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Character Age


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Character Appearance

Pale, thin, long blue hair and hazel eyes.

Character Personality

Either extremely extroverted or introverted. Behavior fluctuates between being very exuberant to very mellow. Character displays symptoms of bi polar disorder.

Character Likes

Collecting rocks, going on long walks, night time, and reading.

Character Dislikes

Loud noises, aggressive people, fake people, potentially dangerous situations.

Character History/Story

El is very withdrawn due to a traumatic past of abuse and losing loved ones. She covers this up well in social situations yet is usually in a state of panic, which is masked by a calm demeanor. El is either extremely talkative or hard to engage. She doesn't have family or many friends, just close acquaintances. El is a loner most of the time.

Character Inventory

Flute X1 Thread X3 Wine X2 Soul gem X3 Ariel's Bow X1 Blood Cursed Elven Arrows X200 Sun Hallowed Arrows X100 Bread X2 Dried meat X4

Character Abilites

Can turn invisible for 30 seconds Has night vision

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Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm just here existing.

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