Currently: Bouncing between down Town New York and Florida's Coast.

Health: 100%

Current Thoughts: "Ya know, I've always had a thing for the innocent ones."

 Name: Jett (No Last name given

Age: 235/ Birthdate: Dec. 25

Occupation: Ex-Butler

Personality: The Trickster at his finest

Species: Mixed breed, no name.



Jett was born a bastard child, and raised oddly normal for a supernatural. His mother thirsted for nothing but blood, being of Vampric descent. While his father was known world wide as none other than, Lucifer. Of course, Lucifer never had time for his spawns, leaving Jett to his mother. Due to the fact that Endora, Jett's mother, was a Vampire and Lucifer a fallen angel; Jett was birthed without an exact name for his species. He bare's no fangs or blood-thirst, as well as no wings from his fathers side. This leaves him...mostly normal. Our red-head retained most of his mother's traits and near to none of his father's, leaving him much weaker than most of Lucifer's spawns. None-the-less, Jett was gifted with his mother's abilities; ones that would put most demons to shame...A Healers Touch.


Although Jett was a wanderer for a good portion of his early years, it wasn't without purpose. Despising his father with every fiber of his being, Jett always longed for the power he was denied at birth. The throne would one day be his. Perhaps that day was closer than he thought, or would he be sadly mistaken.. After a meeting with a Starcaller known as Amir. Jett found that the two had similar goals. Yet Amir's strength and power-control already seemed strong enough to face his father without help. Silently Jett plotted. Amir wished to kill Lucifer, and it seemed he would attempt to with or without Jett. His father's death would mean, the throne open. With his mind made up, our red-head vowed to serve Amir. For the longest time, Amir knew nothing of Jett's true plans or even the fact that Jett, had Lucifer's blood running through his veins. His life as a butler for several loyal years came to an end, when Amir began to slip even further into insanity; ultimately casting Jett away.



Jett's talents, as a supernatural are quite unique. He isn't much of a fighter, unless you push the right buttons. Inherited from his mother, Jett is an outstanding healer. With the ability to use recovery magic as well as other supporting magics; this makes him a well sought after ally. Although Jett possesses such brilliance in the supporting aspects of magic, he's yet to use it on anyone other than himself and his Ex-Master, Amir.

Aside from his outstanding healing abilities, Jett retained a few of his fathers weaker skills, allowing him small offensive bouts if needed. Jett's single red eye ties in with the abilities that his father passed down to him. Though his natural eye color is green. Our-redhead's signature trait, however, is his speed. At normal speed, he's no different from that of an average demon. Though with a spell, spoken from his tongue, he has the ability to quicken himself and allies; literally multiplying his speed to unknown numbers. He's in no way the fastest creature in the world, but faster than most is better than none. Almost all of Jett's spells must be spoken from his lips, meaning they are extremely hard to replicate, unless his voice is present. Still, he's been known to teach Ceres, an imprisoned Fae of his past Master, a few of his minor spells.

(Just my Quick input):

Please understand that Jett is a healer, and a supporting type fighter, meaning he most of the time will not be alone when in battle. Also please understand that due to the fact Jett is a healer, I thought it would be a horrible idea to also make him extremely all around powerful. I am not a GOD-MOD  and absolutely hate it with a passion. Therefore- many of you may see Jett as weak, Please understand that when rping with me, I enjoy players like minded as myself, not  god-mods that bulldoze through an rp to 'beat the game'. So yes, you may consider Jett weak in your eyes, but to me, he is perfect and pretty much fully skilled.

* Note that skills with "quotes" around them must be spoken from his lips *

  • "Haste" - Once spoken, any allies he is directing the skill at will gain a speed boost. 
  • "Blood Boil" (Name and Skill inherited from his mother) - Once this word reaches Jett's Enemy's ears, their blood will begin to heat causing them to lose focus and fight more poorly. Note: This ability takes a lot of stamina to maintain. 
  • "Bloom" - Any plants in the area will open and secrete a pollen that, if inhaled, puts the breather in a sleep/drowsy state.
  • "Crush" - Once spoken any allies it is directed to will gain a strengthening boost for their skills and physical strength. Side Effects: The listeners eyes may radiate red.
  • "Whither" - Upon speaking this word, rain will begin to fall. Once the drops touch the ground, they become toxic. With enough rainfall, toxic puddles will gather upon the ground. Touching the toxins, could result in illness, melting flesh, and/or draining of energy. 
  • Sacrifice - Jett will mutter in tongues to himself. All of his energy will leave his body and travel to his targeted ally. All of his energy enters the target, knocking Jett unconscious in the process. The target gains a huge power boost and a restoring aura that quickens the healing process. 
  • Resolve - With the snap of a finger, Jett is able to echo his voice through his mind. ~ Telepathy~ This skill is used to speak long distances or cast his spells if he is unable to speak. 
  • "Cleanse" - Upon speaking this word, his hands will begin to radiate a warm green aura. This green light is a healing aura. If Jett lays hands on an ally while in his healing state, their wounds will begin to heal.
  • "Stone Skin" - Upon speaking this a transparent shield forms around his target, defending them from on-coming attacks. The barrier is easily broken but can easily be put up again.
  • Kiss of the Snake charmer *Special Skill*(Name and Skill inherited from his mother.) - This ability is passive and uncontrollable by Jett. Removing his eye patch. Jett reveals his crimson red eye inherited from his father.  Jett's gaze becomes contagious. If one locks eyes with him. Their body falls under his control for a set period of time; Usually around 5 minutes. *If the user has a more powerful mind than Jett, this could backfire causing serious harm to our red head. 
  • Calling *Special Skill*(Skill inherited from his father.) - Muttering in tongues, after a small channel time, Two identical clones of himself spawn on either side of him. 
  • Enhanced Senses - I.e, speed, strength, hearing, sight. All supernaturals usually posses these traits.


Jett doesn't have many ties with anyone at the moment, nor did he ever. A lover is almost out of the question for him. Taking after his father, our red-head enjoys the thrill of a one night stand. He see's Sexual desires as a necessity rather than a need for a relationship. Taking after his father, Jett prefers both men and women. However, he prefers women to men any day. Jett can always be sucked into a relationship, its just very unlikely.

Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Relationship Status: Single : N/a.

Current Interests: 00


Amir Profile Link

Valkyrie Profile Link

Viv Profile Link

Jett is an excellent chess player.

 Jett looks strikingly similar to his father in his earlier years. Only eye color truly sets them apart.

 Endora, Jett's mother was murdered by his own father.

 Jett's fighting style and abilities leave him vulnerable to physical attacks. 

 He is a excellent chef.

 Jett is a gambler, which is currently his source of income. 

 Jett keeps his father's identity a secret. 

 Jett's enemies often refer to him as the Trickster. Implying his fast speed and cunning ways in battle. 

 His title The Rook was given to him by his old Master. He cherishes it. 




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  • I've been gone for a bit. I'll try to get all my replies done tomorrow! Summer fun!

  • Jett could guess about Apollo not being human all he wanted. Apollo wasn't one to offer up the juicy details unless it came up in conversation naturally. And like Jett he also didn't favor the mutts but there were a few that had caught his attention enough to make him force his hand in ways he wouldn't have before. Especially not in the way Valentine did.

     A lengthy side long glance eyed Jett. How much detail did he want to share? The Elder Vampire was already moody from hunger. Did he feel like adding lazy to that If there was one thing about Apollo learned, he was never lazy. Relaxed in every languid stride that he might come across as a lazy, at ease feline, but never lazy.

     “Yes, game. It's what I call my hunts. Easier on the ears if anyone ever overhears it. Draws less suspicion.” Apollo paced his strides to match the shorter male beside him. Their destination never clear in his movements as he directed them around a corner a block down. “Like any game, hunting has its own thrill.”  

    Glacial eyes stayed ahead unless he chose to meet Jett inquisitive gaze. Which was often. The Elder vampire wasn't one to shy away from the attention. “Jett. The Irish Pirate.” He chirped teasingly. That mischievous smirk broadened. He wasn't going to let it go but for respect sake he'd drop it. For now. “A pleasure to meet you, Jett.” A hand offered out to shake Jett’s. “Call me Apollo.”

     An eyebrow raised at Jett. Now he asked where they were going? “You'll see.” Poor Jett should have asked earlier if he didn't want to be surprised. Or not have followed at all. “Alright, Jett. What brings you to this side of town? Mine is my game and yours is?”

  • Not the best place for a bar but a bar was a bar regardless right? Just by looking at the place alone from the outside, it looked kinda shady and about ready to just fall apart, but she didn't say anything, she been in worse places besides this one. She followed behind her suppose new friend that led her here in the first place, the door closed behind her, making the windows shake a bit from the slam of the door. She narrowed her eyes slightly, waving her hand back and forth in her face from all the smoke that was visible in the room, even though she was a smoker herself but she wasn't this much of a heavy smoker it seems. The scent of smoke made her nose burn slightly, squinting up her nose a bit from the smell that tried to flood her senses.

    She told herself not to be rude for a change and try to be nice, but being nice wasn't really in her blood to say the least, though the only reason why she even came along in the first place cause the guy probably wouldn't have taken no for an answer which was fine, but hey what can you do right? She looked over to the counter and seen the hefty guy behind the counter taking orders for drinks, Royal stared at the male for a long moment, he looked hefty but he may had a bad taste to him that she may not like so she left him alone for now, she didn't like eating meat that tasted horrible..

  •      --- A gaze shrouded in impassivity quietly observed the one-eyed stranger as he browsed. Yet, it was not unfriendly in the slightest; a slight air of curiosity replaced any apprehensive undertones, yet it was a curiosity that was being kept well in check.  

         “I do on occasion.” The raven mused casually in reply towards the query regarding trades with other countries. It may or may not have been a rhetorical question, yet Raiya chose to answer it anyways.


         Sharp eyes inclined towards the polaroid picture that was offered to her. With a tilt of her head, the woman carefully picked it up and held it for further observation. Her brow dipped in momentary thought while she scanned the odd words on the photograph. When Jett began to spew his explanation, a quiet chuckle fluttered forth in reply.

         “No need to explain yourself–" The woman offered a light smile as she slid the photograph back towards him.  “-- I personally am not one to pry in personal matters. I do have to ask, though…”

         An inhale was drawn, and the shopkeeper leaned forward until her folded arms rested upon the countertop. Her words were careful in the choosing – quite careful indeed. The elven always had one way or another to satiate what curiosity she harbored. Exactly how important was this item he searched for~?


         “Let’s work under the assumption that I do have it. Will I, by chance, have to be concerned about some other person or thing who may try to come after it?”

         And in this, the corner of her lip made a very faint ascent, mimicking a mere shadow of a grin as her final inquiry came to pass. “Would I possibly have to worry about someone breaking in at some point or another if I refuse to hand it over~?” 

  • “No actually, curiosity kept the cat coming back.” Apollo quipped immediately. He’s heard that line a few times when his own curiosity got the best of him. Eventually, he developed his own line to counter it because for him it was true. No wonder his obsession with a hunter and demon got him in trouble more than once.

    “I’ve had my game ruined once this evening. I don’t need it to happen again.” It was true. Like any hunter when one hunt fails, there’s a recovery time. Heal those wounds done to his pride and he’d be back at it again before the end of the night.

    “Hmph.” Glacial blue eyes looked around. Suite. Sure thing. He could see the lie with his own eyes. The lie was evident in every run down building around them and in the stench of trash that came up on each breeze. The only suite around here was a self-created one. “You’re better at ruining my play time than you are at lying.” The Elder vampire pouted amusingly. If it was possible for the man to look like Puss in Boots while doing so, he did. Those glacial eyes widening and his lips tugged down in a frown.

    He held the sweetness of it for a moment before a care-free laughter erupted from him. He already lost his meal for now, so why not let it go. If there was one thing about Apollo, it was that when he made up his mind about something, you could bet your bottom dollar he wasn’t going to drop it. Being a pirate was definitely going to be a thing now.  Apollo never had the pleasure of meeting Lucifer. He heard plenty of stories but never the pleasure of meeting him so one day it would come as no surprise even though he picked up on Lynn’s scent that he wouldn’t have caught the smell of the reigning King of Hell.

    Glacial eyes gave a final scan over Jett. Whatever had happened to him clearly weighed on him. The boy was more perplexed than Apollo was on a bad day. “Alright,.” Apollo turned and started walking down the sidewalk. Jett had no obligation to follow Apollo. None. Absolutely no connection to the stranger and yet Apollo acted as if he knew Jett longer than he did and they were friends. The Elder acted in confidence as if he knew Jett would follow him. No question about it. “Your shack can wait. I won’t have you roaming the streets like this.” His long strides paused long enough for him to glance over his shoulder. A single hand waved in the air for Jett to follow. “Come on, Irish Pirate.”

  • The Seamstress was waiting for the man behind the counter to take the cash, when the redhead's finger slapped itself on the bill, sliding it towards her with that bullshit excuse. Diya's face seems to twitch, as she took the bill and immediately went against Jett's instructions, slipping the bill right into Raul's front pocket, making sure that Jett could not get it. Sitting back again, she huffed softly to herself, taking a sip of her drink. The warm liquid made her shake, her scarf being pulled off her neck. Money wasn't an issue to her. Jett would find that out soon...

    And what was that? Why did she want to gamble? Well...simply because she needed friends. But, she would never say that up front to Jett. She was too shy for that. Grabbing her pen and paper, the text was written across the sheet. After a good minute, the paper turned towards the redhead with some hesitation. 

    "I only want to know how to have some fun in my life. When you live day to day at work, fun isn't exactly a thing."

  • Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Its not often you see 'just' a human OC around in the roleplay world ^^ but I really don't have anything in particular in mind at the moment; although, Brook has been known to hunt down all supernaturals whether they may seem friendly or not, she isn't the one to let one live by mere whim or anything.

  • A good ploy in most any situation...Except, Jett had never been in a situation with Apollo. This male was determined to go against every rule in the rule books or break every law and order in the world it seemed. He didn’t comply to expectations. Only in business and even then he intentionally broke the rules along the way. Their interaction was example number one. After an encounter like that most would keep on their own merry way. Not Apollo. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next.

    “You’re wearing an eye-patch,” Apollo stated the obvious in a similar tone of voice Jett used. One hand tucked into the pocket of his own sweater jacket. “The only person I’ve met who wears one of those is a one-eyed Joe and he is a pirate.” Lies. All lies! There was no one-eyed Joe and no run in with pirates. Alright, maybe a few way back in his day, but Apollo wasn’t going to give that away.

    Nostrils flared as he inhaled Jett’s scent again. A lingering scent of coffee beans and a cafe struck him. Could it be? Apollo scanned over the male again. Strange enough appearance, he had to be. Lynn was keeping some interesting company these days, wasn’t she. “I’m curious as to why New York’s newest pirate is roaming these streets.” Apollo spoke the words slower and softer than the others. Pair that with the amused glint in his eye and Apollo very well implied, Jett wasn’t from this part of town.

  • (No issues on my end. Works great! Please excuse any changes in my character as we go. I am finding her voice as a character, so the writing may be a little choppy at times.)

    Solid ground supported her where she laid. A sky above her remained expansive. Was it a sky or a ceiling? The whiteness captured her attention. Just as quickly as she thought it the world around her changed. When her attention changed so did the scenery. Until the red-head boy came skidded into view. She sat up, legs crossed beneath her, long brunette hair fell across her shoulders. Auburn highlighted ends swayed as she stood and walked to him. Hands looped behind her back innocently.

    Wide-eyed the silent woman leaned forward. Her light weight shifted from her heels to the balls of barefeet. A smile of wonder radiated from her. Dancing eyes didn’t look at Jett. She focused on his hair. That bright red hair, like a flame or the center of a burning star.  Both hands reached out to touch spiky strands…


    Eyes snapped open to peer out the window her head rested against. The air from outside gave it a small chill. She slowly straightened herself, wiggling her petite body against the leather of the booth she sat in. Papers scattered the table top. Some drawn upon  and others with only a few lines. She stared at them for a long moment trying to remember what she had been drawing.

    “How’d you sleep, Sleeping Beauty?” The bartender asked. Aletheia gave him an embarrassed side-long look.

    “I did it again.” She mumbled. Her hands cupped the warm cup of bailey’s and coffee he brought to her.

    “Mhm. Nothin, I’m not used to with you. At least you buy a few drinks when you do. Though I can’t imagine how you are able to fall asleep in a bar.”

    How was a great question. This was the third time she fell asleep while drawing at one of his tables. This one was more elegant and private. The booth offered a head perch. The time before that it was at a small round table, mouth agape and from what he told her a few little snores. The time before that face first against the bar-top right among a crowd of drinking partners.

    “Who knows. By magic, maybe.”

    “Mhm, whatever you say.” The bartender left her where she had made her own nest. Before completely walking away, he looked back over at her, “Whatever odds hours they have you working, I think you need to find a new job. Can’t fall asleep everywhere you go!”

    The clock ticked by. Aletheia thought over his words for a few minutes, staring at the sketchbook and crumpled pieces of paper around her. She groaned as she burrowed her face in her hands. “Every time. Why?” She sat like that for a few moments. Trying to collect herself and shake off the grogginess of sleep and the vision of red-hair she had. Whatever it was, she wanted the dream to go away. Just let her draw, let her work, and then go on her own merry way.

    The door made an odd squeaking noise as it opened. Wherever the sound came from, the owner needed to oil it. Her fingers sprawled open to look beyond the booth to peek through her fingertips. That’s when she saw him or rather his hair. The dash of red she was tempted to touch in her dreams. Eyes widened as she watched him make his way to the bar...and widened as she watched him order...and widened until she felt like they were going to pop out of her skull.

    Maybe if she didn’t move, he wouldn’t see her...  

  • Jett wasn’t a problem solver. Apollo was. He only needed Jett as the tool to help it come about. After all, Apollo had two problems on his hands now. The first being the angry male who wasn’t in the slightest drunk. Apollo rudely interrupted the man’s late night drive so that he could feed. It all made sense. The man became a problem when Jett appeared as a potential witness. Apollo didn’t know Jett from Adam so he’d be damned if he could immediately tell Jett’s origins at a distance. Hence, Jett as lucky problem number 2.

    Jett wasn’t a problem solver... But he would be Apollo’s solution. Jett’s voice broke through to the yelling man. He turned his wrath from the blonde to the red-head. “This asshole” the driver began. Apollo tuned the rest out. Slyly he took a giant step back, allowing Jett to cross, putting Apollo cleverly on the opposite side of Jett. In the motion, Apollo took a decent scan over the new male. Nostrils flared as he inhaled his scent. A helpful way of determining who was human and who was not. Though the Elder used more than smell alone to make his conclusions.

    “What he said,” Apollo piped up as he gestured to Jett. This earned another string of shouts from the male who attempted to make his way back at the vampire. Long backwards strides kept him two steps ahead of Jett. Apollo gave a noncommittal shrug and with every step Jett took to exit the situation, Apollo took with him. He kept Jett between him and the man. This wasn’t how he planned for dinner to turn out.

    Soon enough, when distance became Apollo’s only ally, the male went back to the car, slammed the door shut, and sped off. No doubt, the human was more concerned about his car being stolen in the downgraded part of town. Narrowed glacier blue eyes followed the car’s taillights until his dinner was out of the sight. Where there was one trouble-maker there was always bound to be more. Speaking of trouble, “Weren’t you a surprise.” Good or bad, Jett was a surprise for Apollo and the human. He abruptly stopped in Jett’s path on the other side of the street. Hands straightened out his shirt as he scanned over Jett, eyes lingering on the eye-patch. One question came to mind, cosplayer at convention? Only thing that would make sense to Apollo for Jett’s patch and striking red head.  

This reply was deleted.


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