"You say you swear to god. Now swear to me."

Name: Eka Iskandar (pronunciation: Eh-kah IS-kan-DAR)

Race: Indonesian
Breed: Babi Ngepet (Boar Demon), carnivorous, cannibalistic
Species: S. s. vittatus (Banded Pig)
Age: 828 (immortal) [looks: 28]
Height: 5'11"
Blood Type: AB-

Languages: Indonesian, Javanese, English
Profession: Dukun (practitioner of Ilmu Hitam [Black Magic])
Bound to: n/a
Serving: n/a

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single.

Eka is less of a flirt now than he once was, and the same goes for his ability to make friends. While still incredibly pleasant and polite, having lost the last person he served and had dedicated his life to has left him lonely and in a type of mourning that he struggles to explain to anyone not as long-lived as he is. Right now, only familiar faces have much of a chance of getting him to open up.

Powers: Boar shifter, able to grant wealth and luck, able to track targets via magic, able to briefly resurrect the dead to get information, budding necromancer

Abilities: Master of poisons, totems, talismans, and oils

Scars and Injuries: Two bullet scars in his lower back

Fighting Style: Tarung Derajat, Pencak Silat

Weapons: Sig Sauer P220, fond of shotguns, Kerambit blades


Eka is an ancient Javanese demon who is known for his masterful use of magic to bring wealth and luck to those who will pay him enough for the honor of his assistance. His kind are descendants of sorcerers who traded their souls to demons in exchange for the ability to steal money by simply walking past it. They were therefore cursed to shift into pigs at night, though their descendants can shift at will instead.

He is able to shift into a fearsome and oversized boar, able to tear through enemy lines, trample, and rend with sharp tusks and unnatural fangs. He is capable of taking down everything from large cats like tigers and leopards to humanoid enemies. He can easily tussle with the natural predators of his species and come out alive. Wounds sustained in boar form will heal without scarring, if he survives them.

Eka's scathing humor and quick wit make him ideal for his job. He is ambitious and driven. He uses cruel magic with no regard for anyone else's safety or health. He is not offended by the jokes one would expect about his swine heritage. He is very proud of his tusks, and rightfully so. In boar form, he's monstrous.

He is not part of the Christian order of angels and demons. He does not bend knee for any angel, demon, or god from any sect, even his own. He is not held accountable to the same rules and customs as a Christian demon is.

Eka, like the rest of his kind, can be bound to someone and therefore be required to serve them for a certain amount of time. What makes his situation different than some is that he willingly enters these contracts with people he sees worthy of his time, and gives them whatever they want during the period, so long as they understand that there will be costs, eventually.

He actively hunts and kills his own kind. By consuming them, he grows stronger. At this point, there are none left in his current home of North America he is aware of. He also cannibalizes humans.

 [Eka doodle by tyrellhellick (thank you!)]


Eka was born in 1189. He grew to full power while fighting Indonesia's colonizers. Along with most of the rest of his kind, he did not like the influence of Europeans on his culture and home. He was known for his brilliant sabotage plots and for his willingness to chase something or someone down as far as he had to so that the outcome fell in his favor.

Eka fought back against the Japanese invasion during the 1940s. During this time, thousands of Indonesians were tortured, arrested with no reason, executed, forced into labor, and raped. In a moment of anger, he attempted to free a work camp by himself. While he managed to liberate most of the prisoners, he took two bullets to the lower back in human form and was captured. He bears the scars to this day.

He was imprisoned for some time as an oddity and a curiosity when initial torture failed to give up any useful information. Upon realizing what he was, Eka was pushed to use his powers to provide them luck for military success. He refused, and only managed to escape execution by feigning romantic interest towards a Japanese officer who he realized would be easy to sway. He was taken under the man's wing, and remained there until his escape shortly before the end of the war.

Upon the defeat of the Japanese and the movement for Indonesian independence, Eka got himself back together and moved to the United States, where he has lived since the mid 1950s. After a stint in New York City, he has moved to Riverport, Massachusetts, to be close to one of his last living friends.

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Eka Iskandar is an Original Character. Do not copy him. I'll damn well know if you do.

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  • ''My reputation is everything.''

    Ha, fucking, har. As if he truly gave a shit what people thought of him.

    ''So, tell me, have you ever been to a circus?''

    Well, that was random.

  • "Hmm, well....nothing new really happened while you were away. I'm still a stray as always, I still keep my distance away from humans when I can, oh and I'm still on the run from Manticore so....nope, you're not missing much there buddy."

  • "Yes you certainly did," she wouldn't trade him for the world though. She'll never give him the satisfaction of ever saying that either.

  • "I meant that I'm out of the closet, and I look like it," James is a prissy boy and always dresses nicely with his hair done. Anyone could make the guess about him, and his tendency to stare and look at men a few years older than him. Not that he's loud or anything, but it's just the fact he knows in some places it could actually kill him. "Why? Did you think it was a date? I thought it was being friendly."


  • "You'll get your Uncle privileges back when you can behave."
  • "Do I have to pretend I'm straight, too?" A good question. He's just going to make sure. Sure, he's not out there, but he doesn't want to get in trouble for looking at another man for too long. That's happened more times than he'd like. He eyes the passport., surprised to see them so well done. "How did you make these so quickly? Does Magic work that fast for you?"

    He eyes Eka's luggage, too, glad he didn't under pack. He seems worried he might do this wrong, but hopefully, that will pass.

    "You know, I got better at lying and playing a part, too. Humans, is that what they do to us? Corrupt us?" He's joking. He's become his naughty self all on his own.

  • I'm actively seeking some meaty threads now that I'm back in the swing of Eka.

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"I'm actively seeking some meaty threads now that I'm back in the swing of Eka."
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""That'd be good. Thanks. I left my ride at home today." So how'd he show up to meet up with James in the first place? The man's such a mystery it's impossible to tell. "Don't pack too heavily. There's no need. I promise, you'll forget why you liked…"
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