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my styles varies depending on my mood sometimes detailed other times simple just depend how I feel at the time

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Character Appearance

Height: 6'2 Weight: 235 Horibly scarred face and body which I hide behind a mask and suit

Character Personality

fun loving, hot chick loving, adventerous, charming, brave, etc.

Character Likes

CHIMICHANGAS, Tits, Guns, Swords, Weapons in general and good trustworthy friends

Character Dislikes

Trolls both kinds, Donald Trump aka Orange Skinned weirdo with fake hair

Character History/Story

I was a normal guy until one I was dianosed with cancer did that stop me I signed for a special treatment run by the government

Character Inventory

1. My 2 katanas 2. My 2 pistols 3. A ton of random weapons and stuff I have found

Character Abilites

Fast Healing and Faster Wit

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Fantasy, Violence, Anime, Rated R, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

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I like to have fun and chat about almost anything so feel free to drop on by and say hi

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