Character Name

Daniel Mcknight

Character Age

Looks Mid -Late 20's

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Appearance

He has a muscular, battle hardened form, standing a little over 6 feet tall. He has short blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He doesn't always like to dress in formal clothing, sometimes preferring to dress more casually to mingle among his subjects.

Character Personality

He is a nice person, not snobby like Royals tend to be sometimes. He was raised by his father to care deeply for his subjects and make sure they are happy, taken care of, and safe. This means that he enjoys speaking to them and hearing their problems, and actually trying to fix them. Lustiria has become a safe haven for immortals seeking refuge for mortal kingdoms hunting them, so he has a soft spot for other immortals who haven't necessarily had the blessed life he has.

Character History/Story

King Daniel McKnight had taken over the throne of the kingdom from his father after a bloody civil war with the nobles. The nobles had been scheming and plotting with the small kingdoms neighboring Lustiria, or Lust as it was referred to by its enemies, and had been promised land if they revolted against the king and deposed him. So they tried, and nearly succeeded. The kings son Daniel, then a general, led the kingdoms legions still loyal to the king against the nobles, and after a long, blood civil war, the nobles were finally defeated and hanged for their crimes. One of the victims in the war was Daniels father the king. Upon taking the throne, King Daniel began to seek out any nobles suspected of collaborating with the traitors and seeks to purge the nobles of their corruptness as he took more and more power from them. The king wasn't without his own flaws. He was genetically immortal, a secret known only to a few. His father had been lucky enough to catch Aphrodite's eye and they produced a child, which was Daniel. he had his flaws as well. being Aphrodite's child meant that he wasn't the best at monogamy. He had a well earned reputation as a "womanizer". It was not uncommon for a noblewoman to emerge from his chambers early in the morning or very late at night. Rumors swirled as well that some of the treaties and alliances with some kingdoms were sealed in bed with queens or princesses from the lands. He did however treat his lovers with a great deal of respect as well. His first duty was to the kingdom though, and upon taking the throne set about making his grand vision a reality. First, the kingdom needed allies to help the kingdom rearm and grow. He looked for trading partners as well. He continued to seek out allies to share in the glory of battle as well. The city of Brandenburg was the empires capital and graced with a huge, magnificent castle, surrounded by the bustling city. The king's vision included the Empire being a beacon in the medieval world with its modern cities, as well as the empires wealth, and impressive legions meant to conquer those who didn't join the empire, or who had plotted against it. So the kings vision continues to unfold...who will join him?

Character Abilites

He has inherited his powers from his mother Aphrodite. He has powers that can send erotic/explicit imagery into someones mind, sharing thoughts or more. He can also use touch to send tingles and waves of pleasure into someones form. As the profile suggests, his main ability is his heightened "fertility" himself, as his mother gave her gifts to him to spread the immortal genes as well hoping it would better mortals.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

Writer has an amazing wife, great kids and very active life haha. I have 4 kids (14, 13, 7 & 2). I work full time for an employee owned grocery chain, and play softball 2 days a week (1 mens, 1 co-ed with my wife). Our kids are in various things too so I'm not around all the time throughout the week.

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