Name: Eirlys Silfur.

Nicknames: Eir, Lys, Snowdrop.

Gender: Female.

Species: Half Dragon. Half Elf.

Home Town: Tromsø, Norway.

Current Location: Here, There, Everywhere.

Orientation: Pansexual.

Relationship Status: None.

Unique Features: Mirror-like Reflextive Eyes. Slightly Pointed Ears In Human Shape.

Dragon Form:

Height: 30ft.

Length: 35ft.

Wing Span: 60ft.

Scale Colour: Silver/White.


The cold conditions of Northern Norway made the perfect home for the Silfur ice dragons, able to shape shift as they were and prone to hiding in plain sight the clan took up dwellings in the old wooden cabins. Flying only by night and under the famous Northern Lights they became something of a local legend until one day they dropped seemingly off the face of the Earth. Relocating to the icy plains of the Artic Circle where their kind could thrive but the prying eyes of humanity could not. What had driven them out of their home and into the frozen wilds, well that my dears is a story for another day but one that eventually drove an adventurous young Ice Dragon out into the world hellbent on exploring everything she could find. She'd stumble across an elven kingdom hidden within the forests deemed forbidden, where humans dare not dwell and while there befriend the elf prince.

We'll not bore you with all the details of how that went, something tells me you'd fall asleep. Fast forward ahead several years and the dragoness returned home but she was not alone, with her was a strange child with an unsettling energy to her. She was at once beast and yet not beast, dragon for definite but also something more. A true blend of nature and magic. For she was just as much a child of the elves as she was descended from the dragons.

Eirlys Silfur grew up knowing she was different, that others were wary of her but for the longest time not understanding why. Yes she was a mixed breed, an ice dragon with elvish features and an access to a form of magic that went far beyond her draconic heritage, but what she couldn't understand was why people dare not look her in the eye.

The eyes you see, they're often the windows to the soul, but who's soul? Your own or that of another? Eirlys has eyes that reflect, colourless though they may appear they are exactly like mirrors and sometimes what a person sees reflexed back at them is not what they wish to see. She has a gift, those that look upon her eyes may see their future laid out before them in the mirrored depths. Few have been brave enough to look the girl whom is also beast in the eye but those who have may not have been ready for what they saw.

Like most ice dragons she's colder in nature, often accused of having a heart of ice, when in reality she's really quite a sweetheart. After learning that one could see the future in her eyes, the Silfur clan elders sought to use her as they're very own fortune teller. Especially since the visions she gave a person more than likely always came to pass. It was a rare occurence that one could change their destiny.

This went on for several years, ensuring nobody could overthrow the elders because of their little secret weapon, the girl who's eyes never lied. It might have actually continued this way if Eirlys hadn't decided run away from home, stealing off in the dead of the night and flying as fast as her wings could carry her. Since then she's become something of a wanderer, never staying in one place for too long.


Mirror Vision:- When looking into Eirlys's eyes one sees their own future reflexed back at them. The images are always true and very rarely does the future shown change. 

Ice Manipulation:- As an Ice Dragon she has the power to control, manipulate and mold ice.

Ice Breath:- In her dragon form Eirlys breathes ice rather than fire. Cold enough to give a person frostbite.

Elven Magicks:- Given being half elf she can use nature based magick and also speak the language of the Elves.

(Disclaimer: If you're wanting to write with Lys then you need to be prepared for your character to be given visions of their future based on what they see in her reflective eyes. Be good sports and give me a heads up if you want her to show your character something specific.)


- No Godmodding. None. -

- Patience, replies will happen. There just may be a wait sometimes.-

- If you wanna write, or plot. Ask me, I don't bite. Much ;) -

- IC drama is welcome, actually I encourage it. No ooc drama please. -

- Lastly, have fun and enjoy yourselves. ^-^ -

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  • (Sorry just got back to you >.>, hmmmm .... Could do not that he ever sees her again ... Try and convince him. And shocked that dragons would use her for their advantage how rude! XD)

  • (He has yet to meet elves. I am hoping to get a story line with the other
    Elf players here. I got a few replies to get too. Lol. Your gif is what made me make this guy. When the Night King turned Vasarian into a wight. Wanted a character that could raise the dead and never played a Lich. Then heard of dracoliches and that was too bad ass a combo to pass up playing. Hahah. Ok. Guesss the setting depends on who starts. If you start. I’ll leave it to you. If I start. I just need some details to begin. )
  • [Cool character! ^^]

  • Well I meant that my character notices that there is another non human in town and assumes they are there to attack him, not that she actually does. 

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