"It's believed that he's the Manipulator of Wind, and that an eastern deity of sorts trained him. While air may arguably be the weakest of elements, his set of talents for mastering it have remained unrivaled. Despite wielding such power, he's anything but a malevolent being."

Gleeon is a Draconian raised human and the former owner of a multi-billion dollar company who specializes in air manipulation. His current career is a special agent that investigates supernatural events or beings, along with secretly offering a safe haven for non-mortals who've been pursued by mankind. His abilities range from spawning tornadoes, creating a space vacuum effect in atmosphere, flight, and throwing spheres of highly compressed air.


It all began prior to the demise of the marriage between his parents, their relationship deteriorated over the course of three years. They had to children, a son and daughter, the girl’s identity remains a mystery. Upon the separation, the Father was brought to court for legal custody of his boy, his ex-wife did this in hopes that she could seize child support money for herself. With that sinister plot in mind, her plan was a success unfortunately.

Gleeon’s biological mother, an archaeologist and ancient scholar, temporarily moved to east Asia for an upcoming expedition. For half of their detour, the woman took him with her since leaving the boy back home would’ve provided her former husband with ammo for legal action. Unfortunately for him, her volatile attitude was about to show itself in a terrible way.

With no one to watch him and the other Archaeologists away for a short time span, she had dragged him to some ancient ruins. On that same day, they made their way up into a massive pillar that almost touched the heavens. Painted all across the walls were various depictions of titanic beast of incredible power, interpreted as a Goddess of the Skies by those who lived within or near her province.

After a harmless amount of misbehaving (Mostly him attempting to touch wall paintings) his mother snapped in a terrible rage and went off on her own child. She then decided to do the unthinkable: Leave him behind. Upon being abandoned by his Mom, the boy had been left to rot away in his own tears, having no choice but to watch as she stormed out of the cylinder shaped temple without him. In order to guarantee she couldn’t follow him, the woman kicked out the supports and made a flight of stairs collapse, trapping him up there.

Several hours went by prior to drowning his growing sorrow after his mother convinced him he was worthless; by then, he had wondered off to the top level of that stone tower. By now, Gleeon was beyond exhausted, and his legs felt like they were going to give out at any moment. Upon reaching the top floor, he just about collapsed near a fallen pillar.

It was only a minute later when the Eastern Dragoness discovered him curled up there by himself, and for the first moment, she could only stare in both confusion and disbelief. Eventually, she approached the boy and questioned him about everything. While unsure of whether or not she would harm him, he answered truthfully. With that in mind, the large female made a profound choice: She was going to take him under her wing.

Over the course of fifteen long years, she taught him Air Manipulation, provided education, food, and a home. At one point in time, the boy contracted a fatal illness that would claim in his life if nothing was done in time. Her solution: Replace some of his blood with her own. As a result, his DNA was altered, increasing most of his physical traits and granting unimaginable abilities. Gleeon grew attached to her, the two could only be described as having a symbolic relationship. Truly, the Draconian female became the Mother he never had.

He was ready.

Unfortunately for him, the time had come when he was deemed ready. The Sky Queen saw him for one last time before sending out her adopted son to experience life, with the promise they would meet again one day. One of his last memories with her was holding the Dragoness’ snout on the day he left, a moment that he would never forget.

It was roughly one year prior to leaving his adopted mother’s care, a full twelve months worth of struggling to keep himself financially stable and seek out a job. Fortunately, a career opportunity was offered at a weapons manufacturer company. Overtime, the young man worked his way up the ranks, having used his increased mental capacity inherited from the Eastern Dragoness he once knew. That reason only was why he become so successful in a short time span.

The death of the corporation’s president finally came. However, there was a will he signed shortly before his demise, and it was said that Gleeon would take over on his behalf with every bit of confidence in him. As such, he claimed the role of being CEO.

After renaming it Onyx Corporation in reference to his last name, the organization expanded on a massive level. Their specialty became collecting weapons, vehicles, and technologies from all other powers across the globe, in addition to dwelling in medical science. As a result, they supplied weapons to freedom fighters in the Middle East, found cures for Cancer and terrible diseases, along with developing their own military to protect their interests. Truly, they were changing the world for the greater under his rule, until a certain somebody came.

While happily married to his first wife Veronica, a second in command named Nikolai Aras was recruited without his approval. Despite having shrugged it off, Aras had been seeing his woman behind his back for quite awhile. Not only was he being cheated on, but that same man took a more ruthless approach when it came to military involvement in the world, having bombed civilians on several occasions in the Middle East.

Outraged by the spilled blood of innocents, Gleeon already planned to fire and have him put on trial. While organizing and planning the effort to remove him among their growing empire, the Manipulator of Air was on his way to visit a close friend who was a scientist for their medical branch. When entering a lab, said male was found dead laying in a pool of his own crimson fluids. Right as the fresh corpse had been discovered, security alongside police burst in through the door behind him. It was immediately suspected that he caused the murder. Little did he know, the incident was staged by Aras himself.

Before the Draconian raised man could be cuffed and shoved into the back of a patrol vehicle, he conjured up his Air manipulation abilities to force them off and make a break for it outside of Onyx Corp headquarters. One thing he could never forget on the way out was seeing a smug grin on Aras’ face, who stood on the balcony and watched for his own twisted amusement. Without a doubt, they set him up.

As depressing as it was to have his life of luxury ruined and his first wife turned against him, Gleeon fled across multiple states and changed his identity multiple times to avoid being found. He kept a low profile and was able to claim all cash from his bank account before authorities forcibly closed it.

After successfully avoiding Onyx Corporation, Gleeon obtained a job in law enforcement to have some income. One day he was called to investigate a suspicious group of people living together: A woman named Alana with her daughters Trinity and Elektra. (the first being adopted)

When boarding a train to head for their region, the Matriarch herself unexpectedly stumbled across the one sent to spy on her. In order to avoid making her suspicious, he provoked a conversation for a majority of their ride until an eventual stop. Because the woman held a wide range of psychic abilities, she instantly discovered his true motives and silently held him at gunpoint. To his dismay, he was forced to follow Alana back to the vehicle picking her up.

Instead of a brutal execution, a decision was made to keep him captive in their home instead. What started as a bitter resentment to her and the family gradually evolved into multiple friendships since they treated him as one of their own. What made him become accepting of them was learning about their true nature: Alana was Geomancer, Trinity being a daughter of the Norse Goddess Hel, and Elektra was an enhanced superhuman that wielded electricity. It was soon discovered that they had been housing several European Drakes on their property who sought a refuge there from mankind's persecution. Overtime, him and Alana developed a relationship before his captivity became willing. The two even got married after awhile.

That was when they came.

Sadly for their growing clan, the Government gathered intel about said family and initiated an attempt to subdue and capture them. With the likelihood of them being dissected or slaughtered like rapid canines, their Dovahs were released before him and the others were forced to scatter, this also meant giving her up. As painful as it was to go their separate ways, Gleeon was never successful in tracking her down afterwards. The end result was both losing contact with each other permanently.

The loss of what he considered to be his first and true family was almost a deathblow to his soul. For a brief amount of time, his grief turned into boiling rage. In retaliation for earlier, an F-5 Tornado was deliberately conjured up right on top of the nearest Military installation closest to their battle ravaged estate. At least forty one people lost their lives from the twister he spawned since all personal were unprepared for such a horrific event. While the armed forces believe someone in the family was most likely responsible, no one has succeeded in proving Gleeon was behind the attack.

After being given enough time to recover from his despair, he was inspired.

The Hybrid purchased an antique steam Ocean Liner from the early 1910's called the Invictus. A truly massive vessel that holds a length of seven hundred meters and uses an exhaustible heat source to keep its boilers burning, as an alternative to shoveling in coal. The floating metropolis was converted into a makeshift home not just for himself, but as a safe haven for all non-human type beings in need of a place to hide. It's also where he keeps a majority of his personal belongings, weapons arsenal, and many other things.

Currently Gleeon has two simultaneous careers: Granting an asylum for non-mortals aboard his floating home, and a special agent that investigates supernatural classified events. Swapping identities has enabled him to remain under the Government's radar and avoid being discovered.



Gleeon can often come off as being a cold and distrustful individual upon first contact, mostly influenced by his past. If one is successful in getting through his bitter exterior, he'll warm up to others with open arms, especially with those he knows personally, and holds a surprisingly compassionate demeanor. When the time calls for it, Gleeon will never hesitate to take action decisively just like his adoptive mother, but not without analyzing the situation in a tactical view first.


The entirety of his skin holds a porcelain texture, almost ghostly to some. He possesses spiky onyx hair, gold irises, and black sclera in his eyes. When not using a special potion to suppress his features, the Hybrid has Draconian talon like arms coated in black scales. He also has a total height of 6' 3" with a slightly muscular build.

Like mother, like son, he secretly holds another form.

Thanks to having some of his adopted mother's blood in his veins to cure him from illness years ago, he's gained the ability to transform into a titanic Draconian beast. Onyx scales make up a majority of of his exterior with silver plates, a golden underbelly, and massive feathered wings that have an almost angelic appearance.

While morphing requires a tremendous amount of magic to use, it's said that just one roar from him can level a town. Not to mention that his air manipulation abilities are amplified to enormous levels that allow him to devastate a metropolis, whether it be through gargantuan tornadoes, or summoning a category five hurricane at will. At this stage, Gleeon gains the power to control weather and atmospheric pressures. Fortunately, transformation does not effect his behavior.


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  • Her face scrunched up with a mild frown when the term 'anime' was brought up. She heard Clarion happily babbling about this before, and she seemed so...absurdly happy talking about it. Yaoi. Men. Men doing things.

    If Clarion was hyperventilating over it, it must be really damn good. "It's the one with the naked men on it, yeah?" She asked softly. There was no reservation on that mellow voice of hers, only genuine confusion. For a moment, it was obvious in her expression that she was wondering why two men will stay in one room to watch it, until a conclusion was suddenly drawn out, making her blush lightly at the thought with a smile. It wasn't a bad pairing, to be honest. Something that Clarion might end up adoring, too. "Oh... I didn't know you two were into those."

    To say that she was good at listening is an understatement, Exoria spent most of her life doing so that it already became an expertise. The way her eyes focused on him as he spoke and relayed his story was a significant sign that she was listening. To every word, to every emotion that laced it, her eyes taking note of each shift and reaction. Her smile faded as his story spiraled deeper. Darker. It was troubling how much pain he already went through. "Your world is cruel," she slowly whispered, the disenchantment obvious in her voice. "I can only assume that they were the ones responsible to break your last family apart." A flash of anger was visible on her face the moment the subject regarding the missing ocean folk was brought up.

    She wouldn't worry about the ones in the flocks, but the solitary ones and the exiled were certainly in danger. And she had no doubt that Clarion was on the verge of meeting that fate if not for her lover's immediate action, and for the fact that she still belonged in one lair.

    By the gods, what were these humans hoping to obtain from them? Their voices? That will make perfect sense, seeing that their voices were really potent in disarming an enemy, but she can only imagine the fact that these siblings of hers must have faced withdrawal as some sort of death. How will they even extract it? Her face remained stoic, but the mixture of pain and fear was palpable in her eyes.

    How long was this happening? How long were they deluded that they were safe?

    And she thought that they were the monsters when there were those who took part in those things and can still call themselves as humans.

    How can mere sirens like them stand up against a force so menacing? Exoria can somehow understand what was plaguing him now. The wind warrior was definitely vexed about this. Staying will certainly jeopardize the safety of her pack. But she knew her sisters better, bless their murderous hearts. She spent their years carefully picking their battles and prey because they will simply wouldn't back down. Lowering herself down on the bed, raven black tresses spilling against the sheets, she gently planted a kiss on his forehead.

    "Gleeon, I'd let you in a secret," she said, closing her eyes, pulling him close. "Remember when we first came here and all the arrangements were made? Which room, which place, which food to eat? Even the clothes were a thing. One moment we spent our whole lives with the ocean as our only clothing, and now we have to be presented with these fabrics for decency. We have to suit mortal standards.

    The girls found it funny at first, to be honest. Clarion and I were doubtful that this sort of thing will work. A being with human blood, trying to keep up with our appetite, replacing it with seafood while slowly making us coexist with a few other mortals aboard. It's almost like...making the earth spin for the moon. It was difficult. And I'm pretty damn sure our other sisters were thinking that we're out of our damn minds to even try. I'm surprised no one has showed up yet to question us why. But they saw you try. You never really gave up on us.

    We would have left the Invictus long ago if we wanted to. The ocean is a vast mother of sorts, you wouldn't even find us if we do not wish to be found. We lived without these mortal luxuries, and for eons, our kind thrived in our own archaic ways. You'd be surprised with how much we can withstand," she tightened her hold against him, burying her face in his hair, slender fingers gently stroking the strands. For a moment, she hesitated. "By now, the only reason that we're staying in the ship is because of you."

    By the gods, that sounded mushier than she thought and originally intended, she nearly cringed. "And probably Tempest, too, his flair for food presentation was fantastic. I can see how he charmed the wits out of my sister, actually," she added quickly.

    Well, it was true, though. It seemed that her embarrassment over confessing things like this will never truly fade off. At least, he can't see how her face instantly went scarlet. Or so, she thought.

    At that moment, it was all tranquil. So pristine. The calm before the storm.

    "But my point is," she started once more, her voice a little less nervous than the last after drawing a deep breath. This time, the sincerity in her voice was evident. "There are a lot of things that I remember, and most of them are not worth keeping, it's almost a curse. But if the gods would be kind enough to take it and leave a few things behind, I'll choose the memories in this ship in a heartbeat. All the time that I spent with you will be more than enough. Probably more than I will ever deserve." A hint of a bittersweet smile momentarily graced that face. Even a monstrosity like her had things that she desperately wanted to hold on to. And as time went past, he was already one of those. "Please don't say you're willing to throw that all away for the sake of us being safe. Because I'm sure that none of us would."

    Her eyes fluttered open. Those glowing aurum eyes were dauntless. They glowed fiercely, like burning, melted pools of gold. "I have a few plans that I'd love to see if plausible. Though I want to hear yours before anything. Now tell me, Gleeon. Are we included in it?"

    She will never take no for an answer.

  • They were so disorganized. Outnumbered, and disorganized.

    They won the fight, indeed, but with Exoria internally nitpicking every single thing that happened, she couldn't help but notice how unprepared they were. How defenseless everyone was. How things didn't exactly go according to plan. To the rest of the girls it might not make sense why she was still thinking about this sort of thing after a filling victory, but as the standing matriarch of the pack, in a way, she knew, this mistake of theirs can be fatal the next time around. If they were intending to stay in the Invictus, they better fix this incongruency. That would have caused far greater loss if repeated.

    As much as she hated to admit this, willpower alone seems inadequate.

    A storm was brewing. Not that kind of storm churning the skies outside, leaving torrents of rain in its wake. A chaotic one at that, and it's not just water that will pour, for sure. All these thoughts played over and over in her head, rendering her silent, while the rest carried on.

    Exoria didn't project these worries, however, letting the rest of her siblings bubble happily around, fooling in the shower, celebrating for a food well harvested. After all the anxiety that everyone had, she just can't afford to wipe those silly grins off their faces. She simply reprimanded a half-apologetic Clarion for her recklessness as usual, yet praised her all the same. The things that she heard or saw went unsaid. At least, for now, until their host decides to break the news himself. He will be able to explain everything better than she ever will.

    With the younger ones seemingly planning to take their sweet time in the shower, Exoria finally decided to finish and dressed up, leaving the bathroom with Sylvan wailing about Tamara putting so much shampoo on her hair. For now, it seemed, she can leave them by themselves. All satisfied, and happy, claiming to be the victors of that night's story.

    Besides, there was also Gleeon that she felt like worrying about. She doesn't want to leave him for too long, alone with his thoughts, especially with all that chaos still fresh in everyone's mind. Unable to shake off that look on his face lately, she certainly doesn't want to see it again. Thanks to that memory of hers that seemed to be more like a curse, those were one of the things that she knew she cannot forget. Not that she wanted to, anyway.

    And she was more than determined not to let this happen again. Or at least, do whatever she can to try and soften the blow. A feat that seemed so impossible considering their situation, but something that she wouldn't hesitate to try.

    What in the world is going on with the Eastern Lands? Why would they even think of attacking an ancient ship? What the hell is a CEO even? Some menacing human terminology that they knew nothing of? With all the archaic books that she was reading, she remembered seeing none of those. Shakespearean dramas and some other novels that she pored through didn't speak of it.

    Exoria gradually entered the room, clad in a thin nightgown, running her fingers through her damp hair, and gently closed it behind her. When she thought that Gleeon already went to sleep ahead of her, it seemed that she was completely wrong. For a moment, she was silent, wondering how she will start things off. Going straight to the point seemed to be quite ruthless and harsh, considering the amount of disturbance that he was still in. Hastily talking about what she had in mind might amount to the same thing.

    She simply doesn't want to hurt him more than the whole thing already did. Her body can still remember the prickling warmth the moment she held him. The words that left his lips, laced with grief and desperation. At that moment, she wished that she can do more. She had a clear memory of those arms. On how tight that embrace was. At that moment she felt like she knew how much he needed her, and how much she wanted to protect him in return...

    ...but with a body this fragile, how was that even possible?

    "Argenthys was babbling about you the whole time and was asking for you," she finally started with a mild smile, sitting on the edge of the large bed. If there was anything she found hilarious in the aftermath, that was how the youngster kept prattling on about the man, adoration lighting up her face. Naya was no exception to this, the young woman quick to affirm and agree with the youngest. Most didn't seem to be able to notice what happened while they were feeding, so at least she doesn't have to explain too much.  "She's a bit of a crybaby, thank you for consoling her."

  • If there would be anything that will quickly silence the girl from bawling, their host just successfully pulled this off without any difficulty. The two other sirens can only watch in amazement at this. Someone who can be incredibly vigilant and gentle at the same time. A man that can truly do both. "Wow, that was great," Naya squeaked, staring at Argenthys, with wide, gleaming eyes when Gleeon finally left. "I want a hug like that, too," she faintly mustered.

    Wiping her eyes with a sniffle, the youngster finally cracked a tiny smile. The tiny beam of sunshine from a child that fawned over an adult. "I'm gonna marry someone like him when I'm older," came the flushed, childish reply.

    "Yeah, whatever, don't fill your head with boys, you two," Sylvan stood up, entirely relieved. None of her sisters were in tears now, which was good. They were all safe, which was even better. "Let's calm these waters and join them. Dinner is served."

    That night's dinner was certainly hard-earned, but a feast, for all that it was worth. Tamara was the first one to swim up underneath one of those retreating inflatable boats, her talons reaching up to shred the rubbery underside. Watery claws pierced and tore through it like paper. Ripping it open from the bottom, the redhead wriggled her way up into the quickly sinking vessel, fangs finding its way home on one man's neck as she flung herself forward, needle like teeth ripping straight to the artery with the precision so well-honed by time.

    A series of screams commenced quickly at this sight, only intensified by the panic of the rapidly sinking boat, and the sirens were obviously not going to delay their attacks for that. Oria blindly grabbed another by the collar and dragged the mortal down underwater, locking her lips with this terrified, struggling stranger, only to sink her teeth against the lower lip and tore it back hastily, taking both skin and flesh with it, the blood blooming forth as she did. With Eris taking pleasure in lovingly snapping the necks of any unfortunate victim that she can come across within her radius and used both hands to rip the jaws of those that tried to scream before her face, she was quickly followed by Clarion who was furiously partaking in this meal, fangs easily piercing mangled bodies into cross-wise halves, that ungodly maw of hers easily swallowing it all in.

    It seemed that the large serpent was busy in devouring out of revenge for a decent reverie broken, rather than actually filling her stomach.

    Things only grew more chaotic with the three remaining sirens in the flock arriving at the scene. Naya's polite, princessy finesse immediately disappeared at the presence of blood, and Argenthys, being the most enthusiastic of them all, her former distress entirely forgotten upon getting her first contact with a freshly ripped flesh. One can only guess that the same scenario happens on each ship they successfully sink by their lairs, and this time, they were intending to ruthlessly decimate the whole crew.

    Exoria, on the other hand, has a calmer way of dealing with things, only taking the pieces and mostly overseeing her sisters in their feasting frenzy, making sure that none of their prey will dare to fight back. Aside from a couple of men that intended to harm her siblings, which she quickly eliminated, their prey were all in distress, and far from retaliating back. She would have offered a song if only she had time to do so. All that anxiety lately seemed to tone down her appetite, even with the rising, pungent smell of blood that stained the waters. When it seemed that everyone can pretty much handle themselves, she prepared to swim off and return to the Invictus, simply nabbing a ripped thigh that floated her way to nibble on the way back, but quickly stopped. The first gunshot already had her attention, golden eyes immediately shifting towards the direction of the sound. The rest didn't bat an eye, all too indulged in feeding. Swimming close, she was finally within earshot, just about time to hear the heated conversation between the two opposing captains. Exoria knew better than to interfere at this, quietly taking in every single detail and information that she can get. Crouching slightly at the side of the damaged vessel, the infamous sea predator prepared to pounce on the older man as soon as she found the perfect opportunity to do so, but didn't really anticipate where the second bullet landed.

    In a blink of an eye, the man was motionless, and the siren took her time to process what just happened. Gleeon didn't even notice her at all, instantly overwhelmed with both grief and conscience. Wide-eyed, she stared at this tormented lover of hers, then back at the male that he just shot. Those eyes remained wide open, that face perpetually graced with horror for a death that came so quickly. Shaking her head, Exoria quietly crept close and extended a hand towards the corpse, quietly dragging it off by the arm and pushed it to the waters, leaving only a pooling trail of blood, and crimson lumps of damaged cerebral matter. It was something that the rain tried to wash off in a hurry.

    A realization hit her, almost slapped her, in fact. How many times did they talk about death before him like it was nothing? Sirens were so accustomed to seeing so much blood that demise has been a thing that their lives revolved around on.This young man, who already held both her interest and her heart never directly stained his hands. Always relied on magic, the course of nature and allowed destruction to do its work without bearing him as a witness.

    Until now.

    It was absurd how one small instrument can bring one's mortality so quickly without any grand flair. She might not be able to easily understand Gleeon's agitation over the swift death of one person--a threat, to be exact, but that heartbroken look on his face pierced through her. Trying to resonate with anything left of her perception as a sea nymph way back before, a pain so tangible that she can feel it rising in her chest.

    Exoria felt so helpless. And by the gods, it hurt.

    With her sisters determined to tear apart through anything from their adversary that seemed to make any sort of noise, the hysteria of agonized screams was gradually choked off. Hands tipped with sharp talons grabbed floating pieces of limbs and other extremities, glinting teeth tearing straight through the salt adorned flesh, ripping through entrails, organs and all. With golden eyes all livid with the hunger for a food long abstained, there was only the sound of the rushing waves, the slick sound of sinew tearing off from the bone,  faint, bubbling squeals of genuine pleasure and the consistent snap of bones being crushed.

    The fight was over. It was a victory so bittersweet, but well-deserved. With the sea seemingly appeased at this sacrifice and now that they were not manipulating the waters, all that was left were the usual waves that rocked the area, the howling breeze from an impending storm, and the pouring rain that came from the heavens. Around them was a crimson sea of churning predators, more than pleased and eager to finish off their meals.

    "There you are, I thought you'll be staying on the ship," her voice was quiet as she approached. Never in the seven seas, she thought that her voice can sound this gentle when spoken out loud. Part of her wished that she was the one who did the questioning instead to spare him from that sort of trauma. Taking information, by torture or by charm, will be easy. But with that deed all done, all she wanted to do was to wipe that despair from him. Hesitantly, she reached out for his hand--the one that held the firearm, deliberately taking it away from his grasp.

    At that moment, all that she ever wanted was to hold him that it burned so much. Even with the cold rain pouring in, that warmth felt absurdly intense, begging to be done.

    And she did. With one hand still gingerly holding on to that weapon, Exoria pulled the man against her in a tight, unyielding embrace. "That's alright, Gleeon, I'm here," her voice didn't waver this time. In a way, she knew, she cannot convince him that it was right-- it will be odd, coming from a monstrosity like her. However, she knew that there are reasons why it has to be done.

    And she will never judge him for it.

    "Come on," she gently coaxed. There was no enchantment in that voice, only the underlying reassurance. She was trying, gods know she was. From the earnest look on those glowing metallic orbs, and the brief, pained smile that graced her countenance under the running rivulets of water that streamed down on her, if there would be anyone who finally managed to crack those icy exteriors for a glimpse of this emotion, that will be no other than him. "It's been a long fight. We won. Let's go back."

    For that time, they won, indeed. It will only get worse from there. In order to survive, it has to get worse.

  • "What the hell?" Oria hissed, fins bristling as she did, glowing eyes narrowed into slits as the nearly ear-splitting sound rang out. "Did that draw blood? Was Clarion wounded or something?"

    "She's going to be way crankier than that if she is," Eris replied, glancing over twice to see the two of her sisters quickly catching up. "That thing looks so damn big! If those inside are not enough to feed us all I'm going to be pissed."

    Exoria seemed relieved for a moment when she saw the achromatic serpent hurrying up to help her beloved, and gestured for the three others to go ahead and push the current further, the intensity of the waves now escalating as they neared. She took a moment to stare at the whole submarine in its whole menacing glory. Those golden eyes gazed at each detail, each curve, end, and marking, burning that sigil into her memory. And in a way, she had that foreboding feeling that they might have worse vehicles than this. "We can't let that thing advance any further from here," she swam close, nudging at the serpent's snout to take her place. Clarion sharply turned, that snarl still plastered on her, only to see the unfazed woman. "Clarion, freeze those propellers on the side!"

    The younger one immediately obliged, firing a blast of ice on the one closest to her, in an attempt to jam its spinning motion in place. Sharp pieces of clear hard frost hastily bloomed on the blades in an attempt to hold it together. Weaving her way underneath, she slithered past the swirl of sand being disturbed from the sea floor, doing the same to the other side as the submarine gradually rose up. "Guys, whatever you all were doing is working big time--" she froze mid-sentence, her head quickly whipping back to the direction of the Invictus as soon as the missiles were fired.

    Now that dragging it up was already accomplished, all that was left was the method of tearing it apart. The only downside was now that the whole thing was at the surface, the attacks from the enemy were no longer in their element to handle. As the exchange of fire transpired, Exoria winced as the volley of bullets left the submarine, hoping that no one on their side was hurt from that. Even at that distance, the explosions that rang above still had their ears ringing. The whole vehicle shuddered at the impact. "We'll support it from underneath," Exoria's voice sounded strained, laced with frustration. If not for the ocean's current helping them, they all knew they cannot lift that whole thing with brute strength alone, or withstand that explosion even. With their strength mostly relying on numbers that they do not have, there was not much to do but wait. They cannot destroy it from the outside with force, only their reptilian allies could. At that moment, they have every opportunity to strike. "Damage it. Destroy that thing that allows them to communicate on the surface before they start relaying any messages to others.

    The serpent paused, glancing over to her draconian counterpart, sapphire eyes squinted. "Antennas?" She squeaked.

    "Can't let them know what they are up against, yeah?" There was a long pause beneath the stirring waters. "Do whatever you two can to crack the vehicle open. Hopefully, it will be a little easier from there."

    Never really following with most plans, being told to do anything certainly took Clarion's attention, that signature threatening grin of hers already plastered on her face. "Come on, Tempy, one who makes the most dents win!"

    Any sort of damage to their opponent was more than welcome, and the rear end partly tearing apart from the counterattack was what the serpent was waiting for. As the waters churned furiously, keeping everything unstable, and the raging upward current underneath trying to keep it afloat, Clarion hurled her whole, twisting body against the side with a feral snarl. First, crumbling a tiny bit of the hard chunk of ice that she had blasted into the propellers. Second, the colliding force of her weight, combined with water manipulation thrusting her forward might be enough to dent the hollowed surface. When she recoiled for the third strike and hurled herself forward, she shifted that lengthy body of hers towards the rear of the submarine. With those rigid pearly scales brushing roughly against the metal exterior, it almost sounded like an arsenal of nails grating against a polished surface. Stretching her monstrous maw open with a loud roar, her head broke through the surface of the water and Clarion clamped her fangs against the damaged end. It seemed that she doesn't care at all if the remaining people inside will spot her in that form of hers, she knew that none of them will stay alive to tell the story of a trigger-happy sea monster a few moments from now.

    One will certainly think of this not-so-elegant attempt as a mistake. She was right in front of the submarine's aircraft gun. Their fangs were never really meant to pierce metal despite their sturdy nature and the jagged, burnt ends grazing the softer parts of her mouth will certainly draw blood. It did, and it hurt. A muffled squeal of raw pain escaped her as she resisted the impulse to draw back. The dark shards of blood-stained ice crystals that rapidly formed to heal her wounds, however, acted as some sort of temporary adhesive to keep her grip from slipping. Flapping her watery wings, the pearlescent ampipthere heaved herself up against the tail end, frost rapidly forming around her as she did, her relentlessly squirming body and that continuously shifting weight was hopefully enough to rock it back and forth, the ends of her frilled tail slamming forcefully against the protruded antennas, each crushing hit hopefully enough to inflict the intended intensity of the damage.

    She must have been a little too excited in heaving herself up to the surface since she can feel herself sliding to the other side even with her consistent flailing to keep her balance. In a way, it was a convenient coincidence should the Invictus decide to fire another defending round, she will be out of the way without the risk of getting hit. But that mouth of hers just wouldn't let go. She might be able to rip the rest of that part and take it with her if she was really lucky, or at least, drastically increase the leakage.

    After all, the water pouring in will certainly create some advantages to someone who works with ice. And in a way, she was starting to see what her elder sister might have planned-- any opening to the control room will be helpful if that meant making a song echo in.

    Meanwhile, on the stern deck, it seemed that Sylvan managed to grab her two younger siblings at the nick of time before the shower of bullets landed. It was no easy feat, with all three of them mesmerized by all the explosion lately that they nearly missed the warning, and probably even Exoria's command. They were mostly unscathed, aside from a few grazes that were expected to heal quickly, nothing too serious. As soon as everything calmed down for a moment, Naya wordlessly craned her neck to see if anyone was harmed from that. "Gleeon? Are you okay?" she hesitantly called out, wondering if their host was just unharmed.

    Though they all knew that it will take so much more to inflict actual harm, it wouldn't hurt to ask, and Naya has always been polite.

    Argenthys, however, looked like she was about to cry, her round golden eyes already welling up with tears. Regeneration was a fast thing, the shallow graze on her cheek was already bubbling as it healed, yet she was clearly upset. From the shock of it all, perhaps, the youngster had only encountered harpoons and a few round of bullets as weapons, only to be presented with this gatling chunk of terror. And how the part of the deck that they all adored hanging out on was reduced into a flurry of chairs and tables riddled with bullet holes. Even the floorboards that were once so smooth were not spared from the whole ordeal.

    "Please, please, don't throw a tantrum now, you're way past that age," Sylvan nervously pleaded. At that moment she sounded like an ordinary human who has no experience in appeasing children. Those things have always been Exoria's job, after all.

    Those tears started rolling down the girl's cheeks and she desperately wiped them off, stifling back a sob. "I'm trying not to!" came the cranky, charm-laced reply.

    There was a faint roll of thunder from the distance and a subtle crack of lightning. With dusk fast approaching and how agitated everyone was, it was almost impossible to know that the dark clouds were creeping in, rendering the sky overcast. A drizzle started falling. It started mild at first until fat drops of rain started patting down, one after another.

    From all that chaos that transpired, even the weather seemed to be highly displeased.
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  • "My gods, is he alright?" Argenthys quickly asked, one of the first to notice how Gleeon instantly paled at the spot. She was just about to approach him timidly but quickly hid behind Naya with a squeak as he shouted those orders. That managed to startle everyone, indeed, even Exoria who cannot exactly comprehend what sort of enemy can extract this sort of reaction from their host.

    "I can't hear much from here, what's going on?" Frowning mildly at this when her attention was taken, Clarion quickly decided to get off of the azure drake's back and ducked down, straining her ears as the saltwater closed on her. The ship's propellers almost drowned everything off, but after a moment's focus, there it was. The faint, yet the noticeable sound of rushing water. The approaching object in the radius. Gleaming blue eyes widened at this realization, they were officially under attack. "They fired!" Clarion didn't even have time to break to the surface, the sharp panic in that telepathic voice of hers was enough to ring indiscriminately to those around her. "I'll get the first one!"

    "Clarion, wait! " Calling after her doesn't seem to have any sort of use, with the woman immediately morphing into the pearl serpent that she was, diving underwater and speeding off without delay, pale frilled fins trailing off. That inhuman speed of hers as a siren and water manipulation combined already had her skimming underneath. The onyx haired female on the deck brought both hands to her face in mild exasperation. "Why... Why in the world do you have to be so reckless? Tempest! Please, make sure my sister is not off to swallow it!" Exoria quickly glanced over to the three that she assigned, with Argenthys still cowering behind her sister's back. She already gestured for the two blonde women to go ahead to the waters and they did so without being told twice, with Eris more than excited to dive in and follow, just eager to go anywhere than stay on the deck. "Cast the turbulence in," she started, pushing herself past the ship's railing. "Don't stop until instructed to do so, and calm everything at that command. That thing is incredibly heavy, once they manage to push it up we can't miss the shot."

    "Those humans surely have an arsenal of odd weaponry with them, can we really stop those blows?" Tamara asked quickly, scarlet brows knitted in a frown, gripping her sister's arm even before Exoria can vault herself into the sea, only to be subtly taken aback. At that moment, she wasn't entirely sure what made her flinch more, the wind manipulator's voice that literally announced the enormity of their situation a little while ago or the glare that met her. Under that serenely composed face that wouldn't seem to get shaken at all at this rate, and the dark hair that fluttered in the breeze she can see the pure, bubbling, untainted fury behind those metallic orbs. Something that was certainly not directed to any of them, but Tamara cannot exactly fathom or remember if she ever saw that before. In the dying sunlight, those predatory eyes alone looked livid.

    "We are not stopping those, with our mere numbers, we can't. We can create the currents to redirect its angle and throw the attacks off course until they find a decent momentum to bring it up. Hopefully, our speedster of a sister got the drift of the idea." A quiet pop can be heard as the bubbles started to emerge from the depths, the waves somehow churning a little faster than usual. It almost seemed like a sudden storm was brewing underwater, and one can only notice its pattern, the swirling, twisting current was going outward as if the water now has a life of its own. Finally convinced, the redhead decided to follow. "Gleeon, you might want to shift the direction of the ship, it'll probably get messy. Explain everything to us later, we'll purge this thing out." So don't worry too much, she wanted to add but decided to let go of the railing instead.

    Meanwhile, Clarion obviously has a more aggressive and offensive way to handle things, not pausing for anything, and was quite menacingly fast. Any lesser creature will definitely suffer from the damage should any sort of collision take place. With that sort of speed, it seemed that there was hope at least, the only downside is, the color of her scales might not be the best thing for camouflage.

    The serpent came to a halt and opened those large jaws, rows of curved fangs gleaming like large silvery needles, her eyes burning with the pure intent to kill. At that point, it might be possible that their adversary had sensed the presence of a furious zooming ampipthere rushing towards the vehicle. But when it did seem that Clarion was intending to swallow the first projectile from a distance, two quick blasts of ice escaped her ungodly maw, rapid shimmers of white trailing its comet-like tails. Both blows were intended to collide with the said missile, and whether that attempt to counter the explosive was successful or not, she was definitely not letting the vehicle get away with it without an attack of her own. Retracting back her head with a snarl, she froze a small region of the water before her into a chunk of jagged, solid ice. Twisting her lengthy body, she used the force of her tail to send it careening towards the submerged vehicle, lacking the necessary limbs to do so.

    Though she knew it wouldn't be enough to even tip anything as large as that, at least, she hoped, if it managed to connect, it will shake things up.

    With both scales and frills rigid in agitation, she lets out a long, piercing screech, the sound rippling underneath, audibly resounding even at the surface. Quite the horribly distorted melody that it was. If the disturbance alone from the first attack wasn't enough to make most of the animals flee, that shrill warcry of hers definitely would.
  • With how fragile most of them appeared, it would be easy to underestimate their speed, but at that moment, everyone surfaced in a matter of seconds. There was a uniform look of mild confusion on each face as a bit of detail was laid out, yet none of the women on board backed down at this alert, which was not entirely surprising. With an emergency like that, it will be practically impossible to convince any of the eight to stay behind somewhere. "What was that about?" Clarion finally managed, brows creased into a dainty frown. "If it's not the Navy, what could that be?"

    "What's a submarine?" Argenthys piped up, almost hesitantly, sensing the tension as she buttoned up her dress on the way. Those round golden eyes looked up to the two males before them, like a child seeking for answers. "Can we eat them?"

    As for Exoria, she didn't really bother getting fully dressed, knowing well that she will be back in the water soon enough. The others were just too hurried to do so, especially Clarion with that quizzical frown on her face. All they left were small trails of water and a bit of sand. "Not the whole thing, no. The ones running it will be perfect though." The way Exoria replied to this made it sound like she meant it, which in a way, she does. All golden eyes immediately gleamed with anticipation at the indirect mention of food, knowing what was behind all that. Surely, if they were actually an enemy intending to approach the ship, then nobody in that vessel might object at their intentions this time.

    "Like the tuna in a can?" Came the question again, a little more excited this time.

    More like humans in the can without a can opener, the Siren thought, yet said nothing as they finally arrived at the deck, inhaling a burst of salty sea breeze. If she was thinking of the right thing regarding those underwater vehicles, she had seen old destroyed remnants of those before in the deeper parts of the ocean from the past wars, yet never really bothered to explore it inch by inch. There are just two things that she knew about it-- its ability to withstand water and pressure for days on end. Sturdy things that they were and the female regretted this lack of information.

    "We'll take a look," Clarion muttered without hesitation as she made her way past the metal railings when a volunteer was called. "Exoria, you might want to arrange the others just in case we need back up. I don't have a great feeling about this." With that, she plunged into the darkened waters with a tiny splash. Compared to the drake that she intended to accompany, she didn't transform just yet, not wishing to draw too much attention. As the brunette woman resurfaced, her glowing azure eyes met Exoria's golden ones. Squinting those metallic orbs in a wordless reply, the eldest one turned back to the others as Clarion decided to swim off under the current.

    Back up, that word again. Several weeks ago she learned the meaning of it the harder way. With a face so serene, none would expect her voice to be quiet and steely. "Oria, Eris, Tamara. We're going down below. If this is a threat, we'll assist them by all means." There were no objections from the mentioned three, apart from the meek-faced Naya was about to subtly protest to being left behind, Sylvan who raised an eyebrow and Argenthys surely has more vocal ways to express this, but Exoria already cuts it off. "I'd need the three of you to stay here, churn the waters about, obscure the ship from view and from proper hearing range /if/ we have to distance ourselves from it."

    In a sense, she felt distressed, and the blaring alarms didn't really help with it. Food did seem pleasant, but she certainly hoped this was not hostile to have a reason to put her siblings at risk. There was barely any trace of the sheepish woman lately, just Exoria and that harsh, usual intense stare of hers. The only time that it softened, however, was when she finally lifted her eyes from the waters and gazed at their host. She reached out to pat his hand gently to get his attention. "How far is it from here?" she quietly asked. "Does the ship have anything that you humans use to counter it?"
  • Exoria narrowed those golden orbs of hers into gleaming cracks, taking notice of the amusement that he was taking from her reactions. Though she was absolutely far from being offended, how things transpired still humiliated her in some way, scratched a tiny hint of her ego as a siren. Gleeon doesn't seem to be /that/ sort of man who will merely do all that just for plain entertainment. As a predator that was infamously feared by the likes of his kind, getting all helplessly flustered over a man is something that one wouldn't exactly expect, especially from her. For Clarion, everyone might easily understand. Even some of her sisters have the personalities to match this moment. Tamara's feminine disposition, Naya's easy, shy reaction towards complements of sorts and the very girlish Eris who will shamelessly make all the first move if given the chance.

    And now, there she was. Amongst all of them, why her?

    Her expression softened gradually as she looked down on his hands, gently taking them on hers, her pale palms contrasting against the stark color of the scales that resided there. At that quiet moment, it almost seemed like she was ready to simply drop it and let him win. However, in her head, this isn't the case.

    "Would you prefer it if I'm always in control, hmm, Gleeon?" she purred. Though her voice held no traces of any sort of charm, there was the underlying sense of challenging dominance on it. When it seemed like she was going to kiss him again as she leaned close, the female turned her head, pressing her lips against his ear. A flutter of bubbles followed each discerning movement as she placed his hands on her hips, leaving them there as she traced her fingers against his arms. For a moment, they rested against his shoulders, soft, slender digits tapping in rhythm. "If that's what you wanted from me then I think I can arrange something for you."

    One hand drifted up against his cheek, before gradually sliding it against his hair, tangling her fingers gently on those dark locks that matched hers. As she settled a kiss against his jawline, she allowed her lips to drift further down against his neck, ever so gradually raking down her fingernails against his skin. It was obvious that she was making it slow on purpose.

    As for Clarion who seemed perfectly happy at her position at the moment only looked a tad bit horrified at the mention of his friend's cooking. "Really?" She squeaked as if this was some sort of blasphemy. It seemed like she couldn't believe it, after all, simple baking was just a matter of measuring, mixing and putting things in the oven. That has been a tiny hobby of hers on the time she spent inland, with her odd fondness of confectioneries and pastry. Maybe having everyone around to help was actually for the better, their poor host would be able to eat decently cooked meals after a long while of managing things alone. "Well, we all have to be bad at something, I guess," she chuckled, shaking her head, before turning back to the other two that they were spectating. "I can help you prepare the stuff..." Her voice trailed off, speechlessly punctuated with both of her eyebrows rising up, somehow getting the gist of what was going on.
  • In a brief moment, she wondered which would be scarier, a person taking advantage of a vulnerable moment such as that, or being pushed away for a solid rejection. Exoria never really charmed him after all, and that never really crossed her mind. The fact that she tried to risk it all, however, made her rethink all her choices.

    Perhaps it was the way how slowly it was done when all she ever remembered and knew were the harsher sides of intimate contact. No gripping, tight fingers tangling in her hair, no hands closing in her throat. There was no sign of possessiveness on that hold, just plain, initial shock. That living warmth had never been so pleasant, it felt like igniting everything it touched. As she reciprocated the way he deepened that contact, for once, it did feel like her terror was melting away with it.

    It wasn't painful. It didn't feel wrong. She was so relieved, that behind closed eyes, her eyes felt like burning with tears.

    Though the mind link surprised her, not expecting him to be able to reply to it, there are things that she was more concerned about. "You're such an ass," she quietly replied, drawing away even before it escalates off somewhere. At that rate, she can't even meet his eyes, her heart still pounding. Those words, however, were not out of contempt, but an obvious mixture of relief, sheer embarrassment and affection. If the awkward frown on that scarlet face still couldn't say all those, at least that telepathic voice of hers can express it. One can actually imagine that she was stuttering if she can vocally say it all. "Are you even serious? Why do you have to go off scaring me like that?" If she was dreaming at that moment, it will be a very embarrassing dream that she wouldn't dare bring up.

    "Looks like they don't need that blind date, my sister isn't so blind anymore," Clarion happily accepted the hug, burying her face against his chest as she squeezed him tightly. A part of her wondered how the two will fare, both seemed to be entirely serious with everything else. But then, they will probably find ways around it. She looked up at Tempest, puffing away strands of her floating hair. "We can still celebrate over dinner, though. What do you think?"
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