"In the depth of winter,

                                            I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

GENDER:: male

ORIENTATION:: Gay (on most days)

BREED:: A remnant of the Tuatha Dé Danann.  Classified: "Dreamer."


Life before he was "Anzu" is a blur he can barely recall.  Of big, fancy manors akin to castles, and sweet sports cars with leather upholstery and engines that roared and purred.  Dream like memories of parties with hundreds of people dressed in black and white and gold, wearing beautiful ornamental masks.  Some of them wore horns, others had eyes like day and night, and there were those with four or six arms.  Of fountains that run red with blood and wine.

He wonders if there was ever a time he was anything but what he is now.  A killer without a soul.

Under numerous accords forged by Aoibheall and her court of loyalest followers, Anzu was unable to strike out at her, or any of the Danann.  Unable to make any moves at all to free himself of his binds.  She placed a mark on him; which manifested as a pure golden arm-band above his bicep.  Multiple attempts to pry it off using magics and weapons and tools, even cold iron, failed.

He suffered flashes of memories from lives that weren't his, he remembered, briefly, names of lovers and friends that he'd never met.  Not knowing who he was before Anzu made him desperate to find out, so during the Death Months of Winter, when They were less active, he fled into the World of Men and hid himself. 

By the time spring rolled around, he was lost to Them completely.

Life began anew, although it was a strange one.   Full of blood and running, more running than most people will ever do in their entire life.


At least until he somehow found his way back to his old home and met a boy along the way who's car had broken down.  His name was Kainoa Razson... and Anzu found himself inexplicably drawn to the male.  For reason's he was never able to ascertain.

Anzu managed to convince the young demigod to assist him in breaking into the intrepid, dilapidated manor that was his home, once upon a time. and creeping through the old halls in search of things forgotten.  Which they found in the form of a scrying mirror that refused to cast reflections, no, this mirror had other purposes.  Like serving as a doorway to another dimension, inhabited by a being that seemed to be constructed solely of darkness and smoke.  After a brief confrontation, they escaped, and the house collapsed into the ground.

At the time, Anzu knew only that he could pull things from his dreams and feel a strange pulse, like the worlds heartbeat, under his feet.  But the creature from the mirror unlocked the memories he'd hidden away from himself.  It happened slowly.  Slow enough for him to chalk the invasive visions up to bad dreams, or the earth attempting (poorly) to communicate. 

He tried to build a life with Kai.  

But it didn't last.  

By the time his memories were his own again, They had found him, and were already attempting to communicate, for they knew he saw them.  It was the Fair Folk that reached out to him first.  A ban síde with flowing, orange hair like fire.  She stood outside the window of the corner store he'd managed to snag a job, keening, wailing a twisted lament whenever he would lay down and try to sleep.  After three nights of a repeated performance, he relented his ability to see the creature and drove it away.  A week later, he was approached in the middle of the day by a cavalcade of Redcaps.  Their was no conversation- they attacked, likely to drag him back to the Unseelie, but he was prepared to fend them off with a handful of long, rusted nails.  After chasing them away, he tracked down all the trods he could feel calling to him, and defiled them with curses, tearing them down.  And it was the last time he saw one of The Folk.

Months went by, and things returned to normal... until the girl appeared.  Not a faerie.  But a Changeling just like himself.  And her blood was the Danann's blood.

Her hair was literal fire, and smoke poured from her eyes.  She appeared in the room where Anzu and Kai were sleeping.  Anzu was waiting for her, ready to slay her the moment her feet touched and scorched the floors of his bedroom.  But she only grinned, her teeth sparkling like diamonds and whispered, in a voice that was like the spitting and hissing of fire; "Our Queen awaits." 

Anzu spared only a glance at the shape of his lover on the shadowy bed, then he opened the window and let in the night air.  While he'd been ready for her, and yes, he was confident that he could take her down.  She knew where he lived- which meant so did everyone else.  Kai was no longer safe, and the lie he was trying to make true crumbled to ash..

He took nothing when he left.  And in the place somewhere between fantasy and reality, he slipped through the veil between the realm of Men and the Otherworld, where the Danann and their wicked Queen were waiting to embrace him.


Credit goes out to Omega for the awesome job of editing and coloring the above picture! 


  • Anzu has been suspended at nineteen years old for eleven years, which would technically make him thirty  years old.

  • He's only been tattooed once, and the words like a brand follow him, no matter his form.  On his chest, across his collar-bones, stretching from shoulder to shoulder.  " Ní raibh as Neamh, ná Ifreann " which translates to; " Neither of Heaven, nor Hell "

  •  He is an incarnation of Lugh Lugus and Lleu Llaw Gyffes.) 

  • The Danann offered many gifts.  They were told to have been held by him in another life.  The first of many was a Spear, forged by the gods themselves.  It was called the "Gae Assail" or Spear of Assal.  The weapon when thrown always hits it's mark when used with the proper incantation, and will return to his hand afterwards at another.  And another spear, called "Areadbhair" that blazes with fire and a life of it's own, thirsting for blood and death.  When the fire blazes along it's shaft, it is nearly impossible to control and insatiable in battle.  Thus, when not in use, it's kept in a sleeping concoction, half magic, half crushed poppy seeds.  Yet another divine weapon he was given was "Fragarach" or the Sword of Manannan.  It was dubbed The Answerer for when it was placed against a persons throat, they were rendered unable to tell a lie, and also The Retaliator for it's ability to manipulate the wind to cut where he swings the blade.

  • He was given by the Danann these gifts, as well; a steed that could travel across land and sea, that shone like the night sky.  "Aonḃaɼɼ Mhanannáin" it's called, or Enbarr of the Flowing Mane.  It has the ability to carry it's rider into the Otherworld.  And "Fáil Inis", a mighty, royal breed of hound.  It is in perfect form, with fur like threads of the sun.  If one spills water over the brute, it becomes wine.

  • "Anzu" is not the name he was born with as a human, but one given to him by the Queen after placing multiple geas' on him, one of which keeps him bound to her will.  

  • A geas is an accord, or a magical contract.  Sometimes they are used to give gifts, and sometimes to harm a person. (Example; one of the Danann could put a human under a geas, that if they ever partook in a certain type of meat they would become a whatever they were eating.)

  • Names are a source of great power in the 'Otherworld'.  Thus, They often use a multitude of titles, aliases, and euphemisms.  Anzu himself has more than one.  He has been dubbed "Lámfadameaning long arm, and "Ildánach"  meaning skilled in many arts, and "Samildánach" meaning equally skilled.  "Lonnbéimnechmeaning fierce striker, and "Macniawhich means youthful warrior, "Golden-Haired" which should be obvious along with "Thistle-Haired" and "Gallowglass."

  • There are many ways to for someone to accidentally stumble into the strange world that the Tuatha Dé call their home.  Through the surface of a lake, or a mirror, a painting.  A lucky few might find a door waiting for them in an ancient burial mound, but not many of those still exist(nor easy to find one that hasn't been perverted.)  The easiest, rarest, and safest route is by invite.  

  • Tír na nÓg.  The Land of Youth. Tír fo Thuinn.  Mag Mell.  Ildathach.  Emain Ablach  the Otherworld has as many names as there are trees in the world.  But there are no maps, and the paths and the roads and even the stars change at their own whim.  The sun abides it's own laws, and as does the moon.  Only a member of the Danann can navigate their way through without ending up lost.

  • The Tuatha Dé Danann are a race of non-humans that inhabited pre-Christian Ireland, before becoming one with the Otherworld.  Many were worshiped as gods and kings among the men that came in their place.  Their descendants, conjoined with the likes of the Formorians and remnants of the Fir Bolgs were named aes sídhe, or "Fairies" if you're trying to insult them.  There were those  that fled into Scotland, becoming the Seelie and Unseelie Courts most widely known today.

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Λnzu †horne

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  • Yes, but I think we were also friends on there. I don't remember roleplaying however. 

  • Jorah would not resist. He's not one to do so. And so he is lifted to his feet holding the other hand out to still the now growling Lynx. His clearblue eyes gave a sceptical glance at the other.... man? thing? Creature? The one of the Glittering Thorne. And for once in his life, Jorah was too frightened to try wooing Anzu - which would otherwise be his first action of defence. When he stands on both feet, he glances over the lake, his eyes skipping from detail to detail.

    What if it was all a trap, a trap to set the faeries or the dragon free? He should trust in the words of the forest, but this time... he wasn't sure anymore. What if the forest wasn't all-knowing? His jaw was tense, and so were his ears. "I..." he started, but then channged his words. "It's ah, good to meet you too. Anzu Glitterthorn. I think." He swallowed nothingness in an attempt to come to his senses. His fear seemed more like confusion on the outside, although - did one pay close attention, one would notice the pulled back ears and clenched jaw.

    "So, how do we get to this place of which you speak? And when do we leave?" He spoke again, tone now glazed in confidence. For appearance purposes, of course. He was known to drown men, not quiver when faced with oddities. Or well, things more odd than himself, that is. Which... would be up for interpretation, debate, or opinion. He was certain that Anzu of the Glittering Thorne had already picked up on his fear, but he figured it was better to show some courage, rather than none at all. Better late than never - or something like that.

    Then he took a glance at Lo. He couldn't leave Lo here. "Can she come with? She has no one else, and nor do I." his gentle voice speaks, not breaking his eyecontact with the Lynx - who in return gives a purring noise as she strokes her neck  against Jorah's legs, protectively lingering close to him.

  • Nikolas’ eyes quickly darted back in Anzu’s direction when the spear stuck the hardened ground. The motion was something knee-jerk, wide eyed in a sense that he didn’t have to answer nor fight the other male’s reassurance that worry was just fine. Worried was a tricky word. He was as worried as someone tossed into cold water for the first time, having yet to break surface. The longer he looked around him however, it was becoming more clear.

    A finger was snapped. He looked like he could have jumped out of his skin by the gesture. Half expecting the world to change again with the motion, he was learning quickly- It was hard to know what to expect at all. A brow raised to Anzu’s laughter, a slight head tilt given to say he was listening. “…I hope so.” Reincarnation. He wanted to believe it but did he truly? Finding himself second guessing his statement just as much as he had supported it.  

    At the tap of the spear, the scenery changed. Oddly enough with the jump scares he’d already tricked himself into, Nik didn’t flinch when the restaurant came back into view. Standing with utmost stillness the darkness of the room caught him off guard. Putting the statement of ‘…Am I dead?’ into his head until he caught glimpse of one of the front windows in the place to ground himself. “How is it…” His words trailed off. His gaze took one more sweep across the room and then straight back to Anzu.

    Once his brain wasn’t running at a hundred miles an hour, it was all coming crashing down. He inhaled a shaky breath, a hand running through the mess of dark locks on his head. Finally moving from where he had stood his shoulders turned towards the windows. Twisting to check where the ghoul of a waitress once stood. He made note of the sound of music and voices coming from… where? “How the hell- …what… what time is it?” Nik stammered helplessly.

  • [ Curious to know if you're still up to rp? I can still send the starter if you'd like.]

  • Curled around the jagged rock formations jutting proudly against a backdrop of cloudless blue, sunlight scorching deep between the lava cracks of blackened scales, sat a proud beast with a wingspan measuring some sixty or so feet in length. The thick of it’s neck draped over the crumbling peak as dark scleras blinked across the desert lazily. A deep, unsettled rumble tours the column of the creature’s throat as it’s maw parts in a yawn.

    Talons, curved like velociraptor claws, extend from the muscular bulk of the Lava Drake’s forearm to rake across it’s horned snout. Scritch-scratch. Against the red dirt and multi-tonal rocks, the Drake’s body oozed threads of molten lava that seeped and hissed and clung to every dusty surface beneath him. But something, a speck in the desert, catches the Kin’s eye. A glint of a pink tongue rolls across the Drake’s lips as it unfurls from the rock and stands.

    Something stirs as the Kin whips its head from one side to the other, allowing the motion to prickle and twist down the Drake’s spined back. Heat thousands of degrees higher than anything the desert could produce in a day undulates in voluminous, ferocious waves, the temperature climbing as those wings unfold, creating a vortex of air around him. With lazy up and down beats, the monstrosity crouches on powerful hind limbs before lurching forward off the edge.

    A physical whooshing sound can be heard as the Drake takes flight, leaving behind a shattered trail of pulverized pumice, hot ash and molten rocks in its wake. From skimming the sand and dragging his limbs to flapping those wings and creating an updraft that would carry him high into the sky, the Drake would soon find himself stalking the tiny speck from above. A swooping duck-dive draws the mythical creature towards the speck and the now visible spiral.

    “Of what creature is this?” the Drakes vision sharpened tenfold, the irises narrowing to thin serpentine slits, head cocking as it dropped the left wing and circled from above like a vulture, its shadow expanding greatly and for many miles before collecting in the one area. As it came to land, the heat ballooned outwards, engulfing everything within a hundred mile radius and kicking up a sandstorm so fierce it could hide a body beneath a mountain of red sand within mere seconds.

    The curling of lips over crocodilian-like teeth resonated the baritone snarl that rumbled within the cavity of the Drake’s chest. If his circulating presence from the sky hadn’t alerted the humanoid creature to his presence then surely the curious snarling behind him certainly would.

    Sorry it sucks! x'D }

  • Thank you for sending the invite! You seem vaguely familiar. 

  • Oh boy, one of these smart-asses. At least, that is what Kaine somewhat got from the answer he was given. Waiting for what? The sky to fall? The moon to rise? Perhaps a hiking buddy? Nah, Anzu seemed much too weird for that kind of thing. Kaine gives his usual, grumbling response as if he were insulted in some way. That is not at all the case, but he appears as such.

    "Waiting for…what- exactly?" He inquired, turning his amber gaze to the corner of his eye, watching Anzu rather closely in study. There is nothing out here, that he knows of, of value. Boy, is he wrong about some things. In an attempt to figure this out before an answer he does scan the scenery and then peer up at the tree silently.

  • Sensory overload was a thing. His eyes once had closed, expected to open without a care in the world about the restaurant around them. How? He was caring about it, heavily so in fact. He felt the pieces of the chair as they broke to his movements, head cocked downward to inspect, staring at it briefly as if he expected everything else to crumble likewise. When his nerves had died down just a tad in realizing it wasn't going to happen, he shot a stare straight back to Anzu where he was seated. As startled as it seemed, those eyes of his were clinging to the Dreamer for whatever answers he had.

    He watched the other lean down in silence. The hot air inviting in contrast to the room they'd once sat in, it was losing the effect quickly. A wide eyed stare was all the further he'd offer, watching Anzu as he worked with what was once a mere chair leg. Regaining its life and twisting to a form that had him fascinated despite their situation. When would the 'magic' of such things ever wear off for him? His odds were never at this point. "I'm not- ..." Nikolas' defensive words trailed off at that. He couldn't say he wasn't worried. About Hell, about some other place... about something.

    The sky caught his attention at the sight of movement. The moment his chin tipped up to follow it, he wished he hadn't. A chill went through him involuntarily at the sight of creatures overhead to which he'd never thought of. A tremble passed through his form that was demon-made just as well as his own. Forcing his eyes to be pried away from it, they landed on Anzu again. He was visibly scared. The other was not. As for what that meant, he was working on comprehending.

    "I'd... I used to think we reincarnate, but... I don't know. I don't know anymore."

    Spoke the kid with a demon latched onto his soul?

    "If there was a hell, honestly I'd imagine it'd be cold."

  • \\Yo, thanks for the invite dude! Sorry if my profile is still incomplete, I'm working on his bio and whatnot but I'm open for threads ^^

  • The closeness came as something natural. Far more so than what had been his first, which... admittedly wasn't all too far in the past. He wouldn't bother sharing that. Right then there wasn't any talking on his behalf. Merely feeling- to which, hesitation went through Nikolas' body when a hand unexpectedly brushed past his shirt. Stomach muscles reluctantly tensed. he might have even pulled back those fractions of an inch he'd brought himself closer, not that it would do any in parting their kiss.

    It stopped at his chest, and he was thankful for that. A man who loved his personal space, to anywhere else his eyes would have snapped open and he would have flown back in his seat.

    He had... far too much flowing through his mind to worry of it. Instead a sharp inhale entered his lungs. Or had it truly? The feeling rising in his chest an anxiety he only knew from the demon's doing. It wasn't. This was far different, and he couldn't place it. The feeling of the ground dropping out from under his feet, far more drawn out in its ending. It raised goosebumps along his arms that hadn't come from the frigid atmosphere of the place.

    His eyes hadn't yet opened until their lips came to part. "I..." They possibly wouldn't have even then if it weren't for the dry, heated air that was the next thing to enter his lungs. Yet they fluttered open a tad abruptly. A sensory overload to come, light blue hues met Anzu's mossy green in a daze for a moment before- It was then Nik practically flung himself out of his chair. Eyes snapped wide open. What he saw of the landscape was bleak. Jet black stone that seemed to go on without origin. He'd never seen something like it before. Complemented by the near crimson sky his expression was utterly fallen. The chill from his skin was gone, chin tipping downward and falling to the table where they were still sat.

    "Where the hell are we..?" His words shook as they left his lips. "What... what is this?"

This reply was deleted.

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