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  • Malory hadn't fully escaped the spill of the coffee herself, though most of it was definitely on Fox. She had a small, darker patch of brown on her long-sleeved, loose top, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the mess she had made of Fox's clothes. "Shit, I-I'm so sorry." The brunette said quickly, looking up--and up, and up--at Fox. Though Malory was one for not usually giving a shit if she ran into someone, that someone usually wasn't carrying hot coffee.
    "Am I okay?" She almost looked like she didn't believe Fox had asked her that question. "I'm fine, just--" The woman looked past Fox for a moment before letting out a sigh. The stupid goblin was long out of sight, there was no way for her to track it now through all the people. "Are you okay? It wasn't too hot, right?" There was no point in even trying to get mad at Fox--Malory had been the one running, not paying attention, and had suffered less damage.
  • replies owing: Tempest

  • Her lungs gasped for air and her mind clouded. The last thing she saw was Fox, not quite out of it as she was. Each breath in of the gas made her feel like she was floating away until....

    Darkness and a dreamless state were bestowed upon her.

    They wheeled her away into a cement room, where light only peered through the cracks of the door. Even when they shoved her out the chair, and her body crumpled onto the floor; Mouse didn't wake up. The Keepers worked fast, tying her up so her ankles and wrists were zip-tied behind her back. They opened her mouth, using a white, polyester rope and wrapping it around like a makeshift gag. Then, they shoved her back into a corner, her head hitting a wall, sure to bruise. The door did not close though when the Keepers went to leave. They held the door open, ever so the gentlemen, for good Doctor Lucia and her cart of special tools.

    When Mouse woke up, her senses were flooded. A blaring light shone in her eyes, and it wasn't until her pupils had dilated that she could see clearly around her.

    "Subject is conscious..." The click of the flashlight and Mouse was face to face with the Doctor. She was middle-aged with dark brown hair that was pulled up so tightly in a bun that it seemed to be the reason her green eyes were angled up. Mouse, rendered unable to speak or spit in the other woman's face, sneezed. Before she can do it again, Mouse's jaw is gripped tightly, and despite the latex gloves worn by the doctor, Mouse can feel her claw-like nails indenting into her cheeks.

    "An Eden Witch, huh?" Doc. Lucia stated, walking over to her cart, that lab coat swishing like a cape and the heels of her shoes sounding like hooves. Clu-dunk, clu-dunk. She comes back, this time with a small blade. "I can't hurt your chance at children. But I do have to hurt you. It will be so nice...." Lucia said, moving to sit on the floor. One hand held Mouse down as the other dragged the blade across her old scar, lightly. Mouse's breathing intensified.

    Then in an expert swipe, it was digging and twisting, and Mouse felt herself try to curl up. "Subject is writhing..." The blade was lifted and discarded in a simple throw over her shoulder before the doctor was plunging her finger in. Whimpers turned into held back yells of pain. Speaking of pain, it was spreading across her body, a web created by spiders.

    "Now-" The doctor discarded the bloody glove before walking back to her cart. She grabbed a small vial full of black liquid. It was clear Mouse knew just what it was by the way her blue eyes widened. "To use whatever THIS is." Lucia popped the cork off, scrambled over Mouse's body and held her face still. The black gunk slid past the ropes and hit the back of her throat, and Mouse tried to cough it up, but couldn't. Her small frame twisted in pain, as she coughed up more then the black liquid- dark crimson blood had made it's way up. Her throat screamed for her to breathe, but she just couldn't. Tears rolled down her cheeks as blood spewed up dribbled down her chin. The doctor used the blade from earlier to cut the rope. After fifteen minutes, the coughing stopped and Mouse felt exhaustion bite her. They weren't done though.

    "Are you feeling better?" Doctor Lucia smiled dryly. Mouse looked up, and through heavy breaths managed two words: "Fuck you." At first, Lucia's gaze twisted, as if the words had hit past her cold exterior, but then, following that twisted gaze was a just as twisted laugh. "Oh, but that's not my job. I'll leave that to a man."  At those words, there was a knock on the door, polite and courteous. The door creaked open, and the Doctor gathered her stuff, leaving Mouse bloody and on the floor. 

    She felt someone toss her into the wheelchair, not even bothering with strapping her in right. Why would they? She was clearly weak, too weak to even want to speak. The new guy, despite being a shifter himself, clear by the leopard patterned spots, faint on his skin, wheeled her all the way back, right back to her glass cell, right where Fox could see. By the time they got back though, she felt a little rested, and when the stranger's arms wrapped around her waist, to carry her to the cot, she was moving around, twisting, trying to claw at his face with her blunt nails. But the stranger shifter had grabbed her head by her face, and hit it, not so gently on the headboard. BAM! She was slipping back into unconsciousness. 

    *Just. Small. Trigger warning. Rape. Paragraph below. Skitter over it if you want.* 

    Then the shifter was climbing on top of her, his teeth baring at her throat, clothes being torn away, before grunting into her. Mouse was slipping in and out of her darkness, unable to tell what was happening as hands held her down before he was done with her, and left her there, tugging back on his pants, grabbing the wheelchair, and simply walking out the door.

  • “Best thing in the world, Japanese food! One of my long lost friends used to take me to places like this all the time, great memories… It’d be nice if I didn’t have to take it by force every time now. Humans are pretty easy ransack. Before you call me a thief, they’ve been hunting my kind to extinction, think of it like payback.”

    Prior to answering the question about what she was offered, he briefly rambled on about a former ally of his and mentioned the lack of difficulty in taking from mortals. Now in his gigantic yet true form, he waitedly anxiously for his ancient and female counterpart to finish her meal. Once more, his eyelids avoided staring at her bust as she put on that shirt before remembering to nudge a pair of jeans and underwear towards the beast in disguise.

    “Welcome, let’s go some place less public before-”

    Right as he was about to finish his sentence, an unsuspecting middle aged woman came around the corner to discover them both. When spotting Tempest tower over everything, her bottom jaw fell in absolute horror as every bit of color was drained from her face. A loud, frightful blood hurling scream escaped her lips out of pure fear directed towards him, as if being stabbed to death or something. Her shrieks of terror only grew louder as the big lug flinched a bit while not knowing how to respond initially.

    “Let’s go some place less public!!”

    With the high probability of others rushing over to the scene their unexpected guest was creating, the mother of all aquatic Draconians was scooped up by his snout once more. She was firmly placed onto his upper back as the large male took off sprinting on all fours, only to leaped right over the railing after denting the decks behind them. Enormous amounts of water were kicked up in all directions from him impacting the surface, which would drench the frightened woman who discovered him, only then did her screams cease. Only seconds after diving down to avoid being spotted, at least a dozen other pedestrians ran over to see what the commotion was about, all they found was an older lady on the verge of fainting as her clothes dripped.


    It’d be roughly one hour later when they arrived at an uninhabited island not too far from the coast. After having used water manipulation for fast travel, the Sea Drake swam into a fairly large lagoon located in the center, more than large enough to accommodate both of their gargantuan forms if she chose to morph. He glided across with his momentum keeping him going for several yards, only until they’d reach the middle.

    Their surroundings were filled with lush forestry, a mixture of different tropical plants with mixed trees and foliage found just about everywhere. Opposite of where the watery entrance was located would be a sandbar, a large one at that. Beneath a rocky ledge several feet away was the entrance to a half flooded cavern, which in reality was the interior of a former volcano that would never seen any future eruptions again. Such scenery was untouched and untainted by man, one of the few places on Earth creatures like them could thrive without worry.

    The tattoo covered female would gently be gripped by his tail coiling around and placing her on one of his front talons, if she wished to hang onto it and float with him. Nothing was said for the first thirty seconds until he could think of a way to break the silence, right as an important thought crossed his mind. Since the Matriarch of the sea had been horrendously brutalized earlier, she was made an offer despite what she attempted to inflict on him earlier, being the one who never held grudges afterwards.

    “You know, I can do that thing again to heal your true, I imagine those teeth will probably ache when you change. So~ How bout it? As long as you promise not to try biting me in half again. I think we both owe each other an explanation for what we are. Wouldn’t you agree?”

  • Why the hell was there a goblin in the city? And how could the stubby-legged little creature move so damn fast? And through a crowd of oblivious humans, no less. Malory was fast on the pursuit, weaving through the crowded streets, her eyes set on her target. The goblin had yet to see if was being followed, and even if it noticed Malory, it probably wouldn't think that the brunette woman was going after it.
    Though, it did help that people were seemingly avoiding Malory, those how saw her made the decision to walk in a wide circle around her. Maybe that was because she looked like she was in a hurry--but it was more likely because she was carrying a sword on her hip. The blade was almost three feet long, though safely hidden away in a leather sheath hanging from her belt. However 'safe' it appeared to be, people still didn't want to take the risk of getting too close to Malory.
    Suddenly, as if the goblin had noticed something, it started running. Cursing under her breath, Malory started running as well. She needed to track this thing to its pack, figure out what it was doing in the city. As the goblin turned a corner, so did she--and ran right into a man carrying a cup of coffee.
  • The protesting 'No' makes her startled for a moment, but Mouse nods. She doesn't bother to take off the bra, or shuffle out of her pants. He wasn't asking for that, even if the Keeper was, and she wasn't about to just force herself on him. She didn't understand though, what he meant by the 'Sorry' and that look on his face: Disgust.

    Suddenly, she crosses her arms over her chest, letting them fumble around until one is slyly covering that scar on her stomach. Part of her thought Fox found her disgusting, but in reality, that was far from the case. She didn't understand yet that Fox was upset at himself. Yet this confusion continues, and a slight streak of anger boils up when she hears the Keeper. Mouse hated the Keeper.

    Then Fox is pulling her into a hug. The confusion in her settled into her bones, and she shuddered at the thought of her children being hurt. So when Fox told her the truth, she could finally speak, relief going through her, and tears pricking at the corner of her eye

    s. "Thank gods." She didn't doubt Foxaire was telling the truth. He had no reason to lie, and clearly was disliking the Keeper too. 

    She had so many questions to ask. How would they be able to speak again? Was he going to be alright? Was there any sort of plan to leave? But she didn't utter them. "Things will turn out fine." Mouse murmured to him. There was no doubt in her voice. She held him tight in a hug, until whenever he let go, and if he did, she would move to stand by the door, ready for the Keepers to come and get her. 

  • Mouse watched him under the shower, curious on not how he looked underneath clothes, but what he was. She looked away after a minute had passed, turning to inspect her chamber for any cracks, leaks, anything that could potentially mean freedom. Her fingers skimmed the edges and corners that she could reach, and where there wasn´t glass, she knocked on, hearing to see if there was any hollow sound, which could lead to another room. But, as if a godsend, she spotted the trap door.

    She looked over at the cell across from her, and for a moment, she swore Fox was looking at her. Mouse silently promised to come back and free him. No one deserved to be taken away from their home. The little witch kept moving though, focusing on one goal and one goal only: To escape.

    Her stomach started to drop as she saw that the hallway was getting smaller, and it lead to one place. A dimly glowing blue entrance enticed her though, and she went in, curious as a cat. But before she could take a step in, she saw the bed. Everything clicked in place of what was suppose to happen.

    No. Hell NO.

    As if to break her determination, the Keeper spoke. Her kids? Her kids were here? Would they be tossed into the ring? What would happen to them? Dear Tharapita above, what was she going to do?

    The taunting voice of the Keeper made her blood boil though, and her heart pound like a roaring lion against her rib cage. She had to focus on doing what she needed to do, and getting out of here. She focused on those thoughts as she slid into the room.

    Her first step would to be locate her kids. There was a rather stoic, disengaged look on her face, as if her body was only a husk of who she was. Her next step would be to kill the Keeper. Mouse did not speak, or look directly at Fox, but rather, sat on the other side of the bed, trying to focus on her breathing, eyes half closed.

    Finally, she would go home and leave this place. That thought was what was going to get her through this all. She tugged her shirt over her head, a soft, tired sigh escaping her lips.

  • Mouse feels her heart break a little, when the man comes in and takes Fox away. Was her only shot at seeing her kids again gone? She doesn't understand why his knuckles were covered in the bandages, or who the man who took him away was, so for a while, she let herself be confused. Answers revealed themselves shortly.

    The roar of the crowd brings her to crawl to the hole overlooking the arena.

    What was going on? Her eyes search until they land right on Fox- or what used to be Fox. For a moment, those light blue eyes meet the dark, almost beady eyes of the beast he was, scraping over the grotesque form, with hairs rising on her arm. He was a monster. What kind? The little witch couldn't tell, but she knew he was some sort of monster. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only monster. 

    The weretiger doesn't scare her as much. The form is somewhat familiar to her, seeing as her children were half wolf beings. Not only that, but the big cat's need to roar reminding her of the saying: all bark, no bite. His opponent, Fox, only reassures her of this when he yawns before charging forward. Those blows surprise her, and she flinches and looks away before the weretiger's body can land on the floor. Her stomach curled at the sound of the body snapping and when the roar of the crowd gets bigger. 

    She looks back over the hole when it starts to quiet down. Those deep claw marks on his chest surprise her, and all she can ask is: why? 

  • The cries have her shuddering. This place was so cold, and everything seemed so bleak. Mouse felt alone for the first time in a long time and scared. She breathed, then out, slowly. The little witch slid down to the floor, leaning against the glass that separated them. But she wasn't completely alone. There was Fox.

    Where were her kids? Her heart lurched at the thought of the girls separated. Cassie would be shaking, alone, wings curled around herself. There was no way her youngest could function in here. Rosa might snap, kill someone and get killed herself. Sirius would be the only one Mouse could bet on getting out of here. What about Arch? If she was gone, he might just be hurt, and slightly scared. But if his kids were gone?

    Mouse shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She couldn't do anything to save them if she was stuck in here.

    So she focused her thoughts on Fox. He was a large man, with that daydream look on his face. Where was his family? What was his story? Was he like her? He had been here for so long. Mouse was going crazy in just a few minutes, so she couldn't imagine being her for that long. Her heart broke for him.

    She turned around to see Fox turned away from her. No, no, no. Was he not suppose to see her or look at her or something? It made her worry that everything was fucked for the man because she was here. She took a deep breath, and let her knuckles hit the glass in three polite knocks. 

  • A snicker almost escaped his lips at the rude response she gave him, as if attempting to dodge his one and only demand. In the event she stood up, the woman in question was a complete wreck, and out in the nude without a doubt. This made glance away from her breasts purely out of decency, as difficult as it was not to stare. He did however take notice of that second sentence, claiming to be a /mother/ of sorts, not much was thought of it at first.

    His ice spears lingered for a moment while she moved away from the shoreline, obviously struggling to walk from her own weakness. With a deep exhale leaving his nostrils, all frozen spikes were dropped from him releasing them, each would gradually melt overtime with how high the temperature was outside. Going over reluctantly, his snout lightly nudged the ink covered female up onto his back, where she’d be spared the hassle of walking since the primordial beast in disguise was in a horrendous condition.

    “Already on that, let’s go find you something.”


    Roughly thirty minutes later, their trek across the coast ended with them reaching a boardwalk after traveling there by shallow water. The walkways themselves were made from dark brown wooden boards, barren in appearance unsurprisingly. Several restaurants, clothing shops, and other minor attractions could be found within the vicinity, most of which were still open. Little to no pedestrians were found roaming around since this was during a Monday.

    Two sets of dense talons reached up to grip the planks above, almost splitting them by lifting his massive weight out of those waters. Directly behind a Japanese steakhouse out of eyeshot for any mortals, the Sea Drake managed to haul himself onto the boardwalk’s corner with his former adversary still on his back. His lengthy finned tail snaked around to gently coil around Llaramee’s frame and place her down temporarily. After glancing both ways be sure no one was listening, he leaned in close to whisper into her ear.

    “Wait right here, I’m gonna go fetch you lunch and a couple of other things. If you see or hear anyone coming, just hide behind something. I won’t be long.”

    Once the Leviathan was given his word on that promise, her lesser Draconian counterpart was enveloped in a cobalt flash before his entire figure shrank and reformed itself. What emerged from this process was a young man in his early twenties with shoulder length azure hair, emerald irises mirrored after his feral appearance, a height of nearly six feet, and tan colored skin to top it all. Materializing in his right palm would be a bronze and silver rod with three prongs at the end, and an orange crystal embedded at the end. The object in particular was his signature weapon: Poseidon’s Trident.

    Soon entering that same restaurant through its backdoor, the first room he came into was their kitchen, where varying cooks were found preparing all sorts of different meals for their customers. As if not trespassing, the aquatic male in disguise casually approached them with his trident in hand, and this was bound to attract some attention.

    “Sir, you’re not supposed to be back here-”

    Right as a Waitress came over to confront him and before she could finish her sentence, the young woman was fired upon by a cyan ray coming from his weapon. Just like that, she was instantly frozen in a block of ice. As barbaric as this seemed, Tempest could easily release her and the others afterwards, and that’s exactly what he intended on doing vs committing an atrocity just to grab food. The rest of the staff were also targeted and confined to their temporary icy prison, one of which noticing what was happening and panicked for a moment.

    With no one to physically stop him now, the Oceanic Dovah searched around and found a freshly made plate of hibachi shrimp and chopped lobster tail, with a large portion of fried rice along with mixed vegetables. In addition, two sauces were on the side intended to go with all that meat. That same plate was carried in one hand while the other grabbed another containing an order of steak with the same sides, no doubt it’d take two entrees to satisfy someone who was literally starving.

    Just before stepping back outside, a finger was flicked against his legendary weapon to instantly thaw everyone back out, all of which were confused to find their clothes suddenly wet and their skin cold to the touch. After freezing the door behind him shut so none could check outside, the young drake returned to his female ancestor and knelt down before her. She was finally handed both plates for her to begin eating, assuming she was fond of Asian food of course.

    Since the poor woman lacked anything to cover herself, Tempest begin stripping down in front of her, starting with his white T-shirt and onyx cargo pants. Once this was done, he transformed back onto his complete feral form and nudged the clothes to her. While they weren’t exactly a perfect fit, it was better than nothing if she desired to have some decency for now. Hell, only reason the beast had clothes to begin with was because he stole them from another mortal, who wasn’t too happen to be held at gunpoint by a trident earlier.

    “Just in case you want them. I /would/ go nab something from one of the shops, but I’d rather not risk everybody seeing me in full form and calling a swat team. As much as I’d love making them look like a bunch of mall cops.”

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