Age: 36 (April 15, 1981)
Height: 6' o"
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Languages: English, German
Occupation: Security Specialist Manager, Monarch Solutions
Former Grendel 
Currently Living: Riverport, Massachusetts 
Sexuality: Gay 
Nationality: American (German descent) 
Species: Dhampir (Human/Trashpire)
Class: Pureblood/Halfling

James was born a gooey, sticky mess on April 15th, 1981 in Tampa, Florida. Presumed stillborn, he was nearly announced dead before the slight twitch of movement showed the cold, nasty thing was still alive. It was an utter surprise, considering the condition his mother was in when she gave birth to him. High as a kite, James suffered from neonatal abstinence syndrome, but thanks to his incredible biology he managed to right himself a few days later.

His mother knew what he was. His father, a Pureblood, sobered up to help take care of his son only to find out that his mother would eventually run off. Tasked with raising James himself, Neegan did his best to pretend he was a cookie cutter single father only to end up having James resent him for his absences and his strict, inhuman attitude.

Like father, like son

James was a curious child, often getting into trouble by sneaking into private property, claiming he could talk to ghosts. He spent time in public school and learning from his uncle and father. He grew into a soft, rather loving man, mostly unaware of what he was and utterly ignorant of the world of the supernatural.

Until his first bite.

After discovering what he was, James ran away from home to end up wandering the streets and eventually ending up in Texas. From there, he made his way around the country, learning, growing, meeting people. Learning to live with what he was. It was a simple life. He spent time as a farm hand and fed on animals, keeping what he was a well-kept secret. He managed to finish school and moved on with his life.

As he entered adulthood, James found himself drawn to the animistic tendencies of his pureblood half, indulging in cannibalism and even drinking the blood of passers-by to keep fed. Not exactly a killer, he had a hard time keeping himself under the radar. Eventually, he grew out of his killer instincts and found a way to keep himself situated and fed. Moving to New York, James got a job working security, bringing in an alright income. James's awkwardness tends to make people walk on eggshells around him. Talking to him usually gets people in close. 

Patrick Heusinger vive um agente do FBI em Absentia (Foto: Nino Muñoz)

Now, James lives in Riverport on his own, trying to balance what he is, his bills, and his work. He's passionate, caring deeply for what he does, but he easily gets discouraged when others don't act the same way. He's gullible to a degree, missing social cues and tending to take people at face value, relying heavily on first impressions. His awkwardness tends to make people uncomfortable, but once he opens up, he's a whole other person.

His territorial nature is thanks to his vampiric side, if he trusts someone, he can shift away from his thoughts and keep civil. He does get jealous of males showing romantic interests in his mate, even at times when females approach him as well, but he's no savage. Jealousy an ugly monster does make.  He's not an expert at firearms, but he can fight hard with his claws. Sharp, elongated nails rip out of his fingertips, the raw power tainting his blood and turning his arms a radiant of black, showing he's not at all the human he seems. He's an alright marksman, however.

He drives a 2018 Nissan Altima. It is his company car.

 He's a Dhampir, born half vampire. He's a special specimen- his mother survived birthing him, and he's managed to live with what he is. He's somewhat animalistic and bloodthirsty, but as time has gone on, he's learned to curb his hunger and keep himself under control. Once a year he becomes feral, desiring the need to impregnate and carry on his progeny. Being how he is, however, keeps him just a little horny for a week straight. It might make for an incredibly fun time. Once, James ingested the throat of Nosferatu in a rage and has been known to eat other vampires and humans. His cannibalism can be sated by blood, however.

James has a Maine Coon cat named Winston. He has vowed to never eat Winston. He loves Winston.

Night Vision | Enhanced Speed | Enhanced Agility | Retractable Claws
Acid Venom | Healing Saliva | Accelerated healing

Water | Decapitation | Magic


Eka Iskandar
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(Biological Father)
Neegan Harris
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Jurgen Steinholtz
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Paul Serene
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"A family can be an old psychokinetic, a pissed vampire, and their hapless son."




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21+ | Though rare, sexual situations may occur ONLY when story calls for it. 12 year vet. Super picky. Been burned a lot, so I try and find what interests me and will check out everyone who adds me. I work part-time and go to school full time. I'm a busy person. I also have depression and am constantly working on treatments and it affects my writing at times. All I ask for is patience. You add you start. Sometimes I will offer otherwise. 

James Harris is an OC. His FC is Patrick Heusinger


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  • James' blase comment have Taylor do a double-take on the dhamphir. The second time around that he looks at the driver's side, Taylor's eyes rake James from head to toe just to ensure he hasn't been driving alongside a totally different person. It takes him a long minute to take in the slightly altered appearance in. Pointed ears, black claws - nothing like what he's seen in the past. In all fairness, Taylor's consistent avoidance of conflict is, sure enough, a way to never see the dhamphir in action. So, Taylor chooses to not question any of it. 

    "Maybe let's not attack everybody in sight?" He suggests while turning his head to look out of the passenger window. There are hundreds of people on the street, close to fifty waiting in line to the club and God-knows how many inside the club. From what Taylor can see, not everybody in sight is a wolf in sheep's clothing. An even more disturbing fact for him to face is that this newly formed pack of wolves have intricately weaved themselves into human society. For them, it's easier done than for vampires - many of whom suffer from an inability to walk out during the day, or consume human food, or have a pulse. Wolves blend. 

    Taylor's not too convinced he'll get in looking like he does. He looks far too casual to make it by the vigorous bouncer, but James seems to fit right in. 

    "There's an office upstairs." He says casually like this is meant to be simple trivia-type information. A frown crosses Taylor's face out of confusion over where he is pulling this information out of. The band of vampires that sought him out never told him about an upstairs office in the club, and yet Taylor feels like he's been here before. Pulling on the door handle, Taylor stumbles out of the passenger seat and stares at the club, utterly perplexed. He points a finger at the entrance, head half-turned to James, but eyes still ahead, "I.. I think I've been here before." 

    Not much will get done standing on the sidewalk. Taylor marches forward with an unexpected surge of confidence and crosses the street. His entry to the doorway is blocked by a massive man with shoulders wider than the door itself. He looks Taylor up and down, then James. Though he may have seemed like he were about to reject them entry, he steps aside and opens the black door behind him. Loud and heavy bass music pours out from the door. Darkness and flashing lights greet them inside. Taylor enters, immediately overwhelmed by the scents inside. Alcohol, sweat, something spicy and sweet - maybe a vape? Werewolf. He can't tell where it's coming from, but maybe an unoccupied stairway will lead to some answers.

  • Azazel, Stephen, Mal, Malory

    more tomorrow

  • "Boring? It's not boring. Just...repetitive." Did repeating the same routine every time she hunted make her life boring? Well, maybe it did. Maybe she was tired of doing the same thing over and over, maybe she wanted something new in her life. Maybe she wanted to not drink herself to sleep most nights she was alone. But...she would never admit any of that. Even to herself. She was too headstrong for her own good to realize when she was probably hurting herself more than helping. Did James need to know that? No, and Malory refused to acknowledge her own feelings, so she moved on.

    Malory frowned at James, sitting up quickly. "Woah woah woah, what do you mean that's it? I have so many more questions, I want to learn so much more about you." And maybe, just maybe, she was looking for a friend. James was...odd. And he wasn't human. But he was nice and interesting and...and damnit Malory wanted a friend who didn't think she was crazy. Malory was lonely, and at least she could admit to that. She didn't spend weeks at a time hunting and scouting because she had a bunch of friends to spend time with. Only her family, who also hunted, so she didn't even see them often anyways. "What about your...trailer in the woods, right? You just going to abandon that?"

  • He arched an eyebrow at his words and looked puzzled at the swimming comment. He ordered a refill of his drink and gulped it down in one shot as he tried to find words to Deliever to the man. 

    “I thought the whole vampires being unable to cross running water, was some kind of myth.  Is water like acid to you? Fresh or salt water? If you can swim because you would burn by water contact??  Then.   How do you bath or clean yourself? If you do.  As for being dump, young, and a fool in love. Going by your words and their meanings.  People do stupid things when they are in love. I would say be glad you have love in your life. There are many out there who desire love and happiness, yet it eludes them so. 

    Like that coyote trying to catch the roadrunner.  If you can be love, if you have one that you love and loves you back. Does anything else in life...... really manner then, James? Friendship, family, love.... What more does a person really need in this world?”


    His gaze turned sour as he thought about his own life and what he has lost.  He reflected on this a moment before speaking again. 

    “Worry not about these other vampires that want to get their fangs into you. So long as you are in my club.  You will at least have one area that is a sanctuary. A place where you can be safe from the machinations of those who want you for their own selfish ends.  You have a father. Friends I would assume and someone you love and loves you back, yes? You already have more then me. I am just a dashing club owner of a mildly successful night club. Sure I may get atttrntion from many a woman or man but it’s all hollow, all empty and meaningless.  I have no real friends, no family, it is just me. 

    James. So long as you are here. I want you to feel at ease. I can’t have my customers feeling blue or distressed. It wouldn’t reflect good on me, since I want everyone here to have a good time. That is why I’m in the ........ entertainment industry or the club scene. A place for people to go have fun, relax, and forget life’s troubles, if only for a little while. So can you do that for me, James? Think about what you have and just be happy?  At least not worry about your father. I’ll have someone keep an eye on him while he is here. So that you can relax and enjoy some semblance of a night out. “

    He said all this while flashing a handsome smile. Such a polite gentleman he was. Which made his true nature ever the more opposite. 

  • Aza waves lazily, gesturing at James's claws. ''You can put those away, Jem. No one is going to attack you.'' He pauses for dramatic effect, before adding. ''Not unless I order them to.'' Ah, how reassurring. He doesn't wait for an answer from the Dhampir; he doesn't even wait for the nature of the carnival to sink in, before he's turning on his heels and walking away, expecting to be followed. He walks with his hands behind his back, wrists crossed, fingers curled into fists. He's whisling some random tune, which can be barely heard due to the eerie music playing in the background.

    Halloweentown. That's the name the carnies affectionately refer to as their home. Black is the prominent color in everything, with the occasional sprinkles of other colors, always dark, however. Pumpkins and skulls make the majority of the decoration. The entertainment is provided by creepy looking marionettes, dolls, clowns, skeletons, and scarcrows of all shapes and sizes.

    The huge sign at the entrance that reads All souls under eighteen will be sacrificed to the Loa explains why there are no children around. Only adults are allowed to place a safe foot into these grounds.

  • That got a bit of a laugh out of Lorenzo. He nods once in agreement, because let's be honest, that probably was what they mostly spoke about among each other. He's capable of trusting that James spoke the truth there.  Makes him wonder what James might assume his kind talk about among each other, though. As for how others seem uninterested in James, Lo might chalk it up to the fact that often hybrids are looked down upon. He's seen it before. They are seen as weak and unworthy and while that might not exactly be the case here, maybe it was something close to that. 

    James' backpeddling earns another laugh and jeez, this guy was awkward, sure, but Lo finds it amusing and grins after giving a brief shake of the head. " I save those kind of convo's, as they call it, for those I am ever extra friendly with. " That grin persisted. He's teasing James. A little. Lorenzo was all too aware of most of what was going on around him, including conversations that may or may not involve him, but instead, he seems more interested in his new acquaintance. 

    "Well..either way, father, seemed well I am not sure what word I am looking for, but I hope there will not be too much trouble for you. "

  • James' nails make Taylor uncomfortable, although he doesn't really know why. It seems painful to him, but upon inspection of the other male, it's a physical reaction that comes without any signals from his pain receptor. He cocks his head at the Dhampir in a quizzical kind of way. Physical altercations and confrontation alike are not included in Taylor's list of past times. Honestly, just about the only thing, Taylor enjoys these days is getting blood drunk off blood chocolates and passing out on his living room floor. It's sad, actually.

    "It was nice to see you!" Taylor calls out to Neegan, copying the same fashion of communication that James uses. He's not totally sure if it was nice to see him, their communication was limited to him being stared at and then reprimanded for not being Eka. It wasn't very good for his ego, but he supposes it could have been a more damaging interaction. Still, Taylor wishes to be polite always.

    Unsure, Taylor shrugs, "Kind of. Just a rumour, but it's worth a shot." He'll follow James' lead and happily give direction all the way.

    It's a long drive.

    New York

    On the outskirts of the main city centre is an 'L' shaped street mostly occupied by clubs and bars. Gay bars to one end and fancy wine-and-dine 'restaurants' to the other. Between them is where most of the action is. All the young and fresh faces who'd finally earned an ID convincing enough to get by the bouncer are around this area. The age range does not vary much, most of them appearing to look under the age of 27. One club, the exact location Taylor leads them to, is hosting a very early Halloween night. Costumes only. Awesome.

  • Something bad? What exactly did he mean by that? Whatever was out there seemed to have the dhampir on edge. She wanted to know what he smelled. Given what she was Maleficent had heightened senses but she doubted they were as strong as the dhampirs. For all she knew he was picking up the scent of something relatively far away. When he cursed the villainess rolled her eyes.

    "Do elaborate."

    She noticed his claws along with the extension of his fangs which only meant he expected a fight. Frankly she pitied the creature interested in giving the two of them shit tonight. Her unpleasant mood accompanied by James's feral behavior ensured there would be no mercy given.

  • It seems as though no matter what Taylor might say, James has already made his mind up. The half vampire would never really go against the wishes of another, it's simply not in his nature to do so unless he really felt someone were in danger. His mouth forms into a thin straight line, half confused by all of the information thrown at him. Boyfriend? Jurgen? It happens to fast, he doesn't feel as though he has enough time to ask about who these people are. 

    Taylor is suddenly made aware of how anti-social he's become. He spends way too much time alone these days.

    "Alright." He slips in, following after James' lead. Careful of his treated wound, Taylor picks up his jacket and slips it over his shoulders. Both of his sleeves are rolled up to the elbows so as to give relief to his freshly bandaged arm. It's surprising how alive Taylor looks after a small fix-me-up from James, the vampires blue eyes even look a little brighter. Maybe he's hopeful he'll finally be able to sleep in his own home without worrying about being attacked in the middle of the night. 

    "I know a place if you wanted to go straight to the heart of the pack," Taylor says, "a club of all places. Cliche, but I don't make the rules." None of this information has been gathered by Taylor himself, just word on the street. When you're as non-threatening as Taylor appears, people like to talk about all kinds of things. There's been a band of vampires in New York who have asked for Taylor's help to clear out the wolves in the past, but he refused to get involved. Unfortunately, they gave him too much information and that alerted the pack that Taylor was a threat. They've been on his ass ever since. 

    Taylor checks out the keys James carries, "Are you driving?" He doesn't mind. 

  • "Hey, enough with calling me small. If you were a human, I could beat your lanky ass into the ground." Malory was teasing as well, but she was also a bit serious. She had a problem with people calling her 'small' since, in all honesty, she was small. But she had won her fair share of bar fights, and she had killed a number of trolls, a couple ogres, and far too many goblins to count. Being called small made her feel, well...small. And she hated that feeling.

    Still working on her own food, Malory popped a piece of chicken into her mouth before taking a long drink from her beer. After she swallowed, she looked back to James. "What's next?" She repeated, tilting her head in thought. "I'm probably just going to go home, take a break from hunting for a few days. Sleep in a real bed. You said there wasn't a troll in the area, and I believe you. The tip I got was probably just some asshole trying to throw me for a loop. That happens more than I'd like to admit..." She explained with a sigh, pushing her hair back. More often than she liked to admit, people would tell her they saw a troll or a goblin pack somewhere, and she could check it out, only to find out that they were just trying to make fun of her for believing in the impossible.

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