Name: Harmonia Sage.

Nicknames: Harm, Sage, Crazy-Girl.

Gender: Female.

Species: Complicated. Human and Other.

Age: Nineteen.

Orientation: Straight.

Relationship Status: Sweetheart you couldn't handle me.


What do you get when you cross a human and spirit-like entity that thrives in darkness? Complete pandemonium, utter chaos in fact. Harmonia Sage was born a nice normal girl, completely ordinary except for the tiny fact that she is not alone in her body, nor her mind. Enthralled by a spirit that lives in her head and takes over whenever it sees fit Sage is not what you'd call friendly and well adjusted, nope. Far from it in fact, she's bitchy, standoffish and...strange. But you get used to her...maybe. She didn't have many friends growing up, it wasn't until late into her high school years that she started to actually connect with people. People as strange as she was, people who weren't human, who were other.

But what is the entity? And why did it choose her? These are questions Harm's been asking herself for awhile. As well as wondering if she'll ever learn to control the creature or the wild powers it seems to possess. At first glance people often mistake her as being schizophrenic, hearing voices that are not in fact actually real, they think it's all in her head.

Under Contruction:- Bear with me please.

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