"Lead the way, cochise!"

  //I'm gonna go ahead and start off by saying that, if you haven't played the video game 'Until Dawn', and wish to play without any spoilers, then I will warn you that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!//


 Name: Joshua "Josh"  Washington

 Born: 1995 3d October

 Age: 22

 Species: Human

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: American

 Eye colour: Green

 Skin colour: Caramel

 Hair colour: Dark brown

 Marital status: Single

 Occupation: College dropout



      "I DID something!

I made you believe in the world I created, and I showed you parts of yourself you were too afraid to visit!"   

            - Josh Washington 


The son of successful film director Bob Washington, Josh enjoyed a luxurious childhood thanks to his father's wealth and as an adult, he still recalls their yearly summer retreats to Blackwood Pines and the baseball games he played with his family on the lawn of their mountain lodge, side by side with his sisters, mum and dad.

However, his happiness didn't last, his parents became more and more preoccupied in their work, which left Josh feeling neglected. As a result, Josh formed a very close bond with his sisters, Hannah and Beth, relying on them for the emotional support his parents could not provide. He also formed a lasting friendship with classmate Chris, eventually drawing him, and his sisters into a larger circle of friends consisting of Samantha, Mike, Jessica, Emily, Ashley, Matthew and Zach.

After an "incident" at school, Josh was referred to a psychiatrist in 2006 and was wrongly diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.

Over the course of the next few years, he was referred to a number of other medical professionals and prescribed a number of antidepressant drugs; often, the effects of the drugs tapered or simply failed to help Josh at all, forcing his doctors to change prescriptions. By 2013, he was self-medicating with progressively larger doses of Amitriptyline in a desperate attempt to improve his mental health.

During the fateful winter getaway at Blackwood Pines, Josh spent most of the evening partying and getting drunk with Chris, his best friend, and as a result he was not included in the prank his friends played on Hannah, and was left passed out on the kitchen counter while his twin sisters left the lodge, never to be seen again.

Josh took the disappearance of his sisters very badly, as he had leaned on them for mental stability, and because he loved them so. Medical records from around this time suggest he came dangerously close to committing suicide, and his ongoing state of delirium quickly resulted in him being committed to Oceanview Hospital for observation while his current doctor, Alan Hill, considered possible treatments. Though Josh was discharged two weeks later with a new prescription of Phenelzine, he had changed for the worst: though outwardly good-humored and sociable as ever, he had become obsessed with taking revenge on his friends for causing his sisters' disappearance, ideally by pranking them in a similar way, though he did not wish to actually want to harm them in any way, shape or form. Drawing upon his family's wealth and his father's contacts among practical effects artists, he spent most of the year planning, designing and commissioning the props necessary for his grand prank. At some point, against the advice of Dr Hill, he also gave up on his medication (Later claiming that, "Revenge is the best medicine!") and resolved to live with the withdrawal symptoms.

Eventually, he returned to Blackwood Pines and rigged the Washington lodge with all the props necessary for the ultimate practical joke - including video cameras to ensure that the events would be recorded for posterity and uploaded to the Internet. He then invited his friends back to the mountain for another winter getaway, and waited for his intended victims to arrive. Josh had planned for almost anything, arranging everything from animatronic ghosts to fake bodies, even creating evidence of a slasher villain - the disgruntled janitor "Victor Milgram" - in fake newspapers and wanted posters to help cover his tracks. However, despite his desire to see his "friends" suffer, he had no desire to actually kill them, and carefully designed his pranks to ensure that nobody would actually be hurt by them.

After having had his 'fun', he reveals himself as the mastermind behind it all, and confronted by his friends, Josh reveals the details of his prank, gloating how well he fooled them and boasting of how the uploaded footage will make them Internet sensations. Mike, enraged and believing that Josh is responsible for Jessica's death, knocks him unconscious; after tying his hands, Mike and Chris drag him to the shack where he faked his death, intending to keep him there until they can call the police, all the while ignoring Josh's protestations of innocence. As the confrontation goes on, Josh's behavior begins to degenerate: already high-strung and prone to grandiose bragging, he slowly declines further into madness, first into increasingly crazed denials, then vicious insults aimed at his captors, before finally dissolving into deranged, barely-coherent mumbling. Chris departs, saddened, leaving Mike on guard.

During this time, Emily is fleeing from the Wendigo, making it back to the lodge, her screams get carried as far as the shack, prompting Mike to investigate - leaving Josh behind in the process. Soon after, the Stranger arrives to explain the true nature of the threat on the mountain, introducing the group to the concept of the Wendigo. Too late, Mike realizes that Josh has been left alone in the Wendigo's hunting ground, prompting Chris - accompanied by the Stranger - to attempt a rescue: however, on reaching the shack, they find it deserted and covered in blood; presuming Josh dead, the two of them leave - only to be ambushed by the Wendigo. The Strange is instantly decapitated, and Chris is forced to retreat to the lodge. After this, the Wendigo drags an unconscious Josh into the forest. Refusing to wait until dawn to escape and knowing that the cable car won't work without Josh's keys, Mike resolves to find him. Meanwhile, Josh is dragged into the abandoned mines and deposited in the Wendigo's lair. There, abandoned by his hallucination of Dr Hill, Josh suffers a complete mental breakdown: taunted on all sides by the voices of his psychiatrist, his sisters, his friends, and even himself, he swings wildly between fear, grief and utter despair as his mental health rapidly deteriorates. His hallucinations take a dark turn, confronting him with the animated corpses of his sisters, Hannah encouraging him to join them, Beth blaming him for their deaths.

While hallucinating giant pig's heads, showers of intestines, the skinned bodies of his sisters and giant Wendigos, Josh is finally located by Sam and Mike - the latter of whom is able to bring Josh back to reality by slapping him across the face. Upon realizing that his friends are with him, he willingly hands over the cable car keys. Sam then proceeds to tell Josh about Hannah, and that she had been down in the mines for a long time, something that later saves Josh's life.

And though Sam is able to climb out of the cavern on her own, Mike clearly recognizes that Josh won't be able to climb in his current condition, and decides to help him find another way out. Howeve while wading through an underground lake, they are ambushed by Wendigo Hannah and Mike is dragged under the water and flung aside while the creature attacks Josh, who noticed the butterfly tattoo on the Wendigo's shoulder, and realized that the creature is actually his sister, Hannah. He cries out her name and Hannah, apparently recognized her brother, and choose to spare his life, but she nonetheless drags her screaming brother, Josh, back to her lair where he remains until the next day.


Appearance wise, Josh has short chocolate-brown hair, much like his sisters Hannah and Beth. He has a caramel complexion and emerald green eyes, and is often thought of as very attractive.

Josh's interactions with others tend to be humorous, and generally very positive in nature. He cares deeply for his friends and acts as a brotherly figure to Chris, and loves taking the helm, organizing cool events and making sure that everybody has an awesome time, and that no one feels excluded. His dreams of following in his father's footsteps in becoming a film producer make him very knowledgeable about special effects and movie props and as such, he constantly uses phrases and words from movies, indicating that he is a big lover of movies in general. He is a also a charitable person, and isn't stingy about sharing

Josh definitely has a bit of a party-animal streak (honed in his freshman year of college), but his warm and friendly personality will win everybody around in the end. Sadly, however, there are more to be added. Despite being an extremely extroverted individual, radiating with positivity and happiness, Joshua has another, darker side.  He was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder when he was 11 years old and has been taking anti-depressants ever since. His actual problem however wasn't depression, but Schizophrenia, a brain disorder. Schizophrenia is characterized by a disassociation from reality. Its symptoms are visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, social withdrawal/paranoia, and disorganized speech.

Josh is extremely unstable and even attempted suicide after the death of his sisters.


//This is where I stray from the original ending of 'Until Dawn', as I felt distressed that there were but two choices for my boy Josh. Either his head is caved in by his wendigo sister, or he's taken away into the mines where he'll be left alone with nothing but his hunger, eventually resort to cannibalism, and turn into a wendigo himself.

So I felt that Josh deserved a second chance at life.  Because at the end of the day, he is a victim too.

GameTheory explains it best in this video.

In my mind Josh survives, and THIS is what really happened. Also, this is a hell of a lot in progress. xD

Surviving the horror at Blackwood Mountain, a broken and lamenting Josh returns to 'Oceanview Hospital' after having broken down during police interrogation regarding the 'killer on Blackwood Pines' and during questioning he confesses to everything, telling them that he was in fact 'the killer', and that it had all been an elaborate prank, and that he was sorry for having played said 'prank'. No charges were brought against him, but he was given a court order to undergo psychiatric treatment as well as monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Despite bleeding himself dry of apologies and pointing out his terribly remorse, and despite the fact that both Sam, Chris and Mike, as well as Jessica, all came to visit him at the hospital, he still feels as though his friends will never trust him again, or that he is worthy of their trust even.

Eventually, Joshua was released and prescribed a new set of medicines designed to help his actual problem, schizophrenia.

Plagued with guilt and still haunted by the past he remains more than often locked away inside of his room.

"I-I didn't want ANY of this to happen, I swear! It's not w-what I wanted...

You were not supposed to leave. Not supposed to leave me...leave me all alone. I'm...I'm lonely. So alone.

Please...FORGIVE ME.

I'm so, SO sorry!

I'm sorry for what I did, I-I can't tell you how sorry I am and, and I wish I could undo all of this craziness...-

-...No. P-please don't go again. Please don't leave me...PLEASE!?"


  • His dream job is a film producer.
  • He loves his family, his friends, and hates being bossed around.
  • He is voted most likely to work in the film industry.
  • In ten years, he sees himself having a good time.
  • Josh's favorite quote is by Francis Ford Coppola: "It takes no imagination to live within your means."
  • His highest traits are funny, charitable, and curious.
  • His lowest traits are brave, romantic, and honest.
  • Josh DID experiment during college. Exclusively with Chris. Nuff said. 
  • Josh's family is thoroughly detailed here:
  • Josh's friendships are detailed here



"Five, girl! Yeah!"

  • My character is a frail little human, with little to no combat experience, I'd ask that you do not permanently maim him.  Beyond that, feel free to beat him to a bloody pulp. He can take it.
  • Please use grammar when engaging in a roleplay with me, as it is very dear to my heart.
  • 21+ Content. There will be gore, drugs, and....thangs.
  •  I am not on this account for smut. If, however, the direction leans towards an erotic and or romantic setting then, sure, Josh will probably put on his sex face. 
  •  I won't always be on. I have a full time job and a LOT on my plate at home. So, please, be patient and I will get to you. Promise, bro.
  • Have fun and remember to ship either JoshxChris, or JoshxSam! It's climbing class vs Jossam!

          THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT            

"A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now."

Bildresultat för butterfly effect

My roleplay has the butterfly effect, meaning that even the tiniest of action could have catastrophic consequences later on in the storyline.


Just a prank, HAN!CHAPTER II

Just a Prank, HAN! CHAPTER I

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  • “H-Hi Sammy….”

    It was up until he had spoken that she thought coming to see him was probably a mistake. A soft, almost sad smile reached her face. "Hey Josh." Sam found her voice. She pulled up a chair sat down in the chair, by the bed. "I..." Those blue eyes are looking at him, slightly pained, slightly worried. She had so many things to say to him but didn't know the right words. 

    Are you alright? Why did you hurt me? The others? Did you hate me? I missed you. I'm a bit scared of you. I thought you were gone. You're here. You're alright, right? Please be OK. The thoughts ran through her mind, of everything she wanted to tell him. 

    But right now she couldn't do that, not to him. Josh looked tired too, and a little shocked. Sam couldn't overwhelm him. So she offered a smile, slightly... awkward, but then again, after everything that happened, it was bound to be. "I'm glad you're.... you're alive. I was scared." She had been scared that the Blackwood Mountain 'curse' had taken him too, just like it did with Hannah and Beth.  "And I- I talked to some of the others. Man. It's been a long year. And I uh-" 

    "I was worried about you. And was wondering if, if..." she tried to find her words again, but it was getting hard. "You're okay? Right?" She was petrified to ask, not only because he might say no, but what if he wasn't alright? What if he hurt her? He didn't seem like he would, Sam knows he's a good guy, but he had done some pretty bad things. And she remembered-

    'Revenge is the best medicine.' Did he want revenge against her? Is that why he chased her around? Sam tried not to think about that. And what about his sister, Hannah? Did he believe her, but end up thinking that it was part of his hallucinations, that things just went wrong, and Hannah hadn't been a wendigo? Would he ever realize that Hannah had eaten Beth? Or had he already realized that? It all felt like a blur.

    She took a trembling breath in, brushing those thoughts away in a second. "Your mom, I saw her. She let me up here. I could bring her something to eat sometime?" Sam offered. "And I could bring you something too. Or whatever else you would need." She peered around the room again. 

  • Sam couldn't take it anymore. Hannah was so... good. And of course, Emily was going to try to ruin that. "She's a lot better than you."

    "Did the girl who only makes friends with animals want to say something too?" Em's eyes narrowed at Sam.

    "Now that you mention it, yeah. Not only are you a mean bitch, you're also a coward. Hannah; she's sweet and unlike you- She's a good person." Sam started. Jessica got up and moved to stand by Emily, glaring at Sam.

    "And god Em, you're saying all this absolute crap, not even to her face, and when you say it, you have to hide behind your boyfriend! Do you realize how pathetic you look?" Sam pointed out, a clear WTF look on her face. Emily went to cut her off but Sam shook her head. "I'm not done, Emily. Here's a poem, inspired by you, about you!" Then in a clear mocking voice; mimicked Emily.

    "Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Em's a snake,

    and it really shows too."

    "Are you done throwing a tantrum?" Emily practically hissed out. "Em, how about we just go?" Jessica interrupted her, gently grabbing her arm. "Yeah, let's leave. Darling~" Emily was grabbing on Mike, trying to tug him away. But before she could, she looked Josh straight in the face, that nasty glare back.

    "By the way, this party sucked. The only scary thing about it was how desperate your sister is for someone else's boyfriend, and how cozy Sam wants to be with the Washington family. Or maybe it's just her Hannah's brother she wants to be cozy with and that's why she stands up for the hoe." Emily spouted out.

  • Lovely page dear, would you maybe be interested in writing?

  • She woke up, got dressed, and got into the car. Each of those things, so simple, yet, for Samantha Giddings, just another step to face someone who she wasn't sure if she could see. "Breathe in, Sam." She mumbled, pulling into the parking lot of the hospital, and adjusting her blue scarf in the mirror. Slipping on the blue flannel over a white tea, she looked outside. It wasn't snowing, but it was cold. Sammy let her breath twist in front of her like a frosty ballet as she made her way across the parking lot. Besides herself, the only thing she brought was a simple card, tucked into her jacket.

    "I'm here to see Josh Washington?" She said to the visitor desk. "Family?" The nurse replied, not even looking up at her. But before she could speak, a voice familiar to Sam did. "Yes." The nurse and Sam both had to look up to realize who had spoken on behalf of Sam. Sam felt a chill run down her as she looked at Josh's mother, who she hadn't seen since the funeral for Hannah and Beth. "I'll take her there." Misses Washington said, and without another word, Sam followed her. It was like following a ghost.

    "Do you want to come in with-" Sam started, but Misses Washington had stopped her, with a simple shake of her head, and gestured to a bench in the hallway. "I'll be here." And Sam nodded, wondering how she had become so... removed from the Washington family. Her heart hammered against her chest as her hand wrapped around the handle of the door. Everything at her screamed to run away. 

    Was she crazy? What could she possibly hope to gain from this? Sam knew the answers to these questions. She didn't want anything but her friend back. She mustered up what courage she had, and pushed open the door. "Josh?" 

    Slowly, she moved into the room, shutting the door behind her. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but then closed it, looking around silently. "I- I... I came here... I got you something." And then she was taking out the card. 

  • He would never be able to grasp what laid beneath those dead eyes of hers. She was a mystery that only allowed what sh wanted people to see to show on that sharp face of hers. The only person known to have figured her out, or at least be able to fill the cracks that she possessed from time to time was a cat with a face of a skull. And even at times she refused to allow him to see too much, there were still those boundaries that would forever be her vice, and they especially were that way with this boy too.

    "I know." Alice agreed in a gentle tone most might kill to hear out of her. She praised him with the mask that she wore, attempt to keep it as innocent as possible. "It bein' the film world am after. Maybe ya cannae show me some on how ya do yer little tricks. No pas' drama bein' brought up at all. Just awesome film makin' all around b'tween two individuals who have a knack for being in the spotlight!" She sure was enthusiastic about it at least. Knew how to play this little happy game for him. A few she knew might drop dead by seeing it.

    "Ah, creamies are the best." She agreed to his enthusiasm. Ice cream, great. It was too sweet, too creamy, and it made her teeth hurt. She would have to eat this as slowly as she possibly could. She just wasn't a person who liked sweets very often. She loved toffee, and drank her tea with cream and all, but sugar was not something she often ate. This would be yet another thing she needed to force herself into this too. This whole social shit was too much to fucking handle for her.

    And now a fuckin' line. Alice gritted her teeth upon stepping in and being assaulted by that sickly sweet smell in the air of cones, cream, and the sweets and sprinkles that they put on top of the ice cream itself. Americans couldn't just have it be normal ice cream? No they had to have all the damn sizes, the syrups to put on top and every microscopic thing to make their taste buds die with sugar? Fuckin' Hell. Then there was mommy dearest acting like she were picking out a wedding ring. Alice had a right mind to slam her damn face into the ice cream bar and tell her to chose a god damn favor. While the metamorphic fuse was lit to the Irish woman's temper Josh seemed to be talking about something else that she had to stumble to catch up on listening to.

    Did he just? Alice swirled her head to him so fast in shock that it was a wonder she didn't break it. Go back to his place an' fookin' what? She might have growled that at him, but he was busy looking at something else not far off from her. Her chocolate eyes shifted in the direction that he was looking and she too caught sight of what he was looking at. She looked skeptical of it, her almond shaped eyes narrowing. They looked to bee a little too welly dressed for LA, especially in this whether. Alice had her guard up already but now it was in flight or fight mode if they seemed a little too watchy of them. "Aye, bizarre." Alice agreed once more to him. She looked them over one more time then forward to where hopefully the mother got a fucking move on with her kids before Alice's true colors started to show.

    "Should me go over an' kick their arse?" Alice made a playful punching motion at him as she said it, clocking him on the shoulder lightly a few times. "Show em no'to be messin' with an Irish chick?" A pearly dazzling 100 watt smile came on her face as she looked up at him, attempting to steer away from that. They were not with Alice, that much was known. If htey deemed a threat she really would go over and maim a fucker.

  •        It would be good to know what was going through the young male's mind, and as in really know what was going through it, but she knew it couldn't happen.  Or, could it? Having only backed up a little really with the vehicle, but the moment she saw Joshua return in a different state of mind so to speak, the woman turned forward, just allowing herself to drive forward once more.  And, the eventual parking of her car, engine of it now turned off. 'Here goes nothing.' The thought and those words now passing through her mind as she removed her seat belt, only looking ahead of her the entire time.  Hand of hers reaching for the door, she opening it, then climbing on out, to then close the door behind her.  If anyone came up to her, trying to speak her, well in the way of reporters, and any other media personnel, she would give no comment, or say something along those lines, she would not speak at all to them.

           Walking to the back section of the car, she opened Joshua's door, looking at him, wondering if he was ready, and willing to step on out of the car now.  She would offer help, and to get him out, considering his cuffs were still attached, but at the same time, leaving it to him as well a little, so she didn't get too much into his space, personal, or otherwise, whatever that meant.

    "Are you ready to let me help you climb out, Joshua?"

           Hopefully that would register with him, her words spoken, that was.  Time would tell, whatever should happen in the next few moments.  Backup wasn't needed however, she felt it and believed that.  Nothing, or no one else in that moment was needed to have her back, and/or assist them both - Whatever had happened, whatever had been moments ago, well if it came again, it would be in her control.   Or, hopefully, but for the most part, she held a positive mindset, while still standing there, waiting somewhat.

  • Stuck between silence and what was a situation he didn’t seem to fully understand, the longer he remained there the heavier the guilt of it had settled in his chest. Oddly still, oddly calm, he wasn’t sure what to do. Or what he should have done for that matter. A part of him still wanted to throw the door open and run after with an explanation. How he was being chased. How Josh interrupted it, how he brought him back and let him stay for the night in the wake of it. It wasn’t the whole truth but it was a truth. Yet as of right then, all the words were at their core were hindsight.

    Nikolas was far too ready to pull himself out of the room. To head back to his apartment and re-start the day as if it had never happened. Out of the other man's life, where he wouldn't have to worry about being chased by demons or taking in strangers in the dead of night. It seemed like the only option left, he didn't expect any friction to it as he pulled the still dampened shirt over his arms and-

    It took him a few extra seconds to pause at the words he heard. They weren't sharp, they sure weren't what he expected. It wasn’t that Josh’s voice wasn’t shaken. The expression he wore mere seconds before the door slammed shut was still visible as a remnant to it. And so, Nikolas took a couple seconds just to stare at Josh. Getting those words to register when he was wholeheartedly expecting a different set.

    “Er..? Yeah… yeah, sure.” Nik confirmed, giving a nod or two of his head. Gathering his bearings on what he was doing, he looked to his clothes where they lay momentarily. A surprised glance went back to the male briefly and he murmured: “She’s still your mom, y’know…” It was all he mustered up for the subject. It wasn’t his time, most definitely wasn’t his place either.

    His shirt over his head already when he made the offer, he glanced over at the now fully dressed Josh standing nearby. With coercion of the wet shirt clinging to his form, and the fact that Josh was probably more than right, a sheepish grin edged at the corner of Nik’s mouth and he pulled the shirt off again. “Yeah, if you don’t mind… I’d appreciate it.”

    Thus, without picking through Josh’s dresser drawers too deeply, he pulled out a pair of jeans that looked like they’d fit, whether they were bound to be a little short or not. A black shirt was pulled out and tossed over his head. A jacket he’d assume to be the one most abandoned to the back of Josh’s closet. A pair of socks finally when the thought of pulling on his wet ones wasn’t all that enticing. Other than his drawers, Nik pulled on the original sneakers he had worn and tied them. Bothered none too by the fact; a comfortable pair of shoes were a comfortable pair of shoes (his just happened to be semi-ancient). Clothes left in a folded pile, wallet pulled out and put in his back pocket, phone in his front. Odds were he’d meet up with them again before they were done.

    When he had finished up, Nikolas’ eyes were cast on the door. Showing no signs he’d volunteer to opening it, he looked onward quietly for a second and then glanced to Josh. “Is she gonna be alright..?” He uttered quietly, almost under his breath.

  • Image result for Hayden Panettiere gif

    Watching Chris and Josh, Sam couldn't help but smile. Hey, it was one beautiful bromance they had going there. Emily earns a glare from Sam when Em decided to make that rude ass comment. She bit back on her tongue, seeing that Josh had brushed off the comment with an easy going smile. No need to hit someone.

    In fact, Josh seemed to be keeping his cool. Waxing was easy, sure, but that was only after a few times had passed. This would be his first time, and he was just all smiles and sunshine until- OOOOOOH. That looked like it hurt! Sam flinched when he yelped out, and moved across from the circle. “Geez, Ashely…” She mumbled, looking over the waxed skin. “Here, I’ll get a cold rag. Try not to touch it..” Sam said, moving up and walking across the circle to the bathroom. “It was only a little waxing. Now you’ll have smooth legs for daaaays- or just in that spot.” Em snorted out.

    “Anyways, time to spin the bottle and truth or dare someone,” She pointed out as Sam came back with a rag. “Chris, lightly dab the spot where he got waxed. It’s gonna soothe it.” The blonde mumbled, as Jessica raised an eyebrow, an amused look on her face. Sam sat back down, and the group seemed to settle down.

  • Nik could have felt his soul escaping, the longer he was settled there. In the least, whatever portion to his soul that he could truly call his own. He tried not to think about that. Those lighter hues of him gave the same indication as a dog expectant of being kicked. Rather trapped in the room, and far too frozen to think about getting up, forbid reaching for his wet clothes on the ground that told some story that definitely wasn’t going to help his case. Breathe, He reminded himself for lack of better plans. All the words to try and patch up the scenario were right on the tip of his tongue and yet he struggled on just where to begin. I can explain- it was just an accident and I… look if I hadn’t-

    Thought process be damned, he was trying. The only saving grace to it was the door swinging open to a less-than-graceful Josh. Nikolas’ eyes went to the door and almost pleadingly to Josh. For better or for very much worse, even the woman glanced to her son in surprise. His eyes meanwhile were flickering back and forth between the two. Eyes landing far more frequently on Josh than his mother.

    He all but flinched when mentioned in her questioning. Inevitably so, spoken like a third party object in the space. He’d never had anyone address him quite like it… but he’d never stayed at a stranger’s place in the odd hours of the morning either. His lips parted ever so slightly. Wanting to defend himself, but it seemed like it was up to Josh to do so.

    “Hey, listen I’m sorry, it wasn’t his fault, I just-

    It took no time at all for his voice to get lost in the mess. Far too rattled to raise his voice quite yet. Blue hues flickered to his clothes where they lie heaped on the floor. They’d certainly help his case, and yet, stepping into the crossfire didn’t sound like all too good of an idea either. The room itself fell silent which could have given him chills. The wet clothes on the floor took center stage.


    With each sharp word that left her mouth, Nikolas’ eyes were directed heavier to the floor. His expression had fallen, replaying the events of the hours before. He’d never heard his own mother use such a tone of voice before. Not even with the difficult kid he thought himself to be growing up. Words cold as ice leaving him afraid to glance up towards Josh. When her voice changed, he forced himself to do so. Looking up to the woman, his lips reluctantly pursed, his jaw clamped tight. He would’ve given just about anything to escape the room. He would’ve given a lot more to have never left his apartment last night. He’d stepped in the middle of something. He’d stepped in the middle of something he felt he hadn’t a right to be in.

    Finally, the door slammed. He didn’t move an inch as the sounds on the other end of it continued. The breaking of a plate, or so it seemed like, caused a visible flinch to go through him. When it felt just safe enough to breathe, Nikolas let out a slow breath. “I…” His hands slowly crept upward to his head where his fingers weaved through his mess of dark hair. “I’m sorry. I… didn’t expect…” His voice cracked some. “I shouldnt’ve come in. I could’ve left earlier. I’m… I’m sorry.” He spoke softly.

    There… was one thing in his control. Glancing over to where his clothes were left he’d make that his mission. The covers pulled off, he reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. Wet or not, he hardly cared right about now.

  • If anything mattered to him in this world right now, it would be trying to find the people that murdered him all those months a while back; he searched high and low for all 8 of the men that gunned him down during a drug trade, but of course he had came up empty handed in the end until he learned about a tip that one of the guys were in LA living it up like there was no tomorrow. So, what does he do? He packs up his things and takes a trip to LA to see if this tip is true and sure enough, it was true; he spotted the guy going into a night club with women on his arms and with some of his goons for protection tonight. Now that he found his target, he needed to find a way to get close enough to kill the bastard but how, his goons were sticking to him like glue and it would be too hard to try and approach him head on in risk of getting killed again in the process so he had to plan this out carefully, he couldn't risk dying again and having to give up something else to the devil to keep him alive in this world. 

    For now, he remained in the shadows until he thought of a plan, but he always kept him in his line of view at all times, he followed his patterns, seeing when he would be on his own at least or when he sent one of his goons to go get him a drink or something. He even watched as people tried to walk up to him but to only get blocked midway by his goons, stopping people in their tracks and turning them away when they tried to speak to him. Kujo narrowed his eyes at the man, such trash doesn't deserve to be treated like a king, thinking that he could have or get anything he wanted just by giving others orders or throwing money around like it was nothing. He took a seat at the bar, ordering him a beer to drink on for the time being, every now and then, he would glance around the place, people chatting, dancing or had one too many drinks....it looked as though everyone was having a good time in this place.

    Out the corner of his eye, he seen his target on the move again, he was walking out the back door but why, just then he got an idea as he grabbed his beer, taking the last swallow of it, he sat the empty bottle down and hurried towards the back door himself, following the guy out the backdoor as well. He had to make sure that no one would be around for what he was about to do next, he would have to resort to violent measures to take the bastard down it seems...

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