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  • ||It's quite alright, I know how the rl can get and it does come first. Take as long as you want on getting to the reply I can wait :) I've noticed, there's always more than one around but thanks for th heads up :)||

  • (Hello there, welcome to Wrealms - would love to role play and do a plot with you sometime if you are interested. Have a good day/night :)

  • Your welcome! Id love to play sometime if you like mine as well :)

  • The day had started out like any other. She had gone through a small pile of paperwork for her nightculb and a few other things. With this little paperwork done she had headed out, deciding to walk to her nightclub, as she normally spent half the day there, making sure everything would be in order for the following night to come. It took her a couple of minutes to reach the building and once she did, she grabbed a set of keys and unlocked the door. Walking inside, she closed the door behind her before looking around, seeing a few things out of place she let out a soft sigh, her metallic red hues glowing faintly then dimming. Luckily everyone she had came into contact with thought she wore colored contacts. Setting the keys on the bartop she walked around and fixed herself a drink,a mixture of sorts, before she set to work on straightening a few things out even repostioning moveable items, tables and chairs. She always did this once in a while..

    Having spent hours at the nightclub, she had gone up to her office, to watch everything from above. And with the night now arriving, she had moved out onto the h alf hidden balcony watching has people trickle in, then come as waves until the club is just full of dancing people, most drunk, or high. Even both. Metallic reds watched, glowing faintly in the darkness, her glass of mixed liquid held tightly in hand,a new drink from hours before. With the night starting Tris watched, unaware of being watchied herself. Someone she knew had blabbed about what she is and where to find her. Unaware of the dangers that currently is lurking about.

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SEEKING THREADS! Yes, I'm playing the badass Black Widow and I'd love to hear from anyone that might be interested in partnering up with me. I'm open to playing her with just about anyone, but it would be an absolute thrill to hear from a Hawkeye (C…
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