Hello everyone! When I made this account awhile ago I never got on it because I will admit - My attention span is like a walnut sometimes... BUT I am here and ready to roleplay! So PLEASE friendship request away and ask for a roleplay! I don't bite!

Threads: Accepting (VERY Eager to Roleplay!)

Emiliana Chandler & Ripley Knight (Reply Sent)

Negan Morgan & Raimy Greene (Plotting)

Updates To Come: New Photos/Collages For The Characters

= Lover Relationship = Friend Relationship = Toxic Relationship = Family Relationship


No GodmoddingBullyingKilling, or Disrespect(OOC) is allowed towards any of my beloved characters

Grammar/Literacy: I know not everyone has English as a first language, but do try your best when writing with me so we can avoid any complications. I will return the favor.

*If you would like a specific type of relationship(types shown above with symbols) do be sure to ask me and give me a heads up! Just say like ‘Hey, My Guy/Girl would really like to try and get with ___, is that okay?’ Usually, I’ll be 100% okay with it as long as our characters get along through chemistry and time!! (I’m also taken IRL, So Please don’t ask..)

All of my characters are OCs. I want to clarify that none of these characters are to be mistaken for Canon Characters.

* Last but never least; Have Fun!

R I V E R D A L E   C H A R A C T E R S 

“Ugh... Blossoms...”

Jayceon Junkrat Jones

{Jay(Preferred), Jayce, Junkrat, Rat, Junk, Junky, Serpent}

16 Years Old (Depends on Roleplay)

Human Boy

Height 5’6 | Weight TBA

Highly Sarcastic; Social Outcast; Sometimes Rude; Openly Blunt

Pale Skin, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes; Scrawny

Riverdale Student; Jugheads' Twin Brother(Fraternal); Southside Serpent


Unspoken interest in Cheryl Blossom.

 Relationships [None So Far]

Image result for purple divider png

“Oh my god… I think I helped kill someone..”

Annalisse Andrews

{Ann, Anna, Liz}

Around 16 Years Old

Human Girl

Height 5'6 | Weight TBA

Generally Kind; Highly Observant; Open; Loving & Protective

Olive Skin; Ginger Red Hair; Hazel Eyes; Curvy; Semi-Flexible

Riverdale Student; Archie’s Little Sister; Riverdale Vixen; Chock'lit Shoppe Waitress

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T E E N     W O L F   C H A R A C T E R S 

"I swear this town will be the death of me.."

Charles  Martin

{Charlie(Preferred), Char, Martin Twin, Martian}

16 Years Old (Depends on Roleplay)

Male.. Human - Banshee?

Height 6' | Weight TBA

Kind to Most; Open Minded;

Pale-ish Skin, Red/'Strawberry Blonde' Hair, Brown Eyes

Beacon Hills Student; Lydias' Twin Brother(Fraternal); NotVeryGood Lacrosse Player; Musician; Pill Addiction


Into any kinds of people, really. He often says he is bi-sexual, not sure what gender he leans more towards. But it has been seen in the past that he has a thing for Allison and Malia.

 Relationships [None So Far]

Image result for purple divider png

"I will destroy the entire world, for hurting my brother."

Rowan Olivia McCall

{Ro, Liv, Little McCall, Scott's Savior}

Teens-Twenties (Depends on RP)

Female Werecheetah[Bitten]

Height 5'8 | Weight 121 lbs

Fun-loving; Protective' Occasionally Naive; Adventurous;

Tan Skin; Black Hair; Brown Eyes; Big-Lensed Glasses

Beacon Hills Student; Scott' McCall's Sister; Bitten During A Visit To a Friend


Rowan has been known to have feelings for her brother's best friend Stiles, as well as a strange momentary attraction to Allison.

Relationships [None So Far]

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S U P E R N A T U R A L   C H A R A C T E R S 

"I'm not like mom... I can't help I'm like you."

Maxine Wheeler-Winchester

{Max, Maxi, Little Winchester}

16 Year Old (Depends)

Height 5'8 | Weight tba

Bold & Brave; Sometimes Naive/Foolish;

Brown Hair; Green Eyes; Light Olive Skin;

Dean Winchesters' Daughter; Supernatural Hunter; Runaway/Drop out


Isn't really sure what she's into...

Relationships [None so far]

Image result for purple divider png

"I don't think any of us have.. really asked for this life.."

Ripley Brooklyn Knight

{Riley, Ripples, Riles, White Knight, Cat Girl, Whiskers}

27+ (Depends)

Cat Shapeshifting Female

Height 5'10 | Weight tba

Honest; Loving; Warrior;

Brow Hair; Brown Eyes; Tan Skin

Supernatural Hunter; Bulgarian Descent; Woman of Letters(Closed Branch)


Has been known to have a thing for several Hunters she's worked with, but isn't really known to 'settle down' for very long with just any one person. 

Relationships [None so far]

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H A R R Y   P O T T E R   C H A R A C T E R S 

“I'll turn you into a toilet, Malfoy.”

Marnie Rae Embers

{Marns, Marn, Mare, Rae, Em}

Teens - Twenties (Depends on Roleplay)

Human Girl

Height 5’3 | Weight TBA

Smartass; Kind; Quick Thinker; Slightly Immature;

Pale Skin, Reddish-brown Hair; Bluish Gray Hues

Hogwarts Student; Ravenclaw Prefect; Quidditch Captain/Keeper


Is known to have a crush on the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain: Oliver Wood.

 Relationships [None So Far]

“Don’t judge me, because I’m Slytherin.”

Cassian Jassi Embers

{Cass, Cassi, Jazzy, Burnout}

Teens - Twenties (Depends on Roleplay)

Human Girl (Wizard)

Height 5'3 | Weight TBA

Outgoing; Ambitious; Loyal; Kind; Loving

Pale skin; Brunette Hair; Apple Green Eyes

; Hogwarts Student; Slytherin House; Friend of Hermione, Harry, and Ron

Wand: Rowan Wood with Phoenix Feather Core 11"

Patronus: Husky 

More To Be Added

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S E N S E   8   C H A R A C T E R S 

"My life has always been falling apart, What's one more problem?"

Katarina Izabelle Petranova

{Kat, Rina, Iz, Iza, Petro}

Twenty Nine Years Old

Human  Sensate

Height 5'6 | Weight 127 lbs

Sweet; Cautious; Quick Thinker; Wounded Soul

Cream Skin - Lightly Tanned; Natural Brunette; Hazel Eyes; Freckled Skin

Trauma Survivor; Veterinary Pathologist; Secret 9th Cluster Member; Drug Addict


Isn't very active in the relationship department. But she does have a small infatuation with some of her cluster: Wolfgang & Will

Relationships [None So Far]

Image result for purple divider png

T H E   1 0 0   C H A R A C T E R S 

"Gon daun until  eno."

Alexandra Kane

{Alex, Ally, Chancellor's Daughter, Prisoner 148, The Grounder Girl}

17-20 (Depends on RP)


Height 5'8 | Weight tba

Bold; Strong; Stubborn; Courageous; Naive; Reckless

Tanned Skin; Brown Hair; Green Eyes; Several Scars

Prisoner 148 of The Ark; Sky Person turned Grounder; Mechanics Station


Isn't known to show much interest in men, but it has been seen that she has a liking for Bellamy Blake.

Relationships [None So Far]

Image result for purple divider png

S T R A N G E R   T H I N G S   C H A R A C T E R S 

Image result for india eisley gif

"You forgot about me after Sara died.."

Allison Hopper

{Ally, Al, Hopster, Sheriff's Daughter}

Fifteen Years Old


Height 5'3 | Weigh tba

Reserved; Depressed; Rude & Blunt; Adventurous & Reckless

Olive Skin; Natural Brunette; Brown Eyes; Scarred Wrists

Highschool Student; Sheriff's Daughter; Depressed Teenager


No real interests, that she is consciously aware of.

Relationships [None So Far]

Image result for purple divider png

O N C E   U P O N   A   T I M E  C H A R A C T E R S 

"Princess... I hate that word.."

Madeline Qrow-Swan

{Maddie, Lin, Song Bird, Black Bird, Crow, Princess Swan}

Teens (Age Differs)

Human Girl

Height tba | Weight tba

Bold; Loving/Caring; Adventurous;

Light Olive Skin; Natural Blonde; Apple Green Eyes

Highschool Dropout; Emma's Daughter?;


Not really anything figured out in the dating department.

Relationships [None So Far]

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A G E N T S   O F   S H I E L D   C H A R A C T E R S

Image result for jake gyllenhaal gif tumblr

“Me? I’m a little… tough to explain.”

Jaxson Harvey Hunt

{Jax, Hunt, Agent Hunt, Doctor Hunt}

Thirty-Five Years Old

Inhuman Male

Height 6'4 | Weight tba

Personality tba

Looks tba

Career/Hobby tba

Image result for purple divider png

G L E E   C H A R A C T E R S

“So what if I sing? Just try and bully me for it, I dare you.”

Amber Elizabeth Birkley

{Bambi, Beth, Betty, Firecracker}

Teenage Years Old (Depends on RP)

Human Girl

Height 5'7 | Weight 125 lbs

Protective; Stubborn; Independent

Natural Lightly Tanned Skin; Red/Orange Ombre Hair; Speckled Gray Irises

Highschool Student; Glee Club Member; Ass Kicker of Bullies

More To Be Added

(Side Note: Amber can be used in Riverdale as Sheriff Keller’s Daughter)

Image result for purple divider png

The Walking Dead Characters

Raimy Greene

{Ray, Raims, Raim, Little Green Bean}

Late Twenties to Early Thirties (Depends on RP)

Human Girl

Height 5’8 | Weight 120 lbs

Reserved; Kind/Caring; Freethinker; MacGyver; Sarcastic Smartass; Protective

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor; Ex-Medical Resident; Hershel Greene's Oldest Daughter/Maggie's Full Sister


Image result for purple divider png

Universal Characters

 Image result for blue eyed werewolf gif tumblr


{Con, Conny, Loner, Black Wolf}

Real Age Unknown

Dire Wolf/Human Shifter

Height 6’3 / Length 7″ | Weight 145 lbs

Independent; Non-Social; Loner

Tan Skin; Black Hair; Electric Blue Eyes

Packless Lone Wolf; Celestial Beast?;

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  • ( It’s okay I understand because Christmas holidays are coming soon so yeah. You are right though I do half to experience the show on my own without any spoilers lol but Riverdale is starting too suck me in damn Netflix xd.

    Okay how about you’re oc Allison for Stranger things I’ve watched the show more then once all ready and just absolutely feel in love with it Dustin, Mike and Eleven are my three favourites along with Jonathan <3.)

  • (Thanks for accepting my request. Love you're page gets me into the holiday spirit :).)
  • || Well...Fuck... This page is amazing.. o.O Hope we can plot something soon.
    (Thanks for adding me)

  • (Hello. Thank you for the invite. )

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