D e m e t r i

‒ Age: 30
‒ Gender: Male
‒ Species: Wereleopard
‒ Height: 6'5
‒ Mass: 212lbs
‒ Build: Athletic
‒ Eyes: Green w/Honey freckles
‒ Hair: Short/Dark brown
‒ Other features: Facial hair
‒ Location: Vagabond
‒ Occupation: Unemployed
‒ Alignment: Neutral
‒ Romantic Interests: Females
‒ Sexual Preference: Straight (Single)

‒ Inventory: Backpack (Few shirts, second pair of denims), Cash and Change
‒ Skills: Balance, Climbing, Hiding, Hearing, Move Silently, Hunter
‒ Feats: Blind-fight, Weapon Finesse

‒ Description: Wereleopards like Demetri tend to have lean, sleek builds and are somewhat short, but quick. His location depends on the situation with the climate. He travels towards warmer places, usually ones with dense forestry. When he needs pocket money for travel. Demetri does things that suit him.

Construction working or at times if the chance presents, Lumberyard. He doesn't stay in one place for too long. When traveling, he camps out. Makes for easy walk in and walk out. But when the weather prevents him, he looks for a place with a roof. Usually a motel, nothing fancy.

‒ Story: Born into a pack, but divided by rule. Demetri, left with his mother for reasons he never talks about. They didn't leave because they wanted to, but did so because they had to. Is all that Demetri usually shares with anyone that is curious enough. Only once did he share any sensitive information with anyone.

And that was a girl he thought he would be with for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he lost Laurel. The love of his life, he says. When visiting his mother, who constantly reminds him, that Laurel wasn't exactly his fated mate. Simply because he was still sane. What that means exactly, Demetri came to find out later in life. Men of his line know when their fated mates are nearby. They are able to feel that draw, a connection no one could possibly ever understand.

‒ Destinations: Demetri doesn't travel around the world with his mother. He went alone the moment he was eighteen. Putting an entire ocean between them. While the whereabouts of his mother are unknown, he does visit her on occasion, but does it secretly. Due to reasons he never discusses. Not wanting to chance anyone from the old pack finding her.

Currently, Demetri can be found in Manhattan. He has been there for a week now, but doesn't plan on staying long. It's something he always does. Arrive anywhere on the map, then move along after a few months or a year even. Never more than that, unless there's reason for him to stay longer.

‒ The Leopard: Being what he is. Demetri is very much laid back. Enjoys the attention at times that he can't help it being part of his nature. He is very physical, in certain areas of course. Expressive and at times, downright demanding. Playful? Of course. But you won't see him chasing after a ball of yarn.

There are things that draw this Wereleopard. Telling would be giving it away. Demetri is always listening, even though at times it doesn't look that way. Curious you may be, does he land on his feet. He does and usually from pretty high places. Agile and lean like the tales tell. The claws come out when provoked, otherwise, he is sitting back, or laying, whichever seems right at that moment.

– 9'1" Cat Folk, Rumored origins, South America:
It is a mystery how they came to be. But it is no mystery what they later became. Cat folk, is what the human tribes that were in tune with their surroundings, called them. Far from civilization in South America, they were spotted rarely. And the tribes left them alone, considering them Gods. Cats that possessed a humanoid form, they didn't walk on all fours, but two. What had given them such the ability to take such forms is still a mystery. Such secrets is only known through word of mouth amongst their kind. And they are few now. Their dwindling existence is governed viciously. Dominance is their folly. Nothing else is known other than that. A handful of the cat folk reverted back to their old forms.

Walking on all fours like any other cat. But the rest, choice a different path. Able to evolve, they took on the appearance of man. Shifting between common leopard and human forms, the cat folk were confused for an afflicted human. Bitten or scratched by a cursed beast. i.e Wolf, hyena, leopard, tiger. The list goes on. While they do not wish to be found, they accepted being labeled Wereleopards, when they truly are not. Their mistaken and mislabeled transformation is said to be, human to Wereleopard. In truth, it is like so, Cat Folk, Leopard, Human. They only ever take their cat folk forms, a form of taboo. They refrain from such transformation. Punishment for breaking the law, pain. Agonizing deformations inflicted upon the accused.

‒ Writer's Notes:
  • Profile will always be under construction
  • I'm not prompt with my replies, but I get to them when I'm not busy with RL things.
  • Don't kill my Wereleopard. He's new and I like him so far.
  • I don't have any preferences. Can work with anything really.
  • I'm no grammar snob, so don't worry.
  • I just ask that you, as a writer be able to break your paragraphs so that it isn't hard on my eyes.


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  • (I would love to plot, whenever you have a moment.. perhaps they first meet while Ava is fighting in an illegal fight ring?)

  • (This is my hybrid I mention from my list of kitties. Hehe. Redoing her story since I changed what I had to a different character and faceclaim with Dracula backstory that is different now. But basically some things are the same. Though she is not an adopted daughter to him but recruited as a weapon to fight hunters. Hunt the hunters who hunt anything that is not human. Still got some work to do. )
  • Malory opened her mouth to respond, but didn't. She didn't say anything at all until she offered to pay for his coffee. Which she did, and didn't get herself anything. Standing silently at the counter, Malory watched Demetri sit down and wait. And immediately started to regret everything. She couldn't just be normal, could she? Couldn't just leave someone alone, couldn't deal with not knowing the answers for once? Ran in the family, she guessed, since her brother's were much the same way. Which really disappointed their mother--Helen Grace was looking for grandkids and none of her children were ever going to be in a long enough relationship to let that happen because they couldn't even pretend like there is something normal about them.
    Once Demetri's coffee was done, Malory brought it over and set it down in front of him, but she didn't sit down herself. She cleared her throat softly before speaking. "Here, black with no cream and sugar. I'll...I'll just get out of your hair. Sorry for being a bitch to you, I've been told I'm...awful to be around. Have a good day." She gave him a halfhearted smile before taking a step back, and turning towards the door. She needed to deal with the goblin problem anyways. At least one of her brothers would need to come to Manhattan to help her, and who knows how long that was going to take. She'd just have to wait, book a few more days at her hotel and hope that the goblin pack, with their Ogre leader, wouldn't try anything until Malory had backup.
  • "Do you really think I go around telling people about the sh*t storm that just walked passed us? Yeah, I'm a stranger, but I'm not an idiot." Even if his existence wasn't a secret, Malory didn't think he was going around telling people that he was a Wereleopard. Humans had a tendency to dislike anything abnormal, which included having the ability to turn into a giant feline with the ability to rip someone to shreds. Malory was, in all honesty, kinda a terrible person to people she didn't know. She liked being alone or with her family, but being with other people was hard for her. She was so curious about learning more about Wereleopards that she was treating Demetri more like an encyclopedia than a person, demanding to know more information than he was willing to just tell her. You know, like any normal person would when someone started to ask about their personal life.
    When Demetri started walking away, Malory quickly began to follow, running a bit to catch up to him before walking along side him. "Great." Was all Malory said as they walked back to the coffee shop. When they got back to the coffee shop, Malory took out her wallet, biting her lip for a moment. "I'll buy, get whatever you want." She said quickly, trying to make up for her prying, and to thank him for saving her, by buying him something to eat or drink.
  • Malory had a hard time judging other's personal boundaries, mainly because she had no friends currently and no good experiences with friends in her past. She was happy to let her own boundaries be known, mainly by hitting whoever crossed her boundaries in the face, but she really just didn't know. "Okay, okay, Demetri. And I'm sure I still smell like goblin spit, so no, my name's Malory." Malory looked at Demetri for a long moment, not saying anything. What she she supposed to say? She was bad at boundaries, but she wasn't an idiot. She knew Demetri was pissed at her, probably because she was being an ass and prying. When he said he was leaving, Malory shook her head. "I'm not going after that now, I can't take on a pack of goblins and an Ogre by myself." She would need to get her brothers to help her with this.
    Malory blinked, took a breath, and sighed. She pushed her hair back with a hand, the other on her hip. "I'm sorry." She said, and it almost seemed like it pained her to do so. She wasn't one to apologize often. "I'm sorry, Demetri. You saved my ass, I shouldn't be interrogating you. But I really want to know more about...Wereleopards. I'm not going to blab about you to anyone, I promise. I know how to keep a secret." She gestured towards where the goblins had went.
  • Malory did remain silent and still, only moving her head to watch the goblin pack and their Ogre leader walk by below them. Oh, did she hate Ogres so much. She had actually come to New York to find an Ogre, she had heard rumors about one living in Central Park, but after searching the area for a few days, she had figured that the rumors were wrong. But now she had to deal with the Ogre problem, and the problem of the Wereleopard that was currently holding onto her.
    Once they were on the ground again, Malory was happy to be out of Demetri's arms. She wasn't fond of physical contact with strangers, unless she was drunk and/or looking for a hookup. Now, she was neither. "Yeah, the only good sense they have is their hearing." She replied to Demetri, turning her head for a moment to look in the direction the goblins had headed. Then she frowned, turning back to Demetri. "Find my way out? Of what, the park? You know you don't have to be that condescending, Mr. Leopard." She said with a cross of her arms as she looked at Demetri. She also didn't plan on leaving yet, she needed to find out more about what Demetri really was. If he really was a Wereleopard, Malory needed to know more about his species, she wanted to learn about him. "And I'm not done talking to you yet, either."
  • It was an old thing; older than than any building in the city.  Probably older than the city itself.  Old enough to have forgotten the many names it was known by, some 4000 miles across the sea.  

    The sea   and Ireland  Home, are the strongest memories it has.  And being swept away from it, dragged into the darkness below the water of the sea, and carried all the way here by a current, to this godless, ugly land.  It remembers, distantly, rising out of the water as it willed it's body to form.  Looking something like a man in the end, but nearly eight feet tall, with long, sinewy arms.  It's skin was pale like ivory, and spikes like the long quills of a porcupine jutted from it's back.  It's fingers and toes were thick, and long, with knobby knuckles.  It's 'hair' was a tangle of branches that spike upwards, the same shade of white as it's skin, covered in glittering droplets of water.

    Naked, and clean from the water that continued to run down him, it stepped out of the sea, onto the beach, the sand sticking to the bottoms of it's feet, and for the first time in a long time, it felt fear.  For it knew, although it didn't know it's own name, that America was the place that gods came to die.

    But it's fear quickly turns into something else; rage.  Rage that grows and swells inside it, until, not fully aware what it was doing, but doing it nonetheless, it threw out each massive, bone white hand.  And it screamed, no, roared at the sky.  A sound neither human, nor animal, but maybe a twisted combination of the two.

    The sky was dark before, but it hardly compared to the storm clouds that rolled in from the horizon like a war-band.  Churning, and twisting, and gathering above the stark white figure on the beach, heeding to the call of his disorderly magic and giving birth to a storm.  Just as angry as the sire.  The rain falls not to soak the fields, but to flood the streets.  And the wind screams through them, growing more powerful with every breath the one who came from the sea, takes.

    Lowering it's arms by it's side, the pale thing frowns.  It still did not know it's own name, but at least it knew it's purpose.  And that was enough.

    It reaches one hand out behind it, towards the waves lapping at the shore, and with it's power, begins to pull the water towards it.  Three thin streams, twisting around one another like mated snakes, flowing into the palm of his hand, and then spilling down to the ground.  The top spreads broad, like unfurling wings.  With it's power, the water snap freezes, in the shape of a battleaxe, nearly six feet long(still smaller than the pale sea dweller) and perpetually sharp.

    It grunts something out in a guttural language, experimentally swinging the long, glinting battleaxe with one hand.  Muscles like boulders in it's bicep bunched together.  And then, seeming satisfied, the nameless creature wanders up the shore until it finds an old set of stairs leading up, and away from the sea entirely.  Climbing them one step at a time, as they creak and groan and complain because of it's weight.

    It steps out and onto the road, and immediately into the path of an oncoming car.  It's bright blue eyes illuminated in the headlights.  The driver screams on the horn, and slams on the brakes, tires screeching as the car swerves.  

    Thump. Grooooooan.  With one, large hand, it had stopped the car, and crouched, picking it up over it's tall head.  The driver, panicked, beats his fist on the horn, swearing and cursing.  And the thing from the sea turns, hurling the car like a kid with a broken toy, back towards the sea.  It smashes into the sand with an explosion of glass and crying metal, rolling partway into the water.  The sound of the car crinkling and hissing as it settles is smothered by the din of rain in the world around him.  But not the lapping of the sea on the shore, the same color as the pale things eyes.

    Huffing out a mighty breath, tinged white and full of ice crystals, it turns, leaning the cool shaft of it's battleaxe up on it's shoulder, and turning away with a deep chortle.

  • She sat the cup back down on the table again, placing her elbow on the table and her hand under her chin as she proped it up and sighed softly. She turned to look out the window again watching cars pass by, she felt so tired right about now and wanted to do nothing more but sleep for a good hour or two before heading back to work but she knew that it wasn't possible for her. She groaned softly, running her fingers through her hair gently, massaging her scalps a bit. Though, out the corner of her eye, she notice a male walking across the street towards the little cafe, though of course he never makes it for what happened next to the guy, how was it hard to miss that? But then again, people tend to ignore what was going on around them at times and lose their sense of focus at times but she never did, and she watched the whole unfold before her very eye.

    Her nursing instincts took over right then and there, how is it that no one saw anything? It was there plain as day and yet no one utter a scream or anything? Without a second thought or anything, she pushed the chair from under her and quickly made her way towards the door, pushing it opened as she quickly rushed outside; though before crossing the street, she looked both ways to make sure that no other car was coming in her direction or anything as she then made a beeline towards the male. It was uncommon for someone like her to help a complete stranger but then again, she helps strangers every day of her life believe it or not, so this wouldn't be any different. How anyone would have survived that....would have been unknown to humans but to her, it was a different story. She kneel down beside the man, examining him over for any wounds or anything.

    "Sir are you alright? That was quite the hit you took there..."

    Her voice was soft and gentle, as well as her touch as she placed her slender fingers on his neck, no damage there it seems but she would still feel better if she took him to a hospital or something to make sure that he wasn't suffering from any internal bleeding or anything and not to mention that he got a concussion from hitting his head on the curb, though she would hope that he didn't have a concussion from that or anything. Glowing lavender eyes continued to scan the male over once more before she looked at him directly in the eyes.

    "You...don't seem to hurt there sir..." 

  • Malory gasped sharply in surprise when he grabbed her, and was about to shout at him to let her go before the hand was over her mouth. She was far too close and far too warm for her comfort, but clearly Demetri had seen or sensed something, and wasn't going to let Malory go. She wasn't stubborn and an ass, but she wasn't an idiot. She knew she couldn't win a fight with Demetri, he was far stronger than her, and anyways, it seemed more like he was trying to protect her rather than hurt her.
    She once again gasps as Demetri picks her up, holds her to him, and starts running. What the hell was he doing!? She didn't like being carried by him, being held so close to him, but she didn't really have a choice. He was going to take her wherever he damn well pleased. Which, apparently, would be in s tree. As Demetri ran, Malory took the opportunity to look at him more closely. His eyes...they weren't the eyes of an Ogre. They were the eyes of a cat. Of a leopard. But on a human face.
    Malory had to close her eyes to avoid getting dust in them from the shower of splinters from the tree branch, and reflexively grabs onto Demetri's clothing as to not fall out of his arms as he swings them onto the branch. Once they were balanced on the branch, Malory opened her eyes again, looking at Demetri's face, then his outstretched arm. That arm, oh that arm really wasn't human. Okay, maybe Demetri was a Wereleopard and not an Ogre. But there was an Ogre approaching. Malory remained silent as she looked down, seeing the goblins and Ogre shuffle by below them. Damnit, an Ogre in New York Central Park. That wasn't a problem Malory wanted to deal with. She had taken on and killed an Ogre by herself before, but she had nearly gotten herself killed in the process, and had the scars to prove it. She didn't want to go through that again.
  • She managed to keep up with his admittedly longer stride, walking beside him. Or, rather, speedwalking. She was taller than the average woman, but her legs still weren't as long as Demetri's. Malory used her shirt to wipe the bit of goblin blood off of the tip of her sword before throwing the shirt into a trash can. She wasn't wearing that shirt again. After her sword was clean, and, maybe, after a moment of hesitation, she put the sword back in its sheath, as if that showed she wasn't planning on attacking Demetri any time soon.
    Sword away, Malory looked up at Demetri and frowned at him. "I know of Ogres." She finally said. God, she even hated saying that word. But she was starting to believe more and more that Demetri was actually a wereleopard and not an Ogre. He wasn't acting like one, didn't sound like one. Hopefully he wasn't one--Hell, Malory really wanted to know of a new species, a new category of living things.
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