Name: Lorelei Atian

Species: Mer

Title: Lady of Atlantis

Creator: Robert Michael Robenson the Third (deceased)

Guardian: General Atian of Atlantis

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Age: Looking forever as a 20 something she will never reveal her true age.

Hair: Straight, long and blonde. When she is in the water the tips turn blue.

Eyes: Sparkling blue, as deep as the ocean

Skin: Pale and soft.

Tail: The color of the reflecting sky on a cloudless day. Scales that sparkle in the sunlight. The fin itself is also blue, the ends of it turning translucent.

Other features: The shape of her face is soft, the curves of her body that of a goddess. Her beauty is permanently flawless.

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Skills: Her voice is her weapon, from healing songs to murderous screams. She is one of the faster swimmers of Atlantis, and was skilled in sword play although on that she is a bit rusty and prefers a set of daggers.

Language: Her native tongue is Merlantic-Oceanantic (the official language of the Atlantis region), aside from that she is well versed in primary French, Spanish, English, Russian, American Sign Language, along with knowledge of a few other ocean languages.

Personality: Jealous by nature, selfish, occasionally immature, entitled, curious, proud, surprisingly understanding, sometimes rebellious

Hobbies: Composing, practicing other sorts of magic, hiding from her guardian, sneaking out of the city gates, observing the land beings, getting into trouble

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Face Claim: “Mermaid Melissa”

Greetings and well fishes from Atlantis!

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Character Name

Lorelei Atian

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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Child Friendly, 18+

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  • ||Thank you, dear. How have you been?||
  • *Daniel indeed recognized the tune as the soft, siren like melody flowed throughout the sprawling kingdom. His mental powers werent the most honed of all the immortals, but he was always improving them, and was an excelled tracker thanks to his being a general in his fathers legions when he was younger before assuming the throne. Upon hearing the song, he immediately barked to his generals* find where that song is coming from! A mermaid or siren is trying to kill someone....*He immediately ran down to his horse in the stables, hopping on it. He wore a casual shirt and pants, since he didnt expect to be leaving the castle today. After jumping on the horse, he rode as hard as he could towards the river that was a short ride form the castle. Once there he started looking for anyone nearby, or where the song was coming from. As he heard the song coming from the north he rode hard trying to see who was being preyed upon, until he saw the little boy walking into the water. He rode as fast as he could towards the boy, jumping off the horse and grabbing the boy out of the water at the last instant to stop him from being grabbed by the mermaid. He yelled at the boy * go straight home to your mother now! Dont stop for anything! *he knew of the legends of mermaids, the good and the bad. They were powerful allies, and tempting sirens when they wanted to prey on someone. He had heard of them being fertile, passionate lovers as well. As he was sure the boy had got away from the river, he grabbed her arm and pulled her up to him* who are you? Why are you prying on the boy? *He asked curious and irritated at the same time* (never done an opening like that so let me know if i need to redo anything)

  • Thank you :). Trying to think how they’d meet/pair up..
  • “Caspian, wait--” The sound of laughter filled the Cove as one very cheeky little merman busied himself with his human companion and best friend of fourteen years, Evelyn Buchanan. Eve waded into the crisp water, hands rolling the bottoms of her three-quarter denims until they bunched around her knees, and laughed as the young merman held the little boat steady. Caspian’s rolling his eyes and trilling happily as he moves closer, one webbed hand on the side of the boat while the other offers his best friend a leg-up. 

    Eve’s eyes widen when she finds a blanket and small basket topped with goodies propped between two of the steel benches. “I thought we’d head out to the Island for a bit,” Caspian gushes, chewing on the inside of his cheek. Eve’s skin blossomed in something called a blush. Caspian thought she looked like she might’ve had a run-in with the fire coral again. “Hold onto something!” the little Merman clicks his tongue and pumps his powerful tail, pushing off from the shallow sandbank as he pulls the little boat along behind him. 

    Their arrival to the Island was met with the sound of crashing waves, the sound of screeching gulls circling above and something most enchanting. “Eve, cover your ears.” Caspian spoke warily. As pretty as the song was there was something most off-putting about it. After giving Eve an apologetic cant of his head, lips curling up into a half-assed quirk, he’s sending the little boat racing towards the shore; white sand greeting the bow with a crunch and a groan of metal against sand. 

    “I won’t be long!” He motions with his hands, desperate to have Eve tuck herself out of sight as he ventures off in search of the songstress. It doesn’t take him long at all before he’s bobbing in the water, piercing ice blue eyes trained on the twirling figure. Who was this enchanting creature? He wondered, smacking his lips together and sinking lower, hands moving over the submerged rocky outcrop. There’s no way he’s risking cutting his beautiful iceberg blue tail on the barnacle encrusted rocks again.

  • Your very welcome! Very interesting char, well done
  • // Welcome! ^^
  • / Leaps around excitedly ~ A mermaid page! So awesome to see one!! I thought about making my mersona but she's not really much of a RP character. But I love your page!
  • That was smooth of you, Lorelei. xD

  • Whistles and clicks from the Pacific!

  • Hai. (\(o3o)/)

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