Full Name: Faith Ann Colt

Nickname(s): Fae, Faithy

Age: 20

Species: Human

Home World: Earth

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'5

Faith was the type of girl always looking for an adventure. Believing from a young age that magic was real and creatures of myths were just very good at hiding she set out to find them. Much to the dismay of her older sister Elyse. She grew up one of two children to Rachel and Alex Colt in North Carolina. Her childhood was wonderful. Her parents adored her sister and her and coming from a wealthy family meant that money was never an issue.

Her mom and dad always encouraged her to follow her heart wherever it might lead. Causing her to be adventurous, fun loving, and compassionate. She grew up along with her two best friends Ariel and Guinevere. They were cousins and as different as night and day. Ariel was a wild child who was always gain for whatever scheme Faith had came up with. While Gwin was polite, dignified, and mostly came along to keep them out of trouble. 

Her favorite thing to try and find was dragons. It would seem that the first supernatural creature she meet she wouldn't realize till years later. Her name was Aiyana and she would come to join their little club. One of her adventures would lead Faith and her friends to bare witness to the end of a crime and the young woman who was to late to stop it. Another girl had been attacked by a group of men and Aiya jumped to the girl's defense pulling them off and sending the guys running. Faith had never seen anything quite like it afterwards Aiyana stayed with the girl till she passed from her injuries. 

This caused the three girls to try and befriend the girl and in time she just became one of them. A runaway who later they would come to learn had been bitten by a werewolf and killed her adopted family and fled for fear of hurting anyone else as she sought out how to control her powers. She wouldn't be the only of her friends she found out to be more than she appeared or who would become more.

Gwin as it would turn out was part elf. And a trip to another country would face her best friend Ariel with a ice being of some sort and she would return forever changed. As she slowly tried to learn to control her powers her sister Elyse would come back from college engaged to her long time boyfriend, Ethan, a man that Faith couldn't stand. Her sister being blind to his faults she could see the controlling man as he tightened control over her sister and the bruises seemed to be more frequent.

It was around the time that she turned 17 that they would learn the truth about where Aiyana's family came from. Her real father being a witch from a world called Asmiara and her mother an ancient sorceress. Due to strange events she was transported to Earth as a baby where she was found and adopted after years of thinking his daughter and wife was dead Alexandre Lavoie discovered the truth and came for his 16 year old daughter. With Ariel changing and Gwin and Ariel going away to collage and Aiya leaving for a new world Faith was feeling a bit left behind.

It was this that would lead her to find a strange mirror. The mirror came with a story attached. A story about a dragon and the girl who had sealed the dragon inside. She swore that she could see a blonde girl from time to time inside the mirror. She set out to unravel the mysteries and it would lead her to a tavern where she would meet a pirate by the name of Avery. During this time she attracted the attention of a man if one could call the creature that who enjoyed feasting on the flesh of young girls. Avery a human like her came to her aid and the two of them managed to evade him long enough for her friend Aiyana to come to their aid. 

Afterwards, Avery invited her to go on his ship. She told him about the mirror and the two of them set out to see if they could release the girl from within it. This would lead Faith to Asmiara with her pirate friend. The two of them growing closer and closer everyday. After searching they found a way to break the curse and release the girl but releasing the girl also meant releasing the dragon. After all this time she would come face to face with her favorite mythical creature of all.

The spell that bond the girl to the mirror also keep the dragon locked inside. The first spell was created by the creative concepts of Asmiara to create a world for the dragon to live till his desire to change the world by rewriting it passed. His powers allowing him to feel the pain of pretty much everything added to his own personal pain made him believe he had to destroy the world. Not wanting to kill him he was locked up only to escape later on another world. He caused havoc on this world as well and a young woman sought to re lock him up but their was a price. She was bond to the spell as well and if the dragon ever came to his senses she would belong to the man who gave her the mirror used to trap him once again.

The dragon came out and something she said offended him and he changed her friend into a dragon. Avery was transformed and before she could try and undo the damage others showed up among them the girl who had broken the dragon's heart. However, it wouldn't be her that would almost cost Avery everything but a witch named Briar. She made the dragon Deva mad and he said she would undo the spell. Deva said if she tried Avery would become truly an animal. The two fought and to her surprise the dragon actually seemed to be protecting her as he pushed her towards Avery who took the chance and the two of them fled. The only problem was while he could talk he was stuck in the form of a dragon.

So, they returned her to his ship and he flew along waiting to see if they could find Deva again or someone who could unweave the spell without harm. It would be these events that would bring her sister there looking for her. Her sister who would get into trouble and almost die in a place called the pits. However, a werewolf called Nate would help her and the two of them would escape together Elyse managing to free him from being a mindless beast. He follows Elyse fearing returning to how he was before. She secretly hopes that her sister will fall for him and leave Ethan or the wolf will defend her against him but only time will tell.

The girl who broke Deva's heart Sloane made amends and was able to reach out to him. He no longer seeks to destroy and rewrite the world he is content to live in it. Meaning the girl from the mirror, Adalira, who he has grown fond of now owes the creator of the mirror. Deva wants to help his friend through any means needed. After hearing this Avery and her decided to seek Deva out to see if they could convince him to break the spell.

He agreed to change the spell so Avery could shape between man and dragon. Her newest friend now more than human. The two of them after hearing Deva's story decided they would be his friend. This surprised the dragon but he seemed glad to form bonds with others. Faith intends to remain his friend as long as he will be hers and longer. She now travels between worlds has lots of friends and knows the supernatural is real. Mostly importantly she still has her sense of adventure and hopes to have many more in the times to come.

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