can give the man shit for dressing like a Ninja.

Really, anyone would do the same.

Ray respects Colin and considers him one of the few men he will take orders from. Ray is currently Colin's roommate. He doesn't pay rent, but does the housework as a thank you to his friend for letting him stay and have a fixed home for now. Things usually are fine at home, but occasionally spars get out of control, or arguments break into one. The violence is to be expected from two men of their nature, and rarely results in serious injury.

Most of the time.

Kara Zor-El

She believes in him. Somehow, despite what she's seen him do, she believes in him and his capabilities for good, even if it's a messy sort of it. Anyone who sneaks him potsickers while he is incarcerated clearly has their priorities in order, and he considers himself in debt to her for her kindness. Kara broke him free, risking everything to do so, and she then trusted him to fight off other Bloodshots in National City, a bloody ordeal that led to many civilian deaths and the deaths of the attackers as well. She shielded him from harm, assisted him as she could, and got him to safety afterwards so he wouldn't be recaptured or chased for what he had done, as she knew his brutality was pure necessity, even if she didn't like it.

She is one hero he will assist when the going gets messy and a man of his talents is needed. Be it PRS, Harada, or anything beyond, he will answer the call if he's needed, and he understands just how dangerous the road ahead will be when he does so. Any task, no matter how small, asked of him will be completed to the letter, giving Kara a powerful weapon to use as she pleases. Thankfully, she seems like the type of person who will not fall to temptation to use such a thing for bad purposes.

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Writer is 21 + || Full-Time Graduate Student || Part-Time Comic Store Employee
Canon characters, OCs, AUs, and crossovers all welcome. || No random smut.

Bloodshot © Valiant Entertainment, 1992-2017
Bloodshot was created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet.

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  • This account is on ice, as I simply don't have time to RP right now.

    I don't want to delete it as I love Ray and plan to revisit him. I have to be realistic, though.

    My apologies.

  • The way that they treated her, this was considered animal abuse rather then discipline to their canine counter parts. When a soldier fails a mission that was given to them, they have to answer to their commander as to why the mission was a failure, though of course they are soon punished for their actions to follow behind why they failed the mission in the first place, though the same protocol was no different to Tsunami it seems. Of course she had to suffer with the actions of the mission, though she knew that this was going to happen so she had no choice but to take her punishment like any other soldier would in this situation. Its only been an hour since she was brought to the punishment chamber, they weren't going easy on her either, they were unleashing everything they had onto the poor dog, though she took them like a champ it seems, but he body was already reaching its limit, she didn't know how much longer she could take the hits, it felt as though she could go crashing down to the floor at any given moment right now.

    If she didn't have any fur, anyone would see the purple and black bruises that were forming on her body, how they given her a black eye when one of the soldiers had hit her in the eye with the stick, or how her jaw was slightly broken when she was kicked in the jaw. Blood splattered was all around her in a single spot where she didn't move from, this is what happens when one fails a mission, they are beated like rag dogs; though she couldn't go against them for if she did then they would have put her down for good and she couldn't allow that to happen to her at least, so she took them, took the hits as if nothing mattered anymore. Her legs were trembling at this point, her vision was starting to get blurry but she held on for a bit longer until it was over, she was about to topple over but she caught herself in the nick of time to keep herself standing up, her ears were pinned against her skull a bit before one of the soldiers ran up to her and swung their stick, hitting her in the head again.

    "They're all a bunch of cowards.....they're too scare to face me without the restraints holding me down....those bastards..." 

    That final hit to the head is was knocked her to the floor them, she growled softly trying to stand but at this point, she was done for, she couldn't even stand anymore from all the blows that her body had gotten from their harsh beatings. Tsunami laid there on the floor for what seem like hours, her eyes remained glue to the two soldiers that were in the room with her, it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She had seen that the door had opened but couldn't make out who had enter the room, their voices begin to fade out and her vision was completely blur now, before she knew it, darkness had soon taken over her weaken and beaten body...

  • “Urrr um. Well. Hmmmm. Sometimes you gotta let your hair down and party! I can’t be all stuffy and nerdy all the time. I don’t want to sit at home, crying over something or someone and watching musicals. Not when I can party and dance the pain away. Forgot my sorrows. Why are you here? Aren’t you normally on some .......... mission or assignment of some kind?”

    Judging by his build and how he looked to her. She figured this guy was into something shady or government or military like. In any case, she was gonna try to play off being Kara until the jig was up.
  • She had to think fast cause she was not sure what to tell the guy and wanted to know how he knew her cousin and what his deal was.

    "Umm. My computer got hacked a few days ago and I lost everything on their. Could you remind me what the email was again? I been a little scatter brain with Cat Grant returning to Catco and everything and saving the world from Rhea and all of that. "

    Course she lied but hell, her cousin lied about her secret all the time so lieing came standard when you live a double life.
  • (How would you like them to cross paths? Any particular story idea you been wanting to try?)
  • The alarm created lock down proceedings and many of the doors would not open now due to security protocols. One side door would open and several armed men would run in. One of the guys would look towards the one soldier who was still standing.

    "Soldier! Identify yourself! What is going on here? Why are the alarms going off? Why............ fuck!"

    A loud roar escaped from the cage holding Riptor as she finally broke free and leaped onto one of the soldiers. Claws and teeth began tearing into the human who had no hope for survival.

    The other soldiers turn to look at the escaped dinosaur.
    "Fuck! Non kill shots only. They still want it alive. Soldier! Give us a hand here!"

    He yelled out before he and his men began firing at the creature, trying to avoid what would be fatal areas in order to keep the specimen relatively intact.
  • The demon stops to stare as one of the witches dies by Ray's hand, or shall we say, knee. His nose scrunches up and he pretend to shudder. ''Ouch.'' He seems to be visibly shaken, but he recovers so quickly, it's pretty obvious he's just screwing around for the sake of obtaining a reaction. Made even more obvious by the way that dark grin goes back to taking over his face. 

    ''Demon!'' The one who spoke is a petite little thing with curly brown hair and the widest gray eyes. Her mouth is opened into a perfect O and she's cornering herself into a wall, even when a ball of fire is starting to form into her open palm. At her abrupt revelation, a group of four come to her aid. They all set eyes on Ray, because with his inhuman height, muscled body, and extraordinary strength, he represents the idea of what a demon should be. In their minds, at least.

    Sadly, the only demon in the room comes in the form of a lanky, bratty teenager with crazy red hair and a freckled face. How is that for disappointment? 

    A fireball flies across the room, courtesy of the same pretty thing that had called out the others for help. The demon holds out a hand, palm out, sending the fireball bouncing back with the speed of a bullet and into the ceiling, colliding against a chandelier and making it go down in flames. Two of the women in the group didn't manage to get out of the way in time, so their bones are broken and their flesh is burned underneath the weight of the chandelier. And what lovely sounds did they make as they suffered a slow, painful death.

  • ( I'm sorry for the late reply, my friend: I've been really busy! Would you be interested in plotting or writing? )

  • (She does have a robotic side to her. Her bloodstream is full to the brim with nanites which is what helped Brainiac keep
    Control over her and what helps her have abilities like his. Such as interfacing with technology and controlling it as Brainiac is infamous for.
    Also has an advance AI named Cortana XVZ or something, inside her head. That helps with combat data, runs simulations, studies a person's combat data and predict fighting patterns and movements, helps her stay fighting if someone tried to knock her unconscious, the AI takes over for her. Also later her Reach Scarab does the same.)
  • The detective may know all she has to for now, so any further questions, concerns, thoughts, she would not ask either.  It was clear he would ask no further questions about herself, and she in return, would ask nothing more - Or, should she? She'd sit, and wait in silence on the other end of the phone line, either allowing herself to think of something to say.  Or, waiting on them to perhaps speak her way.  Was there things she was allowed to do, or rather not allowed to? Unity though, Former Agent, this Unity whatever it meant, it was something she would like to look into.  Look into however, could it be done, if she dared to.  If it helped others though, offered protection their way, if it helped Ray even, that seemed to play on her mind the most, it would be something she wished to do.  Maybe she would have to speak to Ray about it first, if that was allowed, however.  If he might become her greatest asset in the near future, what did that mean for her, could she become something like that to him, or others even, or was it a one way street only? She seemed to be thinking, perhaps far too much for this short pause of sorts, so shook off those thoughts of what such words could be, focusing on the present.  Soon enough she would her find her words once more, now speaking this to the person on the phone.

    "Thank you.  If you believe that to be the case, then we'll see where things go from here."

    It was clear however, that in time she would have to go and see him again, in regards to this phone call.  But, before that, she would make a detour to the hospital, and see the girl, if she had woken, that was.  So, when seeing him again, she could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.  From there, she waited to see if more would be spoken - The line for now remained open.

This reply was deleted.


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"This account is on ice, as I simply don't have time to RP right now.
I don't want to delete it as I love Ray and plan to revisit him. I have to be realistic, though.
My apologies."
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