Character Name

Dream Caster

Character Age


Character Species


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Character Appearance

Medium ebony skin, long black over white ombre hair, dark blue eyes, pupils are crosses. Not too slim with some muscle. She wears dark purple corset top, black shorts, knee high boots.

Character Personality

Kind, very serious, shy, laid back, motherly, loyal, passionate, loving, trustworthy, can be very seductive and flirtatious. Though has a hard time trusting others, because of her past.

Character Likes

The dark, protecting others, and her family.

Character Dislikes

Drama, Rude and obnoxious people.

Character History/Story

When Dream was born her Parents were murdered by an unknown entity. Before they died, they gave their daughter all their powers. Her mother, bought dreams, her father brought nightmares. So when she was found by a reaper and his mate, who was a mortal human. They named her Dream Caster and raised her as their own. A few years passed and her sister Kanary was born. At first she was worried that they would love the baby more, cause it was theirs. But, Dream started to love the baby, and thought she was the best thing to happen. Three years later her little brother was born, he was called Drago. Everything was perfect until when she was around 11 years old, that day something happened to the village she and her siblings lived, with their mother. The villagers suddenly went mad. They were killing themselves and each other. Dream took her siblings locking themselves inside the house. But, their mother was standing there smiling with a sort of madness, staring at them with crazed blood shot eyes. Dream took her siblings and ran to a different room, as she set her young brother down her was knock to the ground, her mother slashed at dream's face with her nails, hitting the cheek. Dream screamed from the pain but huddled in a corner with her brother and sister. And when Dream was about to give up hope, her father came into the house grabbing lunai and slammed her to the floor. Dream's uncles Doom Skull and Firenice, came and took them out, dream looked back, seeing her father in tears as he broke her mother's neck. As she got further from the house she heard her father scream out in sorrow. Years past, she now lives with her family, far far away from other humans and anything else. She has had a few love interests, but all have turned out to be a waste of space. She is looking for love but only if the right male comes around, and she is too proud to admit how lonely she is. Now she explores the areas outside of her realm

Character Inventory

Seven foot long scythe blade that can become smaller at will, it is attached to a long chain. Long dagger in a thigh sheath. Black hip bag.

Character Abilites

She is able to control dreams and nightmares as well give them. she can kill people through these nightmares. Also since she is studying to be a reaper like her father she can summon shadow tendrils to take people directly to hell.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

Been role playing for a long while, I am as active as I can get, for the real world keeps me busy. Dream Caster is my oldest character I have. She has a special place in my heart. I hope to do a long term story with her.

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