Anubis, formerly Inpw.
God of embalming, the scale of judgement, death, and canids.

Species: Titan god
Sex: Male 
DOB: 3 236 BCE
Height: 6'7" (200 cm)
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: Black
Sexuality: Pan
Parents: Setesh and Nephtys
Consorts: Inpwt (deceased), Hathor (lover), Hermes (lover), Bastet (wife)
Children: Wepwawet, Kebechet, Hermanubis
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Member of the nine Ennead, the nine ruling gods,
Grand judge, Prince of the Dunes


Mephisto: Mephistopheles once took possession of Anubis' soul, when it was meant to be kept by Isis. This has sparked a faint hatred towards the demon in the god.

Nefetari: Nefetari is the step-daughter of Anubis, being the child of his wife, Bastet, and a greek Merman.

Intuitive Polygraphy: A form of lie detection,

but unlike technological lie detectors, 
IP can see through all forms of lies.

Truth Inducement: Atop lie detection,
Anubis can force people to tell the truth.
This is part of his divine power as Grand Judge.
He uses this in the Hall of Two Truths to
force the dead to cite their 42 negative confessions
in front of the 42 judges.

Necromancy: His major power is that he can
resurrect dead people. This is why proper
mummification was so important. 
The body should be perfectly preserved 
in order for a perfect afterlife.

Telekinesis: A standard power for most gods.
Anubis can move objects with his mind. 
This is probably the most basic of divine powers.
It's also common among non divine supernatural
beings, and meta-humans.

Item Conjuration: Another common divine power.
The ability to summon any object at will.
Conjuration is another power that determines 
whether or not you're a god. 
Conjuration mixed with Telekinesis makes
you a basic god, or 'new god'. 
But even new gods can't claim divinity
unless approved by a major god.

Super-human speed and strength: 
Being a god, Anubis has incredible strength, 
and can run at incredible speeds.
This power is very common among non-divine super beings and meta-humans.

Agelessness: much like Immortality. Agelessness, like immortality, prevents you from dying.
But unlike immortality, agelessness prevents you
from aging appearance wise. 
This gift often kicks in at around the physical ages of
16-18-21-25. Anubis stopped at age 25.

The Offspring

The Ceremony

The Consorts

The parents


Writer's notes

Okay, so. First of all. I know some of you may be thinking "oh no, not a god wannabe". But I assure you. Being a god, does not make you all-powerful, nor un-killable.

Anubis powers and early life is entirely based on Egyptian mythology. There are few changes I've made to him, and those I have, I've made to fit him in a modern society.

Yes, him being a god, gives him certain advantages in both social and destructive situations. But that does not make him some mighty thing that will smite you.

Anubis has limited powers, like all the Netjer and Netjert in Egyptian mythology. He can be killed just like all the other Netjer and Netjert (There are several examples of gods in Egyptian mythology who has died and been brought back to life. Osiris, being the most popular one. But really, any god who was depicted as green, was supposed to have been resurrected. As green was the color the Egyptians used to represent corpses.

Then there's the regular stuff like, no god-modding. Do not control Anubis under any circumstances. But other than that, I am fairly open. I prefer paragraph (or more) replies, but can settle for less as well. Also, I'm very bad at understanding improper grammar. This has little to do with you, as I have slight reading problems and require as proper grammar as possible to make sense of a phrase. I CAN read improper grammar too, but there's a risk I might misinterpret something, and if that is the case - do tell me.

Also, do not kill Anubis, you are allowed to fight him, but know that I, I repeat *I*, decide if he gets hurt, or how hurt he gets. And I decide whether or not he dies. Anubis is a necromancer, but he can't resurrect himself, and he cannot heal injuries any faster than any other god or goddess.

There will be times where I use ancient Egyptian phrases. The accuracy of the phrases can be debated, but I try to keep it as accurate to real ancient Egyptian as possible. I've studied Egyptian history, society, and mythology for many many years. What I write about the ancient mythology, will be accordingly to updated research.

And speaking of research. I've previously gotten the complaints that my face-claim is not a man of African origin. 
And to that I have two things to say:
1: Although, Egypt lies in Africa, it lies in the middle eastern belt. This means that the ancient Egyptians had more in common with Arabs - appearance wise, than kingdoms from below the Sahara desert. The Egyptians were not that dark-skinned, nor did they have classic African features. The most prominent feature being the elongated nose, that is very similar to that of other middle-eastern people (and Europeans). If you do not believe this, just look at reconstructions of Ramses II or Tutankhamun.
2: Sean O'pry, the face claim for Anubis, might be super white, but I have made him a lot tanner for the purpose of keeping that drop-dead-gorgeous face, but still make the skin-tone accurate. This effect was done with Paint.NET. If you have any issues with this, go home and rethink your life. I have no time for close-mindedness.

And lastly. Be creative, have fun, and enjoy your time here! If you have any questions, or if you want special relationships (family-wise, or love-wise, etc), with Anubis - feel free to send me a private message so we can further discuss it without taking space in the comment section.

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  • (I'm confident we could make either work. If you'd like to go with Dussolier, that sounds perfect to me! I'm happy to start, if you think we are ready. And it's no problem at all- please, never feel rushed with me. Sometimes I'm forced to take a week or two off and I understand a wait.)

  • (Let's go ahead and start. And if you'd please, start us off.)

  • I owe replies to Scout/Mouse and Mephisto. Will get to you in time! Sorry for the wait!

  • {o.o I am so sorry my reply is short.}

  • Duat? Her head spun. "I have a son. He's in the human realm..." With Apep. The words remained unspoken. "The world is a mess, and I have to help it where I can. That is my duty."

    "But if Duat is where the gods need me, then so be it. What do you mean I cannot come as I am?" Her eyebrow raised. The way she interpreted it at first, made her glance down at her body. Was there something wrong with Nefetari's outfit? After all, yellow was the mourning color, so perhaps she needed to change? Or was he talking about being a physical being?

    "And if the need of change is within my attitude or personality..." Keep in mind, she was raised with humans. "I am nothing like my mother in almost every regard." Seems like the mama cat was a sensitive topic for the little goddess.

  • Hermanubus  had those rebellious eyes that were defiant as he chose not to listen to Anubis. He would look away before shouting at the top of his lungs. "You chose for me to live in a realm where the two that cared for me since I was young, but I did not belong there, for I am part of the living! You didn't even give me the chance to decide my own fate when I was of age!" Hermanubis was angered, pouring his rage onto Anpu while Mephistopheles observed.

    The Devil would hold up one of his hands while smiling slightly. "Meddle you say, I am offended that you would believe that I am one to meddle in the affairs of young ones such as Herman over here.  I only came to his aid because he came to me, so truly I am not the guilty party out of all this. What is their to gain, what is it that I want, Anpu  now your just reacting as any father would as if poor Herman was being forced into something he doesn't want." He would then watch as Herman took his leave fed up with his father heading outside. The demon would soon lean over to Anpu while grinning widely.

    "You little godlings and your sense of ambitions, it always vexes me when you all act powerful but in reality you all can be feel pain. Yes it is true, maybe not physical but emotional pain." He muttered as he would walk close to Anubis smiling brightly as he would then start to whisper to him. "The emotion your feeling right now, is fear. But not just any fear, the fear of losing a your son to a demon that almost broke you." He muttered as he would move quick as he was now face to face with Anpu his hand around his neck.

    "Your soul, was in my grasp..I felt it pulse right in my palm with desire, hope and affection to the one that you gave it to." He spoke through sharp teeth as he would look him in the eyes.  "Thoth may have been the one that rescued you on that day, but let me tell you a sweet little secret." As he said that as he would lean in to whisper into his ear.  "I took a small piece of it before the struggle, a tiny piece. Now guess where it is now...yes...your son has it, gave it to him as a gift."

    He would then pull back as he would look toward Anpu and began to wink for a moment. "Now we'll see if the soul of the former god of the Egyptian  underworld   can be corrupted. If it does, well...what will it become?" 

  • (Hrm. Fuck, you're right. I didn't think about that. Dussolier was a Cardinal, which is the highest rank someone can hold, more or less, other than the Pope himself. But the thing is, just like Lenny, Dussolier didn't follow his own religion to the letter. He was not only bisexual, but engaged in sex, which is a big no-no for men of the cloth, who are supposed to be celibate. Lenny knew this, and would think that his brother wouldn't be getting to heaven/the Christian afterlife, which would have him torn up. So that opening about Duat might be possible in that respect.

    As for the death of the previous Pope and the election of Lenny, yes, that would work too. Granted, I'm not Catholic, but I was raised in a Protestant household (I don't practice anymore) so I know enough to be able to tell you that once a Pope dies, the next is generally elected within a week. It's a rare occasion for something else to happen.)

  • (The longer it takes for him to realize the truth, the funnier the situation will likely be. I guarantee laughs- that's what I set out for with this profile, and if I can't draw them I'm not doing my job! As for, yes, I think a vague idea of where we're headed would be good. But beyond that, winging it often brings out the best humor, since improv can be so hilarious. As of tonight, just thinking about general scenarios, I think the easiest way for Lenny to end up in a situation where he would have the chance to run across Anubis would be around the death of his brother. I don't speak about Dussolier on his profile, just a mention of the name, but there was another boy at the orphanage he was abandoned at that he grew close to. He is murdered which is largely Lenny's fault, and he ends up grief-stricken over it. That might provide an opening.)

  • {I think we can do something along those lines. Say that the meeting has been set, location, wherever you see fit. They meet and discuss what you've explained to me. And we see how it goes from there.}

  • (Sorry I haven't replied to y'all yet. I'm having a lack-of-inspiration week. It'll pass soon.)

This reply was deleted.

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"" 'Mephisto' might have taught you some tricks, but this does not mean this is the path for you. Do not end up like Set." Anubis looked at Hermanubis with a pained expression. He knew what mischief could bring. Set was banished for his crimes, and A…"
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""Daughter of Bast." He turned his gaze to the sky. "Yes. I am Anubis. And you are the daughter of my wife. Thus we are family. But you do not seem part of our Pantheon." As a direct child of a Netjert (egyptian goddess), Nefetari did have a seat wai…"
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"Anubis was, to say the least, very surprised when his mother entered the room. He had not heard from most of his family for, at least, two hundred years. This was a rare occasion, and one that made Anubis wary, the second he laid eyes on his mother.…"
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