Name: Iona Archeron

Nicknames: Ona. 

Gender: Female.

Species: Demi-Goddess. Witch.

Titles: Bringer of Woe, Rage Witch.

Coven: Sisterhood Of Shadows. 

Orientation: Picky.

Relationship Status: Now Whoever Has Time...

Height: 5'9.

Figure: Slender, with a Willowy form. 

Hair: Voluminous Waves of Midnight.  

Eyes: Steely Chipped Onyx.

Skin Tone: Ghostly Pallor. 

Unique Features: Creeping shadow vines wrapped around each of her forearms, which move as if they're alive. 

Rage can birth a great many things, it's a force few can stand against, a reckoning of hellish destruction and supernatural might. One such being knows this story very well. It all started with a Goddess whom one might say cared too much, Morana, known as the Silver Goddess favoured humanity to the point her rage at seeing them harmed grew too much to contain within her. It burst forth like a spark and manifested itself as a new being. As dark as Morana was light this new being would become a tool for vengeance and destruction, her shadows decimating vampire nests. Butchering zombie hordes and eviscerated the Spirits of the Vengeful dead. She was given the name Iona Archeron and would come to be known as the Bringer of Woe, the Rage Witch and several other reverent names by those who grew almost worshipful of her. When task grew to great for one being alone, the spark split, creating seven more. Together they would become known as the Sisterhood of Shadows. 

Eventually as most beings are wont to do, they formed relationships, started families that would one day bloom into a society all their own, following only one mandate, destroy the unnatural to safeguard humanity. Eight distinct bloodlines made up the society that would begin to call themselves "Hunter Witches." Though each generation the power got less and less potent, these warrior women grew more human the further away from their celestial ancestors that they got. 

Whilst Iona and the fellow members of the Sisterhood were practically immortal, they were not it would seem infallible. Those that disproved of Morana's blessed protectors, deities whom the hordes of the walking dead were actually doing a service for banded together their considerable power to destroy Morana's creations. When they found that the could not, the universe deeming it that such beings needed to exist to maintain the natural order of things. They instead forced the Sisterhood of Shadows into a deep hibernation, a magically induced sleep they thought they could never wake from. 

The Powers That Be however had other ideas, it could be said a fail safe of sorts was put into place. Within each of the Eight Bloodlines a catalyst was born, a witch who's soul bore a spark that identified them as one with their slumbering ancestor. For those that believed the original eight to be dead it was often surmised that these catalysts were reincarnations, like phoenixes that had been born from the ashes of their own destruction when the times most needed them again. More powerful than your average witch the catalysts are unaware of their purpose until the moment it comes to pass. 

For the Archeron bloodline that moment came on the wings of betrayal, blood and death. Twenty-Six years prior to the reckoning notorious witch hunter Aleksandr Grigorovich married a witch of this bloodline and with her had a daughter and a son two years apart from each other. When he found out his wife and eldest child were witches he walked away, vanished into the ether sowing seeds of heart break and abandonment everywhere. But this would not be the last we hear of Grigorovich, quite to the contrary in fact, the man returns hell bent on righting his own wrongs even if that means killing his own flesh and blood. 

A battle rages and in the midst of it Aleksandr murders his estranged wife, leaving the bloodline without it's matriarch.  Grief, sorrow and a burning rage fills all those that still stand against him, but none more so than his daughter. It was a fight the girl could not have hoped to win, much like Natasha had been she was at a disadvantage. Her magic was harmless to the living. Her father had her subdued within moments of their fight beginning and yet...

As the blade of his weapon pierced her skin, dug deep into her gut a chain reaction of events occurred almost simultaneously. I sonic boom sent a shockwave rippling through the dilapidated warehouse, blowing the glass out of the windows to shower like needle sharp arrows into the skin of those who didn't seek cover. The young hunter witch collapsed as if the strings of a marionette had been cut yet she was still very much alive, although bleeding from the wound sliced across her gut. From her chest was released a spark of abyssal shade which expanded outwards into a wall of roiling shadows a mass that grew so big it almost blanketed the whole building. Only to be sucked inwards as if drawn into the depths of a black hole. 

And when the dust settled? There she stood.

Vengeance. Rage. Reckoning. Iona Archeron...and she was pissed. 

Nobody can say for sure what happened that night, it was all just a blur after the explosion. But when the dust settled, someway, somehow Grigorovich and his men were all dead, necks broken at sickening angles. The witches were alive and unharmed but the body of Natasha Archeron was gone and the unconscious form of her daughter Coralie had also vanished. As if the strange figure of rage incarnate had spirited them away some place. 

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  • Looking from face to face, he saw a family. A family much like his own people were to him. People that held one another together and kept one another going. He didn't know these people all that well, but he saw what he needed to see to confirm that yes, these people needed help and he would help them if he could.  He couldn't be sure how helpful the doctor would be, the man wasn't exactly a special doctor for supernatural, mostly knowing basic injuries in humans and even some in animals, but then again he didn't know the extent of what was ailing the poor girl. He'd just have to hope for the best. 

    His worried gaze turned serious as it landed back on Iona. As she extended her hand, he glanced at it before surely taking it in his own, both hands covered in drying blood, not exactly clean but he wouldn't be rude at this point. He nodded to each person she introduced, but giving his own name. " Hellius Arkman. And well, I hope. The guy I know.. He was just finishing up Med school before some.. issues pulled him away, but I've always trusted him to do the best of his abilities. We'll have to go back where my people are camped.. which is on the other side where we'd come from." 

  • Hellius didn't exactly get a lot of exposure to all things supernatural. Most of his life he'd lived among humans, and then found his own kind. Since joining them, he's come face to face with a few, but nothing like her kind. And again, he had no idea who his true ancestors were and that they were something very close to what Iona and her clan were linked to. He hasn't a damn clue of his own potential.  Potential left in the dust in favor of protecting what was left of his people and now apparently trying to help these people. So he stuck close, slowing whenever they did whenever a noise sounded. He glanced around before he glanced back to her and for a moment again, watched those shadows move along her skin. Then she moved ahead and so he once again followed.

    As they came upon the cabin, Hellius hung back a little ways out of caution and so as not to put anyone off who would answer the door. His eyes fell upon the brunette for a moment, but as she gestured them in, he wouldn't hesitate any longer and would follow them in. Inside, his eyes traveled from face to face until they fell on the woman being held by a man. His features softened some at the sight of her. She certainly didn't look too good..

  • He didn't exactly expect an explanation or anything and therefore wouldn't have asked right then and there, but the demon seemed willing to explain even as they were still escaping these hunters. Hellius, on his part, remained silent, but took in what he was told.  Demi Goddess' and Witches. It all sounded more than he's handled before, but then again he had no idea what his own ancestors were actually linked to yet either.

    Hellius glanced at Viktor again, but still aid not a word, preferring not to give anything else away unless he had to, instead acting as the silent type in order to scope out these two and what exactly they were associated with. He'll show his cards when it counts you could say.  He stays behind them, but close enough should any hunters suddenly come along and try to split them up.  In that time, he was level headed, but occasionally his mind kept assessing everything he knew so far and sometimes drifted back to his own people. 

  • His gaze drifted from one to the other as they spoke, listening intently and letting pieces fall together in trying to figure out who these people were. His eyes narrowed at the mention of witches. Ah, that certainly explained quite a bit then, but it also told him there was more to it than that in the way she'd said that they were only expecting mere witches.  

    He met her gaze when it was turned to him next. One eyebrow twitched upward slightly because he wasn't exactly planning to stick around here after everything that's happened and what is still happening. He didn't know who this Aleksandr was, but he didn't exactly want to find out either, though still he felt it was only fair he try and help them. At her offer to the cabin, he thought about his people, but the chances of him getting back there on his own were a bit weak at the moment and he'd have a better chance probably with these people. Not to mention they'd have to if they were going to get the help they needed. 

    He nods after a moment, " I do know a doctor of sorts. He's no surgeon, but he'll do what he can." The man being mentioned has pulled through often enough, but there was always the reality that he wasn't a miracle worker either. Still, it was better than nothing.

  • They could when what they use to accept as a good deed before, turned into a stab in the back and has made it hard for them to accept those kind of things as what they appeared anymore.  He was not tamed, he was not conditioned and was more like a wild animal and with wild animals, trust was the key.  That may be more than her patience can handle, but when it's earned, it is something of a worthy reward.  Despite his hesitancy to openly trust her, he was now being given the chance to see there was more to all of this too. Glancing at her, seeing the look in her eye as the griffin attacked the hunter, spoke volumes to him.  

    And there was then the matter of the other hunter not coming forth, but instead another man, wielding a blade before tucking it away again. Hellius was able to put two and two together. He doesn't show how tense he felt at the idea of her having a partner, instead trying to brace that they were more on his side in this situation. There was more of them he was learning now, all apparently hiding from these hunters and in trouble too. Hearing the term friend hardly relieves him, but hearing what he heard is enough to decide that these people needed help and in turn for her helping him avoid the hunters, it only seemed fair he ought to do the same and maybe help this person they were mentioning.. He wasn't about to expose his people to them just yet though.  Baby steps. 

  • Ah, so that confirmed that then. They were out here for her and he'd somehow managed to walk into the middle of it all. Just his luck, really. And yet even curious was had she come to find him? For what reason, if she could have used his distraction to her advantage? He hardly would believe it was because she wanted to help him, nothing on her or anything, just that people didn't often bend to help if it wasn't also in their favor, so maybe she had something else up her sleeve in that case.. he can't be sure yet, but as of now, his biggest concern was escaping the hunters radar.

    He took in the sight of the woman as she appeared, however briefly because the woman beside him' friend was all for the attack in the next moment, but before that, he's able to see her and her weapon. She appeared like a typical hunter almost but he knows well enough that the woman beside wasn't exactly human and therefore has to assume the hunters knew that too and we're a little better equipped than that. 

    He shot her a glance at her comment, but said nothing. Efficient? Well..sure. Messy? Definitely. 

  • " I've met some sneaky people in my life, so excuse me for being "ridiculous" as you've put it." He fired back. He didn't see it as being ridiculous anymore than just being extra cautious. While, yes, she may not be hiding in the shadows as she had been should she have been working with the hunters, it was just as easy to play a part to decide someone. He's seen it happen before right among his own trusted people. 

    He grit his teeth and he didn't want to know her damn personal life! He only wanted to know if she was someone he had to worry about and her attitude was grating on his already shot nerves, but after a moment he collects himself again with a soft sigh, all until the twig snapped loudly for them to hear. As she came closer, he tensed and almost pulled away from her but he realizes what she was doing and stays still as he was instructed. From where they stood, he watched on to see if it was one of the hunters and where they might be heading. 

  • It was truly a magnificent creature, he could say so if he wasn't currently being hunted and therefore having most of his attention directed elsewhere. For the most part, he still sees them as a kind of bird thanks to it's facial structure and those keen eyes.  He can't say he's ever seen one out of a picture book before either, so this was a first.  It was also clear that the creature was taken to this woman, whoever she was. The ink upon her skin had him curious, as much as he was curious in general about who she was and if she had anything to do with those hunters which explains his remaining defensive posture. Until she explained herself, he wouldn't let his guard down and even then..

    " Mh, very long way. " He replies, eyeing her carefully while listening out for the hunters still. Where was home? For him, it was wherever his people were which was a little ways off now that he'd ran in a different direction to keep them safe.  " I'm not looking for any trouble. " He admitted and waited to see what her reply would be. He had to figure out if she was with those hunters. 

  • The bird suddenly landing in front of him had him startled, backing up in defense all until it stayed there and didn't attack him which made him narrow his eyes at it in confusion but didn't let up his defensive position. Where had it come from? Did it belong with the hunters? Then came the voice and now he's looking around, glancing back at the bird again too. He already knew he'd made a mistake and being reminded made him grit his teeth. Standing still, he let his eyes slowly roam along the trees, knowing he more than likely was being watched. 

    Sure, he had initially thought he was imaging the voice, but he soon learned that bird was here for a reason and therefore someone else was around. Then soon enough, his assumptions are confirmed as she reveals herself and stands before him and..well. He kept his defensive posture, but in a more subtle way now as he eyed her. " Who are you?"

  • Trees rushed pass, feet deftly avoiding roots and rocks as he put more distance between him and them.  It got to a point with his heart beating wildly, lungs burning with each breath, that he got far enough that he could stop finally and stay among a group of trees as his cover while he tried to recover his breath and rest a moment. They'd either go pass him or he'd have to defend. He kinda wants the former to happen way more. 

    Leaning back against the tree, he tried to take deep breaths and calm his racing heart while listening for them. So far he's counting three, but there were probably more than that. A sharp sting get's his attention next and through all the adrenaline that's coursing through him, he's missed the fact that one of those hunters bullets got him. Damn, did that mean he left a blood trail? More cursing to himself, he pushed back his jacket and lifted the hem of his shirt to find the wound. A through and through. Well, could be worse. It just missed his damn liver.

    This whole time he's gone in a different direction too. He wasn't stupid enough to bring this back towards his people, so he's even further now from them than he had been before. He heard another noise, closer this time and zipped his jacket back up a little, knowing he couldn't stay here any longer. Now that he knew he was probably leaving a trail, they wouldn't just run the other way. Defend it'll have to be and he'd rather be prepared. 

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