Patrick Heusinger vive um agente do FBI em Absentia (Foto: Nino Muñoz)

Age: 36 (April 15, 1981)
Height: 6' o"
Relationship Status: Mated (In a Domestic Partnership) 
Occupation: Security Specialist Manager, Monarch Solutions
Former Grendel 
Currently Living: Riverport, Massachusetts 
Sexuality: Gay 
Nationality: American (German descent) 
Species: Dhampir
Class: Pureblood/Halfling

James was born a gooey, sticky mess on April 15th, 1981 in Tampa, Florida. Presumed stillborn, he was nearly announced dead before the slight twitch of movement showed the cold, nasty thing was still alive. It was an utter surprise, considering the condition his mother was in when she gave birth to him. High as a kite, James suffered from neonatal abstinence syndrome, but thanks to his incredible biology he managed to right himself a few days later.

His mother knew what he was. His father, a Pureblood, sobered up to help take care of his son, only to find out that his mother would eventually run off. Tasked with raising James himself, Neegan did his best to pretend he was a cookie cutter single father, only to end up having James resent him for his absences and his strict, inhuman attitude.

Like father, like son

James was a curious child, often getting into trouble by sneaking into private property, claiming he could talk to ghosts. His imaginary friends kept him from going home to his abusive home and his imagination managed to keep him through school, though he tended to miss a majority of it due to his mother's neglectfulness. Thankfully, her personality seemed to have skipped over him. He grew into a soft, rather loving man, unaware of what he was and utterly ignorant to the world of the supernatural.

Until his first bite.

After discovering what he was, James ran away from home to end up wandering the streets and eventually ending up in Texas. From there, he made his way around the country, learning, growing, meeting people. Learning to live with what he was. It was a simple life. He spent time as a farm hand and fed on animals, keeping what he was a well-kept secret. He managed to finish school and moved on with his life.

As he entered adulthood, James found himself drawn to the animistic tendencies of his pureblood half, indulging in cannibalism and even drinking the blood of passers-by to keep fed. Not exactly a killer, he had a hard time keeping himself under the radar. Eventually, he grew out of his killer instincts and found a way to keep himself situated and fed.

Moving to New York, James got a job working security, bringing in an alright income. Discovering himself wasn't easy, but he managed to do it enough that he drew the attention of a silly, yet handsome mycology professor. The two later moved to Riverport where James once again found a new job to start over.

Patrick Heusinger vive um agente do FBI em Absentia (Foto: Nino Muñoz)

Now, James lives in Riverport with his partner, trying to balance what he is, his bills, and his work. He's passionate, caring deeply for what he does, but he easily gets discouraged when others don't act the same way. He's gullible to a degree, missing social cues and tending to take people at face value, relying heavily on first impressions. His awkwardness tends to make people uncomfortable, but once he opens up, he's a whole other person.

His territorial nature is thanks to his vampiric side, if he trusts someone, he can shift away from his thoughts and keep civil. He does get jealous of males showing romantic interests in his mate, even at times when females approach him as well, but he's no savage. Jealousy an ugly monster does make. 

He's not an expert at firearms, but he can fight hard with his claws. Sharp, elongated nails rip out of his fingertips, the raw power tainting his blood and turning his arms a radiant of black, showing he's not at all the human he seems. He's an alright marksman, however.

He drives a 2018 Nissan Altima. It is his company car.

He's a Dhampir, born half vampire. He's a special specimen- his mother survived birthing him, and he's managed to live with what he is. He's somewhat animalistic and bloodthirsty, but as time has gone on, he's learned to curb his hunger and keep himself under control. Once a year he becomes feral, desiring the need to impregnate and carry on his progeny. Being how he is, however, keeps him just a little horny for a week straight. It might make for an incredibly fun time.

Once, James ingested the throat of Nosferatu in a rage and has been known to eat other vampires and humans. His cannibalism can be sated by blood, however.

James, with his partner, has a Maine Coon cat named Winston. He has vowed to never eat Winston. He loves Winston.

Night Vision | Enhanced Speed | Enhanced Agility | Retractable Claws
Acid Venom | Healing Saliva | Accelerated healing |Slight magic

Water. James burns on contact in salt water and can survive longer in fresh water. He can't swim.
Dead Blood. blood older than a few days that hasn't been properly preserved will make him sick.
Magic. Magic sucks.
Decapitation will slow him down. It won't kill him

(Biological Father)
Neegan Harris

(Because his father said so)
Jurgen Steinholtz

Paul Serene

John Constantine

(Partner, Lover, Constant)
John Rookwood

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Multi/Para Rp. One Paragraph minimum. Less is ignored. Semi Selective.

21+ | Though rare, sexual situations may occur ONLY when story calls for it.

12 year vet. Super picky. Been burned a lot, so I try and find what interests me and will check out everyone who adds me.

I work part time and go to school full time. I'm a busy person. I also have depression and am constantly working through treatments and it affects my writing at times. All I ask for is patience. You add, you start. Sometimes I will offer otherwise. 

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James Harris is an OC. His FC is Patrick Heusinger

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  • Hai.
  • Recent death in the family right before holidays

    Going on hiatus

  • The demon kneels down, eventually, to dig the rest of his way with his hands instead. There's no need to damage the body any further than it already is. Azazel is so caught up in his own grief that the sudden appearance of the dhampir doesn't register; or if it does, he refuses to stop what he's doing no matter what. After scooping the final handfuls of dirt, he takes a second to look at the rotten corpse of his animal familiar. A werecat, currently trapped on his feline form, as it always is whenever he meets his death. This is the ninth time the demon has buried his friend only to dig him up weeks, sometimes months later, nine. 

    Neither time has become any easier than the last, which is a lot considering how uncaring and apathetic Azazel is when it comes towards other's suffering. He stands up then, too abruptly. He doesn't even bother to dust his dirty hands off on his jeans. His lips part and he's about to speak the incantation when he feels that presence too close for comfort. When it's pretty clear that whoever is coming won't go away until someone drops dead, Azazel summons a fireball into one of his hands. He spins around quick, but clearly not quick enough, because he suddenly finds himself pinned to the ground.

    ''Jem?'' He blinks rapidly at the other male on top. A form that he has now recognized. Under any other circumstances one might say the demon would be actually glad to see him. ''What the fuck?!'' 

  • ( Oh okay! ) That guy was his father? he shakes the shock off for listening as he explained his father and he can't exactly hold back the snort of amusement at the way James explains the man. " He did not seem willing to try for me at all."  Lorenzo can tell James was no pureblood just by his scent alone. It was a lot like how you could tell bitten mutts from blood born wolves. Lorenzo watched James as he looked out for his father, hoping the guy wasn't about to come after them for vengeance or something. As they moved along and James held out his hand, Lorenzo took it in greeting with a nod. " Pleasure, James. I am Lorenzo."  Glancing around he answered back further, " I can tell. I do not smell any others of my kind around. " He looked at James next curiously because if the guy could point him where he wouldn't get attacked by some rude vampire, that would be appreciated. 

  • "Woah woah woah, stop right there. What do you mean, are you--you're not a...are you--?" None of those were real questions, but the unsaid word was implied. Was James really a cannibal? And what--who--did he eat? Because he was more than one species, so maybe he didn't eat humans or--Why was Malory trying to rationalize a cannibal? She felt a shiver crawl up herself spine, but it wasn't from the chill in the air.

    Picking up her jacket that was probably too light for the current weather but it was all she had, Malory shoved her arms into the sleeves before throwing her packed bag over her shoulder. "I, um...The town is about three miles north of here..." She suddenly seemed uncomfortable, still concerned about the whole cannibal thing.
  • "I do not wish to hear more. Do you know how many begged before those like you and received no mercy? Do you KNOW how many? You disgust me. There is no salvation for you."

    Geist, apparently, lacks empathy when faced with this type of situation. Can he truly be blamed for that? He's got a mission. He's determined to complete it, and to let no one stand in his way.

    "Do you know how much I begged?"

    Oh. Oh, dear. This is getting personal.

    "Do you know how long I screamed, until my vocal chords burst? Rot in hell!"

    One moment they're there, and the next there's simply a mist. His shaking, gnarled hand slowly lowers back to his side.

    It's over.

  • She was still working out the details with the boss man about what she will do here and what her employment will entail. She tried to think what markable skills she had that she could offer. Well with her telepathic skills, she could easily be an interpreter since her telepathy would allow her to talk to anyone and they would hear her speaking in their native tongue and she would hear them speak in a language she could comprehend. She also was good at stealing so probably be hired to fetch things maybe, from a competitor. Possibly some security work too since she had powers that would be useful for well fighting and killing so surely it be good for guard duty and what not. She was sure there was other things but she still had to talk with Mr Serene about that.

    She looked at the woman that was speaking to her and gave her a nod.

    “Right through those doors there, right?”

    She asked with a smile before she teleported right inside to surprise Mr. Harris. Her people were the “door optional” types since they teleported everywhere they went and lived in a compound that didn’t even have much in the way of doors. Except for their private sleeping areas that was and bathroom. She would look at Mr. Harris and give a wave.

    “Hello. I’m the new girl. Pleasure to meet you. “

    She said with a warm smile and chipper attitude.

    (I’m flexible. Lol. It’s all good)
  • "...Yes."

    There's no real hesitation in his voice. In his eyes, they're collaborators. Just like the men, they're not wearing clear signs of their affiliation. They are, however, present in this den of iniquity, and that tells him enough. He simply does not care to learn more. It is what it is, and that is that. In his eyes, that is a damnable offense.

    "Do you object, Herr James?"

  • "Your what?" Malory turned her head sharply to look at him when he mentioned having kids. Okay--this guy was crazy. She was stuck in the woods with a superhuman/not-at-all-human person who had kids, couldn't tell how old he was, and was jumping from topic to topic without rhyme or reason. Oh this was going to be a fun night.
    "You like the real sugar, huh? I prefer the fake stuff--Diet Coke is the way to go. I'm not going to live a long life anyways, might as well enjoy it." That last part was something that was usually a joke, though Malory sounded surprisingly serious when she said it, as she shoved her hammock into its bag. 'I'm not going to live a long life anyways'? Malory couldn't be past her mid twenties, and seemed relatively healthy. What was she talking about?
  • No, no fight unless he really hadn't a choice in the matter. Lorenzo didn't go looking for fights unless there was a good damn reason that had no other alternative. Neegans sudden change in attitude has him narrowing his eyes suspiciously while his eyes also never strayed from the vampire. No, he's not about to let this one out of his sight and give him the upper hand. " Who says I am a bad dog?" There might have been a mocking tone there but seriously, Lorenzo wasn't at all all bad like many his breed have a bad rep for. His first turned up in mild disgust at the mentioning of cannibalism. What the hell was this guy one about?

    He doesn't bother giving an answer but he really didn't have to anyways. Pure blood werewolves had a more natural scent about them than any bitten wolf did. " Look, I am just passing through. I have no urge to cause trouble and won't even be around here long. "

This reply was deleted.


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Going on hiatus"
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