Name: John Constantine

height: 6'"

Alignment: Neutral good

Residence- L.A

Home: Living in the Night club called Lux, Lucifer pens it of course. 


Heres my Story


I killed my mother from being born, my father blamed me and gave me a nickname for it. he would say 'Hello killer.'  Every day he would be me up and say 'this is for your mother, killer.'   I will not go into detail but when  I got older I decided to try and find my mother. I have learn every kind of magic that could speak to the dead, raise the dead and other things but never her.

I have been on everyones shit list, demons, angels and blah blah blah it comes with a job.I have made friends that I have lost because of my arrogance and blindness.  If I could change it all I would so bolloks to that.  There was this one particular case job I did that would haunt me till the day I die. It was in New Casrke, a little girl named Astra was haunted by a demon, the only way to defeat the demon was to summon another demon.  That is where my arrogance kicked in, one the demon was defeated, Nergal; the demon I summoned took Astra.

I blamed myself for it, I went to a mental hospital seeing it  as way of punishment. But certain events caused me to get out of punishment and back to work.    From then on I met a few interesting characters, and the story is just beginning as I search for the rising darkness. Perhaps toy with the demons a little and have a bit of fisticuffs with Papa Midnite.  Ooo maybe even mess with a certain devil who seems to be on my payroll.



Levitation- I can  fly if I want to, I just do so when I have to.

Summoning- I can summon demons what a shocker

eldritch blasts- projecra energy from my hands and boom magic haoppens

exorcism- I send the big bad demons packing

seals- I can seal any thing away in items. 


Those who I consider close.

Zed Martin- A woman that found me one day who has a rare capabilite of Clairsentient. She was a rather persistant girl who would come to me for answers and would never leave me be unless she got them. After confirming her power I decided to take her with me since she would just continue to track me down.

Chas Chandler- One of my oldests friends who I have been with for a long time, even before I went to the asylum.  He is my rock who always hits the back of my head to get me all bothered and do the right thing.

Lucifer Morningstar- A Fallen Angel I despise, but some times someone I can relate to. An uncaring bloke that would do what ever he wants and takes what he wants. He doesn't care about consequences nor those around them, well there is one person he cares about but thats not my business now is it? He is self-rightous, con-artist, obnoxious, sexy..bloody hell he drives me mad at times and I don't even know why at times. Now I am living with isn’t bad as I imagined...don’t tell him that.


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Character Name


Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single and can mingle

Character Appearance

Blonde hair blue eyes wears a trench coat

Character Personality

Brash, over confident and very sly

Character Likes

a good drink, game of cards, someone sharing his bed

Character Dislikes

Lucifer, demons, angels, Papa Midnite

Character History/Story

John Constantine is an occult detective from Liverpool, England. His violent and anti-social attitude makes him a formidable anti-hero, and he's known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Character Inventory

Deck of cards magical artifacts trench coats cigarettes

Character Abilites

able to use the dark arts and magical powers.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • (After reading up some research in a version of this character I took as inspirations. It mentions he be the type to be a good villains for the likes of John Constantine and such. I haven’t played the villian version of him yet. Just the-anti hero.  So thought maybe we could explore the bad side. )

  • “Mmmmm more frosty then spicey.  Nothing like crushing someone’s heart from a distance instead of face to face. Where one can see the anguish, despair, heartbreak in their eyes. That’s the fun part. Humans. Silly creatures they are. “

    (She doesn’t have to many demons that come after her and normally she can handle them.  Could  be some case that makes them cross paths. Trying to think what they both could be working on that has them cross one another’s path.)

  • I don’t even know the concept of the dear John letters. Answering fan mail was never part of my job description.


    (Lol. How would you like them to meet.  She could be a demon he heard about through the grapevine. A demon that specializes in information and is one of the few demons on earth, that is not going around killing and tormenting humans. Not to mention she works for humans.  So that could make her famous among demons since many  demons do not behave as she does or she could by a mystery because she doesn’t go killing and so forth, that she could be very under the radar.


    Or could meet by

     chance on some case or something.)

  • (Eyy, thanks for the add! Ya interested in plotting, or wanna go in spontaneously?)

  • |.  Hey man. Fucked up me laptop not too long ago.  I'll try to give you something soon though,aye? 

  • (Thanks for accepting. Care to write?)

  • Yes but I would like to do to in messages because it' easier to keep p with the story

  • (Yes. Maybe they cross paths cause she picked a fight with Damien Dark or so someone that uses magic and manage to beat her. So suffering from defeat. She went on a warpath to get even and ends up crossing paths with John somehow?)

  • "MDs and PhDs aren't just sheets of paper.  They're knowledge -
    life-saving knowledge - in here.  A level of education
    that stays with you.  No one can take that away from you."

  • (Thanks for accepting. Care to write?)

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""Life-saving well  then I should pack my bags and be done with the dark arts and magic and go straight to class. Owe wait can never get the time so I guess basic magic and high risks are for me. Say have you seen any demons as of late?"
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