Keiji Inugami -  Akuma no ryōken- Heruhaundo



Species: Human?


Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: Pansexual

Alignment: Good/ Chaotic

Location: Hokaido

Former Home: New Jersey


Employment: Otaku Zaibatzu



Keiji has lived with his father ever since his mother passed away, he had been through many troubles that had led him being isolated from the world. His mother passed away from natural causes, but that didn't stop Keiji from feeling like it was his fault. One day in high school he went up to the roof side to have alone time taking his shoes off and putting his glasses aside. To him, he had no meaning in life, so he jumped...but death wouldn't take him. The next day he would be in his own room laying in bed wondering how he got there. After that he decided to take in a new light and decided to change. He would start to open up to people he didn't know and try to get along with them and their differences. He went to college and got himself a job working as a clerk for a manga store. 

When he is free he usually goes to a mall to observe new electronics and foods. He admires devices like phones, tvs and cameras. The college that he is applied to involves electronics and technology. You could probably say that Keiji is a total geek. At the mention of electronics he would go in a full sprint and explain how it operates and what you should get. He has a one track mind but also a kind soul.



Things were going well for Keiji, or so it seemed, you see there is so much he could take, the thoughts of returning to that dark part in his memories of trying to remember what happened that day in high school makes him go in a deep state of sleep letting 'Keido' out of his cage. Keido is Keiji's dark personality that influences him into doing menacing things, to destroying property, hurting people or worse. When Keido is done Keiji has no recollection of what happens and becomes in a heat of panic standing in the center of his work. He would believe that someone has killed them or they died from natural causes and call the cops. No one has caught him in the act for Keido makes sure that he cleans up his 'mess' when he is finished.


Keiji is kind, considerate, and gullible at times while keeping a smile on his face. When he is in college he mostly acts sophisticated and forgets about his surroundings. He is shy around others; mostly around girls. He keeps some people that he feels suspicious away from him in any chance he can get. He doesn't want to get too close fearing that one day he might lose them or get pushed aside.


Height- 5'8"

Eye color: Brown (left eye)  green/brown (right eye)

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Face Claim: Xiah Junsu







The Mask of the Killer




Kenshi- The sword that the Akuma no Ryoken's favorite blade when ever he goes out and kills. He sees it as pleasure to cut down those who he finds guilty.


Twin Blades- Hand crafted, used whenever he goes to kill multiple people, made sure to cut through bone and flesh. even able to cut through metal.


Shuriken- custom made to always land its mark with a sensor that will turn around if necessary to hit from behind.


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Character Gender


Character Likes

Cats, dogs, anime, making friends, college, working as a store clerk,

Character Dislikes

Situations that seem stressful, when there isn't anything in the fridge (The horror!!!)

Character Inventory

Keiji- Books, pencils, pens, a bookbag Keido- Knifes, shuriken, kunais, a pistol

Character Abilites

Split-personality acrobatics keen-intellect

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

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  • Maleficent's gaze moved to one of the goblin corpses as Keiji explained why he chose a wolf. His explanation made sense but the villainess still found his use of a mask ridiculous. She already knew what he looked like. When he mentioned the nickname "Hell-hound" a wicked grin formed on her face.

    "Hell-hound? Are you some sort of vigilante?"  She had heard of humans wearing ridiculous outfits and fighting crime. "That would certainly explain why Mephisto is interested in you." She seemed surprised that Mephisto was sending demons to Keiji. What was the point of that?

    "The imbecile probably sent you here."

  • (Not bad. I'm suffering at work until late tomorrow so can you please start?)

  • (sure)

  • (AHHHHHHH! I'm sorry! I'm seriously the worst sometimes.  I'll follow your lead, though.  Anzu is a sucker for a dark soul.  If you plant the setting, I'll make it rain! 


  • "But why a wolf?" She was quick to respond to his statement about the mask.

    He had a point. In a way every face is a mask. Her attention remained on the sword as he continued. In truth Maleficent did not know why the demon bothered to send the young man to her mountain. Was this supposed to be some sort of joke?

    "I doubt he sent you here to kill me. Mephisto is vulgar and repulsive at times but he is not a complete fool. He knows I always win." Arrogant as always. Maleficent's words did have merit though. Sure Keiji had killed a few goblins but the little beasts were nothing compared to the dragon lady standing in front of him. As Keiji contemplated the demon's motive an idea popped into Maleficent's head. Was this the creature Mephisto told her about? Was this the man Mephisto wished to send into the dimension they had discussed?

    "Exactly how well do you know Mephisto?"

  • (No worries, and I'd love to write with ya!)

  • ( would you mind? Just to kinda set the scene. I'd appreciate it )

  • It was not long after the goblins locked Keiji in the dungeon that Maleficent heard their screams. Naturally she assumed the young man had managed to escape somehow. The goblins were not the smartest of creatures but they could be deadly in large numbers. They were also obedient for the most part which meant they were perfect for guarding her estate.

    Once the screaming stopped Maleficent motioned for four of her servants to check the dungeon. They were not gone more than a few minutes when she heard screaming again. The intruder was obviously much more than a helpless kid. Just as she stood up from her throne one of the goblins fell through the doorway. A pool of blood formed around him as Keiji stepped back into view, this time sporting a wolf mask.

    "Why the mask?" She did not seem bothered by the fact that he had cut down close to a dozen of her servants.

  • ( Well that sounds good to me!)

  • ( Yeah sure thing. Did you have something in mind for a plot though? Lance is kinda just rogue, doing his own thing at the moment, either stealing things for others or transporting items and whatnot. Pretty similar to what he did for Delta Six but now he works alone. So idk if that helps along ideas )

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