Full Name? Caspian D’Argent

Meaning of Name? “Caspian Sea”.

Date of Birth? July 24, 1997 - human birthday

Hatched? Mariana Trench

Nickname/s? Cas. Casper. Knight in Shining Scales. Scales.

Race? Merfolk

Occupation/Class? Reef guardian

Social Class? What’s that? 

Age: 20 {Human} - 394 {Mer}

Eye Color: Iceberg blue

Hair Color: White-blonde

Weight: 140lbs {Human} - 275lbs {Mer}

Height: 6’0” {Human} - 7’0” {Mer}

Type of Body/Build: Broad of shoulder, chest and thighs. Narrow hips.

Skin tone: Golden, sun-kissed complexion

Skin Type: Normal - able to withstand being in the sun and salt water for long periods

Shape of Face: Squared with a jawline sculpted by Poseidon himself. Soft, cursive lips, high cheekbones and arched, dark eyebrows.

Predominant Features: That jawline, his tail and the trident tattoo on his inner right forearm

Tail? Thick with muscle, iceberg blue with broad, translucent fins.

Is he healthy? Perfectly.



Mother (Biological): Farrah (Mer)

Relationship with her: Ties were cut

Father (Biological): Arlo (Human)

Relationship with him: Non-Existent

Adopted? No.

Siblings: Yes, one. Twin sister named Corselia

Extended Family? No.

The Twins, Caspian & Corselia D'Argent of the Coldwater Pod

It is said that two Mer born of the same mother can possess such a gift as the Tide Knot. Such is true for the D’Argent twins of the Coldwater pod, Caspian and Corselia. But their relationship resides in uncharted waters for the twins know not of one another. Mere days before their expectant hatching, Corselia’s casing had come free of the kelp forest and was carried off in the deep water currents. Caspian on the other hand survived the hatching and would grow without the knowledge that he had a sibling. Corselia too had survived the treacherous journey into the deep and would be found and raised by an outsider Mer, another excommunicated Mer that had also suffered at the hands of the Pod’s elder, Coralia.


The Coldwater Pod: Being the only merman in a pod of mermaids can have both advantages and disadvantages. The upside was that he was the only merman left alive after hatching. His mother, Farrah, had enough power that she was about to keep him alive and safe but under the ever-present and ever-watchful eye of Coralia, the Coldwater Pod’s matriarch and the iron tail of the pod itself. Upon the rising of the full moon on the eve of his Coming of Age, Caspian was absent - like always. When Coralia had sent her hench-sharks to look for him, they found him on the surface, towing a boat around with a land girl inside. They reported back to Coralia, who ascended to the surface and would punish Caspian for his insolence and disobedience when it came to interacting with the humans. A tribunal was held at the underwater ruins and when the coral gavel came down, Coralia’s hench-sharks would have him escorted from the Trench and the pod’s territories. Caspian’s mother would do nothing, say nothing, to stop her son’s excommunication and thus all ties would be cut with his pod and his mother.

A Whale of a Tale...

Caspian was not born with the ability to sing. Instead, he studied the whales themselves and mimicked their vocalizations. At first they were not the same. Caspian's vocal chords would tire quickly and over the coming days he would be left nursing a sore throat. But he was a fast learner. It took months to learn the highest-highs and the lowest-lows while in between learning how to flex his vocal chords without causing too much damage. Over time it became easier and before long Caspian was off singing with the whales. Of course his songs weren't as fluid as the whales themselves, but he was learning. He's still learning. Along with his ability to create whale songs, Caspian can communicate with a variety of other mammals. Dolphins, Orca, Sea Leopards - among some of his favorites.  

Evelyn, the Land Girl... 

Caspian’s first encounter with Evelyn was when she was just a few months old. He was swimming just offshore, chasing butter bream through the shallows and playing poke the crab with an aggressive little crustacean that would later pinch his fins and scuttle away. The sun was descending into the horizon and the temperature was steadily dropping. Evelyn’s mother was standing no deeper than her knees in the water when a sudden tidal surge rolled in out of nowhere and knocked the woman off balance, sending both herself and her infant crashing into the water. Evelyn’s gargled cry made Caspian swivel around just in time to see the infant bob and go under. Before he’d let her drown, he was off like a rocket, kicking his tail and diving under to collect the child before the current swept her away. Evelyn’s mother and father were frantic, but when they saw Caspian breach the surface holding Evelyn’s waterlogged form over his shoulder, hand thumping against her tiny back in the hopes of clearing her airways of the water. He’d seen the lifesavers do this countless times over the years. Evelyn’s mother took her daughter from Caspian, bid him thanks, then raced with her husband up the beach and out of sight. Eight years later, a much older Evelyn and her family; her mother, father and the newest addition, her sister, would return to the same beach. For years Evelyn’s mother had tried to keep her daughter away from the water, fearing that any body of water could swallow her child. But Evelyn was drawn to water. She longed to be in it, near it, drinking it, bathing in it. Finally, after a whole lot of begging and grovelling, the Buchanan family would once again find themselves on that same beach.

Coming soon to a pod near you! }


Serenity (ongoing), Maleficent (ongoing), Lorelei (ongoing).

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  • Replies are on hold until I get my inspiration back. Apologies!

  • The gulf of India wasn't somewhere Iaophae had ever envisioned herself visiting, but after all, she had come on business. Granted, she had been to Nepal and Sri Lanka, but India was still on the soothsayers bucketlist. Granted, long before Trinidadian's existed, India was where the Caribs had originated from. In a way, it was like returning to her roots.

    Typically, Rusalka's resided in lakes and nearby coasts, but she still wandered far out into the seven seas, warm or cold, especially when she would be getting paid for it; gold and rupees were the currencies the soothsayer preferred. Her rosy-lavender scaled tail lashed mesmerizingly behind her, the afternoon suns rays breaking through the waters surface and bedazzling her golden-tan skin with shadows and light. The braids of her cornrows floated listlessly in the water, little bands of gold twinkling within the woven knots. Iao was nearing the cove where the Coldwater Pod had taken up refuge. 

    Her long black nails wandered over the seaweed as she felt her way through the reefs, gills flexing as a passing by blue shark eyed her and she flashed her own teeth in recognition, the backs of her gemstone eyes reflecting light like a felines would. Curious.

    "Hullo?" Iaophae called out, playing with the string of her red bikini top that barely clung to her busty, large chest, much underboob showed. "Coldwata Pod?" Gods, that felt strange to say. She had never come to work for a Pod before, the Matriarch of the Coldwaters hadn't discussed the details of her business, assuring Iaophae all would be worked out when she arrived. It had taken the soothsayer only a mere fortnight to arrive, after all travelling by sea was much easier. And so, she waited.

  • Serenity managed a smile being scooped up into Caspian's strong arms. Never had she been held by anyone the feeling was distant though she enjoyed the feeling. His hand grazing her porcelain features his voice the sweetest melody her ears have ever witnessed. Curling into him with a grip of those delicate fingers against his chest, with widen emerald hues scared a bit of being dropped. Though after a few moments of being held she nestled into him fingers losing the grip as she found herself relaxed resting her head against his chest hearing the beating of his heart like a drum within her ears only caused her smile to widen allowing those dimples to appear.

    He hasn't known to much about her though he was there for her when no one else was not even her so called family had even bothered to go looking for her. Maybe they were happy she had fled the castle. In that moment of silence he carried her to a safe place that was his willing to allow her to stay there. Once they arrived she lifted her head slightly observing the ocean life around them before turning those jewels back up at him the darkness of her hair fading back to its beautiful crimson silken curls.

    Pressing palms against his chest she rose slightly out of his arms to only press the softness of those flushed pink lips to conceal against those of his own. Her very first kiss she gave to him. She was becoming drawn to him unsure if the feeling were the same, but in that her if moment she took a leap of faith with one sweet innocent kiss.

    She would rest back into his arms not ready to leave the safety of them just yet. Never had she spent a night away from the castle. She was sure there would be dangerous things out here in the open sea. With a soft breath she gave a little push out of his arms settling into the kelp bed curling her tail around herself with a bit of a frightening glance around her. Though she tried to be a tough little mermaid. She thought if she just stayed silent like she had all of her life maybe nothing could find her here where she laid. Peeking back up to Caspian she couldn't help but blush smiling with a whispered tone, "Thank you Caspian, I've never had a friend before."
  • The song though beautiful and entrancing was one of pain and struggle. There were no words, but the notes were sung to attract assistance. To hopefully convince someone to help her. Who could ignore such sweet melody? As Caspian approached he would see the personification of beauty. Even as she twisted and turned in the rough fisherman’s net she was gorgeous. Her blue eyes wild with rage, her blonde hair was in tangles yet the ends seemed to illuminate the water around her with a blue light as she sang. Even the red cuts on her formerly pristine sky blue tail held its own tragic beauty. The gorgeous battle between the crimson blood and the shine of her scales, as the crimson won it began taking more victories, claiming the blue waters around her for its own. In a fight between fins and barnacle, the fins never won.


    The more the mermaid thrashed about the more urgent her song portrayed. With ever movement she wound her bindings tighter to the point where her arms were useless. The harsh fibers of the net scratched against her pale skin. Her song became louder, the proud Atlantian had no choice but to yell for help. She pumped her tail but it did nothing to help her situation.


    Fighting a losing battle was not in Lorelei’s schedule for today, she fought harder. Baring her sharp teeth she used the last of her already low energy trying to bite the ropes, she couldn’t even reach them however. As her fighting spirit faded as did her song, now a whisper compared to what it once was. How was this for news? General’s ward defeated by simple net. Her tail stopped moving as she slowly began to sink down to the sharp dangers below. She didn’t have the energy to do anything else, and it didn’t seem to her that anyone was coming to her aid.

  • Serenity was lost her voice rising from the depths of her lungs yet soft like a silent wave crashing against the shore. Slowly allowing those golden hues to open amazed at all the sea creatures that had come to hear her voice. Was it beautiful or a deadly siren trap? Never had she sung in the sea, she had always escaped from the sea upon the island to sing. Her heart hurt something she has never felt before. The song seemed to soothe her finally just being who she was whom she was meant to be.

    Those beautiful golden hues shown like the brightest rays of the sun. Tears painting those rosey cheeks born upon her eyes only to die a sadden death upon her lips. Was her voice really evil though? It didn't seem to harm anyone that was listening starring right at her now. So how could her father say her voice would only hurt others forcing her to live a silent life when she had always been so full of life. Was It because of her step mother's jealousy? So many questions spun in her head, but only one person could really answer them....her mother...but where was she? How could she find her?

    Noticing movement turning her head slightly before she saw the one she had been crushing on nearly fall right into her lap. Oh no he would see her like this trying to wipe her eyes so he wouldn't see the tears lingering in her eyes. Though without thinking she still sung it felt like a way to release the pain. She felt his arm wrap about her shoulder pulling her into a snug. Those golden hues lifted towards his crystalline orbs nearly feeling her heart melt just consumed by the beauty of him.

    Extending a hand to nestle against his cheek lifting her head slightly lips grazing against his voice soft nearly an angelic whisper. Heart pounding against her chest he was the only person in the world she had at that moment. Though they had not long met he was already webbing his way into her heart. Should she take that daring step and kiss him or swim away to save him from her damaged soul.

    Everything in her told her to pull away not to kiss him not wanting him to be trapped by her voice or had it even had an affect on him. Not even she knew anymore. Closing her eyes she pressed her forehead against his with sudden soft spoken words, "Promise you will always be here? Your all I have now. I know I've never spoken around anyone, I am starting to believe it was all lies my father told me of my birth mother because of the infidelity that I am a result of my step mother's jealousy. I don't even think my father wanted me either I remind him to much of Ariel my mother. Does my voice effect you at all? Please say I'm not poisonous. I just want to be normal."
  • After making it home just in time for dinner, Serenity sat down with the family. Once the food was served she listened to her twin brothers harassing one another to the point of throwing food at each other. With a deep sigh expelling from her lips with a roll of those magical green hues she looked over to her father and his wife with a sort of glare. How was it these two could get away with murder, but she would be scolded for such wrong doings? Maybe the Queen resented her for she was a product of infidelity. In a way she just wished she could disappear from this palace she really didn't want to be a princess anyway. She just wanted to be free.

    It was a bit awkward being she and her father had words before she left that morning. Even though she didn't speak it was an awkward silence. Pushing her plate away she rose everyone seemed to stop what they were doing eyes lending upon her in question. She shook her head giving a wave of those fiery tresses that seemed to bleed dark as an octupus' ink. The darkness was rising and her father knew it. Not even the King himself dared to go against her when she was in one of her "siren" moods. Using her hands to speak to her father in her silent language, slender fingers danced upon the waters with a hint of rage within them.

    "They act a fool and you dare not scowl them but if my hair is out of place you freak out! And little miss perfect Queen she doesn't have to pretend to like me she's not my mother nor will she every be! The things you tell me about my mother I am starting to wander are they truths? Or merely lies to cover your infidelity!? I can't be here any longer. I can't live in this prison any longer! And don't come looking for me for it wouldn't end very well....after all you say I am just like my mother...the one you say you hate! Which could only mean you hate me if not even wishing I were never born!"

    With that just and anger finally off her chest she could breathe with one last glance towards her father her right arm lifting towards her crown slender fingers curling about it pulling it free throwing it at the Queen's feet before turning her back swimming off towards her room.

    Though the Queen started to say something King Triton pushed her back shaking her head. "Let her go she needs to release her anger." once in her room Serenity pulled a box out from under her bed opening it revealing an old journal that had belong to none other than her birth Mother. Drawing it to her chest with a slight hug to it she grabbed a few things and swam right out of her window with Chip curled in her hair she dared not to look back.

    Serenity swam what seemed to be hours nearing her little island her little piece of heaven nearing the coral reef. Remembering the new friend she had made, "Caspian..." she whispered trying to remember his name. She tucked her belongings into a small crease of the reef for safe keeping. Had she just ran away from home? Or was it all merely a dream. Was her birth mother really evil or was it all lies so the Queen would never have to hear Serenity's voice?

    Sitting upon the edge of the reef golden orbs peered from beneath tears webbing up in her eyes. Crimson locks fading from sight only to bleed to total darkness. Closing her eyes tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks. Lips parting the sadness filling the waters around her so pure her voice like an angel alluring watching the coral reef come to life just from her voice alone. Moonlight gazing down upon her lifting her head allowing her voice to soar like it had never soared before. A sad song of a lost girl searching for a lost mother. Was she still out there? Did she miss her daughter or was merely just an unwanted child? Sea creatures of all sizes and types lured towards the reef hearing the voice of Serenity flow through the waves of the ocean. Midnight and Winter nudging her chin to try and cheer the heart broken mermaid. Where would she go from here?
  • There was a perfectly good reason for the lack of sea life in this portion of the ocean. That reason came in the form of a tall mint colored sorceress more commonly referred to as The Mistress of All Evil. Her crimson talons traced along the surface of a compass as she stood on the deck of a ship heading precisely in Caspian's direction. The crew on the ship looked sickly, their eyes glowing a fluorescent shade of green indicating that they were not in control of their actions.

    "It will not be long now", she hissed as a large black raven landed on her shoulder.

    The bird was the only creature that seemed drawn to Maleficent. He would do just about anything to make his mistress happy. "I despise the sea." Of course she did. The ocean was filled with a variety of life forms.

    "This had better be worth my time. If not the sea witch will pay." She looked at her raven briefly before directing her attention to the ocean beneath her. She suspected that most creatures could sense the danger they were in. They were fleeing in all directions and why shouldn't they? Maleficent had no intention of making this a pleasant visit. She had hypnotized a pirate’s crew and ordered them to take her to the coordinates given. Unfortunately for her that meant traveling by ship. The crew’s captain was currently tied to the mast, his body shaking beneath the thorny vines coiled around him.

    "Let me go wench and release my crew!" He had been blabbering since they left shore. His men were useful while under her spell but of what use did she have for a captain? The imbecile spent his days in the cabin ordering his men around. She doubted he could even tie a knot on his own. As he spoke the villainess turned to face him curious what he would threaten her with this time. Humans could be so predictable.

    "Let you go? Well I suppose I could do that. Where would you like to go?" She cackled and gestured to the ocean surrounding them. She knew the nearest spot of land was miles away in any direction.

    As she laughed the vines around the captain loosened. He used the strength he had left to worm his way out of their grasp knowing this was his only chance. He did not move more than two steps before he found himself levitated up in the air. "Let me go!!" The villainess rolled her eyes this time and approached the edge of the deck. There were several ways she could go about this. She could kill him now and toss his lifeless corpse into the water. She could also simply toss him in and let him die on his own. Naturally Maleficent decided on the second option. A slow death was much more satisfying. "Very well." She waved her hand causing the captain to fly off of the ship and into the water. He yelled for help as he watched his ship move further and further away. The raven on her shoulder cawed in amusement and flew up into the air deciding it would be far more fun to watch the poor soul tread water for a short while.

  • ~ the warmth washed over her cheeks those dimples returning once the corners of those perfectly pink lips hearing him say her name was pretty. A sudden burst of laughter spilled fourth from those lips watching him with her dolphin friends. Seeing how they enjoyed the company of the merman. Twirling around in the spot she floated within the ocean after the two swam off past her. Those sparkling gems glancing over to Caspian shaking her head no to his question of this being her father's territory.

    Slender fingers forming words glad he was able to understand her form of comunication. It made it so much better to be able to "speak" in her silent language. "No this isn't Father's territory. Its just my little piece of heaven. A place where I can walk like the land people. To be able to use my voice and no one get harmed."

    She could see that he seemed to hear a female's voice as she could hear it herself. She knew he would have to leave shortly to return to the girl he called friend. Something she really didn't have many of most of her friends were creatures of the sea. Lifting a hand to wish him a farewell. Watching him swim away she would only hope to meet him again some day soon.

    With a sigh she knew she would have to return back home for the night though tomorrow would be another adventure. She was sure she would see him again for if he were in these part of the ocean. With a twirl breaking surface of the ocean only to dive back in with a splash swimming off into the distance making home just in time before her father noticed she was even gone~
  • Why did the sea blush?
    The seaweed.
  • Strong currents and well fishes from the Atlantic.

    (I couldn't keep away from the pun!)

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