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Marzia Harcourt Profile (OOC)



Marzia Linnet.Harcourt


December 25, 1465 >Dublin, Ireland


December 25, 1510 (Age 45 years) >Rome, Italy



Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:

Emerald Green


Assassin's Brotherhood in Ireland


Smoke bombs, family sword, hidden knives, throwing knives, and herbal poisons.


Marzia is a very practical, prudent and somewhat patient young woman who is reserved when she must be. She is very reckless in battle and does not care to follow orders easily. She can be quite pessimistic, grudging and fatalistic and can easily become hellbent on revenge if provoked.

At some points, she can be perceived as a wild dog who can be angered quickly. When it comes to loved ones, she easily shifts to a more doting and loving personality with a heart as loyal as they come.

With children, Marzia is very loving and caring as she is much more patient. Her strictness runs through all of her personality. However, a very noticeable trait Marzia has is her determination that keeps her going through any situation. This is a trait that is also passed down throughout her family.

In her future, Marzia becomes a much more mellow and calmer individual which really indicates her age. However, none of the same spit-fire as before ever leaves her.


Marzia's determination is one of the strongest traits she has as it is a key factor to anything she does. While her determination is a huge factor to her success, her ability to keep her compassion and kindness also have saved her as well.


Her anger and revenge seeking mindset along with her reckless fighting style are her major weaknesses that could potentially get her killed. Her fears of fire also will slow her down along with her illness. 


Marzia was the second youngest out of four children, two older brothers (Connor and Peter II), herself, and a baby sister (Isabel). Her father was the only parent in her life since her mother ran away and abandoned the family of five since her mother did not want responsibility and wanted to do what she loved the most: gain wealth, luxuries and men to “love” (which really was lust). Marzia took over the mother position and did what a true mother should but also was in awe of the people of the government (like law enforcers, guards, Templars, etc.) until her father lost his job and her brothers could not find work. Isabel eventually became sick and started dying, so in a panic, Marzia stole an apple and medicine but was caught by a high-ranking man named Carter Chauvelin and was forced to see her family tortured and burned alive before nearly dying as well. This event was because of Marzia’s mother who once had a relationship with him before leaving him for Marzia's father Peter I. She was however saved by two and taken away to be raised with many years of training and had revenge boiling inside her blood until the age of 25 years old. When she was 15, she was outnumbered by Chauvelin's forces which made Marzia attempt to attack Chauvelin, leading her to have an injury to her head that would make her forget about her training that occurred and who she had worked with for so long.

During that time, Marzia went after Chauvelin more and followed him and her mother Isadora to Rome, Italy to exact her revenge. There, she meets a kind couple that were both doctors named Marcello and Adriana. When she falls ill a few times and plots her revenge, Mercello and Adriana back her up. When finding out about Chauvelin’s party, Marzia infiltrated Chauvelin's masquerade party which was for Marzia’s mother, as Marzia and Chauvelin had the chance to have their duel before both fell out of a window and into a freezing cold lake. Meanwhile, Marzia's mother had gone into labor and gave birth to a son and died soon after.  Thanks to Marcello and Adriana, she was able to retrieve Caleb (the newborn baby) and keep him in a good home for the time being as she came to the two with some wounds while soaking wet.

After that encounter, Marzia left Caleb with the doctors and said her goodbyes as she still needed answers and would sail home. While she was out at sea, the ship was ambushed by a Templar ship which had Chauvelin on it. Once again, Marzia fought Chauvelin and when the Templar went to shoot a sailor, Marzia tackled him to take the bullet close to her heart and forced both of them off of the edge of the ship to make it seem like both fell into the ocean. In reality, Marzia finished Chauvelin with a blow to the head with her hidden blade and held on to the edge. The sailor assisted her up and once he saw that she took the bullet for him, began to pry the bullet from her chest and began to give her the best treatment he could to help.

Once in Ireland, Marzia immediately gets scolded by the Elder of the Headquarters of Dublin, but she immediately scolds him for his assassin’s being lazy as she talks of how she took action towards her goals instead of putzing around. When the Elder does die of a heart attack days later, Marzia steps up and gets the men and women of the Brotherhood in shape to stand up for their country and stop the madness going on around them, calling them cowards for not shaping up sooner. When things ease up in Ireland, Marzia brings Caleb home to Ireland and raises him there and teaches him what she knows, journaling everything she can so Caleb can read it all later.

During this time, she does find out that her brothers had lived and her second eldest brother Peter II had been a double agent for the Templars, which caused a fight between the three siblings. While Connor and Peter II had their own wolfs from a distant land, Marzia did not, but would claim Peter II’s wolf after catching him being cruel to her and besting him in a duel before the major fight between the siblings for the wolf and her honor. This wolf would become Marzia’s best companion and friend named Blanca due to her snow white fur that never seemed to dirty.

When Caleb becomes older, Marzia lets him know of his inheritance back in France and encourages him to go for it, telling him she would be by his side during this. As promised, she goes with Caleb despite her health waning more and her age growing. However, she still keeps up with Caleb after someone had tried to assassinate him as soon as he tried making peace with the French Brotherhood and trying to restore France. This assassin would be known as Fadiyah Ib-la’ahad- a descendant of Altair Ib-la’ahad who would be of the Egyptian Brotherhood, forced to work with Templars to protect her cousin and his people.

Marzia would plan a set up for Fadiyah and the Templars by hosting her own masquerade in Italy as her enemy once had, but this time pully prepare and protect Caleb and herself. When Fadiyah would show up in a disguise, she had come to Caleb and the two became smitten with one another over the course of the night as Marzia would predict beforehand. When Fadiyah would have to try to assassinate Caleb, it would break her heart to either kill the person she grew to love and trust, or fail her people. Caleb encouraged her to try to attack and not letting her know he wore protective clothing to keep him from being injured from her knife attack before sweeping her off her feet and running, causing an outbreak of fighting between the Templar forces in disguise and Marzia with her reinforcements to give Caleb and Fadiyah a chance to run away and flee to France where the couple could be safe and help her people from afar.

Over time, Caleb and Fadiyah would help repair France and help Egypt with Marzia’s guidance. As well as guiding Caleb and Fadiyah who would wed, Marzia also had an unexpected girl from Japan come to her. One that would be famous for restoring her Brotherhood and her culture- Benten Shishigami. Benten was naïve, kind, and strong, but she needed guidance to help her people deal with the changes going on in her homeland. Benten begged Marzia for any advice or guidance despite Marzia’s rejections before she would comply over Benten’s constant requests before giving any information Marzia could.

When the two would be attacked, Benten and Marzia would fight them off but do some heftier damage to Marzia. However, Marzia does live from these damages done and Benten gives her a gift from her ancestors of a gold, silver, and jade hair piece to show her gratitude and unity of family. Benten would also compliment Marzia on her wolf and claim that the woman had the mighty Japanese Goddess Amaterasu lighting the way.

Of course, Marzia would not realize how close to the truth it was and simply carried on with her life. She would set up a plan to keep Fadiyah from being burned at the stake when people believed her to be a witch by switching places with Fadiyah and posing as her and setting up the plan to have someone grab her before the flames would consume her. Though it would bring up terrible fears and memories, Caleb would be the one to come save her and carry her away from the flames in the darkness. Fadiyah and Caleb would forever be grateful to Marzia for her kindness and selflessness and try to keep her involved with the family they would build. However, her last Christmas and her birthday would be in Rome, Italy where she would keep away from her family to have a quiet moment to herself to reflect on her life before passing away from her sickness. Many legends of her will claim she was touched by the gods and blessed by them to carry on with her life the way she did. Many also believe her sword to be an ancient artifact to hold power to cleanse evil from the world. 

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Hailey's Family (OOC)

So I wanted to make this post about Hailey's family she does have since she does have three adopted children she took in after a case she worked on involved them. I will include Hailey's sister and "cousin" Deirdre here so people have an idea of characters that may pop up. Thanks for viewing!



Rachel Cameron. Parker (16 years)

Birthdate: June 7th

Background: Rachel was the oldest of the three girls adopted by Hailey and was the most difficult to work with when trying to open up and let the detective into her heart. Rachel had gone through similar issues of parents doing drugs and conning people by using Rachel to do so. She is extremely protective of her younger sisters and eventually her mother as she is mostly quiet and quite judgemental. She usually has her time taken up with martial arts time with Hailey, school, or helping her sisters in their projects. The first one to beg Hailey to teach her how to shoot a gun despite Hailey's disdain for guns, and the first to get her concealed weapons permit for her 21st birthday instead of drinking. In her later years, she goes off into the military as she feels this is her best way to protect her family. It does fit with her stricter lifestyle. 











Carol Ann. Parker (14 years old)

Birthdate: December 12th 

Background: Carol as a young girl lived in Russia (with her name originally being Katyusha Irina. von Metternich) and was born to two stuck up Russian nobles who did not pay attention to her and more to her older sister Avdotia who verbally and physically abused her (she was jealous of how graceful and princess-like Carol was) until her grandfather, Duke Frederich von Metternich came to take her to have her live with him until he had died by unknown causes and once her parents came into power of the Metternich Estate, she was sent away to America, not allowed to claim any part of her inheritance from her grandfather,and was put in an orphanage with a more American name. Carol does speak fluent Russian and has a hard time adjusting to English but does so easily once she meets Rachel and Tiffany whom she stays around the most. With Rachel, she felt slightly relieved and with Tiffany she gained her motherly role and went back to her more princess-like self. When she was adopted by Hailey along with Rachel and Tiffany, she bonded with her in a Master/Servant type relationship and grew into a Mother/Daughter relationship. Carol seemed to have the most faith in Hailey. With her psychic abilities, Carol was the one to notice Hailey's Assassin lineage first out of anyone noticing except O'Malley despite not knowing what she was exactly looking at. In her later years, she is slower to graduate school to achieve her doctorates and go into the field fo psychology and trying to open her psychic abilities better and test the paranormal.  









Tiffany Louise. Parker (10 years old)

Birthdate: October 17th

Background: Coming from an Asian household similar to Hailey's, Tiffany's parents had died in a car accident and that had left Tiffany alone. Originally named Tiffany Xiao, it is clear she does have some memories of her parents and her culture they tried to teach her. Tiffany was the first to trust Hailey and the most vocal out of allt hree siblings. Tiffany over the years becomes succesful in negotiating and is able to convince Hailey to let her get a tattoo at 16 years of age. When she sees things she likes or dislikes, she is not afraid to say it and this includes O'Malley when she met him for the first time. After Persephone met Tiffany, the two instantly became best friends and mischief makers. Thanks to Persephone's contacts in L.A., Tiffany gets a job as another detective in L.A. and even works with Persephone a few times in her later years. In her spare time, shetries to give Persephone a run for her money through street racing in L.A.. 












Gwen Parker (35 years)

Birthdate: August 16th

Background: Originally born in Tokyo, Japan with her parents Shinjiro and Hanami Shishigami and born with the name Benzaiten Shishigami after the Japanese Goddess Benzaiten/Benten and her ancestor Benten Shishigami. In Japan, she was quickly brought into the world of the Brotherhood and carried over into America to go under the name of Gwen Parker as she was trained her entirely life to be grateful to the lineage of Marzia Harcourt. She was quite a sweet, outgoing, and pleasant child and gained some of her mother's smart-ass traits and humor as she would be one people wanted to have at parties. When she first met Hailey's parents- Margaret and Jack Donnelly, Gwen felt a deep seething anger towards them immediately when she met Hailey as an infant and how Jack and Margaret reacted towards the baby, something Shinjiro would take note of. After hearing all of the good her parents did with Hailey's, it made her upset to see the opposite in person. However, she remained pleasant to them and would cutely smile. When Hailey was taken in by the Parker family, Gwen welcomed her with open arms and gave her the best big sister experience she could. Through their school days, they did martial arts together, dance, and anything else they could try. Gwen would focus on singing and acting more to keep her appearances and purposefully put herself in the limelight to be able to study people better. In high school, Gwen had done the same thing when Thomas O'Malley came to the scene and despite Hailey dating him at the time, Gwen would notice how dangerous he would be and come between them, pretending to like O'Malley and stage an affair between O'Malley and herself without thinking in advance and causing a tear in the relationship between Hailey and Gwen. Gwen however currently works as an actress, voice actress, and model while still working for the Brotherhood in America. 












Deirdre Lafayette (1,239 years old)

Birthdate: September 4th

Background: As far as Hailey knows, Deirdre is a cousin of her's from her biological parents. Hailey only knows that she has been around in the family for a long time and knows a lot. Deirdre will subtly try to help Hailey and is accepted by Hailey and the children. To those who knew Marzia and Caoillain, they know that Deirdre is really an ancient sorceress of human/dragon heritage and is not a woman to be messed with. She works as an adjunct history professor at Oxford University in Oxford, England. (Feel free to click her name to go to her page. ^^)


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