Name- Lilith

Species: Demoness

Titles: The Dark Maiden, The Mistress of Hell.

 Age: Unknown

Affiliations: Hell, Lucifer, Satan, Mephistopheles

When God made Mankind, Eve wasn't the first woman that was made, Lilith the true maiden was born in the world to populate the world. But she denounced Gods wishes and in the end he made her punish for her disobedience. Sent to hell she rotted only to meet with those who she saw as allies. She met Mephistopheles who gave her power beyond imagining shedding her morals and reasons. She became a Succubus, not only that but a Mistress of hell with the freedom to choose what she can do. But that wasn't enough for her, so she began to make her declaration of power by pursing those that will grant her more power.

Living among the living was something that she takes personal. Hating the world that she once lived, all she wants to do is make it hers and to make it out of her own image. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and she have what she wants. She has lived through out time toying with those that would prove to be of interest to her. Some say that she was Eris, who gave the golden apple to ruin Troy. Others say that she manipulated King Arthur to sleep with Morgen le fay.

Nothing is certain, but all will be revealed in time, for Lilith has plans for everyone. She is the torturer of those who fall in their desires of lust. She takes each soul that she takes to bed, like a black widow. Pray you don't meet her at night, or during the day. For she is always hungry for souls, and it will never be quenched. She is unforgiving and shows no mercy to her victims. She usually goes to bars, night clubs and hotels to find her prey. They never know when they are caught in her web until it is too late.

She owns a night club called; Forgotten Pleasures which runs all day and night. That is where she does the most business, she even does a few deals here and there.But she personally goes in for the kill like an animal going by instinct. She looks completely sane when you first meet her. But when you get to know her, she is very sadistic, that is if you live of course.




Lucifer Morningstar

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demonic but beautiful

Character Personality

Wicked Evil lustful

Character Likes

The Devil, power, lust, all things evil

Character Dislikes

Anything that is close to the light.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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  • *as Lillith walks around in circles around Geralt, he stares straight into the air, feeling her warm hand on his chest, he knew what she was doing, she was doing the very thing she was born to do, seduce, manipulate, but her words was not without reason, and while he knew she was trying to manipulate him, he could not deny that her touch felt amazing* hm your kind needs a witcher alive? I haven't heard a sentence like that in decades, why do you need a witcher? If the last witchers was gone  there would be no one left to stop you or your daughters, from seducing all the men and women and feed on all the energy you could want, so why would you need me alive? *he stops asking why and thinks about her suggestion about killing the man that took the head of her daughter* mmmm i am not promising anything yet, but i will look into this matter and solve it one way or another. 

    *Geralt turns around, taking one look into Lilliths eyes before he whistles for his horse Roach and gets up on him and rides towards the village town, where the head of Lilliths daughter was located, once he gets there, he leaves Roach outside of the town and walks through the dirty streets. He stands in front of the guard barracks, two guards blocking his way with their polearms spitting in front of his feet, telling him to fuck off, and that the city has no need for a Witcher, Geralt could easily take them down, but he was in no mood to fight against every guard in the entire city afterwards, so instead he raises his hand and uses his axii sign to influence their minds and tells them to go and get drunk at a tavern, they nod and walks away, Geralt goes through the door and heads straight for the command office where the head of the succubus is hanging as a decoration. Geralt stares coldly into the commanders eyes and ask him if he is Darius Pevelan, he ask in a rute manner, why da fuck he cares about if he is Darius or not, Geralt remains unaffected by the taunts and simply looks over to the head decoration again. Nice Succubus trophy you have there, how did you come by it?

    *This catches the man off guard and he starts to laugh and brag, telling how someone was killed and given the rumor of a succubus was living near by he had a fine chance to kill one of those demons, but not before he and his men had some person fun with her first, and then he goes on and talks about that he is considering adding a witcher head too as they are just as bad as those monsters they hunt. He then reaches and unsheathes his sword, but as he is about to strike at Geralt, Geralt uses another sign moving his fingers in a special motion causing Igni to burst out from his hand, setting Darius on fire, and he starts to scream in pain, as his armor is boiling him from the inside, but at same time melting onto his skin, Geralt then unsheathes his own sword and cuts his head off perfectly clean, he then takes down the head of the succubus, leaving the barracks and the village burying the head of the succubus in the ground, so it would never be a trophy again and then returns to the place where he had first met Lillith, sitting in a meditating position with the head of Darius resting in a bag in front of him, and waits for Lillith to return* 

  • Hades was outside, but unfortunately. He could still hear her talking. Closing his eyes, Hades is no long in the garden, but right next to the female. He tilt his head, looking at her in an angle. "Why-are-you-here? If it's Mephistopheles' ego or anything regarding that demon that you want to stroke. You won't get much done here. You'll need to go find him and get down on your knees there. That's where you belong. Not here talking shit. There's nothing you can say that will impress me, even if that's not why you are here. I thought you should know, for future references. Other than that, you're just wasting your time." He said to her. Black ash rolling off every word.

    Finally, he turns those molent hues from her and begins to walk away. For the first time since her arrival, he hadn't bothered looking at her. But now that he had, just maybe, that would be enough. Maybe when he was gone? Someone he cherishes? It is one soul he would get back, no problem. Eventually he always gets them back. As he shuffles about with those thoughts she no doubt wanted to plant in his head, out of sheer boredom or humor. Hades stops walking. Not bothering to turn, he speaks. "I will have to keep a look out when you are gone. Your hide will be perfect at the front doors. Now if you are done, see yourself out."

    Cerberus comes out from behind the throne, approaching Hades, who, stretched out an arm, hand seeking either of the three heads. All want a chance to be first, snapping their jaws at one another. The moment his palm touches either, there is a searing sound, smoke lifting from where he touches. He's been biding his time for the past years. Seeming like the God was just going soft with the ages. This was never the case, it only helped to deter the fools. But they always came here, shouting and whispering their praises about themselves, hoping to elicit some form of reaction. It was best when he didn't play their games. They turned sour and eventually turned on their heel and left.

    It was only time for Lilith to spout whatever else she could muster before flicking her hair with that confidence she floats on. If she wanted her moment of insult, hoping to cut into Hades, she was more then welcomed. But she would get nothing, but what he'd just shared with her prior, then nothing else. Perhaps just a peer over at the female by the three heads of the guardian that stands by Hades this very moment. Nothing more.

  • So you are on a revenge hunt? Hmm i have heard worse reasons for killing, the question is when will you stop? Or is this a revenge scheme that plans to wipe out all mankind, if so i won't take your offer and turn away and not try to stop you. What crime was your baby accused of? *Geralt could hear the seductive siren in her voice, but as a witcher he was able to resist the spell of control, he crosses his arms as he stares into the Demoness's eyes, while he may be seen as relaxing relatively much, he could quickly grab his silver sword, or use one of his glyph spells to protect himself or to attack in case Lillith, decided to attack, but again, Succubus's rarely just attack directly, they are creatures of manipulation and desire, not brute force* But then again Lillith, you already know that i won't turn away and let you kill anyone you want too in the name of revenge, but i haven't been hired to kill you yet either, but Witchers code forbid me to watch idle by if i know what you are going to do.

  • *Geralt stares emotionless into the demons eyes, not bothered by her words nor the snakes that follows her* A witcher goes where ever he is needed, or has been hired to go, many mens has gone missing lately, people seems rather fonds of the idea of that it's you, the demon who has gone from sucking out the energy of the men that visits you, to killing them off completely, something that is usually rare for a succubus to do as they need their men to be alive, so they can continue to feed on their energies, but sometimes the feeding is not enough for the demon, so my question is to you demon. Did you do it? *As a witcher Geralt was quite emotionless, living by his witcher code and fearing no monster nor demon, but he also knew the fainted heart of mankind and it's love to kill or just tarnish and bother those that were different or in their eyes, monstrous, this demon woman could be the killer of the local town, but she could also by innocent, she wouldn't be the first succubus he has met that was charged with murder but turning out to be innocent, and with his enhanced senses, he would also be able to hear if she was lying or at least hesitated to answer which would mean hiding something from him, though with a demonic lady like Lillith she might be able to hide intentions better*

  • "Little thing like you? Gettin' your hands dirty with a big man like me?
    I doubt it. As far as my Saviors go,they need a leader,unfortunately I'm their leader.
    They will follow me,obey my every whim. I have complete and utter faith in my men.
    But believe me when I say,Rick won't be my undoing."

    "Lucille will light a fire up everyone's ass and it wont
    have anything to do with you,Princess."

  • The beast does little to acknowledge the steaks that magically appeared before it. Looking at them almost suspiciously. It almost comically looks at itself, heads turning to glance at one another. If it could be put into words, their thoughts, perhaps they would be wanting to works like; the fuck is this supposed to be? It was too much to ask for. Who knows what Cerberus was really thinking as it gazed at itself. What nonsense rolls off her tongue, Hades doesn't hear. If he had, he would have ignored her, as he was just now. Again with the sway of arrogance. She can be anywhere she pleases, for whatever reason. Why did she feel the need to repeat herself. Did she think that with a second mention, the god would care this time. 

    As she follows him, she goes on about the first unwanted intruder. Apparently knowing the name and why he had chose to visit. While he was listening, he wasn't exactly looking in her direction. With her arms crossed, one's guess was that she was hoping for some reaction. To which there is none. Nothing but empty words that roll off his tongue, with little care. And why's that? Because business was being taken care of. He didn't need reminding of what had occurred, or who had crossed him. Or the fact that she knew. To anyone's guess, she might be doing this for the simplest of things, attention. To feel important. Someone that could push anyone she wanted, around. She was in the wrong place, even if she could waltz here whenever the hell she wanted.

    He peers over his shoulder, though doesn't exactly gaze at her directly. Making it seem like if he did, he'd be offended by her appearance. Acknowledging her entirely was insulting. She could be anywhere she wanted yes, but that didn't mean everything at said place would be fawning over her. Glamoured by her "beauty". Not only would he not look at her, but he wasn't amusing her a single bit. "Tell me how anything that spews from that mouth, I should care about. Because what you have to say, I know. There's no need in reminding me of it." His tone detached, plain spoken. He wasn't angry or bothered for that matter. He just wanted her to get to the point and leave. He had better things to do then be hospitable to her.

  • "Pfft. Nah. How much you wanna bet that Rick the prick is gonna slash
    my throat and keep me alive because of that cute little heart of his
    expects me to rot in his make shift prison cell?"

    "Apart from all that,I doubt you'd want to do anything messy on your own.
    Just as easily you think,you can 'rip me a new one' will be as quick as your
    own demise if my Saviors find out none the less my wives.Cute threat,though."

  • "Mistress of Hell,is it? Nothing you show me can outdo any of my wives,
    I'm sure. Now,as unflattering as this may feel to you,I'm not looking for anyone
    easy,and by the looks of things... You may have already found a few boys,here
    that'd gladly take you up on that offer. Call me a dick.. Or.. What everyone else
    affectionately refers me as an 'asshole'..But unless you have good news for me..
    Get your cold and clammy paws off my beard."

    Negan was many things,however desperate wasn't one of them.Having eight wives had rather...
    Fringe benefits. How was he to know that this cold blooded female wasn't trying to get his guard down?
    Despite her beauty,he be a cautious man. And have every right for his weary behavior.

  • She didn't have to speak for Hades to know who it was. Lilith carried a certain, unflattering smell on her. One calls it a dead give away. So as she comes close enough, speaking, Hades does little to look up. Or even acknoweldge her at that. His eyes were down upon a scroll in his hands. As for the beast. It is where it always is. Behind the throne. Lurking. If she wanted to play with it, or pet it, as she so put it. Then she would have to work to get the beast's attention.

    While she didn't give a sign of shutting up, Hades gets to his feet. Waving absently towards the throne. Three heads peak past the wing back seat. All six red eyes glancing towards Lilith, but never leaving it's spot. It doesn't respond to her as it had to a demon who had come in barging in not so long ago. Just like she did now. But then again. Hades hadn't given Cerberus any form of command to growl in threat. It remains on it's haunches till it was told otherwise. And as for Hades, he was walking towards the rear exit, which as anyone would know or guess, led to the garden.

    Hades couldn't just leave without saying a word. It wasn't going to a pleasant exchange, but Hades will be Hades, towards any form of disrespect directed at him. "Shouldn't you be somewhere you're actually wanted?" His tone is cool and collected, a brush off would describe that exchange best. Sure the female was exquisite to a fair share of eyes. But not for Hades. Never easy to please or get along with either. He's soon outside, leaving her there with Cerberus and her self amusement.

  • Go for it. I'll let the lady have the honors
This reply was deleted.

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