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❤ K Y L E ❤


My Own View Of Catwoman!!

With My Own Story.Brought Her To Life!!

She Has Been On Going Since 2009 to 2012 on Youtube!! 

ROLEPAGES from 2012 to 2017!! 

And now Here!!

She Is More Than Just A Character From A Comic or Movie That Has Already Been Done!!

Welcome To WREALMS!!

Inspired By


Cosplayer Model Pics Used On This Profile Currently Are:

Kamiko Zero, Jemma Pepper, & Alexikens

Actress Pics Used Are:

Katie McGrath, Dita Von Teese

As Kyle Herself!

And Various Pics are used in my Rp Stories!

She Is The CATWOMAN In Purple!!

I "Do Not" Stick to DC World Solely. Because that Places Limitations.




                                                      This Kitten Has Claws!!

Her Scratches

Are Your

Bloody Beauty Marks



PuurrFected  Criminal


 Master  Thief!!


And The Ones That Are A Part Of Her Life!!

JM Tehrror

Lover Of Mine!

To  A Vampire Of The Black Dagger BrotherHood

Best Friend & Enemies

Ska Skinwalker


Dominik Ford


Be'lial Morningstar 

And In Gotham

Bruce Wayne

Thomas Wayne


Follow Your Obsession!!

My Story Is...



Selina Kyle was Born on a ElseWorld planet called Gemiriar where it was Ruled Under a Dictatorship Government that her parents were council members of.

A Fallen Seraph Angel named Ska Skinwalker, was ordered by Lucifer Morningstar to Murder Everyone and there Daemons Animal Soul or Otherwise known as Familiars. At first she targeted the adults and their Familiars. But then a bargain was made to extend the adults livelihood. And all the children's familiar on Gemiriar were murdered during a Massive Green Storm, except for Kyle, who had escaped that Terrifying Ordeal But not without having some major changes that affected her. Her Daemon or Familiar was Altered and Trapped inside her but in feline form. As she was then brought to Earth, Specifically Gotham City, NJ before her 6TH Birthday. Then in her Adulthood when she met Michael, another Angel, he taught her how to bring her Daemon in or out at will, and learned it could change to any feline form. Also she possesses the gift of Astral projection.

Selina was placed in a Orphanage that was Corrupt and was adopted by a Man named Rex Calabrese.  Rex used to be Known as the Father of the Underground Mafia Prior to adopting Selina. But Falcone had since taken control over Gotham City.  Rex used Selina to Build his Empire back up slowly. he taught her the Ways of Thievery to Help him get back to Owning Gotham City Once More. 

Rex saw her Special Abilities, and made sure that she was Only to use certain aspects of what he saw in her. There under his Control and Guidance, Rex Trained Her To Become A Professional Thief. Home Schooled in the 7 Bells Of Pick Pocketing Education. She was Secluded from Normal Society. She Learned the Arts of Stealing!! And The Ability To Do So! Gymnastics, Parkour, and Street Fighting were some of curricular activities. Along with the Education of Valuable items such as Fine Art, Money, Precious Gems. How to tell the difference between an something that is fake or genuine. Also she learned Computer Hacking, and Classified Document Forgeries, along with Small Electronic Devices! She Became Extremely Talented at this Craft and Enjoyed The High From Stealing! It was as if she was Born To Steal! 

But even though she was Child Laborer/Thief for Him, she still defied him on many occasions which led to many physical and mental scars. Two of which Impacted her Greatly. One being an Underground Russian Roulette Game she Witnessed. And the other was when Rex had set her up to Fall in Falcone's hands around her 17th Birthday to teach her Hard Lesson On Who Was The Better Mafia Father, once his Empire was taking shape again. Rex thought he didn't really need her anymore because she was too much trouble and not worth it! And she was then Forced to Work for Falcone as a Trade Off. But for what type of trade off, she never revealed. 

But by her 20th Birthday things changed again. And she was owned by Rex once more. But not long after that, Selina met a hitman named Chev Chelios who she paid to Kill Rex. And then became Free of Any Man, and changed her name from Selina to Kougar. As she took what she had Learned and Became the Famous Catwoman, Queen of Thieves In Gotham City Today. She has Stolen Many Valuables throughout her life. She lives on the Edge with an Adrenaline Rush from her Crimes! She is a Deadly Cat-Burglar, Feline Thief in the Night. And she has quite the Dis-taste for Any Power Hungry Man in her Sight.  So Be Warned.. Don't let this Purple Feline Thief Cross your Mind or set Foot in your Heart.. 

 Her Personality isn't exactly the Warm, Fuzzy Friendly House Cat. She is has Dealt with an Ugly Life. She Trusts a Few And Hates So Many. But to those she does open up to and does Trust, she can be very loyal, and playful. She used to have a close Friendships with Tony Stark and Nikki Sixx. But sometimes Journeys split and friends go their separate ways.

Artist Nikki Sixx 2018


But Not Her Soul Mate and Lover!
John Matthew Tehrror! A Vampire.
He Is Everything To Her & More!!
She Is Connected To Him, In A Way She Does Not Fully Understand Yet! 

John & Kougar have One Child by the name of Kyle Skinwalker Tehrror. 

And She has a Loving Companion by her side named Charlie! A Florida Red Panther. And in Kishori, Her Husband's place of Work. She has come to own a rather Large Dragon named Fluffy!

Also Ska Skinwalker had returned to Kougar's life again, shortly after Kougar had met her future Mate to be, John. And like Deadly Thorns on a Rose. Ska's Soul is also Bonded to John's. But Ska now serves as a Guardian over Kougar. She is a Friend, and also a Painful Memory of such Hatred.

  Also Ska's Soul is Linked to Kougar's and John's child.

Catwoman-Aka-Kougar's Kyle's Abilities: Updated 3/1/2018

Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul is named KiTT, and can move in and out of Kougar's body freely. And can Change to any type of Feline Big or Small. As well as to giving her the use of its power from the inside, by allowing Kougar to see through its Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And she is no longer able to use the extra gifts Heightened Hearing, Smelling, Seeing or Speed with her Familiar separated from her body.  And if Injured her familiar needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die.

Astral Projecting is another gift she somehow obtained. Though it is not sure if it was due to the events of her childhood or was predestined. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone, except those with supernatural abilities themselves. Vampires, Demons, Angels Etc. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations Kougar gives off she can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it.

Long Raven Hair Blue Gray Eyes that can Change Form Height 5'7 without the Boots And All the Right Curves In All the Right Places!!

Fun loving, and loyal to only a few. And distant and cold to most. She is a Thief.  

Addictions - John Matthew Tehrror, The High From Stealing, Coffee. The Smell of Cigarette Smoke, Cologne and Alcohol Breath rolled into one. And Emeralds, Canary Diamonds, & Muscle Cars That PuuuRRR are Her Favorite Things to Steal!!

Her main penthouse is on the Eastside, but she has others. And she has one Bunkhouse. Men with Power, she says she can't stand, but some Men with Power can be quite an addiction to her, as she Flirts with the Dark Side. Lex Luthor, and Thomas Wayne are the only two who have Manipulated and used Power to Control her. But Mostly she likes to be the One in Control. Also she has a son, who is Dhampir and lives at Black Daggerhood Fortress!! She Is A Cat Woman with Many Lives!


Marguerite Tone, Irena Dubrovna, Madame Moderne, K or Kat which is most often used.

Spicy Food, Flying, Guns, People of her past like Ethan K, John C, Frank M, and a Demon named Ember. As to the Rest of it, you'll have to Figure it out on your own!


Bullwhip w/Kevlar To Reinforce Strength & Resist Cutting! Throwing Knives, Blinding Light Capsules, Boleadoras, Taser, Wrist Mounted Crossbow, Caltrops, Catarang And Other Devices Such As: Hacking Device, Sunglasses w/Headphone Blocker, Grappling Gun, Holographic Bracelet Device, High Pitch Frequency Device, Lock Pick tools, Sleeping Agent: Halothane. And Her Ride For Getting Around is Victory Hammer 8 Ball Motorcycle and a Purple Dodge Demon Charger. Unless She is Stealing whatever Ride crosses her Path that she Fancies!


Kitty Nights Burlesque

Grand Prospect Hall


Faithful Followers In The Biz To Catwoman! 

Neo Felis -Dark hair, 5'6, Average Body Type ~Loves Playing Hockey, is a Black Hat-DDos-Cracker Hacker and a Submissive Pet to the One and Only Catwoman!

Jim Balent -Dirty Blonde hair, 6'3, Skinny Body Type ~ Professional Artist & Graphic Designer, Bodyguard, Swordsman, Second Degree Brown Belt in Karate. Loves the Ladies BooBies, and has a Tiger Werecat Heritage Line. [Wiki Cat People for More Info. or ask me.] And has been given the nickname Bright Eyes by Catwoman!

Gothams Criminal Bad Boys!

Dr. Troy Hellyar - Billionaire & Founder of LabCorp. Genetic Institute of Bio Science & Engineering 

And Womanizer 

Robert Stanton - Democratic Politician-Councilman




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Thomas Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Helena Wayne

Dominik Ford



Lord Thason Von Naleton VII

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ska skinwalker & kougar kyle



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Character Name

Kougar Kyle

Character Age


Character Relationship Status

Married 9/11/2012 John Matthew Tehrror

Character Abilites

~MORE ABOUT DAEMONS/FAMILIARS~ Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul can move in and out of Kougars body freely. And can give her the use of its power from the inside, by allowing Kougar to see through its Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And if Injured it needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die. ~HER OTHER GIFT~ Astral Projecting is another gift she somehow obtained. Though it is not sure if it was due to the events of her childhood or was predestined. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations Kougar gives off she can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Violence, Sex, Drugs is acceptable.. But Must be of Age.. If you kill my character, the story ends for you! My character has a mate in a world called Kishori.. And she will not choose another mate to where she resides in her world of Gotham.. However, if the story calls for a scene of Sex due to Corruption or an Interest, it could happen.. !!NOTE!! All Threads Will Be Saved. If the Rper Wishes to read Our Personal Thread and have access to it, please PM me your email address. Your email address will Not be given to anyone, and nor will other rpers be able to read our personal thread.

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  • *Boredom.. Just plain boredom. She was so bored it wasn't funny. Not sure what to do Helena wandered through the manor but no one was really home, only Alfred and he was busy elsewhere within the Manor. Sighing finally giving up she went to the garage and picked out the Lamborghini, taking the keys from the wall she went over and ran her hand gently over the hood as she walked over to the driver side door and opens it up, climbing inside she smirks a little ready for some fun...

    Backing out of the garage and driving down the long driveway, past the gates and onto the main road to Gotham. Speeding along because she really didn't care about such things as speed limits, soon entering the city she still sped along, looking around as she drove around, soon parking alongside the curb, climbing out she smoothes her dress and looks around.

    Looking around the city she pauses on the sidewalk, ignoring the citizens as they paused to snap pictures, something she was used too. As the daughter of the Prince of Gotham, Bruce Wayne she was local celebrity. Holding her clutch bag to her side she starts walking down the sidewalk, heels clicking as she walks. Coming to a stop at the Kitty Nights Burlesque, tilting her head as her hair slides over her shoulder she goes to the door and steps inside, looking around she takes a seat toward the back, studying the people inside and the dancers. Lifting her hand for a drink she orders and gives an expensive tip.*

  • *Outside the elevator, the building was evacuated, and GCFD and GCPD were now checking to make sure that everyone was out and accounted for.  Bruce was huddling with a few men and woman making sure they were ok, as the EMT’s were taken care of the injured.  As Bruce was helping a young woman, he felt a hand reach and touch his shoulder, it was Turcotte*

    Turcotte:  Mr Wayne, I seem to have lost my lady friend, and I believe I saw you talking to her earlier with your friend, what’s his name, ah yes Troy.  Do you happen to remember where they were last seen

    I don’t believe….*Then it dawns on him, Troy followed Marguerite into the elevator*  Yes, yes I do, they went into the elevator.  They must be still inside, as I saw the door close and then the quake hit

    Turcotte:  We need to get them out, no one should be left behind

    I agree, let me get the Fire Department personnel, and we can work on getting the elevator doors opened, and if needed we can get to them from above

    *Bruce left to get the fireman, as Turcotte went over to the elevator banks, trying to open them, to see which elevator they were in*

  • (Yeah. We never got to play I don’t think. Shall we plot?)

  • ((Okay thank you. That sounds cool, Helena could possibly visit... Hm, I just watched RED so: Robert Stanton

  • (Yeah. We were discussing it when we talked on my Virus girl’s page. Were gonna add lex Luthor to the mix but since he was s friend of yours and everything. We didn’t use the lex Luthor npc idea. So I’m open to any suggestions you may want to do. Since your character is different and all. Any stories you been wanting to try?
  • *As they got in the car, his mind races back to the time, the first time he did the pinky swear, and it was with Catwoman.  It was all coming back to him now, the floodgates were opened and everything from that period of time, a period he blocked out, a period of time that needed to be forgotten, so that he could concentrate on getting Gotham back on her feet again.  He swore then that he wouldn’t let anything else happen to Gotham, and he was determined to keep that oath.  But one thing was troubling him though, where did she disappear to, the night he brought down Beritti’s mansion upon itself, she just disappeared.  Why?  And why was she back?  He felt that he needed answers, and there was no way in hell she was going to talk to Thomas about this, but she might talk to the Bat.  Yes, that is what he was going to do, pay Miss Irena a little visit as Batman.

    The car reached the Main Casino and Sam got out and opened the door for Thomas, Thomas leaned into him, and whispered* “Meet me in the Bunker, I’m going fishing” *Sam nodded as Thomas walked up the stairs towards the main entrance and Sam pulled the car into the garage and the personal parking spot of Thomas.  He then walked over to the elevator, pressed the up and down arrows simultaneously, until a new button was revealed.  He took out the key, and placed it in the slot and turned it.  This unlocked the button and he then pressed it.  The doors closed and the elevator started down, down to the underground bunker of the Batman*

  • ((Oooh a dirty politician I love it. I can try a generic starter of just getting word about a human trafficking ring and smuggling women, maybe they could meet during a rescue mission about receiving word of a drop off at the docks or something? I'm not that good at starting but I'll give it the ole try))

  • ( *Wink and thumbs up* right back atcha kitty cat. Although i probably would make a good pie..lol!)

  • *After locking their pinky’s together something triggered in his brain, something that woke him up, like being and slapped across the face.  At the moment he didn’t realize what it was, but in due time he would remember, he just needed to process it.*

    I’ll definitely call you in the next few days, see if we can make an arrangement to help each of our causes. 

    *He said good night to her, and then departed the way he had come in, via the front door.  When he opened the door he was greeted by the cool night air.  Looking around he saw Sam already waiting by the car, and he walked down to him.*

    Sam:  Nice place, might be frequenting it more often.

    *Thomas looked back and then looked at Sam*

    Enjoy coming here, there is something about her that is familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But I know her, and when I find out who she is, she better pray I am in a good mood.

    Sam:  Where do you think you know her

    It was when I was going after Beritti, it was the pinky swear that reminded of that night we….*He then stopped and immediately looked back and then up at the building, staring at not just one window, as it hit him like a brick.  Catwoman….*

    Quick lets get back to the Main Casino, I’ll fill you in more there…

This reply was deleted.



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